Bones vs. Apples: The Blushing Debate!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! ::le sigh!:: Okay, time for a debate and it deals with something I have been getting into a lot lately and that is blush! I know I used to not wear it because I have a nice peach glow when I do it naturally according to Gondras, his charm makes me blush a lot along with kitties, besides the point, and all thanks to the Coastal Sense Forever Blush sample from August’s bag (which I still have and didn’t use for a while, which I should get back into) I started loving it! I started getting them in Ulta bags, you know those kind they do at certain points of the year that show new products and do them for free and then you can buy them, Hard Candy ones, Milani ones, and even two from MAC. Before I started wearing them, I did look into how to apply them. There were YouTubers that say put it in the apples of the cheeks while others say cheek bones and I did go with one and I do want to put this debate in perspective since I did watch a make up artist that say the cheek thing and the YouTube tutorials mention apples and a few other articles as well, but what is the true way of doing it? Let’s find out!


The Techniques: The two techniques are pretty much you apply blush on the cheek bones and blend it in and then put the highlighter right tat the top and blend them together. Of course there may be contouring that would blend the three in but with just the blush, the first technique is a line on the cheek bone and then blend it in from there. While the usual technique with YouTube tutorials  and some articles is to smile and place the blush right on the apples and blend from there, which some tutorials use the bronzers on the cheek bone and highlight from there.


What Side Do I Take? The Cheek Bones! Reason being is that it is easy for me to do it even though it seems like everywhere says apples but with basic human anatomy, we don’t blush on the apples we blush on the cheek bones and that is why I do the cheek bone thing. If you guys seen the earlier animes like Sailor Moon, InuYasha, even Haruhi in Ouran High School Host Club also blushes a lot and where is that blush? Along the cheek bones not the apples. Even if I were to do a video version, I would hold up one of my Happy plushies because he has little blush spots at the cheek bones.


Reason Why This Technique? As said with basic human anatomy, we do blush at the cheek bones and well…knowing that a lot of us try use anti-aging products to prevent it…when we get older the areas where we smile and frown wwrinkle and crease and plus once blush gets applied when smiling for the apples, it drops to the mouth area and of course when we get older, that is where it tends to droop even more. I will put the video I first seen that talks about it in better detail because I can see where the cheek bones thing works better and I do use it. I know certain face types have to use more of the apple area on top of it and others think it’s more natural in that area but the bone area would make more sense and it is easier to blend and get it more evenly.


How Do I Do It as a Blind Person? Well, I can’t see in a mirror as you all know due to the blindness thing and I did have instances where I kind of done it too low or too much, especially with my LA Color blush in Warm Berry without knowing, which of course a lot of blushes are very pigmented and need to be careful with that, I do use a blush brush lightly as possible and tap it once and then kind of blended two techniques that two friends I met back in Daytona told me and well, one was from a former make up artist and she does the cheek bone thing too and taught me to do it in a small circle application while my other friend who started getting into make up tends to pinch the head of the brush at where the barrel is and then brushed upward to make it more blended. With the blending of these two techniques, I use the handle and tap lightly and open my mouth to reveal the cheek bones and swipe in a diagonal and then use a brush I don’t use and blend it with the circular motion technique and then use powder on top for the extra blended effect. Then if I wanted to, take highlighter to where I put the blush  before the powder and blend it on the ridge of the bone to give a tiny glow for subtle effect.


My Verdict: I am still on the Cheek Bone side because of how the human body works, especially when we get a bit older over time. Even though a lot of people say do what you’re comfortable or there is no wrong way of putting blush but with the video here may surprise you. I was even surprised while reading the different techniques in one article that there are different face types that do have the blush along the border of the apple and cheek bone but I would say be careful with that after reading it and seeing this video since it would drop and may look a little clown-like and don’t want that to happen. If you guys still like the apples of the cheeks, go ahead if you’re still comfortable.


Well, that is it for my answer for this debate along with the video. What is next? Will try to write about a big concert event known as Earth Day Birthday and will be having an interview with Soul Switch on the YouTube side. Til next time!

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  1. Grateful Geek

     /  March 27, 2015

    I’m not sold on using blush. Just never got the appeal of wearing it ::shrugs:: Some people love it!


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