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Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry about taking a long while to do a post! I did say I was going to be in Daytona and I still am and will be here for a few more weeks but I do have something for you guys and that is some things I got from! What sucks is that there is no Ulta here in Daytona Beach but there is a few make up counters that exist in the department stores and of course drugstores, Bath and Body Works, Target, and so many more stores but no Ulta. I figured with the mall they would have one in there since they renovated parts of it the last time I was here but nope! At least I have the site and was able to get two deals and did have to get refunded and glad my parents dropped them off while visiting me today. What are they?


Urban Decay: Smoked Pallet! First item is the Urban Decay Smoked pallet! I know I don’t go for higher end items but this was a special and it was $20 off and I think it ended when it was a one day or something, don’t know but when I got the e-mail I decided to pick it up since Urban Decay is a higher end brand and I do like the Naked Basics 1 and the Perversion mascara sample from Ipsy and decided why not? What sucked was that on the day of the sale I noticed something weird and that there was a glitch on the site, if anyone else had it happen to you when you ordered, you weren’t the only one because I thought I had the order right as in it charged me the $29.99 when it was originally $49.99 and gave me the total of the $36 after tax and when I saw the receipts and order confirmation and it said that I sent $58 instead and knew that it wasn’t right and called them. I did get the refund for it next day and glad I did since I know that the sale was supposed to be what the e-mail stated. I believe Ulta noticed the glitch when I called, so anyone had the same problem and went through the sale and noticed the total is wrong, I would say call them back since the sale was two weeks ago I think. At least it’s fixed!


Contents: This pallet is a nice little zipper binder thing and very compact and it contained a primer potion, which I hear pretty good reviews about the eye shadow primers that Urban Decay makes and glad that it came with this. I think the bigger pallets have this little tube and the Basics don’t. Which I kind of wish they did, especially with brushes since the boxes come with slots that a brush could fit but you can buy those separately when I looked around on the site. Back to the contents! The pallet has a pretty big mirror and then you have ten shadows in mattes and jewel tones like purple, blue, and bronze. I like the idea of doing this because of how it can be creative with whatever shade that comes in this thing. I do notice that it is almost similar to my three Dream Catcher Pallets by NYX except blue doesn’t come in them by what I remembered since Golden Horizons has the purple and a least one or two bronze colors and then bronze in Dusk to Dawn. I think I will be loving this pallet since I love the Naked Basics pallet and the Dream Catcher pallets! It also comes with a full size 24/7 Glide On pencil in Perversion which makes it pretty awesome in my book but what sucks is that there is no brush! I understand that UD likes to make it professional and sleek but it would be nice that it came with a brush like the Naked pallets! I think the manual they do include is a nice bonus to help you guys out.


Is it worth it? For the $20 off, yes because it looks like it might be going bye bye since it’s discounted! I did get the information from their website because Ulta didn’t have it and I guess it was a hot buy due to the drop! I am glad I bought this and since I love my Dream Catchers a lot, I will like this one and if you’re interested, good thing about UD is that they do have an option on alerting you when they re-stock, not sure if they will, I would say hunt for it on EBay, it might be pricey with a few sellers but try there and maybe Amazon might have it!


Ulta Cosmetics Cheek Color in Sweet Cheeks! Next was a part of a thing that I tried using my points and yet got free shipping during the $25 spending for free shipping which is happening again and it’s worth doing that and on top of that got a hundred free points to spend until yesterday. I did try using them but had to contact customer service and couldn’t find where to enter my points and did get that $6 refund and had my points taken that way. At least I used them before the free points went bye bye and I would say if they ever do this again take advantage of that because if you have a hundred or two, I would say use them! Back to the blush! I like the Ulta blushes since they are sensitive skin friendly like their primer and these are known as the cheek colors! I skipped on it because I remembered I tried a cheek stain by them through one of their little make up bag specials and loved it! I tried finding them and I guess they changed the packaging or something and now they are more compact and more colors are available! I only bought one despite the buy two get two free and didn’t want to spend a whole lot while at check out, at least I decided to get one to see if they are still the same formulation as the stain and the one I got is called Sweet Cheeks and it’s a light pink with some white pearl to it! I thought this was interesting and it caught my cursor when I heard the color and description and it did help me in getting that free shipping. Now the cheek colors are two bucks less and kind of kicking myself, I might go back and get more when I visit during Thanksgiving! I do like the packaging and my blush brush will be fitting nicely in this thing! Get this if you haven’t tried any of their stuff.


Ulta Beuaty Treasures Make Up Set! During the free points thing I was sent an e-mail about one of the newer sets that Ulta had made and you know how I love Ulta’s make up sets and even brought both of my 66 set and my 55 set I got during the summer and the one that came out was the Glam Girl set, which I think that was the name or was it the Glam to Go….actually it’s the Glam and Go Blockbuster! I didn’t like most of the stuff for some reason and it included the usual shadows, two blushes, highlighters, and more but it didn’t scream out buy like the other two did. I may get this at a different point when the price drops but this one, which is the Beauty Treasures set, was more appealing and I will tell you why!


Contents: This thing came in a nice little caboodle, like my pink one and it is really cute! I like how they upgraded to this version of the set and it’s easier to carry and close! You can get it in pink or neutral and I chose pink! This set includes 40 eye shadows, 3 brow powders, 2 lipsticks, a bronzer, one eye shadow quad, 6 gel liners, 2 dual liners, a powder, 3 glitter top coats, 2 of the shiny lip glosses, 2 primers for the shadows, and a highlighter and that comes to 70 items in the entire set! The other set was 77 and it would cost me the same but this one had pretty awesome items for the same price and it feels like you got better for the price despite the less amount of shadows! I may not use the brow powders or powder if I found them but may use the bronzer as a blush like the 66 set I own, but this is an amazing set and it is only around for the holidays!


Is it worth it!? Yes! I am not disappointed in the past by sets I got so far by Ulta! Getting the sets is a good introduction to what Ulta’s own make up line offers and see what they carry in their range. It is also pretty reasonably priced unlike most of the holiday sets and higher end sets since when they come out with newer items it is in the $19-$24 range you’re buying these sets in! As said above, this is around for the holidays and it would be a nice present for a daughter or niece or a teen that is getting into make up! I highly recommend the Ulta brand of make up the most since I do have two of their sets, got two of the make up bag sets, and of course some more items! I would say get this or any of their sets!


Well, that is it for my Best Ulta Buys post! If you want to know about the Ulta make up Bockbuster sets, check out their site if you can! And also if you haven’t joined, join their membership program because you do get special offers as a member, get points towards platinum and when you get to platinum you get even more! Plus getting the points is worth getting the amounts they give you and you do get awesome things for your birth month!


And also: I would love to award Ulta’s make up line.a….PAW PRINT OF MAJOR APPROVAL! Because I love their make up a lot!


Well, that’s it! Not sure what to do next! Stay tuned!

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