Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Riddle!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. Another interview for you all and it deals with cosplay!

As you guys know, I tend to talk about cosplay on here as one of the many things that is part of nerd culture. I was able to interview a cosplay guest at this year’s Omni Expo and she has been on the show Heroes of Cosplay. I know the show has been kind of controversial with certain aspects and I did review season one and do have my opinions about it but at least I was glad to talk one on one with her about cosplay and that is Ricki, aka Riddle. For anyone who has seen season one, she was the one who created the Female Rocketeer cosplay. I can say that that takes guts to create and as a cosplayer, I can look up to that and makes me happy that she was a guest. I didn’t get to go to her panel since was getting items signed but glad to talk to her, so enjoy!

Hoping to get the Laura Landa and Bryce interviews up soon, but I do have the Trina and Josh interviews ready to be posted here, stay tuned!

And a heads up, reason why the audio is kind of crappy, it was done in the dealer room and someone had music playing.

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