Ipsy Time: November 2014 + Ipsy Me Offer!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what time is it? It’s Ipsy time! So, I am back from Daytona and this is my bag for November! I did get it through the mail last weekend but since I was not at home and on the coast couldn’t do the review and see what’s in it! I am glad to be home and got it! Let’s see what I got!


Theme: Girl Meets Glitter! This month’s theme is “Girl Meets Glitter!” I feel as though this month’s theme should’ve been next month’s theme because that is when glitter tends to come in play with the holidays but hey, not bad of a theme. I would have a feeling that the December theme would have a nice theme to it due to Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Channakah.


The Bag! The bag is how a lot of video bloggers talked about in how it is plastic with the glitter inside the plastic, which is really nice and you don’t have it flying all over! Kind of like when I went to Spirit for my first time one Halloween time. Apparently Ipsy collaborated with Forever 21 to make this bag and I like it! I even like how soft the bag is ionthe inside! Lovin’ it!


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye! Item number 1 is something I gave to my mom and that is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer! I do have bags but it is mostly anti-aging items and don’t tend to use them. I did hear IT cosmetics is a really good brand and that their concealer is also pretty good! A full size of this at Ulta retails $24 but knowing that my mom may like it she may get the full size!


Marc Anthony Oil of Morrocco Argon Oil Hairspray! Man! That was a mouthful! Anyways, this something I was happy about and that’s the Marc Anthony Argon oil hairspray! I started using the Suave Professionals Morroccon infused shampoo and conditioner and loved that stuff a lot and I did hear a lot of Ipsters received this in their bag! I am glad that I did too and it gives me a way of trying out hairsprays that won’t hurt my hair and it is with argon oil and carotene on top of it! The size is pretty nice to be in the bag. I can’t wait to use this and also take it back with me to Daytona. I know this hairspray is like $8, close to the price of an Aveeno dry shampoo and plus I am an Ulta and Walgreens, which I heard they sold this, member. I will see how this works. And I believe this is also made by the singer!


Star Lux Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive! Finally I get to try Star Lux! I never got the lip gloss last month by them and I did try trading for the Obsidian pencil from someone but somehow they said we weren’t a match. Ticked off by that thank you! I am so glad I get to try a product by them and it is the gem pencil in Ultra Olive! I noticed a lot of Ipsters got this one and not the purple one. I wouldn’t mind for the purple but this one would look nice with my Esmeralda eye shadow I traded for last month. They weren’t kidding when the packaging is hard to open like the envelope that the bag came in! Ipsy, did you send us that thing in that envelope because of the bulk of the items this time around!? It is pretty smooth when you do apply! Okay, I hope they send me more Star Lux items because Mari Blue Cat is definitely curious!


CRX Anti Aging Lotion! Okay, I got something by a company I never heard of and they are known as CRX and looking at the Ipsy page for them looks like they use natural ingredients! If you guys got any of the two items you would either get the expoliant for the body and face or the birch sap lotion which is also for the body and face! I got the lotion which I wanted it to be that since I can use it on my knees and hands because of how I read braille and it does cause my hands to get dry and I do have ashy knees. I hope this stuff works, I do like the body butter, which I have not used since I got it, it’s in my room in Daytona so I can use this until I get back.


J Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter! I never heard of Jay Cat until Eleventh Gorgeous got products by them in Ipsy and it’s good to be a part of Ipsy because I get to finally try them out! I got the color in Mad Splatter which is a pretty dark color according to people but hey at least I like the vampy lip! I do like how the packaging is a paint tube because Hot Topic did package their War Paint lip stuff that way along with some glitter gels they had. I can’t wait to wear this to try it out.


Overall: This month’s bag was pretty good! I know I would probably use the concealer but I thought my mom would use it more than I would and it was worth getting it so she can try something new. She did get some of my Ulta samples last time. I also did give her the hair mask from the September bag, I hope she used that thing. I was really happy overall! I mean I got the hair spray which let’s me try out something good, the eye pencil from Star Lux which I was curious in that company, the Jay Cat lip paint, which I never tried and I heard they are similar to OCC Lip Tars, which I never tried, and the Birch Sap lotion by CRX which I did put on my hands and knees and it has a nice cooling effect! This is an awesome thing!


Bonus: Ipsy Me Offer of the Ofra eye shadow pallet! I did end up getting something in the Ipsy Me page and that is an eye shadow pallet by Ofra! I never heard of Ofra cosmetics until Ipsy had an offer on their eye shadow pallet, well one of them and it includes twenty shades. It did say in the offer that they are also cream shadows and to me they feel more powdery than creamy. The brand is pretty much a skin care and beauty brand which is pretty high end! This pallet would normally cost $79 and Ipsy offered it for $28 and I was glad to get it! This is a nice magnetic pallet with a mirror and it is pretty nice. I never thought I would get something high end again outside of an Ipsy bag and thought it would be worth it after getting it with free shipping! I wanted to do a video on this but since my trip from Daytona tired me out, I’d rather write a little bit about it. And also for reading this, you guys get a code for 40% off your entire purchase on ofracosmetics.com and the code is ipsyme40 and just enter it at Check Out! The offer ends on December 8th by the way! Forgot to mention, the shadows can be placed in another magnetic pallet if you want since you can pop these out!


Well, that is it! This month’s bag was a good one and I hope next month’s bag comes as good as this one! And of course, if you haven’t joined Ipsy! You can go to their website and it only costs $10 a month and you get items from a lot of high end, online, and drugstore companies! Also, youget the Ipsy Me offer alerts in e-mails because you can’t get offers like these anywhere!


What is next!? My first spotlight on Omni Expo 2015! And of course, my faves for November and December next month, and wrap up 2014 with my Bests and Worsts of the year! Stay tuned for all that!


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