Ipsy Time: October 2014!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! WHAT TIME IS IT!? IT’S IPSY TIME! I like that better! It’s Ipsy time! So, my October bag arrived in the mail today and I was happy with four items and bummed that the other was skin care even though I can’t avoid it since I can’t opt out of certain samples. I did find someone to trade with and will talk about that. After the bag!


So this month’s theme is “Beauty Candy” and I can see why. Since it’s Halloween month Ipsyt went with the idea of candy and we all love candy! Especially with me and Japanese candy! I even answered Ipsy’s Facebook question of naming your top three candies and I said Reese’s, love my pb and c, the Hello Kitty Anniversary candy pack which now comes with ramune flavor as one which I found ramune pieces this year, and I think I said Kit Kats as my third since I eat those two at a time instead of one. No wait, it was Cookie Dough Bites since I eat a lot of those when we go to the movies and you can get them at Target now in case you want to be sneaky or eat them at home. Anyways, this month’s bag is very fall themed and some of the products do take on a candyish smell if lotions come in the bag. Speaking of which, the bag is really cute! It’s a teal color and it has squares like a chocolate bar! It reminds me of the older version of Hershey’s big bars with the squares, even though you have to make big squares for S’mores but it looks like that! Also it does look like the Caramello chocolate bars with the squares as well. I am sooo going tto use this make up bag!


Epice Clarifying Expoliant! I did say I was going to trade an item and found someone to trade for their eye shadow, which I marked “I am very adventurous Ipsy! Bring It on!” when I retook the quiz. Hey, at least I did get one eye product. This is supposed to help expoliate the skin and be left on with water and then washed off after a few minutes. I did try out a similar thing when I had really bad acne break outs which was a tomato scrub and that didn’t work. This is also supposed to be natural but I don’t want to torture my skin when my skin care regiment is great due to Clean and Clear creating their sensitive skin line and the Stridex wipes I use.So glad I found someone to trade with since I had a hard time finding one person but they traded with other people for their’s and at least this person had some items I wanted to trade for and already traded their liner pencils, at least I am getting the eye shadow which I wanted to trade for as an item. I almost went with a Be Matte lipstick which is one of the other lippies in Cappuccino since I wear brown lippies time to time, decided the shadow since I thought back on it. A tip while swapping, see about other offers before trading. Well, glad to trade with someone!


Ayres Patagonia Body Butter! The next item I got was something I looked forward to and that is by Ayres and it is there Patagonia Body Butter. I heard a lot of good things about body butters since I never tried one before and so glad I got one to try out! This body butter contains herbal extracts, oils, antioxidants, even lavender, fir, rosemary and other things! It smells medicinal but it does smell clean! Someone did get this and thought it wasn’t thick enough to be considered a butter in their video, to me it feels thick and goes on smoothly, I just applied it to my knees since they are so dry and can’t help the clean scent. I am not sure if I will get a full size but this will be going in my travel bag with me to Daytona. I do have an offer for this and it expires on the 31st and to 25% off at the website withcode “AyresIpsy” and it’s one time use only and not be combined with any other offers and it’s US only. Sorry international and Canada people. If you’re interested, check out Ayres Beauty, I may do that myself.


Nicole by OPI nail polish in On a GuilTrip! This also made me happy about my bag this month and that is I got a nail polish! I was sad that I didn’t get the Pacifica one last month but this month it made up for it with the Nicole by OPI line being available and it is also a full size product! There was also another nail polish brand offered but you get a small size of that if you got it. There were two colors in this which were Feeling Very Cherry which is a cherry red and On a Guilt Trip which is gold and I got this one! I normally don’t wear gold even though I did a Christmas look with gold glitter on top of red and green polish, at least I get to try out another gold for once and I do love OPI polishes and haven’t used my Gum Drops polish from the Nicole line in Cherie Amore! Thanks Ipsy! I hope I get more polishes  in the future since I am a nail junkie.


Model Co Volumizing Mascara in Black! Another full size product by what I saw in comments is the Model Co mascara in black! I don’t mind getting mascaras since I am breaking into wearing them and I get to try out other companies while I’m subscribed to Ipsy and this one by Model Co came in my bag. Inever heard of Model Co so I get to try them out as a new company to experiment. This is apparently a new product and got the color wrong, it’s extreme black. This mascara is supposed to coat lashes, separate them, and so on. You can put one coat to make it simple and with a second one it will be bolder lashes. I may have to use this when I do Sarah Jane from Doctor Who tomorrow for a party.


NOYA lipstick in Deeply in Mauve! This is one of the lippies that came in this month and it is by a cosmetics company called Noya. It is a cruelty free cosmetic company and this lipstick is a new color called Deeply in Mauve. It is a dark, vampy color and I like it. I do tend to go for a vampy lip time to time during a week and this is a nice thing to have for the fall and winter. It did come small but I don’t mind since it will last me a while and it is good to try out a smaple size before a full size. I think most people were complaining about the size because last month all the lip items came full size but this month it is smaller. Plus, if you like the sample there is always getting the full size. I’m not complaining!


Final Thoughts: This bag was pretty good! I would like to get eye shadows in future bags because there are nice colors they give out. I am glad to trade for one though. I am really happy that I did get the nail polish, body butter and will be using that on my knees and elbows. Of course mascara and lipstick always a plus! Can’t wait for November!


What is next? Not sure! Just stay tuned!

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