Ipsy and BoxyCharm Time: January 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s that time again and that is time for another BoxyCharm and Ipsy post! So, the year has started for the two subscriptions I’ve been a part of lately and it seems that there are people complaining a lot about Ipsy this month and then this month’s Boxy has been meh and two items are out of place for me, let’s see what I mean!




Ipsy has started its year with the theme “Fresh Start” and decided to give Ipsters a new start to 2015 and the products reflect that idea. I noticed how people didn’t like it due to how flat the bags were but an FYI, the items are are sample sizes as usual and of course they were pretty good. I think as good as last January’s bag since I saw videos from that before I subscribed! Let’s see what I got in this pretty, blue and white bag that they nicely made!


Hikari Mechanical Eyeliner in Storm! The first product is an eyeliner by a brand that has been in Ipsy for the September bags and they are known as Hikari! Normally I don’t go for mechanical eyeliners but this is a very creamy liner since I tried it out on my hands for the feel. I think I like it better than the Rimmel and Milani mechanical liners I tried in the past, it reminds me of how smooth the Ulta one is. Plus, it didn’t break on me during the first try, I am glad to get this and it is the full size as well!


La Fresh Eco Beauty Be Good Day Moisturizer! That’s a mouthful and something that made me happy about this month’s bag and it is this Good Day moisturizer by La Fresh! At first I was a bit iffy when I saw my sneak peek and when I saw it can be used on sensitive skin, I was happily nyuing all over because there’s something I can use without irritating my skin. I know I could’ve used the expoliant a few months back but didn’t want to take that chance and this moisturizer, thus far btw, hasn’t irritated me at all! I am hoping more things come for my skin type this year!


Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm! This item is a repeat from last January’s bag and that is the Mojito Lip Balm! How do I know? Well, I decided to watch the videos from last January’s bag and it was given there, I don’t get why it’s back for this January but hey, at least it’s something new for my lips and very natural! The lip balm is minty and citrusy at the same time so I am guessing it’s supposed to be based on the drink, at least it feels good on the lips! It’s with my lippies along with my usual Lip Smackers!


Mana Kadar Sheer Glow! Another repeat item that I didn’t get before and that is the Sheer Glow highlighting lotion by Mana Kadar. I know it sounds weird that some products are repeated this month and don’t know why but at least it’s not as bad as Birchbox, at least I get to try out something people do like. I guess I will try this out since I liked the highlighter that came with my Beauty Treasures set from November when I did a Christmas look, so let’s see how it goes!


Pacifica Natural Coconut Mineral Eye Shadow in Treasure! Another thing that made me happy and glad to finally receive with everyone else on top of it and that is the Pacifica Coconut Eye shadow in the color Treasure! I never got any eye shadow in my bags since I did say on my quiz that I love wearing eye shadows and told Ipsy to send me them but never got one. I did swap my expoliant for the Esmeralda shadow by Micah and was happy about that. I don’t get why I didn’t get any, I understand my quiz is a guideline and I did retake it once, I am really happy I finally got this one. There were two colors and I got the golden one and it’s called Treasure. Apparently this is in an eye shadow pallet and have to get the entire pallet for it but at least I get to try it out before buying if I wanted to. Pacifica thus far has been great, especially with the Gunmetal eyeliner I received in Ipsy. Hoping I get more eye shadows!




Next is BoxyCharm! Even though last month’s box was great but this month’s box was meh! How so? Two of the products were out of place while the others were better and more fitting, I feel as though that the item choices would be better. This month’s theme was “Celebrate In Style,” which I feel the theme should be reserved for Fashion Week instead of January, but let’s see what I got!


Tart Marikuja Bronzing Syrum! The first item was the Tart Marikuja Bronzing Syrum which this is something that acts like a self-tanner and it bronzes your face and neck when you apply a few drops. This feels more like a summer item than a winter item in my opinion and should be saved for the summer months where tanning happens then rather now. I understand some people love to tan and self-tan but I don’t get the appeal and I don’t wear bronzers to contour so what’s the point. Yeah it’s a full size item and it costs $47 normally but I won’t be using this! I will be swapping it. I wish they saved for any of the summer boxes and just have a different item unless Tart wanted them to promote it if it’s new. Sorry but not my thing.


Perl Leise Tattoos!Okay, another item that feels out of place and they are these metallic tattoos by Pearl Leise I believe that is the brand name, but they are like those Hot Metals tattoos you see infomercials on lately since November and I feel as though these are more of Spring and Summer items because in the winter you rarely wear swimsuits and sundresses. I don’t get why these are in the box right now, feeling out of place! I may keep these for myself.


Mira Bella Primer! One of the items that feel more in place with January is the Mira Bella primer and it makes sense with the celebrating style rather than the last two products. If only they gave out two other things along with this that would match like the last months with the eye shadow and lashes. Anyways, this item is pretty good and it makes me happy that sensitive skin types can also use this on their face without irritation. I will use the entire tube once my Ulta primer runs out.


Beauty For Real Lip Gloss in Always There and Universal Lip Liner! The last two items are lip items by a company called Beauty For Real, which I never heard of. One great thing is about joining these things is trying out new companies and glad that I got these items! The lip liner is a standard pencil liner and it’s pretty nude. The tip did tickle my lips a little when I tried it out but it did go on smoothly  along with the lip gloss, which is a pink by what I heard and the gloss is also like the Whitening Lightning Glosses, as in it has the mirror and light to help you with application, which is kind of weird for me but the light is helpful in case I need to locate it.


That is both my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for this month. I liked Ipsy a lot while Boxy was meh as I said before because two of the items were out of place! It would’ve been better to match items and wait for the summer for the bronze syrum and tattoos than have them now because it is still cold after all and tanning doesn’t start til Spring Break, especially here in Florida! I also don’t get why people are complaining about the Ipsy bag being bad this month, which it wasn’t since I got good stuff to try out and this is what Ipsy and Boxy along with other subscriptions are made for, to try out samples of items that you may never heard of or by companies that you never heard of, higher end, and drugstore stuff you didn’t gravitate towards yet. I would say in case you guys want to join a service like Ipsy or Boxy, go in with an open mind and don’t expect too much because they are letting you try this stuff and you can just say you don’t like it on reviews. Hell, even Boxy lets you try out the things for a month before they open up the Shop for reviews, which I like that about BoxyCharm.


Anyways, what is next? I will be doing a post about a plushie maker to make it different here on Nerdy Shique Universe! So, til next time!

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