Omni Expo 2015: Attack On Titan Actors Panel!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, I was supposed to have my interview with Lauren Landa up and then next would be Bryce Papenbrook, but waiting on Gondras to send the videos to me. So, in the meantime, I have something completely different despite the out of orderness.

Since Omni had a good portion of the cast of Attack On Titan this year, they of course had to bring back the cast panel! Last year it was only Matthew Mercer and Kyle Hebert, now this year we got everyone! We had Austin Tindle, Bryce, Trina, Josh, and of course the lovable Jessica Calvello. Also glad that Matt Mercer appeared in time that day! So, you get to see the hijinks unfold at this year’s panel! Even the balloon titans appeared, which last year there was a ballon Colossal Titan and this year it was the Armored Titan. We did get to interact with the guys of No Ordinary Ballon Guy throughout the weekend and even gave them our card to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, hello to No Ordinary Balloon Guy!

Okay, next time, hoping I get the videos from Gondras, if not, will get the one with Riddle next! Just stay tuned unless I may have to feed Gondras to titans that may be storming some walls right now! Enjoy the video of the panel in the meantime!

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