Fairy Tail Season 3 Review

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, time for a break from the beauty stuff and getting back into anime. I know I was supposed to talk about a plushie maker but that will wait until the next post because I just finished watching Fairy Tail Season 3! I was happy to see the story continue since I did have to wait until Christmas for the last two parts, even though I did have to get 12 on EBay and I did find out the hard way that 13 has been out and 14 was coming out soon. Forgive me for being behind when it comes to collecting this anime, on top of that have been in Daytona, which is where I finished watching it and plus starting to collect Attack On Titan because of Omni Expo and need to catch up.


Anyuway, my thoughts on Season 3!


Story: So, season 3 started off strongly because it continued from where it left off in Season 2 after Etalus and now it’s time for the big S Rank Test for chosen members of Fairy Tail to become the next rank wizards, well one of them, and Kana, a card magic user, was chosen and feel that since it was her fourth time competing that she won’t get it and she hides a secret from Guild Arts on top of it! During the S Rank Test, another dark guild decides to attack Fairy Tail on their island known as Tenro Island and cause them to vanish all thanks to a threat that almost killed Guild Arts in the process. I did like this arc and the next one after a few fillers that give the Fairy Tail members a new adventure after their disappearance for seven years and reuniting with everyone that tested them and it included a secret that Lucy’s father had before he died during her time away and it started with a girl coming with a clock piece and a link to destruction and the return of the Eracion Seis! Yes, they are back and this time it not only brought back Midnight, Angel, Cobra, but new members with them. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, this arc did bring the Earthland versions of some of the Etalus people they met but this time as a part of a holy group known as Zenotopia who also wanted the clock piece Lucy holds that leads to them their answers that may lead to danger.


Thoughts on Story: This season did start off pretty strong because there were hardly any filler episodes before the S Rank arc started, as in the past season before the Eracion Seis arc, the first disc of Part 5 did have a lot of filler episodes, like five or six and then it goes into the arc, where Wendy and Carla appear, Blue Pegasus calls for them and so on while this season just went into it and was happy about it! I didn’t read the manga and knowing that the volumes go and start the arcs one after the other and do have filler chapters in between, this one had lesser filler episodes. Part 11 did have most of the filler because since the normal crew vanished for a few years, it kind of shows them getting back into the thick of things of being a guild once more and it does flow into the next filler, which if I remembered correctly it was called  “Key of the Starry Heavens” from what Tyler Walker said in the second commentary of Part 12, which I found out that this is an entire original arc. I know most people are wondering when will the Grand Magic Games will start in anime, I am guessing not til Season 4 which this arc would start wrapping up and I figure that Part 13 wraps it up. I think this should have had a manga arc as well because the story not only has the comedic stuff as always but takes a nice and darker turn and get to see some of the other members of Fairy Tail take a more prominent role as this arc keeps going, even Levy’s troop gets seen a lot more!


Best Episode: The best episode for me this season has to be a return from RaveMaster and that is the episode with the Jiggle Butt Gang. I know some of you guys may correct me in comments but if you seen the original episode from RaveMaster, they were the Jiggle Butt Gang and they will still be called that. Anyuway, this season did make the most hilarity with this appearance because back in RaveMaster they were hilarious and they became even more hilarious by this episode and how they corrupt Wendy a little. What makes it even better is that they return in the “Key of the Starry Heavens” arc and this time it involved Erza! OMG Erza! If you seen any episodes where Erza wears a costume she takes it seriously and rolls with it! Still, how Wendy got involved was still as equally funny. I wish they had Brittney Karbowski in the commentary with the guys who voiced them in this dub because they talked about a lot of funny things and would’ve seen how Brittney thought about the episode, especially when Wendy wore the suit!


Another episode I did like in this season would be where Lucy met Capricorn and how she had to fight him. I am so glad I still have my Capricorn key and do like the character for his spirit because of how the actor made him sound so proper and manly with all the extension of syllables when he has to do the goat speak. I would imagine how hard it might be but it did work! I did have to write in that way when I had to bring Capricorn into Fairy Tails and it wasn’t easy that way. Still, I did like the back story on how Capricorn used to be one of Lucy’s mom’s spirits and how he was possessed on top of that. I did like the fight between him and Leo, which made it even more fun to watch!


Favorite Character Moment: The fave Character Moment goes to Evergreen and Elfman fooling Mira Jane during the S Rank Test! I know another Exseed shown up but my little kitty spazz may have to wait because this was the funniest thing to happen! Not only it happened in the manga but in order for the both of them to pass her was by saying they were getting married! When Gondras mentioned that from the manga it made me laugh, but how they made it in the anime was doing a flashback scene and it caused Mira to have a bit of a head breaking moment! I can’t say if the relationship between Elfman and Evergreen continues but I know it may be brought up again later on.


Favorite Song: It was a hard one because this season featured some great music as openings and closings, even two songs were by the same band back to back. I was happy that Daisy X Daisy did return with another song since they are pretty much the biggest band among Fairy Tail since their music has appeared in all three seasons! I think they do appear in the next one along with Back On, which still makes me happy that they returned with a new song. But if I were to choose one, I may have to say it would go to the song “I Wish” because it is a song that takes on the old punk rock sound I loved. It kind of reminds me of a cross between A Brilliant Lie’s “Live While Sleeping” and “Cherry Bomb” but done with Japanese lyrics.


Rating: 5 Paw Prints out of 5! Why do I say this earns the highest? Because I said in the beginning that this season started off strong and did use the old fillers flow with story like back in Season 1. Yeah Season 2 did have an interesting filler to have Wendy to get used to the guild but that was kind of out of nowhere since it didn’t feel like it didn’t sync up as well as the fillers from this season because of how the time skip takes place for everyone. Plus, this season did feature a nice and original filler arc and it did flow nicely within some of the story bits and kind of filling in the blanks about some of the important characters that come into play and shows more of the roster from previous seasons! Overall, this has been a strong one and hoping Season 4 starts strong and completes the “Key of the Starry Heavens” arc because I can’t wait to see how the Grand Magic Games come into play and bring in more of the past guilds with a few new ones by what Gondras had told me when he read the manga.


Well, that is it! I know I did reveal a few spoilers but try having a fiancé that reads the manga, so didn’t hold any bars right there. So, Season 4 come to my paws, because you are next!


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, of course the plushie maker and in case you guys have missed my Omni Expo news….here’s some updates for you!


New Guest and One Cancelled! So yes, sorry to say that Ashley Birch has cancelled her appearance for this year’s con. But it doesn’t mean that a new guest won’t be coming and Omni Expo just announced it Thursday, or shall I say the days before and that is Bryce pappenbrook! Oh yes! Omni has completed the main three by getting the voice of Aaron Yagar to this year’s event. If anyone doesn’t know him from anywhere else, he is also Kirito in Sword Art Online.


More Pages Added! There have been more pages added to the site such as the Guidelines for the convention, FAQs because of so many questions, also contest deadlines fast approaching if they haven’t already expired, even rules on doing the mascot contest, I would say check them all out except for the panels one, apparently that ended without me knowing. We wanted to bring Blind Experience to Omni but we were to late. I know, that sucks! I may think of something else since we are waiting for press and hoping that goes up soon! There also have been more guests added along the way, more videos, damn Omni, how much more are you holding? This is going to be huge!


Well, that is it til next time!

Ipsy and BoxyCharm Time: January 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s that time again and that is time for another BoxyCharm and Ipsy post! So, the year has started for the two subscriptions I’ve been a part of lately and it seems that there are people complaining a lot about Ipsy this month and then this month’s Boxy has been meh and two items are out of place for me, let’s see what I mean!




Ipsy has started its year with the theme “Fresh Start” and decided to give Ipsters a new start to 2015 and the products reflect that idea. I noticed how people didn’t like it due to how flat the bags were but an FYI, the items are are sample sizes as usual and of course they were pretty good. I think as good as last January’s bag since I saw videos from that before I subscribed! Let’s see what I got in this pretty, blue and white bag that they nicely made!


Hikari Mechanical Eyeliner in Storm! The first product is an eyeliner by a brand that has been in Ipsy for the September bags and they are known as Hikari! Normally I don’t go for mechanical eyeliners but this is a very creamy liner since I tried it out on my hands for the feel. I think I like it better than the Rimmel and Milani mechanical liners I tried in the past, it reminds me of how smooth the Ulta one is. Plus, it didn’t break on me during the first try, I am glad to get this and it is the full size as well!


La Fresh Eco Beauty Be Good Day Moisturizer! That’s a mouthful and something that made me happy about this month’s bag and it is this Good Day moisturizer by La Fresh! At first I was a bit iffy when I saw my sneak peek and when I saw it can be used on sensitive skin, I was happily nyuing all over because there’s something I can use without irritating my skin. I know I could’ve used the expoliant a few months back but didn’t want to take that chance and this moisturizer, thus far btw, hasn’t irritated me at all! I am hoping more things come for my skin type this year!


Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm! This item is a repeat from last January’s bag and that is the Mojito Lip Balm! How do I know? Well, I decided to watch the videos from last January’s bag and it was given there, I don’t get why it’s back for this January but hey, at least it’s something new for my lips and very natural! The lip balm is minty and citrusy at the same time so I am guessing it’s supposed to be based on the drink, at least it feels good on the lips! It’s with my lippies along with my usual Lip Smackers!


Mana Kadar Sheer Glow! Another repeat item that I didn’t get before and that is the Sheer Glow highlighting lotion by Mana Kadar. I know it sounds weird that some products are repeated this month and don’t know why but at least it’s not as bad as Birchbox, at least I get to try out something people do like. I guess I will try this out since I liked the highlighter that came with my Beauty Treasures set from November when I did a Christmas look, so let’s see how it goes!


Pacifica Natural Coconut Mineral Eye Shadow in Treasure! Another thing that made me happy and glad to finally receive with everyone else on top of it and that is the Pacifica Coconut Eye shadow in the color Treasure! I never got any eye shadow in my bags since I did say on my quiz that I love wearing eye shadows and told Ipsy to send me them but never got one. I did swap my expoliant for the Esmeralda shadow by Micah and was happy about that. I don’t get why I didn’t get any, I understand my quiz is a guideline and I did retake it once, I am really happy I finally got this one. There were two colors and I got the golden one and it’s called Treasure. Apparently this is in an eye shadow pallet and have to get the entire pallet for it but at least I get to try it out before buying if I wanted to. Pacifica thus far has been great, especially with the Gunmetal eyeliner I received in Ipsy. Hoping I get more eye shadows!




Next is BoxyCharm! Even though last month’s box was great but this month’s box was meh! How so? Two of the products were out of place while the others were better and more fitting, I feel as though that the item choices would be better. This month’s theme was “Celebrate In Style,” which I feel the theme should be reserved for Fashion Week instead of January, but let’s see what I got!


Tart Marikuja Bronzing Syrum! The first item was the Tart Marikuja Bronzing Syrum which this is something that acts like a self-tanner and it bronzes your face and neck when you apply a few drops. This feels more like a summer item than a winter item in my opinion and should be saved for the summer months where tanning happens then rather now. I understand some people love to tan and self-tan but I don’t get the appeal and I don’t wear bronzers to contour so what’s the point. Yeah it’s a full size item and it costs $47 normally but I won’t be using this! I will be swapping it. I wish they saved for any of the summer boxes and just have a different item unless Tart wanted them to promote it if it’s new. Sorry but not my thing.


Perl Leise Tattoos!Okay, another item that feels out of place and they are these metallic tattoos by Pearl Leise I believe that is the brand name, but they are like those Hot Metals tattoos you see infomercials on lately since November and I feel as though these are more of Spring and Summer items because in the winter you rarely wear swimsuits and sundresses. I don’t get why these are in the box right now, feeling out of place! I may keep these for myself.


Mira Bella Primer! One of the items that feel more in place with January is the Mira Bella primer and it makes sense with the celebrating style rather than the last two products. If only they gave out two other things along with this that would match like the last months with the eye shadow and lashes. Anyways, this item is pretty good and it makes me happy that sensitive skin types can also use this on their face without irritation. I will use the entire tube once my Ulta primer runs out.


Beauty For Real Lip Gloss in Always There and Universal Lip Liner! The last two items are lip items by a company called Beauty For Real, which I never heard of. One great thing is about joining these things is trying out new companies and glad that I got these items! The lip liner is a standard pencil liner and it’s pretty nude. The tip did tickle my lips a little when I tried it out but it did go on smoothly  along with the lip gloss, which is a pink by what I heard and the gloss is also like the Whitening Lightning Glosses, as in it has the mirror and light to help you with application, which is kind of weird for me but the light is helpful in case I need to locate it.


That is both my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for this month. I liked Ipsy a lot while Boxy was meh as I said before because two of the items were out of place! It would’ve been better to match items and wait for the summer for the bronze syrum and tattoos than have them now because it is still cold after all and tanning doesn’t start til Spring Break, especially here in Florida! I also don’t get why people are complaining about the Ipsy bag being bad this month, which it wasn’t since I got good stuff to try out and this is what Ipsy and Boxy along with other subscriptions are made for, to try out samples of items that you may never heard of or by companies that you never heard of, higher end, and drugstore stuff you didn’t gravitate towards yet. I would say in case you guys want to join a service like Ipsy or Boxy, go in with an open mind and don’t expect too much because they are letting you try this stuff and you can just say you don’t like it on reviews. Hell, even Boxy lets you try out the things for a month before they open up the Shop for reviews, which I like that about BoxyCharm.


Anyways, what is next? I will be doing a post about a plushie maker to make it different here on Nerdy Shique Universe! So, til next time!

Video Game Review: Pokémon Black Version

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s the first day of 2015 and it’s time for a review and overdue for this!


What is it you may ask? Well….for the past three years I haven’t finished a Pokemon game and still have one in waiting to be played an that is Pokemon: Black Version! I know I know I know! Gotta understand that due to school and more Pokemon games like its sequel counterparts, Y, and Alpha Sapphire to name a few. Also getting Pokemon Conquest and getting new copies of Diamond and Platinum while borrowing Pearl from a friend on top of thatmade me lag in finishing!


Pokemon Black is pretty much the game right after Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum where the newer region, Unova, gets discovered and you get to see the last generation of Pokemon, Fifth Generation, to take place. I did enjoy some things and others I didn’t like and have problems with this gen and the game itself! Let’s see what I think!


The Pokemon! First off is the Pokemon! And good god the Pokemon! I understand with most regions that are new there comes new Pokemon to be added to the Pokedex and like with Hoen, Unova was where there was a restart of new Pokemon, as in no recent gens until you finish the game. Well, this one is just new Pokemon to start with and well it felt like the Pokemon in this region were really running out of ideas! How so? Well, even though Dunsparce was kind of the start of this and then Hoen reflected that in some points but this region was all over the spectrum! You have Pokemon that look human-like, inanimate objects, and food! Yes food! I am so glad with the sequels, Black and White 2, bring in the other regions’ Pokemon. Whenever I ran into some of them in this region I was like “WTF?” Especially with Vanillite, Vallish, and Vanillux! I did like LitWick, it’s second form, which I forgot its name, and Chadelor since they take on the idea of the Will-o-wisp myth from the Scottish as a Pokemon. But having food as Pokemon is something way beyond! It was even weird with Timber its evolutions since it evolved the lumberjack thing a bit too much! I am thinking Paul Bunyan whenever I saw it until I went up against one of the Elite Four where one of the members had this thing. Anyways, Japan was really running out of ideas on this region’s Pokemon. At least they made some that they never made before such as a zebra, a flying squirrel, well an actual flying squirrel, and more monkeys but for the stone evolved ones like Evees. The legendaries on the other hand though, they looked pretty badass! They were pretty much going back to the dragons thing like with the ones from Sinnoh, Polkia and Dialga, and can’t forget Giratina. What else I don’t like about this….well…


Leveling Up! Another new aspect that this game and its counterpart is a new leveling system that was tried and yet it was a pain to do and hard to level up and that is reaching a level cap in the wild! As in, you can hit a certain level in order to get EXP to get to levels until you get to a certain higher level than the area gives you in Pokemon training then the EXP gets lower. I had a hard time training for gym battles in certain areas because of this and even before the Elite Four was painful! I understand it was trying to be fair and creators wanted to make it more interesting but level grinding was hard and level grinding is important when it comes to RPGs and playing these games made it important, especially when I played Diamond at the Elite Four. At least this engine was taken out for Gen 6 since the EXP Share was improved and with the newer versions of Gen 3 on top of it. I am not sure what White 2 (Gondras and I preordered these games and I would play Black 1 and White 2 and vice versa with him) holds for the leveling system.


Gyms and Elite Four! Speaking of leveling being hard, did I mention the gyms? It felt with Unova and it being a new region, the game made it more challenging for the gyms. I noticed how the challenges to get to trainers and the gym leader was hard and at the same time more interesting than the previous gym leaders in Sinnoh. I remembered how in Kanto that Koga was the only one with a gym challenge with invisible walls and I guess it evolved from there. Even when I played Sapphire with the third gym that there was a maze added to it, which makes me wonder if they put that in Alpha Sapphire. Anyways, the challenges kind of made it fun and made you go to farther reaches of the buildings you never knew existed! For instance, Driftveil City Gym was an entire system of mine carts going up and down underneath the gym and Mistraltin made you shoot out of cannons to get to each trainer and the gym leader. I think these were more fun than sliding on ice in Snowpoint Gym.


With the Elite Four, it also got interesting, instead of just going up to rooms in one go, you go into four different rooms that show you what you might face! For instance, Chantal’s room shows that she is a ghost trainer by having whisps take you to her instead of walking. Never seen that before! Speaking of ghosts, I was happy that they re-introduced ghosts to the Elite Four since it’s been a while for a ghost trainer being among them. I remembered how Agatha was the ghost member among them in Kanto before Koga took her place to use his poison types in Johto since they share the same Elite! I did enjoy having the bugs during Sinnoh’s Elite but having the ghosts back was a nice call back to an old member.


Team Plasma! You can’t be a new region without your own syndicate in your plot! Team Plasma is pretty much the newer team in Unova and there idea was different from the past teams and it was to liberate Pokemon from humans. Doesn’t that sound a little familiar? They did show up a lot in this game unlike their predessors, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, and Rocket, which was spread out throughout different points of their games. It feels as though the creators wanted to make the syndicate seen more in this game and have more story with them and I did like it despite how there was a lot of it. Even though they were annoying, the role of Plasma was very good and it shown a nicer evolution to one of the characters and it happened to be N, who traveled across Unova to do their bidding and gets Counseled by the sages, yes this team has a group of elders known as the sages. I do like this idea since I never seen a team have elders and the story did develop whenever you run into them or N himself! It even gave the Elite Four ending a great end! As in, you never seen a team take over the Elite in the games until you play these two! I also can’t help mention that they do have a catchy battle song whenever you run into members.


Main Story: And finally, the last thing I have to mention is the main plot! If you watched the anime which I sometimes catch on my Pokemon TV app, it follows the idea that many years before two heroes saved the region from destruction by two Pokemon, Zekrom and Reshiram, by sealing two stones that have their essence as dark and light stones! You get one of these stones depending on what version you play and you must use that in order to take out N before he takes over Unova to make Plasma succeed!


I like this story more than the ones in the past despite Johto being my favorite of the regions since some of the mythology followed Asian style myths. This region, on the other hand, takes on the yin and yang idea of using light and dark to keep the destruction from happening. Avatar: The Last Airbender anyone? I am not sure how this will work in White 2 since that was the other game I haven’t really touched, which I had to start in order to make room for the GameStop downloads into it. Even though there was a lot of plot with Team Plasma with this, but it did have a decent plot leading to the main event at the end! I did like how in the beginning how you, Bianca, and Cheron are childhood friends and choose one Pokemon based on the other’s choices, for instance I had Snivy, Cheron having Tepig, and Bianca with Oshawott, and went the same with the monkeys who are the weakness to your starters like how I ended up with Panpor.


One part of the story, even though it was a side and special event, was going to Liberty Island to get Victini. If you guys who have played Black and White when it first came out and got this, the Freedom Pass, you get to go to Victory Island to go against Plasma as a side adventure in Castelia City and catch the legendary, Victini, early on in the game. Gondras and I did do this event and catch this Pokemon and kept him on our teams, especially mine since I got to the end in Black and he did come in handy when I had to go up against Bryson and some of the Elite Four guys. Like with level system, it was hard to level him up and getting new moves for him along with it. At least Zen Headbutt helped me against the main Plasma leader. Besides Reshirom and Lypard, Victini is my fave Pokemon from this region.


Final Thoughts! Pokemon Black Version was one of those games you have to have a lot of patience with, especially when it came to leveling. The plot was pretty good and you did get a lot of cut scenes in this game, which you rarely see in the past couple of games, but Gondras believed that these games should have been made with the X and Y design because with the 3DS specs it would look nice with each scene, especially with the final battle against N! I agree since X and Y and Alpha Sapphire now have the Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 style battles we all remembered and loved! Who knows, probably with later versions of the 3DS it may get that nice look to it and if it does, hoping the past region Pokemon are in this one because a lot of the designs looked ridiculous. This is why I wished they stuck with what happened in Silver, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and many others to keep past region Pokemon.


What About New Players? Like many players alike,Like most generations of Pokemon, there has to be new players rising up! I noticed how new kids are getting into Pokemon and decide to start with Black and White and if you know a kid who wants to start with Pokemon, I would say try hunting these games down because it gives a nice challenge once they get to the gyms. Also, try buying the guide on Amazon or EBay if you can because I didn’t get a chance to get it back when the games were new and I had to use the internet, which the one I used was misinformed at certain areas like Mistraltin having Aeriel Ace in the air field. If you can’t find the games, X and Y should be a good starter as well because it has Pokemon from the previous generations through six and gives you a variety in each route to catch and you can explain any of them to a kid who may have seen the show for Gen 5 and 6.


Rating: I give this game 3.5 paws out of 5!


Well, that’s it for this review! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Hoping more info on Omni Expo and other stuff to come!