Haul: City Color Cosmetics!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, I have been shopping and not only had to get Gondras’ gifts but did get things for myself. Such as the “Groot Used Vine Whip” shirt that I’ve been drooling over ever since I found the Guardians shirts on Aardvark but also Fairy Tail Part 12 because FYE sold out and it was on my Christmas list and they didn’t know when they will restock and knowing FYE, it won’t be before Christmas and decided to go to EBay. There was some things I did get and it is from a make up company from Canada known as City Color Cosmetics!


I heard about City Color from Color Swept Beauty and how she raved about them, especially with eye shadows and lip products and how they are really good. What got me to buy from them is Ipsy doing a Ipsy Me offer on a big set which was the price on their site as well. I did get some things to try out along with it and here it is!


Eye Shadow Primer Pot! I explored around the site to take a look into eye shadow primers! I am getting into them because there are times when my eye look fades without me even knowing until I run my baby wipe over my eyes and see nothing is there. Good thing my toe in the water was the primer that Urban Decay makes that came with the Smoked pallet, which you guys have read from my Best Ulta Buys post since that was a $20 off item and glad to try out the primer that way! Not only that, I did like the primer that came with the set I bought from Ulta, which some of those Blockbuster sets come with primers now. I would say give them a go since their products are great. Back to this item! I decided since I am getting a set with eye shadows why not pick up the primer while I was at it. They had the pump and the pot and decided to go with the pot because I have easier application with my fingers and pumps get it all over. It is also easy to travel that way. This pot is like a blush container and I like how it is wide since I can swirl my finger around to get more product if I need to. It also can leave a nice bit of room for your brush if need be. I would say use a small eye brush if you want to go that route since with bigger brushes may lead to a lot of excess spreading, especially with the ELF ones. This item costs $4 and it’s not bad since the City Color products are drugstore prices and quality!


Lip Set! Well, can’t find the exact name of it but I did get a lip gloss and lip compact set and I think it is the Perfect Lip Set in the Glossy Finish. Since I heard that the lip items are amazing, I decided to take a try and saw this set along with a few others. I got the glossy finish since I do like that nice gloss finish to it. A nice thing is that this is great for anyone who wants to try out City Color and it comes with two squeeze tube glosses which are fun to wear, three regular applicator glosses, and a compact of nine lip shades! This is very interesting to try out and I did try out one of the glosses and it glided on very smoothly and this is without lip balm on! Now I can see why Color Swept Beauty raves about this company’s lip stuff! It’s amazing! Plus, this is a good stocking stuffer and would say to check out on the website after Christmas for the deals or now since they dropped the prices since it is Christmas Eve!


Color Basics Pallet! And the final item that got me to pick up stuff and the Ipsy Me offer item, the Color Basics Pallet that was $25 on Ipsy. It was also the same price on the site that day due to the offer and it was worth it! I tend to go for the Ulta blockbusters and like how they are caboodles for some and a tablet case for others but this set is really nice and very compact! It is like a set of drawers and easy to navigate since the first four slots are the eyeshadows and then at the very bottom you have the blushes, applicators, lip liner and eye liner. How many blushes and shadows do you get? You get four blushes and they are nicely set up in this pallet to go under the shadow slots and then you have seventy, yes seventy shadows! This pallet is pretty much what you need, from smoky all the way to highlight colors and then sparkly to mattes. This is worth the money since you’re getting so much in one pallet. It usually costs $29.99 and since it’s Christmas Eve, it’s $24.95, so you can pretty much pick it up for the same price as I did. Great thing is that if any of you Ipsters got the Crown Infinity brush this month or three months ago, the brush fits perfectly in the shadow slots since I tried out mine with that.


So, that’s my haul! You can check out the City Color Cosmetics page at www.citycolorscosmetics.com for more items! I give this make up company a…PAWPRINT OF APPROVAL!


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? My Christmas Haul and then onto my Favorites for the end of the year and then it’s onto Bests and Worsts of 2014! Stay tuned and have a safe and Happy Holidays!

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