Convention Spotlight: Anime Festival Orlando 2015!

Time for another Convention Spotlight! I was going to wait until later this month but the latest guest announcement got me to do it now!


The convention is Anime Festival Orlando and it will be at the Wyndham Resort August  14th through the 16th here in Orlando, FL! Oh yes, a few days after my birthday yet again! Gondras and I haven’t been back to this con since 2012 but this year it has us wanting to return due to the guests which I will be announcing now!


Guests for 2015


Dante Basco: You remembered that I interviewed Mr. Dante Basco for you all to read and can still read here on the Word Press blog from MetroCon last year! This year he will be in Orlando for AFO and you already remember his roles as Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Rufio in Hook! And of course, the very first role I heard him as and that was Jake Long in American Dragon Jake Long!


Eric Stuart: I know, “Wait! What!?” I know, I was surprised too! Another actor I have interviewed last year is coming to AFO and that is Eric Stuart! He is no stranger to our backyard and you can still find my post with the videos interviewing him here and also on YouTube! Plus, I did mention it as “Best Interview of 2014!” in my Bests and Worsts of 2014. For anyone new to his work, he is known as Brock and James from the original run of Pokemon, Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh, and the role that I really got into his work with even more, Gourry Gabriev in Slayers!


Veronica Taylor: She is also no stranger to Orlando since she hasn’t been back since 2006 at AFO during the high of FullMetal Alchemist started going off! Yes, I still remembered the extremely long line in front of her table for the FMA signing. Veronica Taylor is returning this year and happy about it! She was the original voice of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon and May in Pokemon Advanced. Can’t forget the great hero of justice, Amelia in Slayers! Will she be interviewed for Nerdy Shique Universe? Let’s see what happens!


Todd Habercorn: Oh yes! Just announced today, Todd Habercorn will be appearing at this year’s AFO and it makes me really happy! I can thank him for getting me into Fairy Tail as Lucy since he is the voice of Natsu Drakneil. And of course, Mr. OCD-to-Symmetry, Death the Kid in Soul Eater! And anyone fans of it, he is also in the newest Toonami anime that was added, Kill la Kill. Not sure if I want to get the Etalus Natsu and Regular Natsu side of one of my Fairy Tail volumes signed, still happy!


There will be some guest DJs to be added since of course they do have their rave. And of course…can’t forget…


Tales of Orlandia: Every year since 2007, AFO has their live action roleplay experience for convention goers to participate in by going around the convention to help complete the story and get missions from the stage players that are in the story as well. Gondras was one of the players during 2011’s story as a crazy Jester. and now it is back with a newer story and looks like this time they are going with the theme of the Tales of…. Game series, which has been a pretty popular series by what I seen lately.


What is the story? It is known as “Curse of the White Witch” and this is going to be interesting! I may have toparticipate this year when I get my paws on my press badge. If you’re interested in auditioning, check the Orlandia page on the Anime Festival Orlando website for full details and how to audition! They did hold some yesterday and more to come by the looks of it! Stay tuned!


Well, that was short! There will be more added to the page as time goes on and the convention gets closer and closer! You can register for passes for AFO 2015 by going to their page at and if you head to their Facebook page, you can sign up for the e-mail newsletter which is pretty handy dandy!


Well, what is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Will be doing a review on Soul Switch’s new song! Stay tuned! Signing off for now!

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