Bests and Worsts of 2014!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now that 2014 is winding down and 2015 is right around the corner, it’s time for my Bests and Worsts of this year! I will remember to put a lot this time since I had the forgot-to-mentions from last year but hey at least I can make it right this time around, especially mentioning the best Christmas gift, which I forgot to do that in the last post!


Before I start this year’s list need to make my disclaimer and that is all things mentioned under their categories are based on opinion! There were things I didn’t see and based it on critics approaches, which they are critics after all, and I make my judgments based off that or on my own. So, I would say please respect what my opinions are because I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have any.


So, first category is…


Best Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy! First up is “Best Movie!” My choice is of course Guardians of the Galaxy! This movie has been one of those based on a small title within the Marvel Universe due to how it wasn’t that very popular in comic form until Marvel Studios brought it to the big screen and gave it a modern look! I liked the cast for the characters such as Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, Vin Diesel as Groot, and many more! I even liked how the alien characters didn’t get Star Lord’s pop culture references at the points he brings them up! It did break my head in the after credits scene with Howard the Duck showing up and still funny with the Collector in his destroyed home drinking a martini in that scene! Can’t wait what the sequel will hold and how the Guardians will tie more into the movies since due to the success of the movie they did show up in the Marvel cartoons on Disney XD.

Runner Up: Captain America: Winter Soldier! Even though I was happy that one of my fave heroes got his sequel this year, Winter Soldier was a runner up to the fresh team from the galaxy! I did like this movie and the interaction between Chris Evans and Scarlet Johanson on screen, it did give a nice tie in with the Agents of Shield tv series with what happened to the rest of SHIELD during the movie’s events! If you haven’t seen both, I would say watch Winter Soldier first and then the episode showing the events in between of Agents so you can get the better field and it does recap what happened in the movie in that episode in a small montage. I can’t wait for Age of Ultron in 2015!


Worst Movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from this year! I know! I know! I know it beat out Guardians for two weeks but here’s the thing though, whoever saw this movie went back to see Guardians after realizing this movie wasn’t as great. I understand the movie was supposed to cater more to the kids but old fans preferred the old movies over this one, even the one they made back in 2009. While Michael Bay at the producer’s chair, it wasn’t as great as a lot of people have hoped and I didn’t go see it since I grew up with the turtles myself and always enjoyed the old series and did like some of the Nickelodeon series, but this newer movie didn’t give me the interest to go and Movie Bob did make good points in how bad it was. After people seeing Guardians again caused this movie be taken out of number one and Guardians regained it. Sorry guys, need to make a better movie with the turtles.


Best Come Back from a Writer: Jim Butcher with Dresden Files Book 15, Skin Game!  I have been a fan of the Dresden Files and wrote crossovers with it and Soul Eater and Fairy Tail, don’t worry not in one story! Seeing that Jim Butcher has finally released the fifteenth book, Skin Game, was a major relief to us since Cold Days ended pretty interesting and now that we got to see Harry leave Demon Reach for one book, now it’s time to work with Nikodimus Archleone and his friends to rob the treasures of Hades! Oh yeah, it did surprise me that Nikodimus is back and this time Harry had to team up with him for a job and was hired by Mab to do it of course! I did like the twists and turns and even the ending when they finally found a new Knight of the Cross, which I won’t reveal here! I am hoping after what had happened here in this book will also lead some unanswered questions into Book 16, such as the stuff he has been doing in between this one and Cold Days unless Jim does another Side Jobs collection, which he has written a story about Molly and how she became to be in Ghost Story. So, will 2015 get another Dresden adventure? Let’s hope!


Best New Season for a TV Series: Agents of Shield! Since Agent Colson and his friends had an interesting and awesome end to season 1, season 2 brought more awesomeness! This season brought on the start of Colson’s step up to Director of SHIELD and has to solve the mystery behind the carvings he has been doing, what is up with Skye’s dad, and a finding of an obelisk that can kill people or let them live! I am a little bit behind on episodes and will try to catch up once I’m off break due to how hectic the holidays can be, this series has gotten me on the edge of my seat each episode! Marvel knows how to bring on the action and with the new mini series, Agent Carter, starting in a week will bring more of Marvel’s amazing writing yet again! I’m hoping the Agents series keeps going because there is more to do with the movies by what I saw for Avengers 2 and knowing what will happen afterwards will probably give new story to add. Still, a great comeback for the show!

Runner Up: Sleepy Hollow! Even though I do like Sleepy Hollow, the actors are pretty much the ones who get a lot of credit in bringing the story of the 1700s into a modern era! I did like with season 1 in how Ichabob had a hard time fitting in since he was brought back to life in 2013 and he came from over two hundred years ago, with this season, on the other hand, it brought a different awkwardness since he still had to get used to the time he’s in now. I find it funny how he played video games and cursed out in his own words against the trolls.


Best Fan Fiction Come Back and Christmas Present: Fairy Tails: Fan Fiction of the Dresden Files Hitting A Lot of Hits! Yes, finally mentioned this here! If you remembered how I done a fan fiction rant here and talked about ending Fairy Tails due to how many people have been nitpicking? Well, all thanks to a reader, I started it up again and wanted to give it the ending it deserved. They also helped me to give something to progress the story with and right now I’m penning Chapter 27 by the looks of it! All the thanks to the come back, it hit over 5000 hits within that amount of time! If I hadn’t continued I wouldn’t have gotten that far! This has been my most enjoyable fic I’ve written and so far longest since a lot of things take place and I am writing it in the Jim Butcher first-person style with different character point of views, which if you haven’t read stories like “Back Up” or “Aftermath” where those tales took place from Murphy’s and Thomas’ point-of-views then you should because that is where I got the idea from the most. I am happy and considered the hitting the hit mark the best Christmas present since it happened this month!


Best Album: TIE! Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold and Black Market by Rise Against! It was hard to choose but I have two best albums of 2014 when it came to music! Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold and Black Market by Rise Against! Avenged Sevenfold has been a fave metal band and this album is a really good one. I think I prefer it more than the two albums I have by them overall! Even though they have a Metallica-like feel for some of their songs but at least they made it a tribute towards them in their own way and there are times when I want to hear “Hail to the King” or “This Means War.” While Black Market, on the other hand, was a fave like with the Sufferer and the Witness that Rise Against had put out. This newer album that hit stores a few days after Metro made me feel better hearing that they made a new album and one of my fave songs off this album has become a single!


Best Interview At a Convention: With Eric Stuart! I know I had great interviews this year but the one that made me happy the most was doing it with Eric Stuart. Why? Not only I tried out a new media platform in doing video but I always wanted to meet Eric since I was a fan of Pokemon during my middle school days and made it even better when I found out that I was interviewing him closer to the convention. It was an honor to interview him and ask him questions about Pokemon, reprising Gourry in the newer seasons of Slayers, and of course his music! I did get a comment on the video, well it was posted on part 1 since it was in two parts, that I did a good job at it and that Eric is a nice guy and he is! I am also happy to get my items signed by him and will cherish my interview with him forever!

Runner Up: Troy Baker! I know this should’ve been the best but interviewing Troy Baker was another honor for me since he has been popping up everywhere, including in the new Far Cry game! I did have fun talking to him and got to meet him in person finally! It even made me smile that I surprised him with my copy of Glass Fleet. And still won’t forget how Gondras and him sang “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie after his acoustic performance and still kind of kicking myself that I didn’t play “What I Got” by Sublime. Always next time!


Best Cosplay: .hack Variation Designed by Me! If you saw my pics of me with Dante Basco and Richard Epcar with those interviews, I was wearing my newest cosplay design and it was for a .hack vs Sword Art Online group that kind of got cancelled, well the photoshoot and turned into a debate. Still was mad about that but hey, at least people liked the costume, especially Mary Elizabeth McGlynn when I told her that I designed the thing myself. It took a lot of thought after having Helba’s costume described and then Leafa’s until all thanks to Vivi suggesting make my own, then got the kitten in the hamster wheel running! It took my spring break during my final semester of college to get the parts I needed from the Thrift Store and then from Michael’s and EBay and it turned out to be what you saw in my pics. I even got major props from Nolen North for the twin blades Gondras had made. Oh yeah! Go me! And yet the costume was heavy as hell, it was bitching! Oh by the way, did I mention the body markings? All done with my silver Maybelline color tattoo shadow! Still, go me!


Best Gift I Gave to a Guest: My Extra Carla Plushie to Brittney Karbowski! I bet you’re wondering, “Shouldn’t you have given that to the voice of Carla?” Nope! Reason being is that I thought it would be nice that the voice of Wendy would have her Exseed with her. The thing is that I ordered a Carla plushie for myself at the beginning of this year since I had Happy and then did the same with a Panther Lily to have the three main Exseeds. So, I got Panther Lily first and not Carla and found out that she was missing in tracking and had to contact the seller. The seller was glad to send me another one and I thought that one came since it was coming all the way from Hong Kong. I was happy that she came and then a month or two later came around and Carla Numero Dos came in the mail and was like “Crap!” I didn’t want to contact the seller about it and it was a hassle to send things back to Hong Kong, which I remembered years ago that a seller from there falsely advertised a short, pink wig to be long and when I saw it it was bob length and had a bit of an argument and asked for my money back and was sending it back. I remembered my dad telling me that the post office didn’t know HK meant Hong Kong either. Still ticked that I had negative feedback in the end. Anyways, I kept the extra plushie and remembered Brittney Karbowski was returning to MetroCon and had a lightbulb moment! I decided to give it to her as a gift if I ran into her at the dealer room or in an autograph session if I was lucky and at least this year the line wasn’t crappy, I was able to meet up with her at her table in the autograph line! I had her sign my copy of Fairy Tail Part 5 since that was the debut for Wendy and then I said, “I have something for you!” And presented the plushie! She thought I wanted it signed but told her it was a gift and then she went around her table and was a few meters away and Nerdy Shirts told me that I was going to be hugged but knowing from that distance it was more than a hug and gave him my cane and then held my arms out and was GLOMPED! Knowing her, I think I made her weekend! I am glad I gave her that plushie since now she has a Carla like her character!


Best Guest Rememberance: Grant George Remembering Me Because of the Wedding Theme! Yes, had to mention this as a best of this year! So, Grant George and his wife, Jessica, were guests at Omni Expo this past year and I thought he wouldn’t remember me from MythiCon the previous year and how I told him that mine and Gondras’ wedding will be Disgaea themed. I did remember how he asked if we will have a Prini ring bearer and when I told Gondras, he and I are going to make that happen by the looks of it. So I was hanging around his table to get Gondras’ copies of Disgaea 1.5 and 4 to get signed by him at Omni and then when he saw me he recognized me! I was surprised that he would despite being out of cosplay and just wearing a pair of blue kitty ears, a bell collar, and my Pacific Rim/Eva shirt. Grant still remembered how I told him about the wedding theme and then his wife told me how he told her about it! It was awesome talking to them and hoping they do come back to Orlando for a convention since they were really sweet and understood that it was hard for me to be blind. They also wanted to see Gondras but had to tell them that he was working all weekend. Grant did like the “Prini Rights” shirt the next day as well. So, a great thing for a guest to remember me by!


Best Panel: The Attack On Titan Q&A Panel and Bennet the Sage’s Meet Bennet Panel! Yes, another tie and it was for both the Attack On Titan Q&A panel during Omni and Bennet the Sage’s Q&A panel during MythiCon. Reasons are that they are both hilarious! Originally I was going to do the transcript of the AOT panel but due to some of the things mentioned during that were either gross or hard to hear on the recorder. It was fun hearing Matthew Mercer and Kyle Hebert going back and forth especially with their stories about recording their audition tapes at home. While Bennet the Sage’s, on the other hand, it was way too funny since he answered questions about his show and what anime he would review or not, he even was asked about Violence Jack review and I did enjoy his talk about Jessu Otaku from Channel Awesome as well and her love for Digimon. If you guys want to see his panel, you can find it on YouTube. I even asked a question about Attack On Titan and you do hear me and Gondras in the back and the first question is from Nerdy Shirts btw.


Best Karaoke Moment From a Convention: Matthew Mercer Doing “Tribute Song” by Tenacious D! I will be posting the video for this for you guys because I did post the link but didn’t do any justice, hey decided why not put it up? Anyways, I didn’t know this happened until I came for Omni Day 2 and that was Matthew Mercer sang karaoke the night before and wished I was there for that but due to my ride and my cold that needed the NyQuil shot couldn’t do that! So, when I got to the Marriot, I heard the entire thing that happened and how it happened. Karaoke took place that Friday and a girl dressed as Levi sang and he watched and applauded because she was really good. Then later he came up and chose Tenacious D’s “Tribute Song” and someone video taped it on their 3DS and we watched it in the Sands of Anime room until the vendor’s room opened and man it was good! I even tried texting Gondras to see it. Don’t worry, will be showing that vid here and sorry for any strong language that may happen!


Rarest Find in a Dealer Room: Disgaea 4 Wallscroll! Even though the runner up was a rare find but this was even rarer! How so? Well, it’s the Disgaea 4 wallscroll and why it got this category is because you rarely find Disgaea merch at conventions! Of course you have your Attack On Titan, Fairy Tail, Bleach still, but this! THIS! You can’t find anywhere else and couldn’t let go since the seller who had this was also doing a two wallscrolls for one thing and since Gondras told me about this scroll when he went to get the Lucy with Loke scroll, I told him get it! It did kind of made him sad that when there was merch for the game, we couldn’t find anything including the figurines that came with the special edition version of the game, which he got Fuka in his copy. Hey, at least we found a wallscroll and it’s up on my wall!

Runner Up: .hack G. U. Vol 1! The runner up is of course a video game or sequel to a series that I was looking for and it was the .hack G. U. games! UCF Games was out in Tampa at Metro and decided to ask if they have them and they had all three! Due to the high price points, I only got the first and was happy to get this finally! Even though I have to find other ways of getting the other two if I can’t get to a con that this vendor is at, I was glad to get volume 1 and get it signed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on top of it! So it was a double win!


Best Make Up Buy of the Year: Urban Decay Smoked Pallet! Why I have to mention this is because it deserves the best is how it was on sale! The thing is Urban Decay is a popular highend make up brand and they sell their items pretty high like the Naked pallets, which are ever-so-popular, in the $50 range for all three and other items in the $20 range. What made me happy to find as a little sale item is that while in Daytona is that I got an e-mail saying that the Smoked pallet was $20 off, so pretty much half off from its original price of $49. It was worth it bbecause you rarely see a price drop like this and was also lucky to get it since it sold out within that time it happened. Not sure if there’s any left since they re-stocked, at least I got it back then.


Best Ipsy Item: Hello! By Harvey Prince! So last or second to last category of the year, since I have a worst Ipsy item and first up is the Best! Harvey Prince’s Hello scent! I know there were a lot of great items that came in Ipsy from when I have been an official member since August but to me this was the best of the rest in my opinion! I love my sweet, earthy, and citrus scents but this one brings them all into one! It has a nice sweet scent mixed in with a slight earth and citrus kick to it! Even though it wasn’t the full size but I was glad it was a convenient travel size in case I couldn’t pack anything or didn’t spray anything on me and need that quick fix, it’s in my bag! I hope more Harvey Prince scents come in Ipsy or BoxyCharm because I want to smell the others!


Worst Ipsy Product: Pixie Dust by Pixie by Petra! Why does it get my worst? Well, this item SUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKSSS! It is promoted to be a dry glitter topcoat for your eyes, cheeks, and brows but the vial doesn’t contain anything! I did so many swatches with the first and nothing appeared and when the replacement appeared, nothing with that either! I gave it to my mom to see if she had better luck but this item is not my fave!

Runner Up: Paula’s Choice Moisturizer! When I first got my bag I ended up with the Paula’s Choice moisturizer with SPF 15 and tried  it out to see how it goes due to how hot it was and thought I needed the SPF. It did moisturize and did help make up go on smoothly but there were adverse effects and that was it made my skin red around my nose! My skin was sensitive and I mentioned what happened to a girl at Ulta and she told me that some people with sensitive skin can’t use SPF items. As in make up with it! Now I know not to use this if I ever get it again!


Well, that is it for this year’s list! 2015 will be interesting since I’m still looking for a job and also will be sticking to Orlando for this year when it comes to conventions due to finances and well Tampa does eat it up pretty big. Not sure if I will try and get my cosplay ideas out that I’m thinking on, I will have to wait and see! That is it for this post! Happy New Year guys!

Favorites: November and December 2014

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is that time again! It’s Favorites time and this time it’s November and December! Damn this year is flying and 2015 is right around the corner! What do I have this time? Well, I have been using a lot of stuff while I was off in Daytona since I had to buy things I needed and tried new stuff, even have a few fave stuff from Ipsy! Let’s see what I got!




Beauty Treasures Set! First fave of the month is the Beauty Treasures Blockbuster set that was purchased a month ago! I really love this set because it came in a nice caboodle travel case and it had three layers to it! The first layer contains an eye shadow pallet of 54 shadows I believe from cream shades to sparkles, which have a nice transition shade or wear on their own, and then smoky for that dawning for a night out! Then the second layer contains a highlighter, bronzer, powder, two shadow primers, which I use whenever I use this set, two double ended eye pencils, two lipsticks, and two lip glosses! And the final layer contains crystal eye shadows, gel liners, six of them to be exact, eyebrow powders, and an eye shadow quad! Yeah, that sounds a lot but worth it! I love Ulta’s blockbuster sets because they are affordable and contain a lot of stuff and very easy to travel with when on the go or staying someplace, or to be that make up artist you want to be! What sucks is that this set is no longer available, I think they sold out or not making it anymore but I would point you to EBay which a lot of people tend to sell the sets. I would also keep a look out if you want to scower the website! Plus, they do make more blockbusters in every few months! Which I did find this one better than the Glam and Go one that I almost bought and it was the newest, but this one had the better value and stuff and it did give me a nice golden and sparkly look for holiday gatherings! Which is another nice thing, you can use the crystal shadows and highlighter for holiday looks!


Cream blushes in Berry Glow and Pink Glow! One thing I like about Ulta’s make up line is that they tend to have good sales on their products even if people go nuts at the Altamonte location sometimes, like the buy one get one free that happened yesterday and might still go on, still they have good deals! Around the time I came home for Thanksgiving, Ulta had their items for $5 and I went a little crazy and two of the things I got and been liking are their cream blushes in Pink Glow and Berry Glow! These things are pigmented and they are lightweight! As in, you don’t have to use too much to apply and I tend to use a tapered brush from a set I got at WalMart and it goes on smoothly that way! It does add a nice glow and doesn’t feel cakey and this is one item I want to get more of. So hoping it doesn’t get discontinued like the cheek stains!


Star Looks


Crystal Eyeliner in Ultra Olive! An item from Ipsy that I loved and still using is the Crystal Eyeliner pencil by Star Looks in Ultra Olive! I was actually happy that I got this in my bag last month and couldn’t wait to try it while waiting my chance to head back home for Thanksgiving to play with my Ipsy goodies! This pencil glides on very smoothly and it looks great with earthy greens and the Esmeralda eye shadow I swapped for during October. I may have to find the Obsidian pencil that Star Looks made that did come in bags before since I did try swapping for that but was out of luck and one Ipster changed their mind on me at very last minute, but Star Looks makes good stuff and I love this liner! Not sure if I will purchase it when I run out, that is a big maybe, at least I got to try it out!


Be A Bombshell


Volumizing Mascara! Another Ipsy goody and it’s from the October bag and that is the volumizing mascara from October! I don’t get why some Ipsters complain about some of the items that show up in their bags and October had the biggest complaints by what I saw and this month’s, even though it was an okay bag I admit, this was one product I did love! I never tried Be a Bombshell before and glad that Ipsy and BoxyCharm (I am a subscriber of them as well) have products for members to try out. I was glad that I got the mascara and it makes my lashes feel soft and make them longer! Also this was a full size product and glad to get it. I am hoping I get more mascaras from this brand since they are good, I was even glad to try out a liquid lipstick by them through BoxyCharm.


Ofra Cosmetics


Eye Shadow Ipsy Me Offer! Another item I got through Ipsy but through their Ipsy Me offers. If you don’t know what that is, it is where Ipsy sells certain things from companies for cheaper prices like this past month they had a Noya lipstick holiday set and even a curling iron as an offer, and so many others. One offer that got my kittiness curious is the Ofra eye pallet that has 20 shadows and it normally would cost everyone $79.99 but that day it was $28 and decided to pick it up! I heard good things about Ofra and I can see why because these shadows are so pigmented and they glide on very smoothly! I did read using a primer will make them pop more and I’m so glad that I did pick up the City Color Primer pot and can’t wait to use that with this pallet! I did use the earth toned shadows with my Star Looks liner for Thanksgiving and did a smoky look with it as well. What was also neat is that these shadows are magnetic, so if you have one of those Z pallets, you can pop them in there or just move them around in this pallet.


Urban Decay


Smoked Pallet! Another great deal I picked up was of course the Urban Decay Smoked pallet! I talked about this in my “Best Ulta Buys” post because the price dropped on this pallet to $29 from its usual $49 price! Why do I like this pallet? Like my Naked Basics pallet, this pallet has easy to glide on shadows and it does come with a nice liner pencil from their 24/7 Glide On Pencil line and a small tube of their primer, which I use with this pallet and the Naked Basics and then my Naked 2 Basics pallet, the colors are amazing! I have fun coming up with nice smoked looks with this thing! Good news people, it is also restocked, so check Ulta and Urban Decay’s website to see if they still have any because this went and sold out quickly and knowing that they restocked since the day or two after Christmas, they will be gone like hotcakes! I would say hurry and get yours!




Blush in Pink! An ELF product has entered my favorites for this month and that is the pink blush that they make! It is the one that almost looks like an eye shadow compact and I like it! I always ghea good things about ELF’s blushes and knew I had to try them out and since I’m an ELF fan, these guys are amazing with what they make! Even their lip glosses are amazing which I picked up one of their holiday sets for this year. So, way to go ELF!


Band and Song


Born From Ashes! So, lately I’ve been into a new band that I caught at a show recently with my buddies of Traverser and Soul Switch and they are known as Born From Ashes! I never heard of them and didn’t get to see their set because Gondras had work the next morning but did get one of their CDs and listened to them and loved them! Orlando has great music to offer and these are one of those bands that do it! I did want to see Leaving Haven to try them out again but due to how bad traffic was and parking was bad we missed them. At least we got to catch Soul Switch and Traverser! Always next time guys! Born From Ashes, you do get the Paw Print of Approval because you are amazing!


“Strike Back” by Back On! Newest song in Fairy Tail I got addicted to is by a band called Back On and the song is called “Strike Back.” I was happy that these guys did a song for one of my all time fave series since I was a fan of the group from when Air Gear first came out around 2007 with the song “Chain” and they did songs for other anime like Eyeshield 21 and Murder Princess. This one was a surprise and it you guys won’t hear it until Part 14 or was it 15 comes out to America but if you want to hear, you can probably download it. Still support the official release of the anime like I do guys!




Cut and Run by Lara Adrian and Tina Folsom! I recently finished a double book bundle that Lara Adrian and Lisa Folsom wrote and they are the first two books in a new series known as the Phoenix Code and the first two books are known as Cut and Run! Lara wrote Cut while Tina wrote Run and I think that’s how they decided to do it with these books, as in bundling one with the other and Lara writes the odd numbered ones while Tina does the evens since the next two, Hide and Seek will be the same way! This series follows how the Phoenix Project, a group of guys with ESP powers and work for the CIA, are betrayed and get the message through a vision of “Phoenix Down!” and all members hide and try to not be in the open because assassins would go after them. While hiding they do have women that come into their lives and start romances or like Ethan, already started one. The first book, Cut, was the one I liked more than Run because it wasn’t as predictable in my opinion because it shows how old lovers reunite and since now they are both in danger they have to be on the run now! They do meet the two characters in the second book but I felt the story kind of went a bit low towards the middle despite Scott being a great character and how he and Phoebe came to be, I feel Cut had a better story in my opinion. I hope the next two books are as good and four is a bit better than Run because I read the premise of that one it makes me wait for it even more and hoping that has a suspenseful twist like Lara’s book and books. I did find out Lara is going to be releasing her next Midnight Breed novel and novella next year, which I can’t wait to keep reading! I did read Tempted by Midnight and it was okay, not as good as Marked but it did close an open story on one of the other vampires who lost their breedmate, but can’t wait for the next books!




Pixie Dust by Pixie! I had to mention this because not only I had to get a replacement, but it saddened me that there was no glitter in this thing! Apparently this was supposed to be a glittery top coat to cheeks, eyes, and also brows, but Ipsy sent me one without glitter! I had to have Gondras take a look at my swatch and there was nothing and then my dad took a look and nothing, even the vial was empty! I don’t know what happened but I think there are some Pixie vials that didn’t have any glitter. If you guys got this thing in your bags and had the same problem, I would like to know. I hope my replacement has glitter this time! So glad I didn’t fall for the Ipsy Me offer!


Well, that is it for my faves! What is next? Well, the Bests and Worsts of 2014! See ya guys!

Christmas Haul of 2014

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and after Christmas since some of us do go shop after the day Christmas and of course it’s time for my Christmas haul for 2014! A heads up, I’m not bragging or anything because there are things I have most of you might or not have and here goes!


Christmas Itself!


Money: So, the first thing was that I got money from my brother since he was visiting and glad I did since I used that and the $100 that my mom gave me as well for what I got the day after and today or yesterday…well depending on when you read this! So got $25 from my brother and the hundred from mom. Will tell you what I used that for on the days after Christmas section!


Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Pallet: First make up item this year and that is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics pallet! I know I may be a bit behind but I was kind of eyeing this ever since some of my fave YouTubers like Make Up by Tiffany D, Emily Noel, and even Grav3yard Girl, talked about this one during the end of summer since it came out back then and I was happy that there is a cheaper alternative to get the Naked 2 and I do like Urban Decay stuff all thanks to the Perversion mascara and the Smoked pallet and of course having the first Basics pallet! This is supposed to be a bit more cooler toned than the first since the first is supposed to be the mirror of its more expensive counterpart and this one is its cheaper version of Naked 2. I haven’t used this yet but I do like the color names which are Skimp, which is a nude satin, Stark, a pink nude, Frisk, a warm gray which I like, Cover, a mute reddish brown, Primal, muted brown, and Undone, a very smoky brown. According to the description, these colors are new to the naked collection and more exclusive to this pallet like with the shades in the Smoked palled. I am happy I got this for Christmas and can’t wait to use it! May have to use it on New Year’s or when I go back to Daytona since I had my first Naked Basics pallet and reached for it almost everyday! Knowing me, I will reach for this baby as well!


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallet: I FINALLY got this! I wanted this pallet ever since I heard people on YouTube raving about it and it is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet! I always love chocolate and when I heard this pallet was made with actual cocoa I knew I had to have it and glad it was on my list for this year! I know I have tons of eye shadows and using them, even the new Ulta set I bought, this is one I will be using time to time since it was a little pricey and worth it! I even worn it on Christmas with a nice brown tone eye with Ganosh as one of the shades and I think I used two of the other lighter shades and then the middle one on the bottom row. I did enjoy the smell and the smoothness of these shadows while I put them on top of the City Color Cosmetics Primer and they stayed put very well! It even went well with the Tart mascara I got in Ipsy! Funny thing is that it also made me crave my Hershey’s candy canes at least I did have something chocolate during the last Hobbit movie. I can’t wait to use this pallet a little more. If anyone’s wondering, I did hear about the SemiSweet Pallet, not interested! I heard how the pallet is not that pigmented as this one including the Blueberry Swirl shade! What happened Too Faced? After seeing reviews, will just stick to this one!


Too Faced Under the Mistletoe Set: Another thing I saw in hauls and that is the Under the Mistletoe set by too Faced! I have been interested in Too Faced for a while and I heard about this set, knowing my little kitty side wants its paws on it! It is a cute little, glittery bag that comes with three sparkly versions of their Le Crème lipsticks! They are Marshmallow Bunny, Naked Dolly, Spice Spice Baby and they are pretty glittery and glad that I got this instead of one lipstick because normally the price of one is $22 and you’re getting three with the case for the price of one and great thing is that if you are new to Too Faced and don’t want to spend the money on one thing this will be your best bet! You can find this on EBay but warning you, it is pricier than Ulta, so glad I sent my dad to pick this up and he held it for me until then. I will be wearing one of these for the next week and I do like the packaging! I can kind of see why these lipsticks are the price as its own. And also, if you don’t like the sparkle, you can get these three in the original form instead of waiting til next year for this set to return if it does! Too Faced, you’re becoming a fave already!


LipSmackers Holiday Sets: Yes, like almost every Christmas and Easter, I can’t go without my fave lip balm and that is LipSmackers! I did get the candy cane versions and the little four sets that come with four of them in a box like with Easter, which I raided those every year! I find it nice that they changed up the flavoring to be more seasonal, I think one was more candy flavored while the other more cookie scented. I did see that there was a candy cane one in one set! While one of the cane packages had more cherry flavored ones, which made me happy! They reminded me of the Santa lip scrub Lush put out for Christmas!


Captain America: Winter Soldier: The movie that I was happy to see since the end of last year and it was the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier! When I heard it was coming out on DVD and Blue Ray, it was immediately on my Christmas list! I did get the first for Christmas two or three years ago and glad to get this one this year! I can’t wait to rewatch it! Also, another bonus is that my dad put my presents in a Captain America tote bag! How cool is that!? Now I have a Marvel themed tote bag! I wonder if they will make Avengers ones for Age of Ultron next year! I guess I have to wait when the movie comes out.


Fairy Tail Part 11: You guys remembered how I said I had Fairy Tail part 12  on my Christmas list? Well, Part 11 was found and picked up and happy that I did get it for Christmas since I’ve been waiting to get this due to what happened at the end of Part 10 with Zarif showing up! Don’t want to spoil despite doing the Season 3 review when I finish with these two parts! I will get Part 13 but it has to wait! At least this was on my list and all thanks to not finding it at MythiCon. Yes more adventures with Happy and the gang!


Slammer and Vanillary by Lush: A gift from Mommy Gondras and that is a bottle of Slammer the shower gel and Vanillary the perfume! I know most of us Lushies know that slammer was a retro item and they took out their retro items. I think she went shopping early to get this since she and I do get the newsletter. I get both the North America and Canadian ones to make sure I get all the news! Anyways, I loved the Slammer despite it always fading when I get out of the shower, I like the nice orange and limey scent or was it orange and lemon, it still smells good! I am also glad that it is the larger bottle since those things last me close to four months! Even the Twilight large bottle when I first tried it out lasted me after 2013 started! I do use small drops at a time, now you know why medium bottles last me so long! Another thing that did make me happy was that she got me the classic bottle of Vanillary perfume since they are going to be repackaging every scent according to one guy in the Florida Mall location. I hope they do because I don’t want to be lost without Karma, Lust, Smell of Freedom and Weather Turning, and so many other scents! I always loved Vanillary and how it always has that nice toffee and vanilla scent! I still have the bottle that Gondras gave me a few years back and may have to use it up, because I do have a lot of perfume and do use them to keep it interesting and fun! I did wear Creamy Candy on Christmas since they did sell it as a limited edition Christmas perfume during a perfume sale, which sucked that it wasn’t around this year. Hey! At least I have a new bottle of Vanillary when I run out! I wish it was a shower gel like what they did with the Twilight bath bomb!


After Christmas!


Lush run for Shower Gels: Every year Gondras and I always go to Lush so he could get me his gift of shower gels since it starts the buy one get one free sale! Last year, we were lucky at the Florida Mall location in getting four big bottles of Ponche and four mediums of Snow Fairy but this year we didn’t go to that location nor the newest one in Milennia (it just opened last month) but we did go to the airport location which figuring not a lot of people would go to since you have to pay parking and it adss up after every twenty minutes now but we did get a lot of things. Well only eight bottles of medium ones! Instead of all Snow Fairy, which he got four of, he also got four of a new one that came out and it’s called So White! It is a apple spice shower gel and it smells very nice! It reminds me of the Phoenix Rising bath bomb when they released this one. So glad  he got me four of these! They did have another shower gel but didn’t smell it and after hearing Grav3yard Girl talk about it, didn’t make me want to go back and that is Hottie Tottie. It is supposed to be a spicey ginger smell, even though I like ginger in my food, don’t want to put this on my skin. If you like the smell of it or like the idea of it, I would say call your local Lush for it because you never know if they ran out. Gondras did get me the Santa lip scrub, which was out again for another year and I love it since it tastes like cherry coke when you lick it off! And I did get a sample of the Reindeer Rock, which smells like the Comforter but better. I did get something for myself and it is another Shine So Bright split end treatment since I have been using mine like crazy due to my hair being highlighted! Plus the smell is what I like about it!


Sanrio Cups: I was happy to find out that the airport had a Sanrio store and despite it not being as big I was still happy! Even though I did want the pillows, especially the one of Kuromi and Hello Kitty, since the one they had was softer than the one my Secret Santa got me which it came with a pad of paper and a pen since she knew I loved writing, I went with other things due to the pillows were high in price! I might go on EBay some day since I found out the hard way each time if you don’t get what you like at first, it won’t be there afterwards! I did get two things and I used some of the money from my brother on and it is a tumbler cup of the entire cast of Sanrio which makes me happy the most that Kerroppi and Kuromi are next to each other on the cup since they are two of my fave characters! I also did get a mug of Choco Cat which their mugs were on sale for half off and what got me to get it is that he was sitting on the handle! It sounded so adorable and I do love collecting mugs!


Guardians of the Galaxy: Another Marvel release happened in time for the holidays and wasn’t expecting it and that was Guardians of the Galaxy! I loved this movie and how great the jokes were because of how Star Lord was out of place and Vin Diesel was amazing as Groot in this one, I had to get it but on DVD. Apparently they didn’t do a DVD and Blue Ray bundle like with Winter Soldier I think because I had the DVD version of that one too instead of the bundle, don’t get why they didn’t do that for both movies when they did it with Thor, First Avenger, Incredible Hulk, and even with the Iron Man trilogy. Marvel, what is going on now? DVD and Blue Ray bundles are huge still! Even look at all the Funimation releases they’ve done! Anyways, I was still eyeing it even when Gondras almost bought it on the day he called me while I was sick in Daytona, he thought about the Blue Ray and 3D bundle with the HD digital version, I got the DVD version because I can watch it on my PC whenever I like and plus not only it was cheaper but I had a gift certificate for $10 at Best Buy and didn’t want it to go to waste! I know I could’ve gotten more points but I can’t see 3D due to my blindness and if I tried seeing it, like with Last Airbender and Toy Story 3, it would only show in one eye and my PC doesn’t play Blue Rays and have to wait til Gondras and I move in at some point in time. I want to see awesomeness on my own time, so DVD for me!


Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance and Estee Lauder Beautiful perfumes: The final thing that I had to get which had me use the $100 on are two perfumes I asked for Christmas and so glad I went the Saturday after Christmas since they had a deal at Dillard’s for one. For Christmas I thought I would ask for the cosmetics and movies/anime from my dad and perfume from my mom since I ran out of ideas for my mom to get me for Christmas due to having a lot of clothing, even getting a new pair of pants at Burlington back in Daytona, got wintery stuff like hats, scarves, and beanies to stay warm since the ocean makes it ten times colder than Orlando, and even buy my own shirts and purdy hats like Linkara’s, thought it would help save on money for my dad since the Chocolate Bar pallet and the Naked 2 Basics pallets would be more costly and remembered how years ago in my high school days my mom got me my first two bottles of perfume which were NOA and Tommy Girl since I loved those sample things in Teen People and YM. I asked originally asked for the new scent by Ralph Lauren, Midnight Romance, since I am a fan of the original Romance by him, and the new scent by Jessica Simpson, her self titled one, Jessica Simpson. Unfortunately my mom didn’t get them and that led her to give me the money to get them. Not to sound ungrateful…she tends to shop at Macy’s Dillard’s, and other retailers, and the perfume counters are right there! Anyways, I did get the Midnight Romance which I loved it since I smelled it in Ulta back in August I think or was it September and wanted it despite the priceyness of its newness on the market! If you haven’t smelled Midnight Romance, I recommend you should, think of it like Britney Spear’s Midnight Fantasy but darker! I can see why it is so romantic! I did get the small bottle due to the budget I have to work with and knowing it will be a while before Flea World gets it and the prices start dropping, but the small bottles do last me! I still have my bottle of Curve Chill and Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted and also my travel sample sizes of CK One and Nicole by Nicole Richey. The other scent I got was Estee Lauder Beautiful because Dillard’s wasn’t carrying Jessica Simpson’s new scent, which sucked! I tried seeing about the others but they didn’t have them either! I don’t get why though since it is new as well and I have been looking forward to getting my paws on this and Dessert, well Dessert have been looking for and can’t find! I did get Estee’s Beautiful since I smelled Modern Muse and this back to back. Modern Muse reminded me of Pleasures a bit and didn’t hit me as much as Beautiful did, which I liked Beautiful better and how the fruitiness made it smell more enchanting to me, plus they had a sale on their set for $40 and decided, since it is on sale why not get it? The set comes with the one ounce bottle and a travel size version, which I popped it into my messenger bag teeny pouch, and the lotion! I do like the perfumey lotions time to time, I even went crazy with the Nicole one by using that thing up after I got it! If you guys see any of these sets left, get them while you can! It’s worth it! If you guys know where Jessica Simpson’s new scent is sold, please comment! I would love to find it somewhere! I love perfumes!


Well, that is about it! I will reveal my fave present in the next post, which is my favorites of November and December! Stay tuned!

Haul: City Color Cosmetics!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, I have been shopping and not only had to get Gondras’ gifts but did get things for myself. Such as the “Groot Used Vine Whip” shirt that I’ve been drooling over ever since I found the Guardians shirts on Aardvark but also Fairy Tail Part 12 because FYE sold out and it was on my Christmas list and they didn’t know when they will restock and knowing FYE, it won’t be before Christmas and decided to go to EBay. There was some things I did get and it is from a make up company from Canada known as City Color Cosmetics!


I heard about City Color from Color Swept Beauty and how she raved about them, especially with eye shadows and lip products and how they are really good. What got me to buy from them is Ipsy doing a Ipsy Me offer on a big set which was the price on their site as well. I did get some things to try out along with it and here it is!


Eye Shadow Primer Pot! I explored around the site to take a look into eye shadow primers! I am getting into them because there are times when my eye look fades without me even knowing until I run my baby wipe over my eyes and see nothing is there. Good thing my toe in the water was the primer that Urban Decay makes that came with the Smoked pallet, which you guys have read from my Best Ulta Buys post since that was a $20 off item and glad to try out the primer that way! Not only that, I did like the primer that came with the set I bought from Ulta, which some of those Blockbuster sets come with primers now. I would say give them a go since their products are great. Back to this item! I decided since I am getting a set with eye shadows why not pick up the primer while I was at it. They had the pump and the pot and decided to go with the pot because I have easier application with my fingers and pumps get it all over. It is also easy to travel that way. This pot is like a blush container and I like how it is wide since I can swirl my finger around to get more product if I need to. It also can leave a nice bit of room for your brush if need be. I would say use a small eye brush if you want to go that route since with bigger brushes may lead to a lot of excess spreading, especially with the ELF ones. This item costs $4 and it’s not bad since the City Color products are drugstore prices and quality!


Lip Set! Well, can’t find the exact name of it but I did get a lip gloss and lip compact set and I think it is the Perfect Lip Set in the Glossy Finish. Since I heard that the lip items are amazing, I decided to take a try and saw this set along with a few others. I got the glossy finish since I do like that nice gloss finish to it. A nice thing is that this is great for anyone who wants to try out City Color and it comes with two squeeze tube glosses which are fun to wear, three regular applicator glosses, and a compact of nine lip shades! This is very interesting to try out and I did try out one of the glosses and it glided on very smoothly and this is without lip balm on! Now I can see why Color Swept Beauty raves about this company’s lip stuff! It’s amazing! Plus, this is a good stocking stuffer and would say to check out on the website after Christmas for the deals or now since they dropped the prices since it is Christmas Eve!


Color Basics Pallet! And the final item that got me to pick up stuff and the Ipsy Me offer item, the Color Basics Pallet that was $25 on Ipsy. It was also the same price on the site that day due to the offer and it was worth it! I tend to go for the Ulta blockbusters and like how they are caboodles for some and a tablet case for others but this set is really nice and very compact! It is like a set of drawers and easy to navigate since the first four slots are the eyeshadows and then at the very bottom you have the blushes, applicators, lip liner and eye liner. How many blushes and shadows do you get? You get four blushes and they are nicely set up in this pallet to go under the shadow slots and then you have seventy, yes seventy shadows! This pallet is pretty much what you need, from smoky all the way to highlight colors and then sparkly to mattes. This is worth the money since you’re getting so much in one pallet. It usually costs $29.99 and since it’s Christmas Eve, it’s $24.95, so you can pretty much pick it up for the same price as I did. Great thing is that if any of you Ipsters got the Crown Infinity brush this month or three months ago, the brush fits perfectly in the shadow slots since I tried out mine with that.


So, that’s my haul! You can check out the City Color Cosmetics page at for more items! I give this make up company a…PAWPRINT OF APPROVAL!


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? My Christmas Haul and then onto my Favorites for the end of the year and then it’s onto Bests and Worsts of 2014! Stay tuned and have a safe and Happy Holidays!

Ipsy Time: December 2014 Plus BoxyCharm!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another Ipsy Time! I also have a BoxyCharm for you guys! A heads up, even though I see a lot of box battles for box subscriptions but I won’t be doing that, I will be saying if I like one or the other and why, probably at the end. But this month’s boxes were close! Let’s see what I got!


Ipsy December 2014!


Theme: You Are a Mighty Heroine (?)


Okay, I heard different names for this month’s bag but it deals with the idea of “Thanks to You!” because of how 2014 is ending and it’s another year for Ipsy since it started back in 2011. I do enjoy the subscription despite August being an okay month and liked it the same since I wasn’t only born back then but it was my first bag of my subscription. I will continue with it even if there are some things are meh and some things that are awesome!


The Bag: The bag is a black satin bag with a keychain charm on the zipper with the Ipsy name. Some people said that they should’ve done more with the bag like with last month’s but I like it! I think it fits due to the idea of satin bows and other things for Christmas!


NYX Cosmetics: Butter Balm in Red Velvet! The first item I got was something I already use and that is the NYX butter balm line and glad they sent subscribers this since it is winter and lips do get chapped like no other, it is a good time to send Ipsters this and it does have a light color to it on top of it! I am glad that they sent me Red Velvet in this because I almost bought Red Velvet while looking through the section at Ulta near me and didn’t since I got Marshmallow and another one. Some people complained about how some of the nudes are not as great and that is because this is a very lightweight lip tint and they do provide moisture. I do recommend this product a lot and glad to get this one!


Tart: Lights Camera Lashes Deluxe Mascara! Another product that everyone received is the deluxe size of the Tart Lights Camera Lashes mascara! I always heard about this mascara all over the place on YouTube and never been curious until I found out that Ipsy was giving this sample to everyone I squeed very loud in my dorm room at the time! I am glad to get this because I know I can pick this size up at Ulta for half the price of the full size and not worry about it and also try it out if I like it if I want to get this size or the full size on a purchase whim! I will be getting another since I’m trading one of my items from BoxyCharm, which I will be mentioning later.


Pixie by Petra: Pixie Dust! An item that I am not too happy about and that is the Pixie Dust by Pixie! I heard of Pixie and almost got something from them in Target, if I got that brand correct. Anyways, this is an item that came this month and it is their Pixie Dust and not too happy about it because I think it dried up. I know it is susuppos to be a top coat for shadow but no glitter came out on the applicator or the little vial part! I even had Gondras see if anything was swatched and nothing! I did contact Ipsy for a replacement.


Beauty Without Cruelty: Facial Wash for Normal to Oily Skin! Another product that was not to my satisfaction and that is the BWC facial wash for normal to oily skin and you know me, Mari Blue Cat has sensitive skin! I wish there were items that came for my skin type in this service and glad I gave this to my mom since I didn’t want to put it to the test when my Stridex pads are Aloe ones but for my skin type. Sorry BWC, you were sent to someone special this holiday!


Crown: Infinity Eye and Crease Brush! An item I noticed that was put in Ipsy before and it is by the company called Crown Brush and glad to get this so I can see what people raved about! It is a small brush and it has a good size set of bristles for my eyes and glad to know that this can fit for my shadow application! It is also great timing since I notice the double ended brush I own is a bit wobbly on one end and it is the side I normally use the lid color on. This is a nice addition to my brush collection!


That is my Ipsy bag. It is okay this month, not too bad of a selection and I do like the bag! It is also pretty deep of one! Nice for travel! And if you’re wondering, it is $10 a month and you get 4-5 samples, full to deluxe and it tends to be pretty good brands from drugstore to highend and even ones you haven’t heard of before. If you’re interested in signing up, here is my referrel link to check out:  link anywhere




Now onto BoxyCharm! This is a subscription I kept on hearing throughout YouTube, Eleventh Gorgeous even has it and also Danielle LaPook has it and like a curious kitty, I decided to take a look and sign up! I got my first box this past Thursday, which was funny to see it since my tracking said Friday and got it when I came home for Holiday Break! This subscription is ten bucks more and if you live in Florida like I do, you get some tax added but shipping is free. What did I get?


Lina Lashes: Mink Lashes! This is the item I’m trading for another Tart Lights Camera Lashes for since I don’t wear lashes! I will tell you why! If You seen my pics with any of the guests I interviewed at Omni and Metro or seen my interview videos, especially with me as Lucy during my John Swasey interview, those are my actual lashes, even with the Miss Manga mascara as Lucy! My lashes are naturally long and I apply mascara to them and they become like doll lashes when they curl! Even with the CK One and Be a Bombshell ones they look nice! So, I don’t wear lashes! These things are made with mink hair, which they get from minks without harm to any of them, I guess they brush the hairs off or wait for them to shed to gather the hairs. I did feel the lashes to see how soft they were and they are as soft as a mink comforter I had a few years back. I think I have it in my attic somewhere but these things are soft like my Kiki’s Delivery Service throw blanket too! I know the person that is swapping for these will love them and she can use them more than once! They are normally $30 retail, I don’t want them to go to waste!


Thirsty for Hair Syrum! I think this is an item by a company called NLA or something like that, I think it was New York Hair or something….anyways, this is a hair syrum which I am glad to get and just in time too! I got highlights in my hair a weekend ago before the break at a beauty academy that students get taken to once a month! My hair is fine and got a bit fried, so glad this came in my box instead of the shampoo since my hair needs the added moisture! This is an interesting product because it can cost between $7 to $12 depending on the size. I may have to get this since I tend to use a lot of things for frizz and now a bit of added damage!


Be a Bombshell: Lip Stain/Lip Stick! I tried Be a Bombshell before and of course it was through their mascara and I love it! When I heard they were giving Charmers some lip products, I was happy! I am glad that I get to try this brand through subscriptions and glad to get this lip item. It looks like a lip gloss but it feels like one of those liquid lipsticks and I like how it feels. It doesn’t feel really sticky like most of the ones I tried from Wet N Wild, well it was the only company I did get one from, but it did go on smooth as the HD Lip Laquer from Rimmel I still have! Can’t wait to review this when they put up the December brands on the shop tab.


Travel Blush Brush! I am glad to get this in BoxyCharm as well and that is a travel, full size brush from another brand I don’t know the name of but this will come in handy! Great thing is that this is very compact and it is like a lip brush I own which the brush head gets raised but instead of pushing it up from one end, there is a dial and you twist it up! I hope to use this for my mini blushes, like the Coastal Sense duo I own still from Ipsty and the small blush sample I got through the Ulta beauty bag.


Coastal Sense: Revealed Eye Shadow Pallet! Another item that I was excited about and that is the Coastal Sense Revealed pallet! This is also full sized and when I heard through videos about this I was super excited since I never received full pallets like this. I did trade for a full size of a Micah Beauty eye shadow and did receive a full size of the Star Looks Gem Pencil through Ipsy but this is a major bonus! This comes with twenty eye shadows and they are nude colors. They are matte and I did hear shimmer ones too and it is another good way of getting into Coastal Sense. This was another reason why I got into BoxyCharm is because of sull size products of some of the brands and did hear that Eleventh Gorgeous, I think one of the girls or both, got one of the Coastal Sense pallets full size as well. I think it was the same month for the full size of the Harvey Prince Hello! Anyways, I am so glad to try this out since I do love the blush duo and gives me an idea of what else Coastal Sense has to offer!


My Thoughts: Out of the things I got this month between the two, I would have to say it was a Hit or Miss with Ipsy this month because of how the Pixie Dust was dried out and can’t get any glitter out. I did give my mom the facial wash and do love how I got the Red Velvet butter balm and the Tart mascara, all in all, it was Hit and then a Miss! While BoxyCharm did give me a bit of a miss with the lashes because my lashes are natural and I don’t wear any fake ones. Need to ask, why do most of make up gurus and lovers have to wear fake ones? Just comment below. Anyways, I am glad to find someone through Ipsy to trade with and do love the shadow pallet since I get to try more Coastal Sense, the lip product from Be a Bombshell, the hair syrum, and brush. Also glad that I got a new eye brush from Ipsy! So yeah, can’t say who I liked more, they were both equal in my book! I can’t wait what 2015 has to offer for Ipsy and BoxyCharm!


Well, that’s it! Next time I will be bringing a haul from City Color Cosmetics! Stay Tuned!

Convention Spotlight: Omni Expo 2015 Part 1

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for a convention spotlight!


As you know I have been doing press for a few conventions and looking forward to it next year, which we’re planning to just stick with Orlando unless we can get to ShadowCon in Tampa next year. Yes, trying to change up the line up! Anynyu! So, this convention spotlight will be revolving around next year’s Omni Expo, which we will be aiming for press yet again and now waiting for forms. But you can go to for volunteering info! I suggest checking the website because things have changed! Like what you may ask!?


Location: With the 2015 convention the location has changed! This coming year Omni will be at the Rosen Center on International Drive! Better for mobility since I heard the lighting is also better and this is the same location that the National Federation of the Blind holds their convention every year. So glad it got moved from the Marriot World Center since it was hard to find me when it came to my ride service. Hoping Gondras is with me this time around. Anynyu! You can check for rates on the website, apparently it will be cheaper to stay at the Rosen by what the staff said at MythiCon this past year since they were letting people know about it. Can’t wait what the place holds for the convention since we did park there during MegaCon 2012 since it was across the street from the convention center! And it can hold a lot of people since with the guest list is starting to grow!


Theme: Apparently this year’s theme is “Attack on Omni!” That is what we got from the MythiCon advertisement they did and you can tell, it deals with the biggest anime in America right now, Attack On Titan! And also, Japan just did do an announcement about a Marvel crossover with it. Will that be included with my interviews? Who knows! Let’s see what the line up brings!


Guests: Along with the theme, we have guests showing up from Attack On Titan and here they are!


Matthew Mercer: Lance Corporal Levi

Other works: Resident Evil 4+ (Leon Kennedy) and Tales of Xilia (Alvin)


Trina Nishimura: Mikasa

Other works: Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple (Shigure) and Eva 2.22: You Can [Not] Advance (Mari)


Josh Grell: Arman

Other Works: Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple (Kenichi)


Mike McFarland: Director

Other works: FullMetal Alchemist (Havoc) and Fruits Basket (Ritsu)


Lauren Landa: Annie

Other works: Blaz Blue Continuum Shift (Litchi)


Elizabeth Maxwell: Ymir

Other works: The Focus Puller  and Criminal Minds


Brin Apprill: Christa

Other works: Fairy Tail (Meldy)


Ashley Birch: Sasha

Other Works: Saints Row 4 by what I saw!


Clifford Chapin: Connie



Jessica Calvello: Zoey

Other Works: Excel Saga volumes 1-3 (Excel), Fairy Tail the Movie (Éclair), and Team FourStar’s Hellsing Ultimate Abridged (Rip Van Winkle)


Austin Tindle: Marco

Other Works: Romeo X Juliet (Romeo) and another fact, he came from Orlando so welcome home!


David Walde: Hans

Other Works: FAIRY TAIL! (Gajeel) Sorry Was excited that he was announced and he was Toshio in Shiki as well.


Non Attack On Titan Guest:


Arli Shorshan: Shaak Ti in Star Wars


Big list so far! Knowing that there will be more to add in the coming months! Can’t wait to see what else is there to be added and who else! I am excited that Matthew Mercer is returning since I didn’t get FullMetal Autograph signed. I was sick during the con so wasn’t fully thinking straight with the NyQuil those three days and crawling out of bed early each morning for my ride. At least I have Attack On Titan part one and will try to get part two next since I’m still gathering Fairy Tail. Will I try to get some interviews? Yes! I won’t reveal so I won’t jynx it whenever the forms go up which I’ve been keeping an eye out. So interested on being a volunteer, you can go to their website!


Another note, you can also read my press coverage and interviews with Team FourStar, Matthew Mercer, Chris Sabat and others from this past year’s convention here as well!


So, what’s next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Ipsy Time for December, also BoxyCharm since I just joined it, Favorites for November and December, my Bests and Worsts of 2014, a review on season three of Fairy Tail, and try to get a concert review for you guys! So stay tuned!