Convention Impossible: Omni Expo 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, Omni Expo has passed and it’s time for the newest review in Convention Impossible! Man, what a weekend! New location, new guests, new panels, and new cosplay since Gondras was still doing his Doctor cosplay! Omni 2015 was a great convention and overall fun experience and glad that it had a new place and so on. So, is it a “Convention Accomplished” like last year just a Complete? Let’s see!

Location: Unlike last year, this year’s convention was held at the beautiful Rosen Center! Don’t get it confused with the Plaza counterpart, this one is across the street from the Convention Center where MegaCon is usually held! This location was better because it wasn’t a mobility nightmare for me, as in it wasn’t so bright that I couldn’t see where I was going despite my frontal vision was bad but couldn’t spot anything on the walls. Which included the bathroom doors. Plus, there weren’t so many mirrors reflecting like the World Center which made the brightness even worse. There was only one area that had windows and that was the front of the hotel and better lighting as you go deeper into the halls, which made it better and easier on my eyes and Gondras’ as well. On top of that, you only paid for the parking garage and handicapped parking was pretty easy to access. Better than paying $15 to park for the convention like at the World Center, which I did go to the Human Resources office not too long ago at the World Center and it usually costs $18 for a normal visit. At least it was only $10 for the convention here and there was easy access to the hotel from the garage and parking lots. Not bad of a location, which I may look into wedding rates for this place since this is pretty awesome and the halls are big. Bigger than the old version of the Wyndham and they had a lot more rooms to use than the World Center and not many events were going on at the same time like last year. Still remembering how a beauty pageant guy thought I was a contestant while I was wearing cat ears and my bell collar Vivi gave me as a grad gift. Sad indeed! Better that this year there was private interview rooms this time around unlike last year with having them in the dealer’s room, which was a pain due to having attendees coming up to meet whoever they want to see and get turned away due to interviewing. So glad it worked out better this way by doing it in a room secluded from everywhere else without any interruptions besides technology.

Dealer Room: Speaking of dealer’s room, this year was better than the last year! I understand that it was its first year last year and also there was a convention that was going on at the same time, which more people came to this one instead, this year’s dealer room had more to offer! There were stands like Shark Robot, I believe I visited Anime Pagoda, even my fave Japanese snacks guy, who also sold keychains along with some snacks this time around, and a lot more to it. Plus there were the tattoo guys and a good set up for Artist’s Alley at the same time which was placed near the guest area. One stand I really liked was a person called Taiyaki Gaijin, who makes these little cakes called taiyaki and put on an American twist on them by making them into flavors that we know and love like M&Ms, Reese’s, and one that got me was the Chocolate Mint! You guys know that is my major kryptonite and it was delicious, which we did go back Sunday for the Sunday Special of three for $5! I hope they show up again and at AFO because I want to give them even more business! And I did find the DS Case maker but couldn’t get any other cases since of course trying to find a job and don’t have much cash to spend, I did get some other things, such as a fluffy goody bag since they didn’t do themed ones this time around. I was hoping to get the Fairy Tail hinted one but they didn’t do it this time. They did say this will be the last con for a while for them and they gave me free gifts with my goodie bag and also did get a cute zipper pouch with the cats from Sailor Moon and they gave me a matching charm for it. And did get a Keroppi ring too! They will be mostly selling online, I think we have their card and they will be selling handmade soaps and candles I believe. You know me, loving my handmade cosmetic items, so will be seeing about that when I can find the card. I also did pick up a new Happy plushie! I know I really love Happy and this one has him holding a fish! It was too cute that I had to get it. I am hoping they make actual plushies of the other Exseeds from Fairy Tail and yes I would buy them! I did get a jewelry box from a friend’s stand, we haven’t seen her in a long time since I graduated and Gondras went off to a different school, and she works with other people to make things and the jewelry box feature the two Exseeds from Sabertooth, Frosh and Lecter and it was way too cute! I even got their Frosh button because they made one of him too. They had other items, but there is always next time! Hoping for the next con I would have more money since I am on the hunt to get Attack on Titan Part 2 and Fairy Tail 15.

Guests: OMG! This year was Attack on Titan crazy! As in, a good portion of the guests were in this series while the rest were music, cosplay, and internet. I was happy that they brought Matthew Mercer back and he did recognize me from last year through the costume! I still love his voice by the way and did keep my interview with it. You can still read it here on Word Press, just search for “Omni Expo 2014: Interview with Matthew Mercer.” What really made me happy was Bryce Papenbrook! I did tell him after the interview and telling you guys here is that I was really happy that theyt announced him and this is how it happened. When I was in Daytona and finishing computer class one morning the teacher let me browse the computer before the bell rang and decided to see if the press forms were up. When I got to the site, I see “Special Guest Announcement” and clicked and saw his name and that he was a guest and I pretty much started squeezing and then thought, “Mari! Think where you are right now!” And I stopped and everyone looked at me and the teacher asked, “Are you okay?” I said, “Yes! Don’t mind me!” And of course he went, “Okay!” I was super excited yet shy at first but at least the interview was a success and you get to see it! I don’t want to spoil any of it, along with the ones with Trina Nishimura, Josh Grell, Mike McFarland, Riddle, and Lauren Landa, which she was pretty cool! She even noticed my Pokemon plushie since did play the original games like a good portion of us gamers and was offered Jelly Babies like everyone else. David Walde was also pretty cool since we talked about his roles, he was also surprised like Josh that I brought Air Gear, which has been a work they did before ADV changed to Sentai Filmworks. It was fun to see him, Josh, and Matt try and find places on the FullMetal Autograph to sign. Try having that thing since 2006 and watching it evolve. Another guest was a joy to see her go nuts was Jessica Calvello! She was pretty much having so much fun, especially cosplaying as her character in AOT, which she even got her jacket signed by everyone. I did like her panels with David and Matthew, the one with Matt was Saturday and it was funny. I did ask her if she would do her character of Excel if she were to redo it and she said, “I would but as a lower register! Doing it for so long was hurting my throat and probably hurt ears.” That is the extent of it, I did say I did like the Japanese version in my opinion when it came to Excel Saga. I did remember in Newtype that ADV did have to call Japan a few times to get the recording and voice right while it was being dubbed. In the end, I hope they get Jessica back because I know she had tons and tons of fun, even Gondras took pics of her playing around and dancing with the balloon titans this year. And all thanks to her, she gave me a post idea and won’t reveal it until the last interview or the AOT panel goes up on here!

Panels and Events: This year felt like “So Much to Do In Three Days!” because there were A LOT of panels to go to all weekend long! There were performances going on, teaching panels on how to do chiptunes, even cosplay, so much to do! Even the viewing room was amazing since they shown both subs and dubs of anime and of course theme songs of our fave cartoons. There were so many panels, even went to one of the Directors Showcase of “A Fairy’s Tail” and it was pretty entertaining with that. The one panel that we did tape and that was the Attack on Titan Voice Actor panel that took place again this year, which to me, wasn’t as funny as last year’s with just Matt and Kyle since they had really good back and forths but with the entire cast it was more restricted since there was someone hosting it. So yeah, less gross stuff, we did get a full version of a story that happened to Bryce during his interview, which you will get to see that whenever it gets posted. We did, well more like me, caught the panel with Matt and Jessica on Saturday night and man it was funny. We did respect the reason why of no video taping but it did make it awesome that they were asked to read 50 Shades of Gray. Of course Jessica has to ask like the most of us, “Who would write this!?” Yeah, if you saw the movie or didn’t, it was disappointing by what I heard. The costume contest was also pretty good and organized! There were a lot of costumes taking place such as a Demona from Gargoyles, which was pretty impressive and she had the personality! What won a reward, I believe it was “Best Anime” and that was the Kill La Kill cosplay which was pretty amazing! As said, so many events and panels went on and great to choose from. I hope to bring Blind EXP to this one if they have it again because it would be nice to show what it’s like to watch something from a blind person’s point of view, even if it is TV or anime.

Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! Yes it gets another accomplished in my book because we got to see so many things improve and this was its second year to take place. We saw how the dealer’s room was bigger and better, getting to meet the guests was great and having one on one interview with some of them as well, even getting to see other events take place. I also feel that the reason why it had a bigger turn out, especially Saturday, was due to how there were no other conventions taking place at the same time, since Florida Anime Experience did take place the same weekend as EDBD here, there were more people to come and more vendors to set up shop. Plus it was more organized and easy to maneauver the place!

Needs for Improvement: It’s hard to say! Can’t see that there were any needs, I would probably only say is how and what kind of technology we should use. Not only that, I did kind of get annoyed that the guests didn’t know that we do video interviews because, if you remembered last year, transcribing was getting harder and harder for me. As in, it takes a long time to pause and listen to what the guest says and typing it at the same time and there was of course long paragraphs that some guests do, which of course was Troy Baker’s interview which man my fingers hurt afterwards and that got me to do those recorded for YouTube and it went well after MythiCon. I did specify that we were doing video during the convention on the forms, which included interviews. That was the only pet peeve I had. We did have good luck with the Canon camera and the IPad, hoping with AFO it will be better! Everything else, on the other hand, was perfect! Everything was well organized and better dealer room, etc.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Since we started the Omni coverage, it will continue with the start of the interviews and our video from the Attack on Titan panel! Stay tuned for my interview with Mike McFarland, ADR Director of the series!

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