Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Trina Nishimura!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Going out of order yet again with another interview!

So far you saw me talk to Mike McFarland about Attack On Titan and Riddle about cosplay, now now it’s Trina Nishimura! She has been at Florida Anime Experience a month before Omni, but as you guys know we were at Earth Day Birthday supporting our friends of Soul Switch. I was glad to interview her since the last time we met her was in 2011 at MegaCon when we found out about her role in the newer Eva movies as my namesake, Mari. Did I ask her about that? Yep! I also asked her other things and well did give a shout out to Traverser as well by telling her to check them out when she starts eeing the older Eva stuff.

Also, she mentions her social media pages, check those out when you get a chance! Hoping I will get the Lauren Landa and Bryce Papenbrook interviews this week. Sorry for all the trouble guys, I know it is a bit crazy here in the universe! Enjoy and stay tuned!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Riddle!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. Another interview for you all and it deals with cosplay!

As you guys know, I tend to talk about cosplay on here as one of the many things that is part of nerd culture. I was able to interview a cosplay guest at this year’s Omni Expo and she has been on the show Heroes of Cosplay. I know the show has been kind of controversial with certain aspects and I did review season one and do have my opinions about it but at least I was glad to talk one on one with her about cosplay and that is Ricki, aka Riddle. For anyone who has seen season one, she was the one who created the Female Rocketeer cosplay. I can say that that takes guts to create and as a cosplayer, I can look up to that and makes me happy that she was a guest. I didn’t get to go to her panel since was getting items signed but glad to talk to her, so enjoy!

Hoping to get the Laura Landa and Bryce interviews up soon, but I do have the Trina and Josh interviews ready to be posted here, stay tuned!

And a heads up, reason why the audio is kind of crappy, it was done in the dealer room and someone had music playing.

Omni Expo 2015: Attack On Titan Actors Panel!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, I was supposed to have my interview with Lauren Landa up and then next would be Bryce Papenbrook, but waiting on Gondras to send the videos to me. So, in the meantime, I have something completely different despite the out of orderness.

Since Omni had a good portion of the cast of Attack On Titan this year, they of course had to bring back the cast panel! Last year it was only Matthew Mercer and Kyle Hebert, now this year we got everyone! We had Austin Tindle, Bryce, Trina, Josh, and of course the lovable Jessica Calvello. Also glad that Matt Mercer appeared in time that day! So, you get to see the hijinks unfold at this year’s panel! Even the balloon titans appeared, which last year there was a ballon Colossal Titan and this year it was the Armored Titan. We did get to interact with the guys of No Ordinary Ballon Guy throughout the weekend and even gave them our card to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, hello to No Ordinary Balloon Guy!

Okay, next time, hoping I get the videos from Gondras, if not, will get the one with Riddle next! Just stay tuned unless I may have to feed Gondras to titans that may be storming some walls right now! Enjoy the video of the panel in the meantime!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview With Mike McFarland

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! First you found out that Omni was a Convention Accomplished, now it’s time for the first interview I done during the weekend.

It was hard choosing who to interview since there were a lot of great guests this year and chose six this year and the first is with Mike McFarland. He hasn’t been to a convention in Orlando since 2006 and was glad that he returned and got a one on one with him. You may know him as the ADR director for Attack on Titan, FullMetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood. He also done voices for those shows and for any Fruits Basket, he was Ritsu Sohma, the Monkey. What did I ask him? You will find out in the video. And a head’s up, the IPad cut off before I asked him about new stuff, but he did work on the newest series, Tokyo Ghoul, which is something that caught my interest.

Next up is my interview with Lauren Landa!

Convention Impossible: Omni Expo 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, Omni Expo has passed and it’s time for the newest review in Convention Impossible! Man, what a weekend! New location, new guests, new panels, and new cosplay since Gondras was still doing his Doctor cosplay! Omni 2015 was a great convention and overall fun experience and glad that it had a new place and so on. So, is it a “Convention Accomplished” like last year just a Complete? Let’s see!

Location: Unlike last year, this year’s convention was held at the beautiful Rosen Center! Don’t get it confused with the Plaza counterpart, this one is across the street from the Convention Center where MegaCon is usually held! This location was better because it wasn’t a mobility nightmare for me, as in it wasn’t so bright that I couldn’t see where I was going despite my frontal vision was bad but couldn’t spot anything on the walls. Which included the bathroom doors. Plus, there weren’t so many mirrors reflecting like the World Center which made the brightness even worse. There was only one area that had windows and that was the front of the hotel and better lighting as you go deeper into the halls, which made it better and easier on my eyes and Gondras’ as well. On top of that, you only paid for the parking garage and handicapped parking was pretty easy to access. Better than paying $15 to park for the convention like at the World Center, which I did go to the Human Resources office not too long ago at the World Center and it usually costs $18 for a normal visit. At least it was only $10 for the convention here and there was easy access to the hotel from the garage and parking lots. Not bad of a location, which I may look into wedding rates for this place since this is pretty awesome and the halls are big. Bigger than the old version of the Wyndham and they had a lot more rooms to use than the World Center and not many events were going on at the same time like last year. Still remembering how a beauty pageant guy thought I was a contestant while I was wearing cat ears and my bell collar Vivi gave me as a grad gift. Sad indeed! Better that this year there was private interview rooms this time around unlike last year with having them in the dealer’s room, which was a pain due to having attendees coming up to meet whoever they want to see and get turned away due to interviewing. So glad it worked out better this way by doing it in a room secluded from everywhere else without any interruptions besides technology.

Dealer Room: Speaking of dealer’s room, this year was better than the last year! I understand that it was its first year last year and also there was a convention that was going on at the same time, which more people came to this one instead, this year’s dealer room had more to offer! There were stands like Shark Robot, I believe I visited Anime Pagoda, even my fave Japanese snacks guy, who also sold keychains along with some snacks this time around, and a lot more to it. Plus there were the tattoo guys and a good set up for Artist’s Alley at the same time which was placed near the guest area. One stand I really liked was a person called Taiyaki Gaijin, who makes these little cakes called taiyaki and put on an American twist on them by making them into flavors that we know and love like M&Ms, Reese’s, and one that got me was the Chocolate Mint! You guys know that is my major kryptonite and it was delicious, which we did go back Sunday for the Sunday Special of three for $5! I hope they show up again and at AFO because I want to give them even more business! And I did find the DS Case maker but couldn’t get any other cases since of course trying to find a job and don’t have much cash to spend, I did get some other things, such as a fluffy goody bag since they didn’t do themed ones this time around. I was hoping to get the Fairy Tail hinted one but they didn’t do it this time. They did say this will be the last con for a while for them and they gave me free gifts with my goodie bag and also did get a cute zipper pouch with the cats from Sailor Moon and they gave me a matching charm for it. And did get a Keroppi ring too! They will be mostly selling online, I think we have their card and they will be selling handmade soaps and candles I believe. You know me, loving my handmade cosmetic items, so will be seeing about that when I can find the card. I also did pick up a new Happy plushie! I know I really love Happy and this one has him holding a fish! It was too cute that I had to get it. I am hoping they make actual plushies of the other Exseeds from Fairy Tail and yes I would buy them! I did get a jewelry box from a friend’s stand, we haven’t seen her in a long time since I graduated and Gondras went off to a different school, and she works with other people to make things and the jewelry box feature the two Exseeds from Sabertooth, Frosh and Lecter and it was way too cute! I even got their Frosh button because they made one of him too. They had other items, but there is always next time! Hoping for the next con I would have more money since I am on the hunt to get Attack on Titan Part 2 and Fairy Tail 15.

Guests: OMG! This year was Attack on Titan crazy! As in, a good portion of the guests were in this series while the rest were music, cosplay, and internet. I was happy that they brought Matthew Mercer back and he did recognize me from last year through the costume! I still love his voice by the way and did keep my interview with it. You can still read it here on Word Press, just search for “Omni Expo 2014: Interview with Matthew Mercer.” What really made me happy was Bryce Papenbrook! I did tell him after the interview and telling you guys here is that I was really happy that theyt announced him and this is how it happened. When I was in Daytona and finishing computer class one morning the teacher let me browse the computer before the bell rang and decided to see if the press forms were up. When I got to the site, I see “Special Guest Announcement” and clicked and saw his name and that he was a guest and I pretty much started squeezing and then thought, “Mari! Think where you are right now!” And I stopped and everyone looked at me and the teacher asked, “Are you okay?” I said, “Yes! Don’t mind me!” And of course he went, “Okay!” I was super excited yet shy at first but at least the interview was a success and you get to see it! I don’t want to spoil any of it, along with the ones with Trina Nishimura, Josh Grell, Mike McFarland, Riddle, and Lauren Landa, which she was pretty cool! She even noticed my Pokemon plushie since did play the original games like a good portion of us gamers and was offered Jelly Babies like everyone else. David Walde was also pretty cool since we talked about his roles, he was also surprised like Josh that I brought Air Gear, which has been a work they did before ADV changed to Sentai Filmworks. It was fun to see him, Josh, and Matt try and find places on the FullMetal Autograph to sign. Try having that thing since 2006 and watching it evolve. Another guest was a joy to see her go nuts was Jessica Calvello! She was pretty much having so much fun, especially cosplaying as her character in AOT, which she even got her jacket signed by everyone. I did like her panels with David and Matthew, the one with Matt was Saturday and it was funny. I did ask her if she would do her character of Excel if she were to redo it and she said, “I would but as a lower register! Doing it for so long was hurting my throat and probably hurt ears.” That is the extent of it, I did say I did like the Japanese version in my opinion when it came to Excel Saga. I did remember in Newtype that ADV did have to call Japan a few times to get the recording and voice right while it was being dubbed. In the end, I hope they get Jessica back because I know she had tons and tons of fun, even Gondras took pics of her playing around and dancing with the balloon titans this year. And all thanks to her, she gave me a post idea and won’t reveal it until the last interview or the AOT panel goes up on here!

Panels and Events: This year felt like “So Much to Do In Three Days!” because there were A LOT of panels to go to all weekend long! There were performances going on, teaching panels on how to do chiptunes, even cosplay, so much to do! Even the viewing room was amazing since they shown both subs and dubs of anime and of course theme songs of our fave cartoons. There were so many panels, even went to one of the Directors Showcase of “A Fairy’s Tail” and it was pretty entertaining with that. The one panel that we did tape and that was the Attack on Titan Voice Actor panel that took place again this year, which to me, wasn’t as funny as last year’s with just Matt and Kyle since they had really good back and forths but with the entire cast it was more restricted since there was someone hosting it. So yeah, less gross stuff, we did get a full version of a story that happened to Bryce during his interview, which you will get to see that whenever it gets posted. We did, well more like me, caught the panel with Matt and Jessica on Saturday night and man it was funny. We did respect the reason why of no video taping but it did make it awesome that they were asked to read 50 Shades of Gray. Of course Jessica has to ask like the most of us, “Who would write this!?” Yeah, if you saw the movie or didn’t, it was disappointing by what I heard. The costume contest was also pretty good and organized! There were a lot of costumes taking place such as a Demona from Gargoyles, which was pretty impressive and she had the personality! What won a reward, I believe it was “Best Anime” and that was the Kill La Kill cosplay which was pretty amazing! As said, so many events and panels went on and great to choose from. I hope to bring Blind EXP to this one if they have it again because it would be nice to show what it’s like to watch something from a blind person’s point of view, even if it is TV or anime.

Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! Yes it gets another accomplished in my book because we got to see so many things improve and this was its second year to take place. We saw how the dealer’s room was bigger and better, getting to meet the guests was great and having one on one interview with some of them as well, even getting to see other events take place. I also feel that the reason why it had a bigger turn out, especially Saturday, was due to how there were no other conventions taking place at the same time, since Florida Anime Experience did take place the same weekend as EDBD here, there were more people to come and more vendors to set up shop. Plus it was more organized and easy to maneauver the place!

Needs for Improvement: It’s hard to say! Can’t see that there were any needs, I would probably only say is how and what kind of technology we should use. Not only that, I did kind of get annoyed that the guests didn’t know that we do video interviews because, if you remembered last year, transcribing was getting harder and harder for me. As in, it takes a long time to pause and listen to what the guest says and typing it at the same time and there was of course long paragraphs that some guests do, which of course was Troy Baker’s interview which man my fingers hurt afterwards and that got me to do those recorded for YouTube and it went well after MythiCon. I did specify that we were doing video during the convention on the forms, which included interviews. That was the only pet peeve I had. We did have good luck with the Canon camera and the IPad, hoping with AFO it will be better! Everything else, on the other hand, was perfect! Everything was well organized and better dealer room, etc.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Since we started the Omni coverage, it will continue with the start of the interviews and our video from the Attack on Titan panel! Stay tuned for my interview with Mike McFarland, ADR Director of the series!

Cosplay: Pokémon!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another cosplay post for you guys! Since summer’s under way and the newer summer season has begun, especially with Omni Expo in one week for me and my press team, it’s time for the age old question, “What will my cosplay be this year?”

We will be looking into Pokemon for the cosplay post since of course all thanks to the games still being popular to this day, a lo more cosplays have been coming out. Of course yours truly is one of them, we will be looking into the trainers rather than the Pokemon since so many people have been doing their fave Pokemon and a little less when it comes to human characters, kind of saw it during the MetroCon Pokemon Photo Shoot.

To me the trainers are bit easier to do, yeah I know some of the designs are complicated, like the Pokemon Ranger costumes in some of the designs but doing original stuff usually is pretty easy and able to find parts for. Let’s see what I think when it comes to Pokemon cosplay!

The Plushies: Like the trainers in the games and anime, there is that Pokemon they tend to carry in their little Pokeballs or have them travel behind them like in Heart Gold and Soul Silver out of the ball, normally carrying a plush of whatever Pokemon gives an idea of what your character would train or carry or even if you’re doing an existing one, getting one plush of that Pokemon they have gives the idea of the cosplay. There are TONS of plushies that have been made over the years for the entire franchise and that really includes many variations of Pikachu, the main mascot. What if you can’t find that plush? There are people that do make plushies of Pokemon and they tend to give you a good pricing. I did find one plush version, well two of them, of Raichu and was able to get them both despite having my life size one. Still, you can find plushies of some Pokemon that are not normally plushies, for example my friend Vivi has a Haunter now. Not only that, there are really good plushies by Tomi that have been made and they are the Eveelutions, which I almost bought Silveon but got a better Glacceon for my newest cosplay which is an ice gym trainer. Tomi, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a well known Japanese Toy company and they make pretty good plushies including Pokemon. If you see any of these things, I would say pick them up. And of course, you can find pretty good plushies at conventions depending on the stand, which they can have a few or a lot, for instance I was able to find a lot of plushies I kind of didn’t get at one stand at MythiCon last year that included my Raichu, a Mew, and Marill. EBay is also is another place along with Amazon since there are times where plushies do sell out at retailers like Target, WalMart and even Hot Topic, so look around on there in case if you can’t find the one you want or was sold out, and if need be, try to get one made.

The Outfit: Now this is where the imagination can run! Well, not run too much because there are dress codes at these conventions and kids time to time. As you guys know, there are many classes of trainers through the game series such as swimmers, perfume ladies, the gym trainers, and now even the restaurant staff which would work as a maid café if they wanted. Hell, would be interesting to do a recreation of Café Lysander from Lumios City! Anyuway, outfits can be of an existing character in the game or even be original for any OCs or a re-design if wanted to. For instance, if you guys saw my interview with Eric Stuart, you notice my Pokemon Ranger costume was slightly different since it was based on a different design where it was a t-shirt, vest, scarf, and pants. I decided since my character was originally from Slateport and living in Sinnoh due to his back story, why not do it on more of a beachy look by wearing flip flops to do the sandal look, then had black shorts, my red shirt with the Ranger patches with the number 5 and of course a red scarf, the goggles in red and black, and a black bandana. And of course my old Ginji Amano gloves with red duct tape on the plating! I will put the video of part 1 so you can get the idea! I am planning on a different variation and won’t mention it right here since people would do it first. In the words of Xellos from Slayers Next, “Now that’s a secret!”

If you’re wondering on getting parts for your costumes, there are a number of places you can look around! Of course definitely Good Will and Salvation Army due to how people donate their old clothing. This would give nice opportunities for some upcycling to take place if need be!Even Burlington, Ross, and if you can find one, Plato’s Closet has some good stuff to use even if it’s a little bit higher but in reasonable range of a budget. Speaking of alterations…

Patches: Knowing with a lot of trainers, rangers, and so many other characters, there are symbols they tend to wear on their clothing. When you look at it, I see it more as a uniform, as in trainers wear their trainer regalia, the gym leaders do the same, the Elite Four as well, and so on. As you know, they are specific symbols for each! The trainers have Pokeball symbols on their clothing, Team Rocket with the R, heck even the new Fairy girls have a Lolita look to them to distinguish them. There is one thing I do when it comes to cosplaying anything Pokemon is distinguishing my costumes with patches. For my gym leader or trainer cosplays I have the element they specialize in to show what gym they belong to, my character Ike becomes gym leader in Vermillion in my fan fics and I have the thunder symbol from the cards to show he does thunder types and for my newest one, kind of on a side of either naming her Priscilla or Avery, she has snowflakes on her sleeves. How did I get them? The snowflakes are from Amazon since you can’t get them until Christmas while the patches I used for Ike, on the other hand, came from felt. Felt is easy to come by and easy to use since you can make anything out of them and you don’t have to bother ironing them down, which can be a hassle, and with the felt it looks professional in a way. You can see the Pokemon Ranger patches in my video which was a great feat to get made! Knowing with the elementals, you can use the symbols on the energy cards to create them as your design, for instance, I still think of doing Jasmin from Olivine and have the steel symbol either as a necklace or on the front or back of the sundress she wears. The wig will be hard knowing about it. And of course, I may do Roxy from Black and White 2 by having buttons of the poison symbol as a patch or a button to represent her rocker side. There are many ways of thinking of doing the elemental symbols for Pokemon for patches or any other way since with gym leaders it can be easier to know what type they specialize and I did come up with this due to not seeing anything represent them besides the clothes they wear. Even doing the patches for trainer clothing would be easier since their symbol is easy to get done.

Wigs: Besides the patches, there are the hair do’s that characters tend to have and Pokemon tends to be a world with different colors of hair besides your normal black, brown, red, and blonde. We tend to see blue, purple, green, orange, and of course with the newest character, going with white, that is where buying wigs come in handy! It’s easier with wigs since there are many cuts and styles that can be made and bought. I always recommend Cosplay DNA the most when it comes to wigs since they sell a lot of the wigs in many colors. For instance, I did buy mboth my dark blonde and light, golden blonde wig from them alongside the white, bob cut from them as well for Vivi’s panel last year that will be used for my newest cosplay. Even Cosplay Magic can be a great possibility when it comes to wigs since they have a big selection. What if you can’t get a wig on time or can’t find the right color and didn’t ship out due to certain reasons? Well, in some towns or conventions they do have stands that sell wigs! They tend to sell them for reasonable prices and do have tons of colors and styles, heck even spiked wigs are easy to get in conventions and wig shops if you’re lucky. So, have some fun looking!

Well, that is about it for this post! I know it seemed short but hey, cosplay is pretty fun and easy to talk about. If you guys want to see a post for another anime series or game series, just request!

What is next for Nerdy Shique universe? My coverage from Omni Expo 2015!

BoxyCharm and Ipsy May 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am working on the Pokemon Cosplay post but in the meantime, guess what? What time is it? It’s BoxyCharm and Ipsy Time! I just received these this past week! Well, Ipsy was supposed to arrive Wednesday but it came Thursday, which the shipping was weird like with my Juice Beauty lip gloss set I bought from them and had to wait til Tuesday. BoxyCharm, on the other hand, arrived today which I didn’t get the tracking e-mail til Thursday. I hate it when tracking goes crazy! So, to me both of these this month were…meh! Why? The items were okay and somewhat not my cup of tea, even gave one thing to my mom since she would use it more than I do, let’s see what I got!

Ipsy: This month’s theme was Jetsetter which deals with how everyone will be traveling and how fashion is going up and changing, especially with spring and summer. Plus, this month you got one item that a stylist really likes and mine came with something that Chris and Dominique liked, I think it was the Tart item, don’t know since I couldn’t see the image. And on top of that, you got one out of three designs this month for the bag. I remembered there was a mini clutch and I got a regular Ipsy bag. Which is okay, but would’ve loved the clutch! Now onto what I got!

Brioggio Spray In Conditioner: I was actually happy about this since I did get the hair mask by Brioggio but that was way before I got my highlights and gave it to my mom since she colors her hair more than I do. This on the other hand I can use on my hair since it is so frizzy, especially when summer comes around! I did start using it to try it out and like the feel and smell of it. I hope to get more hair items like this since I tend to love trying new items for hair!

Urban Decay Glide On Lip Pencil + Lip Gloss Sampler: Okay, a two in one with Urban Decay. Ipsters got this, well depending on who got it and that was the glide on lip pencil with tiny samples of the new Revolution Lip Gloss. There was an Ipsy Me offer for it but didn’t want to pay the $22 but did get a dupe for it from Mac, which is funnier since it was the same day as learning about the new Urban Decay gloss. Some of the Ipsters on the Ipsy Trades page did say this is a repeat but I never seen it anywhere even if I started joining last year, I do know they did do the liner last April. I am glad to get another Urban Decay product since I only buy their items if they are on sale or at least the Naked Basics pallets. And of course, do have the Perversion samples and love that mascara! This is interesting since it looks like the pencil is deluxe size or at least the same size as the City Colors lip pencil I got with the make up set last year. Wait, it’s full size since it’s longer than the City Colors one. I did hear that some people got this and it’s in the color Ozone and it’s clear. I don’t mind if it’s clear because it would go nice with anything without mismatching the lip colors. The lip glosses are little foil packets, I wish they were actual tubes instead because they would fit better in the little cardboard packet. Way to go Ipsy!

Clorane Eye Patches: Something I didn’t want but gave to my mom and that they are the Soothing Eye Patches for tired eyes. I don’t have any tired eyes or eye bags since I’m still young and do get enough sleep. Some YouTubers do start the anti-againg ritual in their 20’s but there are times that it’s too early and plus if you seen my pics in all my cosplays, I don’t look my age! I look more like a 15 year-old! I do wear under eye concealer to camoflague some dark circles but I won’t wear the patches until I get older! So glad my mom took them.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream: I wasn’t exp[ecting this and thought this was a fave by Chris and Dominique since I tend to hear how she sometimes use IT Cosmetics and know that it’s a great company but don’t buy their items for myself. I did get an under eye concealer months ago but gave it to my mom since my eyes don’t need it with the anti-aging properties it gives. This one…was on the fence! I hear good things about BB and CC creams and the only turn off is the SPF part. I live in Florida and know how the sun is damaging on the skin and unfortunately my skin is sensitive to SPF products, well when it comes in moisturizers at least. I did wear this when I went to Miami yesterday due to how bad the sun can get and I didn’t want to wear a lot of make up since they would put eye drops in my eyes and would mess up any liner or mascara or shadow! I only took this and my Mullein and Sparrow lip tint. It was pretty easy to apply despite not having a primer. I was worried that my skin would break out but didn’t so far, I will be using this more and if it does, well throw it out.

Scone Retractable Eye Liner: I was happy to find out that I was getting another eyeliner in my bag. This one is by a company called Scone and heard about them through Ipsy of course! I never got to try it since I never got it before and glad to receive it! Everyone who got it was getting it in Navy. I do have blue eyeliners and try to use the pencils up but at least got one in blue. Better than black since I still have a ton of!

That was Ipsy! As said, was a meh month! I am hoping that June brings something better and exciting.

BoxyCharm: Now to BoxyCharm! Like January and February, this box was okay! Not the biggest one in my opinion! I thought April and March were better and I did like some of the items, well three of them. This month’s theme is Bold and Beautiful which according to the card, should step out of the comfort zone except two items were items I won’t be using!

Bodyography Eye Brow Trio and Eye brow and Lash Brush: Putting these together since they go together this month due to being by the same company! I am only going to use the brush in my professional and cosplay make up kit due to how I love using brow brushes. One side of the brush is meant for lashes and look like a mascara wand, which is handy! The other, kind of looks like a regular brushg but it’s for brows. I take it this is meant for the brow powders but won’t use them, I may use it to brush the brow gel I use a lot more easily. While the brow trio,seeing if I can give it away since no one wants it on the Ipsy Trades page when I asked about swapping it. This features three powders for dark, medium, and light toned brows which pretty much, according to the card, best for any hair color.

Model Co. Bronzing Powder With Shimmer: The other product I won’t be using and that is the bronzing powder with shimmer by Model Co. I heard of Model Co. mostly through Ipsy and got the blushes they gave away, one that came in the bag and the other I wapped for. As you know, I am not into use bronzers just blushes. I don’t get the appeal of them like self-tanning! I am also giving this away to a friend and seeing if her sister uses the eye brow products.

Lauren B. Nail Polish in In Juicing: Yet another nail polish for this box and was glad to get it! Laren B. Beauty is line I heard through BoxyCharm and I think Birchbox also gives them out and this is a high end line which I am glad to get in BoxyCharm this month! I got it in the color InJuicing which is a light green color. Others got the peachy shade and glad to get this color even more since I do tend to wear green polishes! Can’t wait to see how it looks!

The Lip Bar Lipstick in Kiss Me: You remembered how I mentioned The Lip Bar in my LimeCrime Controversy post and well…here they are! It was the lip product being given to all Charmers this month and I was really happy, which made me reach out to them! As you know, these girls make the bold colors and the crazy colors like blue and green as examples, and of course the regular nudes! They were also featured on Shark Tank which is even bolder, but was kind of sad that they weren’t given the endorsement. I was glad to get a lipstick in my box and was very intrigued about the packaging which looks like a stencil almost! It is very unizue and I would say, for a blind person like me, this is a package I love! I mean, with the curvature and the stencil outlinings, this would be easy for me to find in my entire drawer if I were to use this, which I got the color Kiss Me, which is a hot pink color! I wish a lot of make up brands do packaging like this since it is pretty nice to feel, especially for a braille user like me and yeah it does come with a nice pouch, but feeling for the tube would be the better thing! I did try it on and oh man…it is sooooooo lightweight! It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips! I know it costs a bit more than MAC but two dollars less than Urban Decay and these were made by hand! The Lip Bar, if you’re reading this! I am loving your product so far and start sending me products! I really want to support you guys if it means I have to save up for your stuff and join your Martini Bar Membership! And if you guys want to check them out:

Well, that is it! As said before, not that great of a month! I found the past few months better for both. I do like the Urban Decay lip pencil, loving the spray conditioner from Brioggio, definitely use the eyeliner, the eyebrow brush, the Lip Bar lipstick, and nail polish! I will say I am still trying out the CC cream by IT since so far not having any adverse effects, so far so good. I am hoping June brings something good since I am waiting to see if Boxy does get the Revealed 3 in the future.

I will be finishing my Pokemon Cosplay post before the weekend, if not, will try to get it up before I do all my Omni coverage which who am I interviewing this year?

Mike McFarland, which I will be asking about his work on Attack On Titan, Bryce Pappenbrook, Josh Grell, Trina Nishmura, and Lauren Landa about their voice roles in the anime and other roles they’ve done, and finally Ricki aka Riddle from Heroes of Cosplay about her cosplay experiences! Stay tuned for all of that!

Beauty Rant: LimeCrime Controversy!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I tend to post about beauty on here when it comes to box subscriptions, reviews, great buys, and even how it pertains to cosplay. There has been a controversy lately in the Beauty Universe and it deals with a brand known as LimeCrime!

I knew that the controversy has been going on for a few months and started getting familiar with it due to one of the YouTubers I subscribe to, Young Wild And Polished, talked about how she wasn’t going to support them and said to Google why and I did all thanks to my kitty curiosity and found out that a lot of people have been robbed because of the website being hacked! Don’t worry, I didn’t buy from them during that time since I didn’t know it was happening during my time in Daytona. I am so glad I did know. If you’re wondering, I got into this brand all thanks to other YouTubers mentioning them in their videos and bought only one lipstick at the end of 2013 but it was on EBay since I didn’t know that if PayPal wasn’t used, which now I do know they use PayPal but did hear tidbits that it’s hard to get anything on the website because everything tends to go out of stock. I purchased a tube of Airborne Unicorn, which is a pastel purple which kind of reminds me a bit of Lux in Lavendar by Maybelline looking back on it. Still, yeah I paid more due to the EBayer selling for $20 something, at least I got to try it. I haven’t bought anything else since I do use other dupes and of course MAC since I like their products when it comes to the higherend brands due to how it’s slightly cheaper to Urban Decay, I tend to go for other companies. What got me into doing my own post on the hacking matter and some other things is that I watched the many videos on YouTube about it and this is what I found out.

Behind the Hack: Apparently, LimeCrime’s website got hacked at the end of last year right around October but it was hidden from fans and kept under wraps, even someone posted on their social media pages that their money got stolen after purchasing from their site and it got delted and they didn’t say anything and people kept buying until around January. By January or February, more people were still having their bank accounts emptied and wondered why, which they tracked it back to previous purchases and by then LimeCrime did announce that there was a security breach on their website and got shut down because of it. A lot of people did go and contacted their banks after being told a few days later to check their account activity and man it cause some people to post on their social media pages about not letting the public know, which a lot of websites would do that instead of not doing that in the first place and wait until now. This made Doe Dear, Owner and Creator, mad and did made some mean comments about how it was the crowd’s fault for buying her products in the first place.

My Thoughts: I agree with a lot of the YouTubers that this was not handled very professionally as it should and not only that was kept in secret for months. I remembered how I had my account compromised after purchasing something from the Lush UK website a few years back, which they did contact me saying “Yeah, we got hacked and you may have been compromised!” Which I was one of the people and my card company contacted me about it, which the good thing was that the purchases were declined which was good in the end. Still, LimeCrime should’ve announced this sooner than later and more money could’ve been saved from being taken. Another good example of companies who had it done to were of course Target and Neeman Marcus at the end of 2013 and they alerted everyone that there was a security breach as soon as they noticed it. Again, LimeCrime waited later than sooner.

Now to the post about it’s the customers’ fault for buying, a lot of YouTubers agree that is a poor response to what had happened and I agree with it. A company, independent or not, tend to rely on the customers and how they care about them and the service they give even after a bad experience. I had bad experiences in the past and have had a level head when it comes to that because I want to be treated right by the company and how hard they’re willing to fix it. If the company doesn’t reflect good customer service then why bother dealing with them. For instance, I had a bad customer service experience with the Airport Location at Lush and the Florida Mall location did understand what I went through and were even surprised with the rash I got from a dusting powder, yeah I didn’t go back for three or four years to the airport location but it looked like they improved on it. Another example is how Ipsy has really good customer service even in high volumes. Recently I had problems reviewing my items I received due to the new formatted website and they were able to help me out by having me send my thoughts so they can plug them in. We both understood that it is not easy technology can be difficult, especially with my end in using screen readers, still it helped me and they are friendly when it comes to their supporters. But what LimeCrime said about their customers really shocked me because it kind of continued into about MAC and how they should purchase them when they are lower than they are. After hearing that part in the videos, I was pretty apalled! MAC is an equally good make up brand and their customer service is even better than LimeCrime’s from my experiences in their stores! Yeah, you’re paying $16 for lipsticks from both companies but MAC does have the bright colors and do the nude colors too and have great pigmentation on top of it. With hearing this comment and so many other things, it brings me to this…

My Verdict: I won’t be supporting LimeCrime once I use up Airborne Unicorn! I heard things in blogs and in the videos against what had happened that LimeCrime has sold repackaged products, that they aren’t really vegan on top of it since there are times that Beeswax was used in the past, and on top of it that some of the products aren’t the same as they are advertised. As in, someone bought Cashmere, a Velvetene liquid lipstick, and it is supposed like a khaki toned color according to the site and the person who bought it didn’t get it, they got it a deep brown instead. With me and products, I would get what I expect from people describing the color to me or researching the item in how they bought is not what it was supposed to be. I know the net would take it to great lengths but seeing some of these accounts, especially with the hacking happening, it can happen to anyone wherever you buy things. Even with the quote about it being the customers’ fault for buying items, we do buy things if we like them and we can’t always find everything in-store which makes us go online to find it.

Alternatives to LimeCrime: Like many places on the web and in drugstores, a lot of companies do make neons and pastels, and even the wacky colors if you like just like what LimeCrime does. One of them that is starting to get their company out there is The Lip Bar. I heard of these guys after BoxyCharm announced that Charmers will be getting a lipstick from these guys and got me to look and see who they were, as in watching the Shark Tank episode with them and look at their site, they are pretty much a lipstick company that gives bold colors and are handmade as well! They do cost a bit more but can’t wait to see what they are like when I get my box and of course reached out to them to hoping do product reviews. Another company that has the weird colors and don’t cost a lot is of course Hot Topic’s make up line, Black Heart Beauty! They even have a blue lipstick which I remembered seeing on the Hot Topic website. And of course they do sell LA Girl cosmetics so you can look for the Neons pallet. And of course even NYX has the neon colors with their Macron lipsticks, Maybelline does the Rebel Blooms collection, and so many other companies even did neons last year! You don’t have to purchase LimeCrime if you are going for neons and pastels for your make up collection. I am getting more into MAC since I do love their lipsticks and blushes. I do hear good things about their eye shadows and may dive into those at some point. Still, if you’re into drugstore stuff like I am, there are companies that do pastels and neons that are way cheaper and have good customer service on top of it.

Well, that is it for this post! What is next on Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, a Pokemon cosplay post of course, which I am going to focus on trainers, rangers, and gym leaders for it since it’s easier that way! And of course, in one weekend is Omni Expo 2015! Can’t wait! Stay tuned!

TransMedia Retrospective: Pokemon

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! We all know the catch phrase “Gotta Catch Em All!” and of course the original theme song to the biggest anime and video game series and that is Pokemon! This series has been one of the most popular and has still grown since and had many media versions of itself, which includes video games, card games, toys, manga, and so on! As a way to celebrate AFO getting two of the original cast members, we will be looking at this series when it comes to the major media areas!

Basic Idea: Since Pokemon has been around since the 90’s and has been ever growing, the basic premise is that it started in 1995 and created by Satoshi Tajiri and the Pokemon Company. The franchise started as a two video game pair for the Game Boy that was developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. This series centers around how people catch creatures known as Pocket Monsters or Pokemon for short in balls called the Pokeball and fight other people and train them for sport.

Video Games: Before looking at the anime, we got to look at the place where it started it all and that is the video games! Each game is pretty much a strategy RPG with battles and going to different towns in many regions. There have been six generations thus far and the first one started with Red and Blue on the original Game Boy that started off in the Kanto region and of course the original 151 known as First Generation. At first it was Red and Green Versions in Japan and then released the Blue Version over there as an expansion but only Red and Blue had their release here in the US in September of 1998. There was of course Yellow, which was the Special Pikachu Edition, which was based on the popular anime synopsis and did have the same idea of Pokedex stuff like in the Blue and Red versions here, what was great is that you got to go up against Jessie and James like in the anime.

Second Gen brought us Gold, Silver, and Crystal, which later turned into Heart Gold and Soul Silver for the DS, featured the Johto region and a hundred more Pokemon that went from Chikorita to Celebi. This does get based on the Kansai region of Japan like how Kanto did in Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Third Gen kind of got weird and this time it expanded the Game Boy into its advanced state through the Game Boy Advanced with Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, which we have Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the 3DS today. This even brought remakes of Red and Blue through Leaf Green and Fire Red to the Advanced as well and these games all introduced 135 new species starting with Treeko and all the way through Deoxys. Reason being with the Pokemon being a little strange, this is where some of them took on inanimate objects, well the Regis for the most part that kind of looked like speakers eventhough Exploud and Explodster already covered that. This brought the entire total to 386 to catch in these games except they got some criticisms due to some things that were left out including the day and night switch which started in Gold and Silver. Man, that would be hard for turning Evee in either a Umbreon or Espeon. It also introduced catching certain Pokemon in some areas which brought a problem of only catching 202 out of the 386 in Hoen, which was based on the Kyushu region of Japan. A little fact, I did play Sapphire but the copy I had kept deleting my games, I am guessing that some copies had a glitch and glad I got Alpha Sapphire in the end so I can play the third region.

Fourth Generation, which was introduced in 2006 brought us Diamond and Pearl and then Platinum later on for the DS. The Sinnoh Region brought us new 107 speies of Pokemon which were from Turtwig to Arsius. Great thing about these games and the DS at the time, it featured using the touch screen features to make Poffins with the stykus, entering the Pokemon contest, and of course battling, which is still implemented on the 3DS and 3DS XL and even the now New 3DS today! It also brought new features like WiFi battles which made it easier than the old cable connections we all remembered from Game Boy. It did bring the day and night features from second gen and did expand the Pokemon Contests from third gen. This region was based on the Hokaido region and Sattelin in Russia since of course Route 116 that leads you to Snowpointe City to take on Candace. It also features underground battles and digging for things such as evolution stones and heart scales. Fourth Gen did also have a few spin off games which included a follow up to Pokemon Stadium with Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii.

Fifth Gen, which is where it gets weirder, takes place in the Unova Region in Black and White and both Black and White 2 which is based on New York City in the US. This generation introduced new 156 to the roster which started with Victini and ended with Genesect. If you read my review on Black 1, you know these new Pokemon were weird and started being based on inanimate objects and food. Yeah, they were really running out of ideas! Not only the weird Pokemon and new region, these games used the 3D rendering on the 3DS with Castelia City, which was hard to navigate for me. I will be playing White 2 since that and Black 2 kind of do a different direction of the region.

Now onto Sixth Gen, which is the games of X and Y! These games take place in the Kalos Region which is based on France and some areas of Europe, which we do run into Stone Henge on one of the routes. I wonder if that will happen again in the next game to introduce more to this region. This region also brought some more new Pokemon and even a new type, Fairy Type, and one of them happened to be the newest Evee, Silveon. This game brought on more of the 3D by rendering it in 3D along with the battles which take us back to Pokemon Stadium and of course we get Lumios City bringing more of that mechanic. Will the next one to complete this region’s trilogy do the same? Unless there will be an X2 and Y2? Let’s see what happens!

Anime: Now onto the anime! Both the anime and movies were based loosely on the games, well besides Yellow, follow the adventures of Ash, aka Satoshi in Japan, in becoming the next Pokemon Master. He travels with Brock, gym leader of Pewter City, and Misty, one of many sisters from the Cerulean Gym, to make him become the best Pokemon Master. He meets a lot of people on his quest and battle to get badges and get to meet new Pokemon with his signature first, Pikachu, and catch many others.

The group does change by the Third Generation when he meets May, daughter of Norman of the Peddleburg Gym, and her brother Max and get reunited with Brock with the new adventures in Hoen. Brock and Ash become a teacher to the both of them since Max wants to be a Pokemon Trainer while May becomes a Pokemon Coordinator to compete in contests.

Both Brock and Ash move onto Sinnoh where they meet an aspiring coordinator named Dawn and go through the region to not only get badges but Ash becomes a contest competitor himself. The series does end with both Brock and Ash going back to Kanto where Brock goes off to become a Pokemon Doctor for real. With Best Wishes, which is based on Black and White, is where it gets weird and didn’t like the series much. Ash meets two new friends, Cylan and Iris. I kind of noticed how with this one, Ash went type-weakness stupid, as in he kept on choosing the wrong Pokemon to fight against what they are weak against to. Good example is the episode against his newest rival and uses his Ashawat against their Sirvine when according to the type logic water’s weak grass Pokemon. No wonder my Tolterra was great in the Pastoria Gym! Iris even yells at him for it. Hell, even using Pikachu in the last gym, Roxy’s gym, did poison him. Kind of shows how he can be weak after being so overpowered in every season. Still, don’t know what happened with the writing but Ash should be able to know better especially with all his losses in the past region leagues. I know I am kind of bashing but when watching this season on the Pokemon TV app when it was on my phone, made me sad with how the character of Ash kind of went downhill. This season should’ve been written a bit more. And the casting for Iris for me…she did kind of sounded bored! Which reminds me!

Did You Know?4Kids was the original dubbing studio for Pokemon. By 2006, they handed all licensing to Pokemon USA which is now the Pokemon Company. I miss the old casting, which had Veronica Taylor as Ash and did an awesome job as May in the third generation anime. And of course, Eric stuart as Brock and Rachel Lillis as Misty.

Pokemon XY is the current series where Ash travels with childhood friend, Serena, and brother and sister duo, Clement and Bonnie. I did like the premiere episode or episodes where Ash meets his first Pokemon in this region, Froaky! And then it does show a little bit of mega evolution with Blazeken.

There have been seventeen films for this anime along with it! And the recent has been Diansy and the Cocoon of of Destruction. I can see why Diansy was a special Pokemon for the games. If you want a full list, I would say go to Wikipedia because we all know that each region came with 2 to 3 movies each, especially with the Unova region which looked like it had four because it dealt with Victini, Reshiram, Kyuram, the three or shall I say Four Musketeer Pokemon since you meet the Fourth one in Black and White 2, and of course, Keldio. And oh yes, Genesect, which that movie…introduced Mega Evolved Mewtwo Y which led into X and Y.

Card Game: The TCG for Pokemon pretty much is like the video games except you collect cards in the real world of the many Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy cards, which are used to power up for attacks. I have collected the cards myself and have grown with them and man it has evolved in the rules and the cards! I can’t collect anymore due to being blind even though I do have decks with braille labels. I just play the video games! You can find the XY packs and tins, not sure if they have some for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire since they made cards for Heart Gold and Soul Silver!

Manga: Pokemon had various manga, especially published for North America. The first was The Electric Tale of Pikachu which was split into four titles, which the first one was Electric Tale, then Pikachu Shocks Back, Pikachu Boogaloo, and Sufs Up Pikachu! These manga were based loosely on the anime While Pokemon Adventure was mostly based on the video games and does go by the player characters you play as in each region. Ther are many others that were released by Viz and not by Viz but another company here in the US. There are too many to mention but those are the main two since I remembered reading Electric Tale when it was published here back in the 90s.

So, that is it for this TransMedia Tretrospective! Pokemon has been a major part of our lives and it is still is to this day! With new games, merch, and of course more anime, this has been an evergrowing series and will keep growing! No matter how it will keep going, we will Gotta Catch Em All!

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? With mentioning Pokemon, I will do a cosplay post on it since I am working on my latest Pokemon cosplay! And also now waiting on my Ipsy and BoxyCharm shipping e-mails! And well….decided next post I need to talk about something serious that has taken place in the Beauty World! Stay tuned for that!

Mini Hot Cash Haul and ELF Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know I was going to be doing the next TransMedia Retrospective but decided to bring my Hot Cash and a small ELF haul for you! It’s been a while for a haul since we expanded into music and have been busy looking for a job and of course Braille Reading Contest! And this month will be busy as hell since Omni Expo is this month and I have my annual eye appointment…booo! Anyuway, let’s get started!

Hot Topic Hot Cash for April! Well, I was glad to get money in my account which is down to little due to finding the Pikachu plushie I was looking for for a little while now and did get the alert texts from Hot Topic a week ago with the whole “It’s the last day! Use it!” So, did and man I had a hard time finding things that I wanted. Didn’t go for shirts since I have enough shirts as is right now and found three items and then later on went to the store while dropping an application.

Harley Quin Nylon Train Case! You guys know I love Harley Quin and jester characters, such as Kuromi from Sanrio the most! But of course Harley Quin is my most fave when it comes to DC, and of course she’s the answer to creating a Dead Pool. If you’re wondering what that means….well Gondras read me the new Harley comic and she is pretty much Dead Pool in DC and pretty much goes with the alternate voice but in a stuffed beaver doll named Bernie and she does break the fourth wall a lot! It’s funny and cute, of course Ivy shows up since they are always paired up! Back to the haul, I had a hard time choosing what I wanted and decided to look around the Harley stuff since it’s been a while since I got anything of her after the perfume and robe, I found this and it’s a train case that is pretty much a Caboodle with the Harley logo in the Batman logo style! It has the mirror and man it’s more roomier than my old Caboodle! I was surprised I was able to fit a lot of things! At first I thought it would be small to keep my professional kit but I can keep both that and my cosplay make up kit which these kits are both my Naked Basics pallets, the Almay Bold Nudes pallet in the Green Eyes version, my Maybelline Rose Petal blush, my ELF Essentials Clear Brow and Lash mascara, my Rob Sheppy pallet for my Pokemon costume for Omni this year, my color tattoo in Inked in Pink, which I am definitely going to get my Fairy Tail mark done when I do Lucy for AFO, my Cupcake Butter Gloss and Cupcake Lip Butter! I almost thought about putting the Miss Manga mascara in it buuuuttt I tend to wear it on some days when I feel like grabbing it. Forgot to mention, my blush I am using for my ice trainer as well. And of cour a brush to draw the Fairy Tail mark! I am so glad to find this on there because I almost got the make up bag but I have enough of them due to Ipsy that I don’t need anymore! Thought this was a good choice since the make up bag I used for the professional kit was getting fuller with the Naked Basic pallets. On top of that, the one I had from Caboodles was breaking a little. Way to go Hot Topic!

Polka Dot Brush Set! Lately I have been having a bit of a brush obsession! Didn’t help that I had to replace my eyebrow brush that came in my brush set from WalMart with a Real Techniques one. While going through Hot Topic’s site, I looked around in the make up area and found this and that is a set of five brushes and they have polka dot patterns on them! I did like the price since they were around 50 cents less than what WalMart sold and I did see they got a 5 out of 5 rating on the website. It looks like the set has a face brush, three eye brushes, one for the crease or liner, a precise chisel brush, and a regular eye brush, and of course an eyebrow brush, always good to have a spare just in case! They also feel pretty lightweight and can’t wait to use them!

LA Girl Eye Shadow Brick in Smokey! Well, another eye shadow pallet to add to the arsenal of pallets I own and that is the Eye Shadow Brick in Smokey by LA Girl! I heard of LA Girl before through YouTube and was surprised that Hot Topic sold them along with their Black Heart make up line! I thought it would be great to check them out since I found this on their site. They do have the Nudes pallet if I remembered but the Smokey pallet caught my interest and decided to order it. The pallet is pretty big and it has twelve shadows and pretty versatile. I can’t wait to try these out since I heard good things about it and saw one bad review on it but it didn’t stop me. On the LA Girl site these retail for $9 while Hot Topic sold these for fifty cents more, which doesn’t make sense but at the same time was a good grab, especially with Hot Cash!

In Store: So, while dropping off an application to work, I decided to see if they had the Harley style logo necklace I saw on the website at the store since I feel as though I should’ve bought during the Hot Cash use and went and was told about the choker and got that along with a set of six pairs of Harley themed earrings, which feature some as Aces, the black and red diamonds you see on her jester outfit, and even the ones I am currently wearing and they are jester hats, which are cute! Unfortunately, I had to go back right away because the choker didn’t fit! I thought it would with the adjustable chain but it is more for someone with a tiny neck which I think is impossible, it would be more of a bracelet. I did exchange it by using the money to put it for the necklace to be shipped to the store. I need to mention this, there is one thing I missed that gets carried regularly in Hot Topic in the past and they were the belt chokers! They do get carried in October for Halloween but I do miss them being carried because it’s easier to wear the belt chokers since they are adjustable and it would be better if the Harley Quin chokers were in that style instead of the velvet types or just extend the ribbon to fit the bigger sizes. Heck, here’s a nice design idea, the belt choker with the black and red diamonds and then do the Harley logo. Sounds pretty good huh? I can’t wait to get my paws on the necklace and wear it.

E. L. F. Haul Time! Lately I have been going a little bit E. L. F. crazy. As you know, they are a make up company that gets carried in Target and in some WalMarts and Walgreens, well during Christmas. I had my eye on a few things on the website and have been hearing about and decided to get them. First, the website! After shopping on the Hot Topic website, decided to hop over to the E. L. F. website and decided to grab the Highlight pallet, which is a pallet that contains four highlighters. I am getting more into highlighting and saw that a lot of people loved this and I am glad to see what this will hold when I start using it. Another item is another Essntials Clear Brow and Lash Mascara because I feel mine will be running out soon and not sure if it’s carried in the stores and loved this product! And then did want the blush pallet but didn’t want to go crazy despite how cheap this brand is, so I decided to see if any of the Targets had it and they did. I was glad to drop by after an interview and get it for the Light Skin I believe and it has four blushes, one pink, one peach, a tan, and I think a coral. It felt soft when I wore it when Gondras and I saw Avengers 2 and it felt light! I do have an ELF studio blush and loved how that felt and this pallet still has that feeling! I will have to try it with the highlighter to see how that goes.

Well, that is it for this haul! Next up will be the Transmedia Retrospective I promised! Stay tuned!