Concert Spotlight: Earth Day Birthday 22!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’ve done cosplay, beauty, conventions, and now it’s time to branch into a new universe and that is Music! This blog is meant for all types of nerds, from beauty, to movies, and now even music because I am here to bring you a Concert Spotlight! Oh yeah, I’m expanding to this and now crossing my fingers on getting  media passes for it and that is a big event here in Orlando and that is called Earth Day Birthday!


The Event: Earth Day Birthday is a one day concert event, like Warped Tour, that brings awesome bands together for more than one stage! This event is held by 101.1 WJRR, which is a rock station that brings alternative, hard rock, and metal and even gives local bands a play on their airwaves! This year it’s going to be huge, especially venue and bands!


Location: Like last year, this event will be at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on West Colonial in Orlando! Ohhh yeahhh heading west for it and I remembered how big this place was. This will not only have bands on stage but also a carnival, an art show, and so much more.


Bands: Can’t forget the bands! This year’s line up include:


Five Fingered Death Punch: You know these guys with hits such as “Right Side of Heaven,” “Battleborn,” and many others, they will be headliners at this year’s event!


Flyleaf:  You knew them for their hit song “Makes Me Sick,” especially on the never ending Rock Band games (which 4 will be out  made) and “Cassie,” they are back  and with a new singer by what I read or what Siri read on my phone while getting their EP. Welcome back guys!


Rise Against:  ::squees:: Sorry! As you know, I nominated their Black Market album as one of the “Best Albums of 2014” on here and now they will be at this year’s event!


Other Bands: Hell Yeah, Bush, All That Remains, and sooo much more!


Date: If anyone interested, it takes place on April 25th and you can find ticket info at and you can also get more info on their Earth Day Birthday page by typing it as a keyword. That is also where you find more bands and so on!


Well, that is it for this quick spotlight! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe!? A new video interview for the YouTube side and it is with the guys of Soul Switch, which I’m glad to have the opportunity to get them in the interview chair or standing room, before the show on Saturday at the House of Blues! I will be interviewing them about their new album, Regenerate, being released that night and what is up in the future for 2015! Stay tuned for that!

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