Big Hero Six Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another review and it deals with a movie this time! So, last night I went to see Big Hero Six with Gondras since he visited me and missed me for a while and since there haven’t been any movie trips lately, we decided to go and catch the latest Disney movie and it was done by the creators of Wreck It Ralph and Frozen but this movie didn’t feel like that. What do I mean? I kind of felt like it was mostly made by the Wreck It Ralph guys more because of how it is not a musical, which is pretty cool and it was based on a set of Marvel comics and Disney did have the rights to do it with them buying Marvel.


Even though unlike the other Marvel movies that we seen this year, Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero Six was animated and it fits because of what they had to work with the storyline and it was cheaper to do it that way unlike using the major special effects and getting a lot of big named actors involved, it felt more simplified with the animation and there was more done to the movie that way. I can also see why due to how they had robots in this one and I can see how they would be easier to animate unlike doing it in live action with the budget they had.  Speaking of story….


Story: The movie takes place in San Francisokyo which is pretty much if you take San Francisco in California and fused it with Tokyo in Japan. When Gondras read the name to me on the screen it was weird to hear it and I can see where it got fused a little. Anyways, you meet a kid named Hiro, who is a fourteen year old genious who graduated from high school early and at first was a robot fighter and then his brother helps him get into the same college that he went to through a showcase. He creates mini robots and was offered a deal by a big tech company to sell his robots and turn them down due to a college professor telling him not to. Then he loses his brother when the exhibition hall goes down in flame and was left his brother’s robot, Baymax, who is a medical robot. After finding out what happened with his robot project at a warehouse, Hiro decides to find the one who is mass producing the robots before the culprit uses them for bad for a revenge plot.


What I think? I felt as though that there were things left out in the story, as in why did the professor tell him not to sell to the company and how did the culprit get his hands on Hiro’s technology to build his own mini robots for the plot? It did answer the reasons why the culprit did it but at the same time it didn’t give the full circle. I hope Disney does an extended version of this movie because like most Marvel related things a story has to come to a full-circle and it would help polish some of the missing points. All-in-all it was a very good movie! I did like how one of the characters’ dads got modeled after Stan Lee and how nerds from the brother’s class got together with Hiro to take down the bad guy! It was very clever, especially when it came from a comic a lot of people didn’t know about like Guardians.


Sequel? I hope there is a sequel for this project because it did remind me of the elements that made Wreck It Ralph as good as it was and if they do make a sequel it can be improved upon and add more polished elements to it. I hope this gets to continue since it is one of those Marvel projects that got a Disney twist to it!


Rating:4 Out of 5 Paw Prints!


Well, that is it for this review! Next up on Nerdy Shique Universe will be Ipsy Time! I did order an Ipsy Me offer, it has to wait until I get home for Thanksgiving break for it. Stay tuned!

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