Album Review: Soul Switch “Regenerate” EP

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I reviewed their music video and interviewed them about it, now it’s time to review Soul Switch’s new album! Of course I didn’t leave the House of Blues last Saturday night without getting my paws on it! I did leave with two of Leaving Haven’s CDs and the newest Traverser shirt  on top of it. Gotta love local shows! Anyuway, let’s get onto the album!


Regenerate: This is the third EP by these guys and man they worked hard on it. They did a Kick Starter to help get the funds to put it together and got the amount they needed and got some more help along the way, which included Jason Suecoff as one of the people who helped (All That Remains, Trivium.)


This EP features six tracks this time and they are Victim, Hang On, My Tragedy, Memories, Misery, and Demons Inside. If you read my review on the music video on “Hang On,” I mentioned that I noticed how the guys grew as a band and I did ask about it in my interview with Matt and Jimmy, which you can see in my last post and on YouTube. I notice how their music is matching Chavelle’s a bit more with this EP than “As It Seems” and it sounds more badass as you listen to it.


My Thoughts: I did say they have grown and this album really reflects it. I like this as equally as “As It Seems” and if I were to pick a favorite off this album, I would say “My Tragedy” would be my fave because I love the lyrics and the rhythm. Plus, it has a nice softness between the stanzas and the chorus which gives the song its unique sound and perks my kitty ears a nice perk up when I hear it start. My second fave, is pretty obvious, “Hang On” because it is not only their come back song but it shows how much the band has matured over the time since I seen them the last time at either the Haven or House of Blues, hell even during December in the club district of town. I am hoping that they keep releasing more albums in the future, especially with the crew they had on this album, it shows that they really worked hard on it and it shows. Way to go guys!


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: It was hard to keep it hidden since Saturday but Soul Switch has been added to the main Earth Day Birthday stage! Congrats guys!


Well, that is it for this review…wait…wait wait! Forgot the rating!




BEST EP OF 2015!


Yes! They deserve it, despite it getting this title  on Nerdy Shique Universe early on, but I feel that with all the work they put into this they deserve getting it. Don’t worry, it will be mentioned my “Bests and Worsts of 2015” List  at the end of December, best to put this title now within my little Paw Print Markings. I should get a stamp made with the symbol for this blog , haha! Anyuway, congrats guys, you deserve my “Best EP of 2015!”


And also, many thanks to the guys of Soul Switch to help me out in getting the track list since my ITunes being itself it gave me different track namefrom some other album. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU thank you!


Now that is it for this review! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Hoping getting to do media for Earth Day Birthday! Not only that, my transmedia retrospective on pokemon. If it gets here, my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for April 2015. You know what, I should include a cosplay post on Pokemon, let’s do that as well! Lots of things! Oh yes, Omni Expo is in a month. So, stay tuned for everything and also, forgot one site that Soul Switch does have, along with for any dates you may be interested! Check them out! Stay tuned for everything else!

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