Cosplay: Pokémon!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another cosplay post for you guys! Since summer’s under way and the newer summer season has begun, especially with Omni Expo in one week for me and my press team, it’s time for the age old question, “What will my cosplay be this year?”

We will be looking into Pokemon for the cosplay post since of course all thanks to the games still being popular to this day, a lo more cosplays have been coming out. Of course yours truly is one of them, we will be looking into the trainers rather than the Pokemon since so many people have been doing their fave Pokemon and a little less when it comes to human characters, kind of saw it during the MetroCon Pokemon Photo Shoot.

To me the trainers are bit easier to do, yeah I know some of the designs are complicated, like the Pokemon Ranger costumes in some of the designs but doing original stuff usually is pretty easy and able to find parts for. Let’s see what I think when it comes to Pokemon cosplay!

The Plushies: Like the trainers in the games and anime, there is that Pokemon they tend to carry in their little Pokeballs or have them travel behind them like in Heart Gold and Soul Silver out of the ball, normally carrying a plush of whatever Pokemon gives an idea of what your character would train or carry or even if you’re doing an existing one, getting one plush of that Pokemon they have gives the idea of the cosplay. There are TONS of plushies that have been made over the years for the entire franchise and that really includes many variations of Pikachu, the main mascot. What if you can’t find that plush? There are people that do make plushies of Pokemon and they tend to give you a good pricing. I did find one plush version, well two of them, of Raichu and was able to get them both despite having my life size one. Still, you can find plushies of some Pokemon that are not normally plushies, for example my friend Vivi has a Haunter now. Not only that, there are really good plushies by Tomi that have been made and they are the Eveelutions, which I almost bought Silveon but got a better Glacceon for my newest cosplay which is an ice gym trainer. Tomi, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a well known Japanese Toy company and they make pretty good plushies including Pokemon. If you see any of these things, I would say pick them up. And of course, you can find pretty good plushies at conventions depending on the stand, which they can have a few or a lot, for instance I was able to find a lot of plushies I kind of didn’t get at one stand at MythiCon last year that included my Raichu, a Mew, and Marill. EBay is also is another place along with Amazon since there are times where plushies do sell out at retailers like Target, WalMart and even Hot Topic, so look around on there in case if you can’t find the one you want or was sold out, and if need be, try to get one made.

The Outfit: Now this is where the imagination can run! Well, not run too much because there are dress codes at these conventions and kids time to time. As you guys know, there are many classes of trainers through the game series such as swimmers, perfume ladies, the gym trainers, and now even the restaurant staff which would work as a maid café if they wanted. Hell, would be interesting to do a recreation of Café Lysander from Lumios City! Anyuway, outfits can be of an existing character in the game or even be original for any OCs or a re-design if wanted to. For instance, if you guys saw my interview with Eric Stuart, you notice my Pokemon Ranger costume was slightly different since it was based on a different design where it was a t-shirt, vest, scarf, and pants. I decided since my character was originally from Slateport and living in Sinnoh due to his back story, why not do it on more of a beachy look by wearing flip flops to do the sandal look, then had black shorts, my red shirt with the Ranger patches with the number 5 and of course a red scarf, the goggles in red and black, and a black bandana. And of course my old Ginji Amano gloves with red duct tape on the plating! I will put the video of part 1 so you can get the idea! I am planning on a different variation and won’t mention it right here since people would do it first. In the words of Xellos from Slayers Next, “Now that’s a secret!”

If you’re wondering on getting parts for your costumes, there are a number of places you can look around! Of course definitely Good Will and Salvation Army due to how people donate their old clothing. This would give nice opportunities for some upcycling to take place if need be!Even Burlington, Ross, and if you can find one, Plato’s Closet has some good stuff to use even if it’s a little bit higher but in reasonable range of a budget. Speaking of alterations…

Patches: Knowing with a lot of trainers, rangers, and so many other characters, there are symbols they tend to wear on their clothing. When you look at it, I see it more as a uniform, as in trainers wear their trainer regalia, the gym leaders do the same, the Elite Four as well, and so on. As you know, they are specific symbols for each! The trainers have Pokeball symbols on their clothing, Team Rocket with the R, heck even the new Fairy girls have a Lolita look to them to distinguish them. There is one thing I do when it comes to cosplaying anything Pokemon is distinguishing my costumes with patches. For my gym leader or trainer cosplays I have the element they specialize in to show what gym they belong to, my character Ike becomes gym leader in Vermillion in my fan fics and I have the thunder symbol from the cards to show he does thunder types and for my newest one, kind of on a side of either naming her Priscilla or Avery, she has snowflakes on her sleeves. How did I get them? The snowflakes are from Amazon since you can’t get them until Christmas while the patches I used for Ike, on the other hand, came from felt. Felt is easy to come by and easy to use since you can make anything out of them and you don’t have to bother ironing them down, which can be a hassle, and with the felt it looks professional in a way. You can see the Pokemon Ranger patches in my video which was a great feat to get made! Knowing with the elementals, you can use the symbols on the energy cards to create them as your design, for instance, I still think of doing Jasmin from Olivine and have the steel symbol either as a necklace or on the front or back of the sundress she wears. The wig will be hard knowing about it. And of course, I may do Roxy from Black and White 2 by having buttons of the poison symbol as a patch or a button to represent her rocker side. There are many ways of thinking of doing the elemental symbols for Pokemon for patches or any other way since with gym leaders it can be easier to know what type they specialize and I did come up with this due to not seeing anything represent them besides the clothes they wear. Even doing the patches for trainer clothing would be easier since their symbol is easy to get done.

Wigs: Besides the patches, there are the hair do’s that characters tend to have and Pokemon tends to be a world with different colors of hair besides your normal black, brown, red, and blonde. We tend to see blue, purple, green, orange, and of course with the newest character, going with white, that is where buying wigs come in handy! It’s easier with wigs since there are many cuts and styles that can be made and bought. I always recommend Cosplay DNA the most when it comes to wigs since they sell a lot of the wigs in many colors. For instance, I did buy mboth my dark blonde and light, golden blonde wig from them alongside the white, bob cut from them as well for Vivi’s panel last year that will be used for my newest cosplay. Even Cosplay Magic can be a great possibility when it comes to wigs since they have a big selection. What if you can’t get a wig on time or can’t find the right color and didn’t ship out due to certain reasons? Well, in some towns or conventions they do have stands that sell wigs! They tend to sell them for reasonable prices and do have tons of colors and styles, heck even spiked wigs are easy to get in conventions and wig shops if you’re lucky. So, have some fun looking!

Well, that is about it for this post! I know it seemed short but hey, cosplay is pretty fun and easy to talk about. If you guys want to see a post for another anime series or game series, just request!

What is next for Nerdy Shique universe? My coverage from Omni Expo 2015!

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