Ipsy and BoxyCharm Time: February 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what time it is! It’s Ipsy and BoxyCharm time! So, it’s February and it’s Valentine’s Day which these two subscriptions take on a bit of a Valentine’s Day make up tone. I am not sure how well BoxyCharm wows me this time around since last month’s box was a meh box due to the bronzing syrum and tattoos were out of place and the tattoos sucked since my skin went into allergic reaction mode at the wrist where I tried them out. I will be mentioning that during my Jan and Feb faves! Let’s see what I got in these this month shall we?




This month’s theme is Ipsy Love or Hash Tag Love and this is an appropriate theme and this month’s bag is in the same design as the October bag and it’s pink and grey. I do agree with some people that the December bag should’ve been the Valentine’s bag since it had the heart keychain and at the same time wished their was a heart patch or something on this bag. I do like how I can fit my professional make up items in it since I only hae the blush, the clear mascara and brow gel, eye shadow pallet from Almay, and lip gloss only that. Don’t want to carry all my make up stuff in one bag so just carry the tiny things in there to separate from the rest. Anyuway, I like the items I did get in this bag due to how it fit my quiz a lot and my reviews!


Luxie Angled Face Brush 504! First item was something out of the bag and that is the Luxie 504 face brush! I never heard of Luxie before until I saw my sneak peek of the bag and was surprised that I was getting another brush! I didn’t mark beauty tools but did say send me anything and was glad to check this out! This brush is super soft and it is very chiseled and it’s perfect as a blush brush! I want more of these! There was an Ipsy Me for a set of these brushes but didn’t go for it, I may get the set or brushes separately since I do have a lot of brushes from ELF and WalMart already. I will have to say thank you Ipsy for this brush!


Cargo Mini Lip Gloss in Angullar! The next item is something that a lot of Ipsters got from what I saw in videos and it is the Mini Lip Gloss by Cargo Cosmetics. I was curious about Cargo due to it being carried at Ulta but never got anything by them until I got it in Ipsy! I do know if you didn’t get this you get the Be a Bombshell lip stain and that’s full size and it was outside of your bag like the Luxie brush, at least I got this and the brush to try out! The color is a bubblegum pink and it’s called Angullar. I read that it is not supposed to be sticky but it kind of felt like it since I tried it out and to me it sticks very well to the lips and when after applying, you don’t feel the stickiness on the lips. I like the feeling that it is lightweight after applying and it does taste a bit like pink frosting! Way to go Ipsy! And also you can find this on the Ulta website if curious!


Joya Composition No. 1 Perfume Oil! I was also happy about this and it was another perfume sample! I got the Hello sample back in September and was glad to get this one this month and it’s the Composition No. 1 by Joya and man it is tiny! The Hello was bigger than this one but I can see why it’s so small for a roller sample! It is pretty strong as a scent and I am guessing it’s pretty concentrated so all you need is one stroke! Well, it takes two strokes with me but it does smell very good! I keep on thinking now, this would also a be good sample during the summer since it has a nice summery scent as you wear it and according to the page on Ipsy, it has very different notes and I can smell it as I wear it! I am not sure if I want the full size but if I were to get it in its full size version, I may have to carry this with me in my messenger bag along with Hello!


Model Co. Blush Powder in Peach Berlini! Next was an item that every Ipster did get and that is the Model Co. blush and it came in two colors and it depends on who gets what, which you either got Cosmopolitan, a pink blush, or Peach Berlini, a peachy coral blush and I got the Peach Berlini. I was happy to get this blush despite its color since I never got a blush in Ipsy until now and was glad to get it with everyone else and it’s in the full size compact and it reminds me of the packaging for the Sonya Cashuk blushes, which I have one since November. This one is going to be worn I know it and hoping to get more blushes in the future!


‘Tini Beauty Rob Sheppi for ‘Tini Beauty in Pearl Fizz! And finally, another eye shadow in this month’s bag and it’s by ‘Tini Beauty! I heard of this brand all thanks to Danielle LaPook since she traded in for items by these people but never gotten anything from them since I subscribed. This was a nice little surprise since I hardly get any shadows in my bags until last month when everyone got the Pacifica shadow and was glad to get this! Rob Sheppi is a make up artist for the stars and he made this shadow as a nice little beige shadow, which this can be a lid color or a highlight and man it feels very powdery! I can see why he used this on Kim Cardashian and how he would be famous! Everyone who got this shadow came in Pearl Fizz and I think it’s in a pallet, I will have to go and see about this! Menyou!


Well, that is it for Ipsy! Let’s see how well BoxyCharm faired this month!


BoxyCharm: With BoxyCharm, I did like it except for one item, which my skin is allergic to an ingredient!


Mistura Complexion Corrector! This is the item that I am kind of allergic to the SPF and also trying to trade! At first I thought it was a lipstick since it looked like one and then had my parents take a look and found out it was the complexion corrector that everyone got! What I don’t get is that I saw a video that had someone getting different items and in the Kiss and Tell section it had different items from the sneak peek and then saw the actual February box videos and very different and it did say on the Facebook that everyone was getting this. This item is pretty much set for all skin tones and has SPF and well can’t use it! I would be happy if it didn’t have the SPF ingredients since my skin went haywire with the Paula’s Choice moisturizer during Ipsy’s August bag and found out the hard way that I can’t use any cosmetics with it. So, anyone want this? I do like the Mistura brush I got during December but this is one thing I won’t use!


NCLA Nail Polish in Heart Attack!  ::sings:: But you make me want to act like a girl, paint my nails, wear high heels! Yes you make me so nervous that I can’t just hold your hand! Woops! Had “Heart Attack” by Demi LeVatto that it made sense for this nail polish and it’s by NCLA and it’s called Heart Attack! I love getting nail polishes and the last time I got one in a subscription was in my Ipsy October bag and it was the Nicole by OPI polish and this one is by a company I never heard of! Great thing about subscriptions is that you get items by companies you never heard of before and glad to say hello to this one and appropriately named with Valentine’s Day and it’s known as Heart Attack! It’s a red polish with hearts in it, even though it looks clear despite my braille label on it being a bit red I think. Still, a nice polish and may have to try it out! This was very appropriate for this month, Boxy why do this this month and not the last?


Mullen and Sparrow Clay Mask! So, what made me happy is another item for all skin types and it’s by Mullen and Sparrow and it’s a clay mask that helps with exploiating the skin! I tried it out once my box today, yeah it appeared today due to the three day weekend, and man my face felt clean! It is a powder that comes in a bottle and you add water and create a mask to rub against your face and wait for it to dry and wash off! Man my face felt clean afterwards even though I put a lot on my chin! Hey, since I’m getting a few blemishes, time to check it out. Not sure if I will get the actual size whenever it gets posted in the Kiss and Tell section for review! I did by the Eva NYC Hair Oil from December’s box!


Jing Ai (Sorry for misspelling it) Lip Crayon in Pink ABuu! Another company I never heard of and it’s called Jing Ai or Pure Love  as it’s translated and it’s been in every box this month! Appropriate Boxy, see the trend is working this month! Anyuway! In some boxes there were different colors like Raspberry Ice and I think a red somewhere and I did get this one, which is a pink called Pink ABuu! Like Peek A-Boo but Pink. It is in one of those chubby lip crayons that everyone raved so much last year and still popular today, so glad this came in this month’s box! I even like the company name, I believe it’s an Asian company by what the name is. Can’t wait to see what else will be brought to the box by these guys!


Modern Minerals Small Round Brush! Finally, a brush! Yay it’s the month of brushes! First the Luxie brush in Ipsy and now a brush by Modern Minderals! I never heard of this company until now and glad to get another brush and this is more of a crease brush which I tried it out in my crease area without shadow to get a feel of where it’s placed since I can’t use mirrors due to being blind, it tickles! The brushes are so soft that I need to make sure I don’t laugh while using this brush! I hope to get more brushes in the future because I am now on the hunt to try new brushes time to time! Way to go BoxyCharm!


That is it for this month’s Ipsy and BoxyCharm! Besides the Mistura item, I did like both boxes items! I love the bag for Ipsy and glad to use it to carry my make up for professional looks whenever I’m out doing job fairs or if I get that interview and finally working. Good to have that extra crease brush, the face chiseled brush which is great for blush! Then of course the Model Co. blush which is funny to see that BoxyCharm already gave that out and did put my two cents in for that despite being a previous month item, well from months before! I did like the lip items in both things, definitely liked using the clay mask since it is good for sensitive skin and that made me happy! What else….oh yes the eye shadow as well from Ipsy to try it out! Plus with BoxyCharm, I got items from other companies I never knew about and same with Ipsy with the brush! Again, one good thing about subscriptions is that you get items from companies you never heard about. So, hoping March will bring another good one! Hoping Boxy keeps it up even more since I hear from subscribers switch over to this one due to more of the full size higher end stuff, but to me I only had one dissatisfied box and that was last month’s box. Ipsy, I do love due to how it comes in a nice bag and get some brands I do like and others rarely heard of. Anyways, way to go on both sides! If you want to subscribe to both, you can go to www.ipsy.com for Ipsy and www.boxycharm.com for Boxy and you can find my referral codes in my December unboxing!


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? I will be holding off on the plushie maker since I am a bit of trying to get in contact with them and will be starting my convention spotlight on AFO in the next coming months since we concluded to do press this year! Waiting on press updates for now. If anyone has any ideas for any posts, like cosplay, anime wise, or even more beauty stuff, I’m all cat ears! And if anyone’s interested in swapping for the Mistura beauty, you can e-mail me at the e-mail address down below or at nerdyshiqueuniverse@gmail.com since we have a YouTube and that is connected to it and like everyone else, I’m on the go so I have a handy dandy IPad now for press related stuff! Anyuway, oh right, favorites will be up soon! Stay tuned!

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