Music Review: Soul Switch “Hang On.”

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for a break from beauty and conventions because today is a music review for you guys and it is by my buddies in Soul Switch!


Behind the Band: Soul Switch is a local band from Orlando, FL and have been around for a while. I didn’t get into them until I saw them at the House of Blues during May 2010 when they were doing a show with Traverser, Five Billion Dead, and the former Rise of Defiance. These guys have a sound similar to Chavelle and I can kind of see why. All thanks to their music, I started getting into Chavelle a bit more. They will be performing with Traverser and Leaving Haven on April 4th at the House of Blues and will be having a new album out. Which brings the next part!


The Song and Video: Today was the launch of the newest video of their newest song, “Hang On” from their newest album. Yeah, a lot of new in this sentence. And forgot to mention, my opinions are opinions on here.


First of all, before I get into the review, need to say I am basing this off the song because of my eye sight being bad as it is, I can’t see the video but will be putting it in here for you all to see it! I even tried doing the video description option on my IPad but nothing happened. Don’t know why but Apple needs to fix it but hey you’re still getting a song review.


Anyuway, the song shows how much the guys have worked on it and how much they matured since their “As It Seems” album from 2012. I also noticed that in the song how much Tom Huestus, the lead singer’s voice has changed over time and it made him sound like the lead singer of Chavelle more. I even kind of noticed the change when Gondras and I saw them at Firestone back in December. It shows how the boys are growing up and I’m so proud! Don’t worry I will be getting their new album when it’s released because I want to hear more of their change and how much they worked on this CD, which I think it was last year they announced they were doing it. Man time flies!


Rating: I’m not giving this thing a rating because the song is way too badass to be rated just by me, especially seeing how people loved it through their music video release event on Facebook, so guess what I’m giving it…




Why? It’s because not only they are returning to the music scene, especially in Orlando, with a new song and video but with a new sound and showing more of what Soul Switch has to offer with this new album coming out and it’s known as “Regenerate.” Perfect name for it! Way to go guys!


That is my review! Check out the video in the post and enjoy! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe!? Will be doing a spotlight on a local concert event, Earth Day Birthday and will be starting on my TransMedia Retrospective with Slayers since that would be easy for this month! Til next month and also subscribe to Soul Switch’s YouTube when you get a chance and check their Facebook out at and tell them I sent you with a “Hi!”

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