BoxyCharm and Ipsy May 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am working on the Pokemon Cosplay post but in the meantime, guess what? What time is it? It’s BoxyCharm and Ipsy Time! I just received these this past week! Well, Ipsy was supposed to arrive Wednesday but it came Thursday, which the shipping was weird like with my Juice Beauty lip gloss set I bought from them and had to wait til Tuesday. BoxyCharm, on the other hand, arrived today which I didn’t get the tracking e-mail til Thursday. I hate it when tracking goes crazy! So, to me both of these this month were…meh! Why? The items were okay and somewhat not my cup of tea, even gave one thing to my mom since she would use it more than I do, let’s see what I got!

Ipsy: This month’s theme was Jetsetter which deals with how everyone will be traveling and how fashion is going up and changing, especially with spring and summer. Plus, this month you got one item that a stylist really likes and mine came with something that Chris and Dominique liked, I think it was the Tart item, don’t know since I couldn’t see the image. And on top of that, you got one out of three designs this month for the bag. I remembered there was a mini clutch and I got a regular Ipsy bag. Which is okay, but would’ve loved the clutch! Now onto what I got!

Brioggio Spray In Conditioner: I was actually happy about this since I did get the hair mask by Brioggio but that was way before I got my highlights and gave it to my mom since she colors her hair more than I do. This on the other hand I can use on my hair since it is so frizzy, especially when summer comes around! I did start using it to try it out and like the feel and smell of it. I hope to get more hair items like this since I tend to love trying new items for hair!

Urban Decay Glide On Lip Pencil + Lip Gloss Sampler: Okay, a two in one with Urban Decay. Ipsters got this, well depending on who got it and that was the glide on lip pencil with tiny samples of the new Revolution Lip Gloss. There was an Ipsy Me offer for it but didn’t want to pay the $22 but did get a dupe for it from Mac, which is funnier since it was the same day as learning about the new Urban Decay gloss. Some of the Ipsters on the Ipsy Trades page did say this is a repeat but I never seen it anywhere even if I started joining last year, I do know they did do the liner last April. I am glad to get another Urban Decay product since I only buy their items if they are on sale or at least the Naked Basics pallets. And of course, do have the Perversion samples and love that mascara! This is interesting since it looks like the pencil is deluxe size or at least the same size as the City Colors lip pencil I got with the make up set last year. Wait, it’s full size since it’s longer than the City Colors one. I did hear that some people got this and it’s in the color Ozone and it’s clear. I don’t mind if it’s clear because it would go nice with anything without mismatching the lip colors. The lip glosses are little foil packets, I wish they were actual tubes instead because they would fit better in the little cardboard packet. Way to go Ipsy!

Clorane Eye Patches: Something I didn’t want but gave to my mom and that they are the Soothing Eye Patches for tired eyes. I don’t have any tired eyes or eye bags since I’m still young and do get enough sleep. Some YouTubers do start the anti-againg ritual in their 20’s but there are times that it’s too early and plus if you seen my pics in all my cosplays, I don’t look my age! I look more like a 15 year-old! I do wear under eye concealer to camoflague some dark circles but I won’t wear the patches until I get older! So glad my mom took them.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream: I wasn’t exp[ecting this and thought this was a fave by Chris and Dominique since I tend to hear how she sometimes use IT Cosmetics and know that it’s a great company but don’t buy their items for myself. I did get an under eye concealer months ago but gave it to my mom since my eyes don’t need it with the anti-aging properties it gives. This one…was on the fence! I hear good things about BB and CC creams and the only turn off is the SPF part. I live in Florida and know how the sun is damaging on the skin and unfortunately my skin is sensitive to SPF products, well when it comes in moisturizers at least. I did wear this when I went to Miami yesterday due to how bad the sun can get and I didn’t want to wear a lot of make up since they would put eye drops in my eyes and would mess up any liner or mascara or shadow! I only took this and my Mullein and Sparrow lip tint. It was pretty easy to apply despite not having a primer. I was worried that my skin would break out but didn’t so far, I will be using this more and if it does, well throw it out.

Scone Retractable Eye Liner: I was happy to find out that I was getting another eyeliner in my bag. This one is by a company called Scone and heard about them through Ipsy of course! I never got to try it since I never got it before and glad to receive it! Everyone who got it was getting it in Navy. I do have blue eyeliners and try to use the pencils up but at least got one in blue. Better than black since I still have a ton of!

That was Ipsy! As said, was a meh month! I am hoping that June brings something better and exciting.

BoxyCharm: Now to BoxyCharm! Like January and February, this box was okay! Not the biggest one in my opinion! I thought April and March were better and I did like some of the items, well three of them. This month’s theme is Bold and Beautiful which according to the card, should step out of the comfort zone except two items were items I won’t be using!

Bodyography Eye Brow Trio and Eye brow and Lash Brush: Putting these together since they go together this month due to being by the same company! I am only going to use the brush in my professional and cosplay make up kit due to how I love using brow brushes. One side of the brush is meant for lashes and look like a mascara wand, which is handy! The other, kind of looks like a regular brushg but it’s for brows. I take it this is meant for the brow powders but won’t use them, I may use it to brush the brow gel I use a lot more easily. While the brow trio,seeing if I can give it away since no one wants it on the Ipsy Trades page when I asked about swapping it. This features three powders for dark, medium, and light toned brows which pretty much, according to the card, best for any hair color.

Model Co. Bronzing Powder With Shimmer: The other product I won’t be using and that is the bronzing powder with shimmer by Model Co. I heard of Model Co. mostly through Ipsy and got the blushes they gave away, one that came in the bag and the other I wapped for. As you know, I am not into use bronzers just blushes. I don’t get the appeal of them like self-tanning! I am also giving this away to a friend and seeing if her sister uses the eye brow products.

Lauren B. Nail Polish in In Juicing: Yet another nail polish for this box and was glad to get it! Laren B. Beauty is line I heard through BoxyCharm and I think Birchbox also gives them out and this is a high end line which I am glad to get in BoxyCharm this month! I got it in the color InJuicing which is a light green color. Others got the peachy shade and glad to get this color even more since I do tend to wear green polishes! Can’t wait to see how it looks!

The Lip Bar Lipstick in Kiss Me: You remembered how I mentioned The Lip Bar in my LimeCrime Controversy post and well…here they are! It was the lip product being given to all Charmers this month and I was really happy, which made me reach out to them! As you know, these girls make the bold colors and the crazy colors like blue and green as examples, and of course the regular nudes! They were also featured on Shark Tank which is even bolder, but was kind of sad that they weren’t given the endorsement. I was glad to get a lipstick in my box and was very intrigued about the packaging which looks like a stencil almost! It is very unizue and I would say, for a blind person like me, this is a package I love! I mean, with the curvature and the stencil outlinings, this would be easy for me to find in my entire drawer if I were to use this, which I got the color Kiss Me, which is a hot pink color! I wish a lot of make up brands do packaging like this since it is pretty nice to feel, especially for a braille user like me and yeah it does come with a nice pouch, but feeling for the tube would be the better thing! I did try it on and oh man…it is sooooooo lightweight! It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips! I know it costs a bit more than MAC but two dollars less than Urban Decay and these were made by hand! The Lip Bar, if you’re reading this! I am loving your product so far and start sending me products! I really want to support you guys if it means I have to save up for your stuff and join your Martini Bar Membership! And if you guys want to check them out:

Well, that is it! As said before, not that great of a month! I found the past few months better for both. I do like the Urban Decay lip pencil, loving the spray conditioner from Brioggio, definitely use the eyeliner, the eyebrow brush, the Lip Bar lipstick, and nail polish! I will say I am still trying out the CC cream by IT since so far not having any adverse effects, so far so good. I am hoping June brings something good since I am waiting to see if Boxy does get the Revealed 3 in the future.

I will be finishing my Pokemon Cosplay post before the weekend, if not, will try to get it up before I do all my Omni coverage which who am I interviewing this year?

Mike McFarland, which I will be asking about his work on Attack On Titan, Bryce Pappenbrook, Josh Grell, Trina Nishmura, and Lauren Landa about their voice roles in the anime and other roles they’ve done, and finally Ricki aka Riddle from Heroes of Cosplay about her cosplay experiences! Stay tuned for all of that!

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