Doctor Who Season 8 Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, the season finale of Doctor Who season 8 has ended and like most people I enjoyed it to the end! Well, even if I had to get ITunes cards to watch the last few episodes since Daytona Beach doesn’t get BBC America depending on the box you get. At least I did get to watch “Death in Heaven!” I bet you’re wondering, “Why didn’t review the episodes like everyone?” Well, Shiquers, I’m not like most reviewers when it comes to TV, I’d rather wait until the end of the season or short series to finish before reviewing. For instance, won’t do Grace Point until that ends if Hulu keeps updating episodes! Anyways, what did I think about the season? Keep reading!


The Doctor: First, I would like to start with the Doctor and who plays him! If you seen the 50th Year Anniversary episodes you know Matt Smith’s Doctor changed into a new one for this season and he’s being played by Peter Capaldi and known as the 12th this season! Like Sylvester McCoy as the 7th, Capaldi was also Scottish born and man it sounded good! I do like his personality in this one because the character this time around takes more of a philosophical view and he does have a few comedic bits to him, especially when he argues with Clara and of course, Danny Pink! I did like the first episode right after his regeneration into Capaldi that he does get the pass outs from finding out who he is now and that he has a fear biting him rather than having the bravery all at once in the beginning like most of the other doctors. It did reveal a little back story in “Listen” how a younger version of Capaldi’s doctor was afraid of going into the academy back on Galafray and then looks deeper into who he is, especially during “Death in Heaven” as being seen as an idiot through the entire journey! Forgot to mention, spoilers! I am hoping they do more philosophical stuff with this version because it shows that he not only can be dark, serious, and funny in the mix!


Doctor and Companion: The start of this season dealt with using Clara from the Matt Smith run as his companion with Capaldi. Even though Clara did start liking Matt Smith before the regeneration but it shows how she moves on and helps Capaldi. Yeah, she may be a bit crued at some points but her cattiness with the Doctor’s smart remarks balance each other out, especially with how she started dating Danny Pink. I did like how she acted in “Robot in Sherwood” the most because it shows how she fan girls over storybook characters and then goes serious in all the same when the Sheriff of Nottingham gets her! She does mature and get more serious as the season goes on, even with her job as a school teacher and trying to help with the Doctor on his journey. Even though there may be a change who knows when, but Clara has been my favorite thus far! Next to Sarah Jane by the way!


Danny Pink as Love Interest: In this season it introduces Clara’s new love interest by the name of Danny Pink. I felt that this character was out of left field and that his personality wasn’t developed enough nor his backstory until “Listen” revealed him to be a soldier in the British Military. It felt as though his run as that interest was a bit cut off short and not as developed as Clara and the Doctor were in the episodes preceding “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven.” I think in past seasons with any love interests that the companions have for someone or the Doctor, it seems better written in my opinion. Hoping with the next season the love interest gets brought in better since Danny was pretty much out of the loop despite Clara telling him what was going on and she meant to do that but then death takes him for the ride! I do have to say is that he did go out like a badass in “Death in Heaven” though. Too bad he wasn’t written better instead of a way out of left field thing.


The Master as a Woman: I had to mention Missy or the Master that was brought back to this series at some point! If you guys seen the season from “Deep Breath” and remembered how people were sent to this strange woman in the afterlife, she referred to herself as “Missy.” At first Gondras thought it was a different character from the past that was also female but it wasn’t since it was revealed that she was the Master! My reaction was probably like everyone’s “Holy sh*t!” over and over! Reason being is that you weren’t expecting that at first since she didn’t tell you much until the first part of the season finale! I do love the way she plays the Master since he is supposed to be sinister and the actress who played Missy made it a very good job! She was sinister, she acted like a sadistic grandma on top of that, kind of like Mother Winter from Cold Days a little until she did the Mary Poppins entrance at one point. I have to say is well done! I am hoping they make the Master a woman again later on, I believe this was well done along with Richard Delgado’s one from the past doctor seasons! I didn’t see the one from Tennet’s run, I will see how that went.


The Season In General: This season shown a more darker and philosophical side to the series itself! I know I mention philosophical with capaldi’s character but the series did take a look more into who the Doctor exactly? I liked that part the most! I did notice at some parts that it did start off slow but at the same time BBC did film the entire season at once and started anew a little after the anniversary last year. I can see where they took that year and they did put some thought in the episodes, especially with “Time Heist” which is an original story episode! They did bring in old foes such as the Dalics and Cyber Men to show the old villains are still around in limbo but it did call back to the 3rd Doctor season with the bringing back UNIT and Cyber Men respectively! I did find it interesting that the 3rd Doctor was the one that got Capaldi into the series and he was pretty much in similar story bits to Trouton. To me, this season did start off a tiny bit weak and understand why and yet it did end strong!


Favorite Episode: I would have to say “Death in Heaven” and “Robot of Sherwood” were my favorite episodes of all! I did like “Time Heist” since it did take the whole tell the actions before the rising action bit but these two really caught my eye because “Robot of Sherwood” shown how catty Capaldi’s doctor can be and how he balanced with the actor who played Robin Hood. It may not be Carrie Elwes’ Robin from Men In Tights, it might as well and I do love the quote, “I’m the Doctor and this is my spoon!” and proceeds to fight with a spoon! While “Death in Heaven” was great with the call back and of course brought sad endings and give a nice end to the season altogether! And did the Doctor give UNIT the salute? I would say watch the episode! What also what was great is a nice little end of episode preview of the Christmas Special that brought on Shawn of the Dead flashbacks and if you seen it, you will know why! I am so glad I will be home for Christmas and hoping the TV doesn’t get hogged since this will be a great special by the looks of things!


Overall Thoughts: This season did start off weak and it did have an original episode versus the using other things for it. Yes they brought the Dahlics and Cyber Men back, it did feel like the “Time Heist” original story thing should be done more, even wwhen Capaldi returns for another season! I did like how it ended on a very strong note with the great amount of drama in between and it did give me good laughs since it did involve the class that Danny and Clara teach at their school by having them be a part of some of the adventure! Even with “Kill the Moon,” it did bring a nice chuckle when Capaldi kept talking about he didn’t want to have a kid running around despite “In the Forest of the Night” shown how he was able to take care of a kid despite his early runnings with them! Still, need to keep original story related stuff! Let’s see what Season 9 holds for everyone!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paw Prints!


Well, that’s my review! Next will be another review and it’s on a recent movie! Stay tuned!

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