April and March Faves 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s that time again and it’s time for my bi-monthly faves for March and April! I do have a dislike this month, so let’s get to it!

Not-So Fave: Mira Bella Face Primer! Yes, I have to include this as a not-so-fave. I got a full-size tube of this in my BoxyCharm box during January and was happy that all skin types can use this but I didn’t like it while using it. I kind of felt like it doesn’t cover as well as it says and when I put on my Almay Clear Complexion Foundation it doesn’t go on smoothly as it usually does with the Ulta Matte Prime. I did go back to the Ulta primer, which I am now switching to the NYX primer to try it out, once I ran out. This primer was not a fave and so glad I only tried it once and won’t be buying it!

No onto my faves!

NYX Dream Catcher Pallet in Stormy Eyes! Returning to the faves space is an oldie but a loved item and that is my NYX Dream Catcher pallet in Stormy Eyes! I haven’t used this pallet in so long and was glad to use it again when I went to the House of Blues last month and visited friends on Easter. I love how pigmented it is and how easy it is to apply! I even put a dent one shadow by the looks of it, which is surprising due to not using it in so long!

NYX Blue Mascara! Another NYX fave and it’s a mascara and it’s from their new color line! I never tried NYX’s mascaras and wanted to try it out after hearing that they started carrying colored ones and was glad that Ulta had them and got the blue one to see how it’s like. It’s amazing! I tend to use this with a blue shadow look to enhance my green parts of my eyes a bit and make the cobalt look bolder! I was trying to see if they had a purple, but haven’t seen it that day, have to check another time when I’m in Ulta!

NYX Illuminator in Gleam! As you know I have been getting into using highlighters ever since I got the Mana Kadar highlighter in my Ipsy bag back in January if I remembered correctly! I tried finding more of the powder ones and did try out a cream one by NYX and that is in the color Gleam. I like how it blends pretty easily and does get a bit messy when a lot comes out, which I need to be careful about that. As said, it blends easily into the blush I wear, which I use the tiny brushes from the Baked Blushes that Milani makes to do the blending a lot more easily nowadays. I even worn it on top of my Ulta cream blush in Pink Glow during Earth Day Birthday last Saturday because of the heat and did watch Flur De Force’s Cochella look video. I hope it stayed on despite how hot it was but it was on pretty well when I blended. I almost got Sunbeam but according to the Target worker it was way too light especially for my complexion and almost suggested it due to Gleam being a darker pink and it was hard for her to suggest but then said Gleam would work best. I do have the powder highlight in the Mosaic color but only worn it once, so will see how that one goes!

Maybelline Rocket Mascara! I have finally jumped on the mascara band wagon with this one since I heard so many good things about this one and that is Maybelline’s Rocket Mascara! I heard so many good reviews and then seen so many people use it in make up tutorials, I decided to get it while it was still on shelves since at Ultas I go to tend to sell out like no other! Even at the WalMarts I go to or CVSs do sell out a lot of items! I love how this mascara curls and gives me a natural curl rather than make it look like I have fake lashes when I don’t, as you know that I don’t wear fake lashes at all! All natural baby! And the brush, holy crap it’s huge and sometimes hard to get out! I have to be careful not to miss my lashes by mistake, it tends to happen, I have to guide the wand to my lashes since I can’t see myself in the mirror. It’s a good product, even like how it looks like a rocketship.

Rimmel Rockin’ Curves Mascara! Continuing with the mascara love, another one to add and that is Rimmel’s Rockin’ Curves Mascara! I was getting a little mascara crazy that day and picked this one up when I was also looking for it at CVS! Rimmel has really good mascaras since I have their Glam Rock one but this one has a different brush and it’s their new Broken Heart brush which the brush is pretty small and easier to control. I also used this for my make up look on EDBD day to give the rocker look.

Cover Girl Invisible Lift Concealer! I got into using concealer for my under eye area and the one I use is by Cover Girl and that is their Invisible Lift Concealer! I rarely use face make up by other brands since I did have that fail with Physician’s Formula, as in so many people loved it and tried it when Almay wasn’t working out for a bit and didn’t like how it felt and made my skin itch and took it back. I got into the under eye thing due to that former make up artist during Daytona stay and we went around WalMart to look for an under eye concealer and Almay’s Under Eye wasn’t tone matching at all. I know they usually match me but their’s wasn’t with what they had left, at the location in Daytona they tend to sell out and not stock as fast as the location I tend to go to here at home. So, we checked Maybelline, Revlon, and then came across Cover Girl and found my tone! I believe I’m 125 in the shade range since I had to get another last Friday since I feel it was running out. So glad I got turned onto this since this blends into my foundation and powder very well!

MAC Cosmetics Honey Honey Lip Glass! I have been getting into MAC more and more every time I get a product. I stopped by one of the store locations in Orlando after an interview and heard about this one I think from Pebbles Flinstone and how she liked the Shimmery Lip Glasses, she did warn that they were sticky and they are since I wore this one on the way home and it’s Honey Honey, which is a natural pop of pink! I love the feel and how it stays well. It also glides on pretty well with the stickiness and stays put! I also love the smell, it has that vanilla smell like the lipsticks! I found it cheaper than the newer Urban Decay lip gloss, which that same day was an Ipsy Me offer for a newer Urban Decay lip gloss that was being released that week and it wasn’t discounted, it would’ve been $22 and it was a nice item but not full price. I was glad to find this one that same day since it was cheaper and it felt more like a dupe to me. I tend not to get Urban Decay full price and to me it wasn’t a real deal for it that day. Sorry UD, I will wait for another pallet to be discounted or getting another Naked Basics pallet.

Cool Way Glow Oil! Another hair product to add and it’s the Cool Way Glow Oil. I got this in my Ipsy bag in March and OMG! This is awesome! I am so glad that I get hair products in these subscriptions and Cool Way is a brand they give out. This is pretty much a hair softener and I tend to use this on my wet hair at some times and others dry hair after using dry shampoo so my hair doesn’t feel weird when I spray it with hairspray! Speaking of which!

Marc Anbtony Morraccan Infused Hair Spray!If you remember, I got a smaple of this hair spray last October in Ipsy and it is the Marc Anthonay Morrocan Hair Spray and it lasted me forever! I should’ve mentioned in my rant that a lot of the samples from Ipsy tend to last you a long time and this did that exact thing! Lasted me from October to late February and of course got a full size! Funny thing is when I took the sample to look for it the girl told me they didn’t have travel sizes and I told her that is what I need despite having a sample. This is an amazing thing to use! It kind of does make your hair a bit crunchy depending where you spray, I would be careful a little but it is awesome! It costs $9 at Ulta but worth it if you have that special $3.50 off coupon. I tend to use this after applying my pomade so I would get that professional hair look for interviews!

Previse Face Tonic! Had to mention this and it’s the Previse Face Tonic from March’s BoxyCharm! I love this but I don’t think I would buy this product because I already use skin care items for my skin type that is cheaper and as effective in my opinion. It does what it says but spending the $48 for this is not my cup of tea. Plus, the five drops thing is also excessive since I can get pretty good coverage around three drops sometimes since now it feels like I am at the end of this bottle. Good product but not running out to go get it.

Mullein and Sparrow Clay Mask! I don’t think I mentioned it on a favorites but had to mention the Mullein and Sparrow mask from the Febrary BoxyCharm. I know it sounds weird to mention that but I did start using this during February and it lasted me this long, hoping I can still trade my charms for it because I want another! I know Ipsy did a deal for three items which was this mask, the steam, and moisturizer but I only want the mask and don’t want to pay for the deal and then just wanted the mask, I rather get it on my own. This is so refreshing and when you wash it off, you feel clean! I am so glad this can be used on my skin type because I used the Lush masks before and my skin didn’t feel right at first since I was getting into skin care, but may go back since I am at the point of trading five containers in for a free mask. This little mask, really good and don’t have to refrigerate either. I would say try it out if you haven’t!

Soul Switch’s New Album, Regenerate! I know I keep talking about them but they are friends and gotta give them props, that is Soul Switch their newest EP! I did say this is a Best EP of 2015 so early in the year! I can’t say more!

7th Sigma and Wildside by Steven Gould! Have two fave books and well one is a rediscovered love and the other a new one and it’s by a sci-fi writer named Steven Gould. I got into him when I was in high school when I stumbled upon his book Wildside and checked it out. This is a rediscovered love because right now I am in the Spring into Braille Reading Contest at Hadley School for the Blind, which is the school I learned braille through and they always do this contest from April 1st through May 31st and I have been reading this one again since it was printed in braille, which makes me happy! His books are printed in it, which I may have to go for the others since I read his newest one, 7th Sigma. I love Wildside over 7th Sigma because it focused more on the main part of the story which a group of friends go to a universe that is parallel but set in prehistoric age versus the future and they start selling an extinct species and then explore the universe until the government comes and tries to take it. I am almost done, I am at the falling action of the story. While 7th Sigma…it’s hard to say, it is pretty much dealing with a kid and an old woman that meet in a Native American territory and live to start a dojo in another one but on the way to their destination they see these bugs that eat metal and later on more weird things pop up like a weird species of dogs and then these oily figures that kind of don’t react like regular animals, which at first the main character sees a bull, then a deer, then a reflection of his mule and then a human one, nothing gets explained until the final pages, which I wished it would have focused more on those because of how Wildside did more on the main plot, I felt it was mostly focusing on the main character and his adventures and then later you see the bugs again and the strange phenomenons and don’t get explained. I did see on Wikipedia that this book did have a prequel, not sure if I can get a braille copy but I did find out that Gould’s book, Jumper was based with a movie as in you know the movie, Jumper? Well, it was based on this book that is titled the same except I read that it only followed the book in the beginning and went in a different direction with another character, which Gould did write a book for that character. I may have to read the jumper series, yes there were sequels, but there are other books he wrote that did catch my attention! If you haven’t read Gould’s works, I would recommend, especially to a sci-fi fan!

Well, that is it for these favorites! I will try to get around to the Transmedia Retrospective on Pokemon since I’ve been really busy! So, stay tuned!

Earth Day Birthday 22 Review

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Holy crap! What a Saturday! Yes, Earth Day Birthday passed and all I have to say is that me and Gondras can finally say that we finally went to one and that happened to be this year’s event! For years I wanted to go to this and so did he and we finally did with this year’s line up. Even though we didn’t get the media passes we did get the tickets with our money and it was worth the $65 for each and WJRR knows how to put on a great event and that is why I am also revewing it, which I disclaim with this, whatever I say in this review is based on opinions please and thank you!

We didn’t stay for the entire line up since we were about to collapse towards the end but at least we got to stick out to as long as we did. The event started at 11:25 with a special rocking version of the “Star Spangled Banner” and it led into the first act of the day, which was of course the major reason why we were brought to the event in the first place, Soul Switch! They did a pretty good set despite the microphone that was handed to Tom was bad but he did get one that worked and they did their old set with music from “As It Seems.” I wished they did some stuff from “Regenerate” but seeing the time limit they were given, especially being on the Bud Light main stage, they had to stick with the old set. At least we can see them again at House of Blues and the Haven. I did forget to mention that not only the Bud Light stage was there, there were two other stages and they were the Full Sail stage which featured acts like Trapt, Saving Abel, and many others, there was also the Acoustic stage where some bands did acoustic performances and Flyleaf was one of them. Now onto who we did catch and what I thought:

Soul Switch: Since I did mention them up first, they were an awesome choice to be on the main stage for this year from Orlando. They did their old set which is still awesome no matter what, I wouldn’t have minded to hear “Hang On” but them doing “Change,” “Saving Me,” and of course both of their non EP tracks, “Over Again” and “Walk Alone,” they did an awesome job!

Flyleaf: We managed to catch them on the main stage and didn’t catch them on the acoustic one, but they still soung good as the same if we were to see the acoustic set. I have to say, I do like the new lead singer, which I read in the liner notes for their latest album that their old one left and was replaced. I liked how she did the old stuff like “Red Sam” and my all time fave, “All Around Me,” she did pretty much brought a better sound to them and of course revitalized the band’s sound with their newer stuff, including “Set Me on Fire.” I guess I have to pick up one of their newer albums.

Saving Abel: I got into these guys back during ORock was still around and no matter how much they changed they still sound as they did back around 2008/2009ish! They sound even more amazing live if you get to see these guys!

Buck Cherry: We kind of heard them from where we stood in front of the Full Sail stage, which of course Full Sail University was a sponsor, waiting for Trapt, we couldn’t help but overhear these guys. I did have a headbreaking moment when I didn’t know. If you guys know that song called “I Don’t Care” by that girl duo? Apparently they covered that song and I was like, “They Sing What Now!?” I heard it on WJRR and didn’t put my paws on the band until I found it was Buck Cherry! And of course, if wondering, they did close their set with “Crazy Bitch.”

Trapt: I only really heard of these guys with one song and that was “Headstrong” and was glad to see these guys live. We didn’t know they were that good of a band until we heard some of their other songs performed and including a new one, “Passenger.” I think I may have to pick up an album.

All That Remains: Gondras thought I was drawn to these guys all because they came from my place of birth and that’s Massachusetts, which in all honesty I didn’t know they were from there until they said it! Yes, I came from Boston, random fact is that Boston Cream Pie is my fave dessert and did have the Coldstone Creation on one of my birthdays with the Buy One Get One Free coupon. Back to my review, I do like these guys, they do have the metal sound they proclaim but to me it’s more of alternative in my kitty ears, especially with the song “If I was Nothing,” which I do like the most by them. The rest of the set was good overall and wish they come around more. They did say they have performed at Earth Day Birthdays in the past and that was at the time I didn’t get into them due to how O-Rock didn’t play them as much and after switching to WJRR when O-Rock closed down, glad I really got into them.

Sevendust:  As you know, I announced on here that Bush cancelled due to reasons and Sevendust replaced them and we heard the real story behind it on their end. Sevendust hasn’t been around lately due to being in the studio recording a new album and when they got the call at the studio, they said yes! You know I can’t wait for that album to drop! I will even check my Rewards Zone for gift certificates to pick it up! My thoughts on the set is that this was a better set than the Carnival of Madness one back in 2010. Back then they performed songs I didn’t recognize until the final song they did the final song on the Seasons album “Face to Face,” which was kind of disappointing  since they had awesome songs from many other albums that could’ve been performed. What about now? They performed songs I knew and love! One of them happened to be the very first song I heard by them and got me into them and that was “Denial” and that made me a very happy kitty despite the drink I had earlier that day. They did end their set with “Enemy” which made it better and they did “Face to Face” as well which I did sing along.

Slash and the Conspirators: Oh yes, a little old school and that is Slash from Guns and Roses with his own band and man it was a great set! He did the classic Guns and Roses stuff from when he was in the band and one of them was “Sweet Child of Mine.” Gondras went on a ride, which that was a part of admission to this thing that you get to ride carnival rides and he got everyone singing along and while me, since I wasn’t with him, almost cried since he sang that song to me one time. ::insert “Awwwwww” here:: The set did end with “Paradise City” which we did sing along with.

Rise Against: The band that we left after and waited for the most all day. We did weant to stay for Five Finger Death Punch but we had to listen to our bodies. At least we got to stay for our all time fave punk band from Chicago! They did start their set with “Don’t Want to Be Hear Anymore” except they changed it to “Don’t Want to Leave Here Anymore” which I can see why they did that because of how much Orlando loved these guys! I didn’t even know their first start was here in Orlando at the Social! I did remember hearing of them when they had their song “Like the Angel” on a CD sampler with my copy of “Sticks and Stones” by New Found Glory back in around 2002. How did the guys do? Amazing as they did back at UCF! They did do songs from their many other best hits like “Savior,” “Ready to Fall,” and one that we didn’t expect and Gondras was surprised and that was the first track off the “Sufferer and the Witness,” “Chanber the Cartridge” and it sounded really good live. All in all, it was a really good set for doing it for almost an hour!

Is It Worth It? Now the question is that is EDBD worth the time and money to go to? The Answer is yes! After going to my first one, it is a definite yes despite seeing the stoners and drunks but still worth paying the $65, especially going to one with a lot of your fave bands! Hell, wasn’t expecting Sevendust replace Bush since they are Florida boys themselves. You also get to ride carnival rides while waiting for your fave band or during sets! You rarely get that at Warped Tour! I think the only thing that kept us busy during that was Guitar Hero in some of the tents. Still, this is worth it and even more worth Red Hot and Boom over at Cranes Roost since that event has been focused on pop acts that don’t really interest me even though I kind of edged back to it. This was better and glad to see Sevendust and Rise Against for a second time and seeing Soul Switch being a main stage act! I am proud of you guys. Will we go next year? Not sure since we did almost got de-hydrated and did get sunburned, which I have a big bottle of Aloe Vera on standby. Still, it was worth it!

What is next? Well, my faves for March and April 2015!

BoxyCharm and Ipsy: April 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! What time is it!? It’s Subscription Time! I finally received BoxyCharm in the mail today and already got Ipsy, so let’s get into it!


Ipsy: Well, my Ipsy arrived last Friday and it came early! It was supposed to arrive last Saturday but I’m happy that it came a day early. I didn’t want to try the products but used some with my make up today since one product apparently had a bit of a bad batch. Let’s see what I got!


The theme is Beautifully Bohemian and the bag is very nice and fitting! It looks like it was made out of a wicker material and then the cloth inside and it fits with the theme! The theme fits for this time of year as well since we’re tanning and our make up looks are changing to more of a summery look, why not start it off with a Bohemian look!?


Hikari Blush in Tango! First item in my bag is a blush by Hikari cosmetics! I tried this company before and this is my third item by them, I traded for the Caboret lipstick and got the retractable eyeliner by them and now the blush! I was really interested in this when I found out that this was coming in my bag. It’s a full size product and very easy to apply since it went on smoothly. It is also easy to blend even with a highlight on top, which I used my new NYX Mosaic highlighter on top. Way to go Ipsy with this! I hope to get more Hikari items in future bags since this is becoming a fave make up brand.


Lather Ultra Soft Face Lotion! Another sensitive skin friendly product and that is a moisturizer made by a company called Lather. I did mention in all my posts and in my Subscription Rant, I like to see items from products I never heard of and that includes for sensitive skin owners like me. With the grapeseed oils it contains, this is supposed to be gentle on my skin and glad to check it out after I finish a container of Celestial, as a break in between containers since I got a new container of it in the mail this week.


The Balm Nude Dude Eye Shadow Single in Flirt! Next item is something that everyone got and it’s by the Balm Cosmetics and that is the Nude Dude Eye Shadow Single! You already can guess by the name that it is a nude eye shadow and I’m okay with it! There were two colors that people get and that is either Flort or Fit and I got Flirt, which is a golden color. I tried it on today to get a feel for it since I heard good things about the Balm before through YouTubers who shop at Sephora a lot. I like how it went on over shadow primer pretty easily, but one thing was kind of hard was the size it came as, which is a tiny book with a tiny square and it was hard to fit my entire brush in. I was able to get it on pretty well and blend it easily. Not bad for a new item and glad to get this color.


Micah Beauty Eye Shadow Primer! I got a beauty staple this month instead of a scent and found it okay! I do love perfume but getting this was a greater bonus and that is the eye shadow primer by Micah Beauty. I did trade for an eye shadow and happy to try this out. Primers are a big must have especially when the weather gets hotter in certain areas and this is a nice staple to put in, which I wish more like these would appear. I did try this out with the Nude Dude Shadow and it was hard to apply because the pot was hard for me to dip my finger in. I had easier times with my City Color Cosmetics primer because the pot is not so deep but this sample is pretty deep. I think I may have to use a brush with this primer when I get to it. Also, if anyone has gotten this and got an e-mail, apparently some Ipstrs saw this product getting a weird greenish black tinge to it and asked Ipsy about it. The thing is it’s due to how the bubbles pop up after it cooled and of course it does get inspected very well according to Micah. I didn’t have this problem since I had my mom check it to see if it did, mine is fine!


Mullein and Sparrow Lip and Cheek Tint Mini! I am happy and sort of sad about this since Ipsy this month gave out a Too Faced Melted Lipstick in some bags, I was like I”What the heck?” At the same time when I saw my sneak peek I was happy that I was getting this afterwards since I did try a product by Mullein and Sparrow and that was their clay mask from February’s Boxy. I got the mini lip tint this time and it is pretty good size than a small one. To me it reminds me of the size of the Lush lip tints and the same packaging and it smells like Double Choc in my opinion with a hint of orange. I will have to use this at some point in time. I will get another clay mask, I know they have an Ipsy Me with three products, as in the mask, the steam, and moisturizer but I want the mask since I prefer that the most.


BoxyCharm: This month’s BoxyCharm had awesome stuff! They only revealed two items and then we get surprised later. I did trade in some Charms, which we should start with that.


Trina Tarantino Eyeliner in Black! I heard Trina Tarantino being given in this subscription before and was glad that this was a price for charms. I was going to save my charms for other things but then was a curious little kitty and decided to go for this. I have a lot of black liners but this is one thing I decided to trade it in for this. The lead does feel soft and can’t wait to try it out on my eyes.


Coastal Sense Revealed 2 Pallet! For the first part of the Boxy Bloom box, which is the theme, it’s something that they decided to give in for this month’s box! Back in December they gave out the Coastal Sense Revealed pallet and of course it was a nice pallet to get. This month they give out the second one! Like the first one being comparable to the Urban Decay Naked 1 pallet, this one is more of a mix between the Naked 2 and 3 which features more cooler tones and has rosy colors. I liked the first and after hearing about how well this one is to the first, I will like this one too. I have a feeling the third one will be given out later on this year since it is the newest one and it is more a multi-colored one. Let’s see what happens!



Ofra Illuminating Blush Stripes! Another Ofra item for this month and was revealed in sneak peeks and that is by Ofra. There were some Charmers who would be getting what I got and that is the Illuminating Blush Stripes and other people got the highlighting powder. I didn’t care what I got since I am getting into highlighting powders and glad to get this one either way! It has four different tripes of glittery blush and can be used as a highlighter for the cheak bones or an eye shadow according to the card. I may just use it as a highlighter and see how it goes!


Vincent Longgo Dual End Eyeliner! Next is something I got over the Model Co. lip gloss and that is the Vincent Longo Dual Ended Eyelinber pencil. I have I heard some Charmers received this and I was hoping for the lip gloss but then found it in my box this morning. I like the idea of dual ended eyeliners since it gives you a choice of color and this pencil comes which Imy line ended up being Satin, a blue color on one end, and Plum, you already know a light purple, on the other! Two of my fave liner colors! I may have to put puffy paint on either end to tell which one is which. Nice way of trying a new item out with two of my fave colors on both ends!


Cool Way Smoothing Lotion! Yay! Another Cool Way item and it is good for frizzy hair! It is full size I believe. This is good to put on wet or dry hair and pretty much is used for smoothing out hair and keep it from being dry. I can’t wait to try. Speaking of Cool Way, Charmers did get a special coupon to Cool Way and comes with a brush. Not sure if I will use it.


Harvey Prince Signature! Finally, I got another Harvey Prince scent! Yay! I love the Hello scent and I am at the halfway point in that bottle and was happy to hear that they were doing random boxes with either Signature or Hello. I was happy to get Signature since it gave me a new one to smell. I didn’t mind another bottle of Hello since that is running low but happy either way! This scent reminds me of Jessica Simpson Signature but a little stronger and spicier in a sense. I can’t wait to try this out and hoping that more of Harvey Prince comes in Boxy and probably Ipsy since I like this company now.


Well, both sides were pretty good this month! I was kind of bummed that I didn’t receive the Too Faced lipstick but I did cheer up that it was a Mullein and Sparrow item instead. The perfume smells nice and will pop that into my bag and of course the Coastal Sense pallet and Nude Dude shadow were a plus. May will be a new month for new products and can’t wait what it holds!


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, another bi-monthly faves, Pokemon transmedia, will also review Y since I am almost done with it. Let’s see…cosplay to come and more! Oh yeah if you’re wondering, we didn’t get media for Earth Day Birthday buuuuuuttt we got tickets to it and getting to see Rise Against, Soul Switch, Sevendust, and others! Yay! So, stay tuned!

Beauty Rant: Box Subscriptions!

Hello shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Even though it is time for Ipsy and BoxyCharm since I just got my Ipsy bag for April but waiting on my BoxyCharm box which is supposed to be here this Friday, but with Florida shipping it is pretty much on the Road Runner express due to it being from Florida. So, in the meantime…it’s a rant!


I ranted about cosplay and of course fan fiction with the problem I went through with Fairy Tails a few months back but this time it deals with box subscriptions, especially in the beauty realm! I don’t want to take one huge paragraph in my next post in what I got I decided to make it a separate post. As you know I am part of both BoxyCharm and Ipsy and get them both each month and I feel as though that I do pay for what I get, as in $10 for Ipsy and the $22, since I live in Florida it gets taxed, for BoxyCharm and do get what I get in each box but with other subscribers there are the ones that do complain about what they get and it’s been irritating for the past few months I’ve been with these guys, especially with Ipsy! Even the complaints started when the theme for April was revealed for Ipsy, which is even incredible and I seen complaints about the people who complain about it. Yeah, it is sad. Let’s continue!


The Appeal: The appeal of both which caught me to subscribe in the first place are different. Yeah, I heard about both through YouTubers I subscribe to but the stories are different. The prices are different for reasons on their own. First Ipsy, which was started back in 2011 and heard of it through the girls of Eleventh Gorgeous with their Ipsy vs. Birchbox videos which are now up against Beauty Box 5 and what really got me to subscribe with the idea of getting samples from different make up companies I heard of and seen in Ulta and Sephora or none I heard of due to being online only and they come in a make up bag for every month! I liked the idea because I always like to switch up my make up bags and I do use them for cosplay make up kits and now have a make up kit for interviews so I won’t get confused. I also got turned to it due to NYX being a company in these bags and you know me, I am a NYX lover, plus itt gave me an open mind in trying new things along the way with samples from other companies. While Boxy, on the other hand, despite it being $10 more and taxed here, it gives me more of a higher end look. Ipsy does dabble in higher end make up yes, but Boxy does it more with brands like Ofra, Model Co., Beauty for Real, and more. It also gives me full size and deluxe sizes in other items to try out and of course I don’t have to pay the high end prices for most products along the way with this box. I seen so many videos with what everyone got and had to try it out for myself with what is included each month. On top of that, what is a greater appeal is that since you get sample sizes sometimes, they do last for a long time! Usually samples run out depending on what it is while others last longer than a month and it gives you enough time to try them out. On top of this, you can trade items if you don’t like them with other people. I will mention that next! Plus, what is great, especially with Ipsy that got me into them and don’t tend to use them and that is the coupon codes that come with each product. Make up does get pricey and I know from my experience in going into Mac and waiting on prices go down on certain Urban Decay items, prices do rack up and it is good to get discounts! Even the Ipsy Me offers where you can get the item you didn’t receive in your bag also has discounted items for people to buy, for instance I got the Pacifica Solar Pallet, which has the Coconut Mineral Shadows from January, for $20. BoxyCharm does have coupon codes that they send in e-mails for people to get, even some of them are credit codes, like with Previse as an example, I think you can find them on the products, but mostly e-mail codes get to you and Ipsy does the same at the end of the month in case you can’t find them on the items. Now, let’s see what are the complaints  besides the appeal!


Complaints: Mostly I see the complaints on Ipsy but with Boxy I only see complaints with not getting the box or not getting sneak peeks, which I am guilty of doing that, which I found out that they only reveal two to three items a month and send the box so everyone can be surprised. Okay, that’s brilliant! I do understand the whole not receiving boxes and bags since there are times stuff does get taken in the mail or gets lost, which I had that happen with packages from different parts of the US and overseas through EBay, here is the thing, boxes and bags get replaced by the company. As in, they tend to send replacements of the entire thing, which I seen a lot through Ipsy, or the individual item, which I only had that once thus far. The only complaint I have with BoxyCharm’s replacement policy is the picture thing, due to being blind and not being around sighted people all the time due to different schedules I can’t take a pic on my own. I admit I traded the item before it got replaced. I did apologize to the person who got it in the end. I do notice how Ipsy does have new envelopes because there are times when items do go missing and these newer envelopes prevent that and are getting better by putting liquids in little ziplock bagies to send to people and I saw that in one of my items this time around, which is a nice step up.


Now onto the most known complaint and that is “I didn’t get what I want!”  This is something is expressed always on the boards on the Ipsy site and on the Facebook and man it’s annoying! Especially when they point out about how they didn’t mark it on the quistionaire! Let me say these points!


  1. The survey that gets taken at the beginning along with the reviews ARE GUIDELINES! As in they use it as way of seeing who you are and what is your style and do their best in matching that with items you get in the bag. Even with the reviews at the end it asks to help cater the future bags in if you like it or not with products and shades, but again they are just guidelines and you don’t not get the item you hate or you do in future bags. They do say that.
  2. They don’t guarantee what you get is what you marked! I learned this after knowing why I’m not getting nail polish much anymore, which I only got it once and that is whatever you marked on the quiz is not a full guarantee is what you’re going to get in every bag and on top of that…
  3. YOU CANNOT OPT OUT OF SAMPLES! Why the caps? Well, this is why, every month Ipsy gets a set of products from different brands and it says when you first register that with signing up that you can’t opt out of them, which is what you get is what you’re going to get that month! I do admit I get disappointed sometimes but I deal and still keep an open mind and willing to try out some things because I understand what they do is what they do! There are solutions with these products..

Solutions to not getting what you expected:


  1. Swap items! Everyone on every board stresses this and that is that you can swap the items that you don’t like and didn’t wanted for something you may want or wanted. I did this in the past with some Ipsy items for other items I didn’t get and that included two skin care items I couldn’t use to sensitive skin for other Ipsy items and still have and of course did swap two of my Boxy items that I diwouldn’t use, which were lashes and the Mistura C to P concealer, for other Ipsy items. Another good thing is that there are Facebook pages for Ipsters and Charmers to trade with each other and I am a part of the Ipsy one but there are times where they can be picky in my opinion, watch out for that.
  2. Ipsy Me Offers! There are times where if you don’t get something from a brand you wanted, such as nail polish by a brand that was given that month or the previous month for example, Ipsy does have their offers thing where they do sell the brands they tend to give out at lower prices than the list price and normally as bundles. I do love these things because I may not get the products they offer that I wanted at first place but they do sell them later. For instance, I just got the Bonita Beauty Lips and Tips set since they were giving Bonita Beauty nail polishes this month and with my luck my bag didn’t get one but I did like the set, which came with two lip glosses and two nail polishes for $8 and glad to get that. That was not the only offer I got, I did get the Rob Sheppy pallet from Tini Beauty, which everyone got the Pearl Fizz shadow in February, the Pacifica Solar Pallet, which featured a lot more items than the shadows, and of course the very first Ofra item I ever got and that is the Ofra eye set. BoxyCharm also put up the products from each month to review and for you to buy since there are some things they do give at random which you can click on the item and buy it from the site or see if it’s up for points which makes it greater.
  3. Buy Them In Stores! Like a lot of brands, there are times you can find what you don’t get in stores! Trust me, I had this happen where I want something and didn’t get in my bag, it can be easily found at Ulta or Sephora. For instance, I didn’t get the NYX Hot Pot Eye Shadow they gave out in October’s bag and was able to find it in Ulta! What if the locations don’t have it or the color I wanted? There are times that you can just order it online which makes it easier. Plus, even when you like the item you got you can also pick up its full size counterpart there instead of having it in another bag. In the end, if there something you didn’t get in the bag at first, you can just buy it in stores, so please save some timeline space in case this happens.

Latest Complaint: Neutrals! ::record screech:: I know, SAY WHAT NOW!? The latest complaint I seen right as the bag was announced was about neutrals appearing in every bag and asking for colors! I know a lot of us girls like the colors and the neutrals but we can’t always do the color thing. I do admit I have pallets and make up sets with the colors but I do reach for neutrals due to smoky eyes and of course doing neutrals for workplaces are the best thing. I am not bashing on colors but the thing is that this is a sampling service when it comes to Ipsy and Boxy does a lot of neutral stuff too, you can’t really bash on it. I did mention coupon codes and going to buy the products, if you get a product in a neutral color and try it out first and like the feeling of it, you can just go to the website for the make up company or the store it’s carried at and pick up the colors that are made. Plus, the Ipsy Me Offers do provide the full size of other colors of the company’s other items, such as the City Colors set with the 72 shadows and other things as an example and their Golden Girls pallet was sold later on with another range of colors. As said, don’t knock the product due to color, just try it out and if you like the product, buy it in a different one with the coupon code or go to Ulta or Sephora where it might be sold and pick from the color range that way. If the product is not liked, then swap.


Conclusion: In the end, box subscriptions when it comes to beauty is a sampling service. There are some where someone can pick what they want but with Ipsy and BoxyCharm, I do like the idea of trying out higher end stuff and drugstore stuff I haven’t tried before or explore the rest of the range with items I did try before. I also get to see other things that brands make or even brands that I never tried before. If I don’t get something I can just go and buy it, no big deal, especially in another color. I would say, don’t knock unless you try if it’s something you can use or don’t like it. If not, just swap with others they may have it.


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, since I got my Ipsy, I will talk about that with BoxyCharm since I’m waiting on that now! And of course, waiting on news about Earth Day Birthday if I get the media passes, which I am still crossing my fingers on it! Til next time!

Album Review: Soul Switch “Regenerate” EP

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I reviewed their music video and interviewed them about it, now it’s time to review Soul Switch’s new album! Of course I didn’t leave the House of Blues last Saturday night without getting my paws on it! I did leave with two of Leaving Haven’s CDs and the newest Traverser shirt  on top of it. Gotta love local shows! Anyuway, let’s get onto the album!


Regenerate: This is the third EP by these guys and man they worked hard on it. They did a Kick Starter to help get the funds to put it together and got the amount they needed and got some more help along the way, which included Jason Suecoff as one of the people who helped (All That Remains, Trivium.)


This EP features six tracks this time and they are Victim, Hang On, My Tragedy, Memories, Misery, and Demons Inside. If you read my review on the music video on “Hang On,” I mentioned that I noticed how the guys grew as a band and I did ask about it in my interview with Matt and Jimmy, which you can see in my last post and on YouTube. I notice how their music is matching Chavelle’s a bit more with this EP than “As It Seems” and it sounds more badass as you listen to it.


My Thoughts: I did say they have grown and this album really reflects it. I like this as equally as “As It Seems” and if I were to pick a favorite off this album, I would say “My Tragedy” would be my fave because I love the lyrics and the rhythm. Plus, it has a nice softness between the stanzas and the chorus which gives the song its unique sound and perks my kitty ears a nice perk up when I hear it start. My second fave, is pretty obvious, “Hang On” because it is not only their come back song but it shows how much the band has matured over the time since I seen them the last time at either the Haven or House of Blues, hell even during December in the club district of town. I am hoping that they keep releasing more albums in the future, especially with the crew they had on this album, it shows that they really worked hard on it and it shows. Way to go guys!


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: It was hard to keep it hidden since Saturday but Soul Switch has been added to the main Earth Day Birthday stage! Congrats guys!


Well, that is it for this review…wait…wait wait! Forgot the rating!




BEST EP OF 2015!


Yes! They deserve it, despite it getting this title  on Nerdy Shique Universe early on, but I feel that with all the work they put into this they deserve getting it. Don’t worry, it will be mentioned my “Bests and Worsts of 2015” List  at the end of December, best to put this title now within my little Paw Print Markings. I should get a stamp made with the symbol for this blog , haha! Anyuway, congrats guys, you deserve my “Best EP of 2015!”


And also, many thanks to the guys of Soul Switch to help me out in getting the track list since my ITunes being itself it gave me different track namefrom some other album. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU thank you!


Now that is it for this review! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Hoping getting to do media for Earth Day Birthday! Not only that, my transmedia retrospective on pokemon. If it gets here, my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for April 2015. You know what, I should include a cosplay post on Pokemon, let’s do that as well! Lots of things! Oh yes, Omni Expo is in a month. So, stay tuned for everything and also, forgot one site that Soul Switch does have, www.soulswitch.net along with www.facebook.com/soulswitch for any dates you may be interested! Check them out! Stay tuned for everything else!

Music Interview: Soul Switch and David from Traverser!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, this universe has been expanding with not only talking about concert events and music videos but now bringing you music interviews! I have brought you interviews to both Word Press and YouTube with such great talent as Dameon Clarke, Matthew Mercer, Chris Patton, and now another talent that has been in the Orlando talent scene and they are known as Soul Switch!


I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Larson and Jimmy Kwong from the band before their show at the House of Blues this past Saturday, April 4th, which was also the night of their album, Regenerate, being released! Not only I got to catch them before doors, but we also had David, lead singer of Traverser, show up in this video. So, you guys get the best of two bands to appear. Will there be a future full interview with Traverser? Maybe! Gotta wait for their new material to be released. In the meantime, enjoy! A little side note, you may have to turn up the volume a little at the beginning, not sure what my phone did, it did switch the camera mode out of nowhere. Sorry about that!


Also, an Earth Day Birthday announcement! Bush cancelled! Oh yeah, due to an issue with a stalker, the guys of Bush cancelled their American dates including their performance at Earth Day Birthday this year. I know it is sad but there is a band that did replace them and that happens to be one of my fave metal     bands, Sevendust.


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, bringing  you a review on the Regenerate album since I got my paws on it and still waiting on media pass info for Earth Day Birthday if Nerdy Shique Universe will join in to cover the event. And of course, will be bringing my TransMedia Retrospective on Pokemon! Stay tuned and enjoy my interview and also in case you want to check out both bands, here’s their Facebook pages:




Traverser’s: www.facebook.com/traverserband