Convention Spotlight: Omni Expo 2015 Part 1

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for a convention spotlight!


As you know I have been doing press for a few conventions and looking forward to it next year, which we’re planning to just stick with Orlando unless we can get to ShadowCon in Tampa next year. Yes, trying to change up the line up! Anynyu! So, this convention spotlight will be revolving around next year’s Omni Expo, which we will be aiming for press yet again and now waiting for forms. But you can go to for volunteering info! I suggest checking the website because things have changed! Like what you may ask!?


Location: With the 2015 convention the location has changed! This coming year Omni will be at the Rosen Center on International Drive! Better for mobility since I heard the lighting is also better and this is the same location that the National Federation of the Blind holds their convention every year. So glad it got moved from the Marriot World Center since it was hard to find me when it came to my ride service. Hoping Gondras is with me this time around. Anynyu! You can check for rates on the website, apparently it will be cheaper to stay at the Rosen by what the staff said at MythiCon this past year since they were letting people know about it. Can’t wait what the place holds for the convention since we did park there during MegaCon 2012 since it was across the street from the convention center! And it can hold a lot of people since with the guest list is starting to grow!


Theme: Apparently this year’s theme is “Attack on Omni!” That is what we got from the MythiCon advertisement they did and you can tell, it deals with the biggest anime in America right now, Attack On Titan! And also, Japan just did do an announcement about a Marvel crossover with it. Will that be included with my interviews? Who knows! Let’s see what the line up brings!


Guests: Along with the theme, we have guests showing up from Attack On Titan and here they are!


Matthew Mercer: Lance Corporal Levi

Other works: Resident Evil 4+ (Leon Kennedy) and Tales of Xilia (Alvin)


Trina Nishimura: Mikasa

Other works: Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple (Shigure) and Eva 2.22: You Can [Not] Advance (Mari)


Josh Grell: Arman

Other Works: Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple (Kenichi)


Mike McFarland: Director

Other works: FullMetal Alchemist (Havoc) and Fruits Basket (Ritsu)


Lauren Landa: Annie

Other works: Blaz Blue Continuum Shift (Litchi)


Elizabeth Maxwell: Ymir

Other works: The Focus Puller  and Criminal Minds


Brin Apprill: Christa

Other works: Fairy Tail (Meldy)


Ashley Birch: Sasha

Other Works: Saints Row 4 by what I saw!


Clifford Chapin: Connie



Jessica Calvello: Zoey

Other Works: Excel Saga volumes 1-3 (Excel), Fairy Tail the Movie (Éclair), and Team FourStar’s Hellsing Ultimate Abridged (Rip Van Winkle)


Austin Tindle: Marco

Other Works: Romeo X Juliet (Romeo) and another fact, he came from Orlando so welcome home!


David Walde: Hans

Other Works: FAIRY TAIL! (Gajeel) Sorry Was excited that he was announced and he was Toshio in Shiki as well.


Non Attack On Titan Guest:


Arli Shorshan: Shaak Ti in Star Wars


Big list so far! Knowing that there will be more to add in the coming months! Can’t wait to see what else is there to be added and who else! I am excited that Matthew Mercer is returning since I didn’t get FullMetal Autograph signed. I was sick during the con so wasn’t fully thinking straight with the NyQuil those three days and crawling out of bed early each morning for my ride. At least I have Attack On Titan part one and will try to get part two next since I’m still gathering Fairy Tail. Will I try to get some interviews? Yes! I won’t reveal so I won’t jynx it whenever the forms go up which I’ve been keeping an eye out. So interested on being a volunteer, you can go to their website!


Another note, you can also read my press coverage and interviews with Team FourStar, Matthew Mercer, Chris Sabat and others from this past year’s convention here as well!


So, what’s next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Ipsy Time for December, also BoxyCharm since I just joined it, Favorites for November and December, my Bests and Worsts of 2014, a review on season three of Fairy Tail, and try to get a concert review for you guys! So stay tuned!

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