Fan Fiction Rant: Writing for Entertainment’s Sake!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Welcome to another rant and it’s on fan fiction! I know most of you are probably groaning or there are booing in the audience, but this rant is not touching on the redundant issues like Mary Sues, how characters react, or even mixing languages, which that should be touched on in my opinion but next time, and so on! This is more of a serious subject and that is writing for entertainment’s sake!


What do I mean by that? I feel as though nowadays that criticism on fan fiction has been a bit more nitpicky! How do I know? Well, I’m and have been facing that since I started doing a crossover with both the Dresden Files and Fairy Tail called Fairy Tails: Fan Fiction of the Dresden Files. Yes, I’m Runa Isami! I know it breaks your guys’ heads but I need to put this out there because of how I feel about this! It feels as though that the comments that have been coming in have been nitpicking on the stuff I’ve been writing, especially with the latest which I’m got and read it as the “You’re using the ‘what does this button do’ trope in this!” I like getting constructive criticism on my stuff but it feels as though that this day that criticism on Fan Fiction.Net is not being constructive anymore! I do help writers out as a writer myself in making their writing experience better, I do it nicely and giving suggestions. That is what I think constructive criticism should be rather than “This sucks!”


My thought about it: I feel as though with the nitpicking criticism that fan fiction is becoming less fun and not writing for entertaiment’s sake! As a fan fiction writer, we write as a form of entertainment for readers to enjoy. I enjoyed writing Fairy Tails since February and able to make all the characters interact with each other, hell I had fun in making all the pop culture stuff being lost to Natsu and the gang in the beginning. Now I feel as though now I’m losing it. I will end it but in my own way, but you should read if you’re interested in what I came up with and the comments on top of it.


Another thing when it comes to nitpicking I hate now is how some readers comment on how the writer doesn’t research or read the material or watch it that the story is based on. The first nitpick was on how I had Harry use magic in Fiore in front of a civilian which he doesn’t do. I did respond to this and will also mention it here. ::clears throat:: The reason why Harry doesn’t use magic in front of people in Chicago is because it will cause panic, even though he had to do that in the story “Something Borrowed” in Side Jobs and he didn’t do that until he escaped in both Death Masks and Skin Game, the most recent story! Reason why it happened in Fiore is because he was helping someone who had something stolen and it made sense there because Fiore is a magical place where magic IS used in front of everyone! Both magical and non-magical. I seen enough Fairy Tail and best example is how Magnolia has to split in half whenever Guild Arts returns home from a long journey and they know his magic destroys anything in his path and hurt anyone he touches. Example young Natsu!


Anyways, you get the jist of it and good example of how I read and seen my source material! Hell, I read a good portion of Dresden Files more than once! I even had to read Grave Peril in the beginning to get Lea’s name right. I guess readers don’t understand that I do read my stuff, even research some things on Fairy Tail while writing since I can’t see the elements of the show as well as the sighted.


So yeah, got to understand that good writers have to research, even when I did my panel, “True Tips and Tricks of Fan Fiction,” first rule is “RESEARCH!” Even Richard Castle got his research from Beckett for his Nicki Heat novels on Castle.


What about my response to the recent comment you may ask? I would say is this that I know I had Harry wonder about a portal that was placed in the NeverNever but I made it into a mirror that he has never seen before. Like most private investigators, which in Storm Front mentions that he is a investigative consultant for the Chicago PD, he was curious and decided to investigate like on every case! And later on, a similar mirror sent him and Fairy Tail back to Chicago since they were sent to investigate it. Yeah, it sounds like “What does this button do?” Not really in a sense due to how each story follows that premise, especially in adventure and without that premise then there wouldn’t be a story!


Well, I hope that helps out this rant! Yes, we as writers write to entertain the readers. Criticism is welcome but it is better to be constructive instead of nitpicky! I may not be Jim Butcher nor Hiro Mishima, nor Yukiru Sugisaki, nor CLAMP, but I do love to write and want to show it. What will be Fairy Tails’ fate, I have a plan for now! If you want to read it, go ahead.


What is next? I found out my Ipsy bag will be arriving Thursday! So stay tuned!

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