May and June Favorites 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the permanent make up controversy until I didn’t realize that it was close to the end of June and that means May and June favorites! This May and June, I had a few faves from Omni Expo and a few beauty thingslet’s see what I got for you guys this time and good news, no not-so-faves!

Favorite Voice Actor Moment: Meeting Matthew Mercer again and meeting Jessica Calvello and see her geek out! Oh man, Omni was amazing this year! So many guests and so many events, man it brought a lot of great moments as well!One of them is meeting up with Matt Mercer during his second year back and he did recognize me through my cosplay despite having my crappy cold last year. Don’t worry, diddn’t get sick again before the convention. I did have Gondras with me and he was cosplaying of course the 4th Doctor and that was the one that got Matt into Doctor Who since it was what he watched before going to school. Don’t worry, he got a Jelly Baby along with Lauren Landa and some of the other guests! Another moment is seeing Jessica Calvello go nerdy the entire weekend, even cosplaying as her character from Attack on Titan! It is great to see a voice actor have fun and Jessica Calvello is one of them! Still great to see her panels with Matt and David Walde!

Favorites Interview: Bryce Papenbrook! It was hard to choose from the interviews I done but Bryce Papenbrook’s stood out the most since I waited the months before to meet him and glad to have that one on one with him. Plus, it was the most head breaking one, which I will reveal it and that is his dad played the role of Rito Revulto in Power Rangers. I watched a video of it and was like “OMG, it is him!” Bryce is a very nice guy and a very talented one at that!

Brushes: Kabuki Brush by ELF and Concealer Brush by Glamier! I am adding brushes to this list because there are two fave brushes that I have been using. First is the ELF Kabuki brush and man I can see why people went crazy for this one! It is easy to hold and very soft and easier to apply my foundation now on top of the newer foundation primers I’ve been trying out for a change. It also doesn’t cost that much either like the Bella Pierre one I got in my BoxyCharm this month which is $20 and bigger than it because the Bella Pierre one is a bit smaller and sheds a little when I first got it like other people. Next is the Glamier Concealer Brush from this month’s Ipsy bag. I might be cheating since I started using this once I got it in my bag but couldn’t wait to use it! I love how soft it is and easy to blend my spot concealer which is what I use it for. I use a smaller one for my under eye concealer from one of the brush sets I got this month, this one is best for the spot concealing since it can provide the easier canvas for foundation and with blending the foundation with the kabuki, with whatever I don’t blend with the concealer brush it will blend the rest which makes it better.

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner! Speaking of brushes, I had to bring up something interesting I found and that is the ELF Daily Brush Cleaning Spray! As an ELF user, I didn’t know this exist until I bought an eye primer to try out after using up the Mica eye primer I received in Ipsy and then my dad found a brush cleaner. I decided to get it and try it out since I like to clean my brushes a lot more easily than just soap and water and that seems to gunk up the brushes a bit, which my foundation brush from ELF has gone through that. Anyways, this is an easy to use spray which you just spray the bristles and use a cloth, which I use a standard towel, and clean off the make up and residue. I did read through my Open Book when checking directions on the box (For any curious readers, it’s a scanning program for the blind that reads documents, it helps read the BoxyCharm cards and packaging for buying make up when needed) and saw that it mentioned a brush shampoo. I have to hunt that down whenever I go back to Target or might have to see about the website having it. I am so glad ELF has their own brush cleaner because it sure beats just soap and water and it is easy to do it in one, two, three since the brush dries right away. I don’t know how much it costs, maybe it’s a bit more than the make up items that get sold, I would say try it out especially for any make up artists that need that rapid clean while on the run without breaking the bank!

Mica Eye Primer! I finally started using it since I ran out of the City Color Cosmetics one I’ve been using since last December. I got this in my Ipsy bag along with many other people and not sure if I did mention it in a faves but mentioning it now! I know Mica is a highend brand and saw the price on an eye shadow duo that Ipsy had for an Ipsy Me and I think it was close to $40 retail on Mica and I could imagine how much this would be normally. Also, Mica does show up in BoxyCharm time-to-time as full size and would be interesting to get the full-size of this in that box because…the only problem I have with this version from Ipsy is that it’s hard to reach in and get the product! When you open it, it pretty much dips into it and it’s hard to do it with the finger so I grab one of my smaller shadow brushes, I think it’s the Bare Minerals one that Mommy Gondras gave me or the Urban Decay one from the Ammo pallet I got when it was discounted, still decided to use that brush to get the product and it works well but you need to swipe it a few times to get it on the brush. I do like how it holds my shadows for hours! I did find it interesting how some people found a black spot or two in their sample of this but me nope! I understand how bad and scary that could be but mine was lucky! I hope I get more eye primers like this as sample sizes because it shows me what brands do make them and let you experiment!

Foundation Primers by NYX, Smashbox, and Rimmel! It seems that lately I’ve been experimenting with new foundation primers because it costs too much to buy the Ulta Matte Prime and decided to branch out a little. Plus, there are times where some locations sell out of the Ulta Matte Prime even during sales when they do their special buy one get one half off or buy two get two free, even the $5 sale they had in November, still it costs a bit much! I started to try out with NYX’s eye primer which is a smaller version but it did a pretty good job in holding my foundation. I didn’t like how greasy it kind of felt and even though it was good for my skin-type, I kind of felt it a little itchy at certain points of the day and of course ran out a little too quickly. Then of course, I did try out the Stay Matte one from Rimmel! This one was something I saw how people liked it! It felt smooth on my face despite it being a little heavier and it felt cool while applying it! As in, it didn’t burn or anything, I can see why people liked this since it doesn’t break anyone out and good for sensitive skin as well. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as the NYX one which that one was $13 according to Ulta and the RImmel one is $7 at CVS, not sure if Ulta locations near me carry the RImmel one but glad to see that I can get a cheaper option than the Ulta Matte Prime. Now onto the Smashbox one! I got this in my June Ipsy like a lot of Ipsters! If you saw my post of what I got, I was skeptical and did my research and was glad to see that it was for my skin-type since I did back out from getting the starter kit that had this and didn’t want to risk my skin! I did try it out and enjoyed the feeling! For a $36 primer, I liked how it did help blend everything in and it was very convenient since some people do have oily skin around this time of year and glad Ipsy had it. I may get the starter kit if it still exists if I wanted to use the primer again but I will be sticking to Rimmel since I do like how it stays put and doesn’t feel itchy or doesn’t burn like most facial products do.

Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty Pallet! Now onto the real beauty products and this one has been a favorite ever since I tried a sample through Ipsy and that is the Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty shadow pallet! For anyone who doesn’t know who Rob Scheppy, which I did a little research, he is the make up artist for the Cardatians and he did start making his pallet for ‘Tini beauty this year. I didn’t know what ‘Tini Beauty was until YouTuber talked about getting some items with points and noticed that some of the make up oproducts are named after bar names and Ipsters got samples of Pearl Fizz. I was happy that the full pallet was up for an Ipsy Me offer and it contains eight shadows which I used this pallet to create the eye look for my ice trainer cosplay for Omni. I used the four middle shades to have a nice frosted look and man it looked good! I will use this time to time for smoky looks whenever I feel like it but this is a cosplay pallet that I will be using for my ice trainer!

Provaclips in Kiss Fatale by Rimmel! Another cosplay make up item that I used with my ice trainer cosplay and that is the Provaclips in Kiss Fatale! I love this since I got Kiss Me You Fool from the same line and thought it would be perfect for the deep deep, plum color. I thought it would fit with the whole looking as if I was freezing my butt off in an ice gym and of course needed something that would be long-lasting during the entire convention weekend. I hardly had to re—apply, especially Saturday when we had to run all over the place the most due to the many panels, meeting guests, and the AOT panel! Still felt light and stayed put! Plus, doesn’t cost so much! I would say get one of these by Rimmel since Rimmel is a well-known make up company, heck I still use Captivate Me from the Stay Glossy line.

Ruby Woo by Mac! I got another MAC product and that is the lipstick in Ruby Woo! I heard Grav3yard Girl talk about this one for the longest time and my cat ears were curious as always and picked it up while MAC had their free second day shipping offer and thought I would take a try at it. When I got it, I was surprised that it was packaged pretty well, like a chocolate on a pillow in a hotel! I do use this on top of lip balm because I feel the lipsticks on their own, for that matter any lipstick, feels dry and have to have that lip balm for moisture and feels a lot smoother while applying. I wanted to keep using it as days go on because of how lightweight it felt and it has pretty good staying power while drinking liquids. I will try out other lipsticks but still gotta finish up what I have, which is hard since new items do come out like crazy!

Blush Quad by ELF! I was happy to find out that ELF made a blush pallet and man it’s cheaper than the Lorac one since it is nice and compact, plus it still has the same quality as a higher end product. I do say that don’t have to spend too much to look good! I think I got the one for light skin because it comes in two skin tones, one for light and the other for darker skin and it is easy to apply and blend on the cheek bones. I would say get this pallet if you’re on a budget and it’s available at Target and the ELF website!

Mosaic Highlighter by NYX! Lately I have been into highlighting and I have been looking for more of powder highlighters because there are times when cream ones squeeze out too much and gets all over. I had to toss out the Beauty Crop one since it kept on squeezing so much out. I did like it but I rather use powder ones over creams due to how much more control I can get, especially when it’s in a pallet. This one I found with the help of the lady that worked at Ulta and she shown me the powder illuminators by NYX and this one stuck out the most and got it! It is a mixture of the different highlight colors of gold, silver, and bronze into one and you can mix them together to apply to your cheeks, nose, and around the chin. I do mostly the cheeks and sometimes my nose if I’m feeling it. It is always fun to use because I am not sticking to just one and trying to figure out which one I want to use that day, I can just mix all the glitters together. Plus it’s easy to blend into blush! I want to get some of the other ones since they do have a few others but this one is a staple!

Highlighter Pallet by ELF! This one I got off the ELF website since I can’t find it in stores along with their baked highlighters, which I am interested in trying out. Unlike the NYX powder highlighter I mentioned, this is more of a gel consistency but it comes in a nice, convenient pallet rather than a tube. It is easy to blend as well and tend to stay on pretty well! You get choices from four highlights, I am not sure if you can mix one or more but I do like choosing from more than one. I wish they carry these in Targets so I don’t have to order it when I run out.

Necklace: Harley Quin Bat Symbol! My favorite necklace is the Harley Quin bat symbol pendant since I couldn’t fit the choker, I was glad this one existed since it is more of a chain versus a velvet choker. I wish the chokers weren’t so small at Hot Topic, I mis the belt ones they use for the spike ones but those only come out for the fall and it sucks that happens now. At least this necklace fits and I like how you can adjust it to make it higher or lower on your neck and it has Harley’s logo in the shape of the Batman symbol.

Earrings: Harley Quin Set! Yes, I have to include these! I was also happy to find that earrings were made for Harley Quin, well themed after her and they come with six pairs. The only pair I or pairs I like are the black diamonds and the Jester hats. You know I love Jester characters and it was so cute that they made jester hat earrings for this set and of course can’t be complete without doing the diamond patterns she has on her suit. I wear the black diamonds time to time, or are they the red ones, don’t know, still great ot have this set. The only set that seems to be out of blace is the gun pair earrings. I hardly see Harley carry a gun, it’s always the Joker doing it! Heck, he even has a Saints Row moment in the Suicide Club animated movie carrying a gun in hand! I don’t think I will wear the gun pair, I think I will use the backings as extra ones in case I lost one like one night with my jester hat pair and did have to get another pack as a back up. I hope to find more Harley stuff in the future.

I think that is about it for these favorites! Will definitely and try and do that one post about permanent make up this coming week. Stay tuned!

Pokémon Review: Y Version

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. Time for a game review as a nice way of pulling away from beauty for a bit. I will get to the permanent make up thing next time but decided to give you my thoughts on a game.

I finally finished Pokemon Y Version since my New Year’s Resolution was to finish games I started, which I am on a good roll thus far due to how I finished Black version on New Year’s Day itself. Now it’s onto Y Version and man I liked it better than the older versions and I will tell you why!

Region and Pokemon: Like a lot of newer games and newer stories, this set of games, X and Y, take place in the new Kalos Region which is centered around France, well more like Europe in my opinion due to how you have Stonehenge in one area and a bit of Norway and Switzerland with two of the cities dealing with snow and the Alps when you look at the mountain region heading to the second to last city you need to battle. Also, some Indian principles as well due to how in this region, the legendaries Xernius and Yveltol, have a creation and destruction myth with it and will get to that during the story area. Anyuway, this region is pretty much Europe and it is easy to travel through due to how you not only have the FLY HM for later and getting a bike but you have roller skates on top of it. That is pretty convenient since it does get you to place to place in a lot of the towns, especially Lumios City, which is practically Paris, France and that play with the 3D elements better, which I will mention later.

Let’s talk about Pokemon for a second! Great thing about this game is that it introduces not only newer generation Pokemon such as the starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froaky but brings the past gen Pokemon as well! Heck, when you first meet Professor Sycamore, this regions Pokemon Professor, you get the Gen 1 starters, only one of them, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur which is a nice bonus for your team. I did have fun choosing Squirtle but Gondras did trade me his Charmander when he restarted X and boy did having Charizard on my team throughout the game brought so many memories! This was pretty handy to have the previous gens because it gives you better varieties in having different types and training them for the many gyms since you do have to face different Pokemon and that included bug, ground, ice, thunder, and even the newest type, fairy! Yes, they added the newest type as fairy and not only there were new Pokemon created for these types such as Flabebe as an example, but they did add the type to existing Pokemon that didn’t have it before such as Clefairy and Clefable are now considered fairy types and somehow Marill is included, don’t know why but they did that for this game when it is already a water-type. Besides adding this and creating newer Pokemon, there was also a new fairy-type Evee made to add to the already existing Evees, Sylveon! Still trying to get a plushie of it. Anyuway, you also get to go up against this Evee in the Laverre Gym against Valerie. Besides newer Pokemon made for this region, what was great is how you can train the Pokemon easier than the past few games and that was using the newer version of the EXP share! In the last few games you can give it to one Pokemon but this one you can turn it on after receiving it and it levels all your Pokemon at once after each battle. It sounds broken, oh it is, but at the same time very handy because there are times you use some Pokemon that you hardly use before on your team, such as I never used Oddish back in Blue and Red until teaching it cut and able to turn it into Vileplume after training it for certain battles and see how the attacks have changed. Hell, I haven’t used Dugtrio in years when I had to go up against Clemente in Lumios Gym which did help out with training it. Even going up against the Elite Four and the Champion was easier with this EXP Share on hand because it made beating them smoother than the past few games. I did say Black Version’s training system was bad, this beats it. Glad they included it in Salpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, which I am going to be working on Alpha Sapphire.

Besides training, there was a new feature added to this series and that Pokemon and Me which lets you become closer to your Pokemon. It allows you to pet your Pokemon, feed them, and also play mini-games to raise their affection levels so they can like you more. Great thing is that if you pet them in the wrong area, they will notify you such as Pikachu’s cheeks, he will zap you if you try to pet them there. I don’t get why even though in the anime it is a great massage area for them. Once you maxed out their affection levels, they unlock abilities that will help them out in battle and not get affected as much by damage or status ailments as previous games. Hoping this feature is added to more games later, I can imagine with a remake of the Diamond, Pearl and Pearl remakes if they get that far.

Story: Unlike Black, this story has not too much plot even though Black did flow and this one did too, but what made it weird was at some point it dealt with two guys being immortal. This story starts off your character moving to Vandeville Town in Kahlos and you meet, depending on who you choose, either Callom or Serena, Shana, Tierno, and Trevor to of course take on the gym leaders and Elite Four once a starter gets picked for that journey. I started off with Froaky as my starter since I heard about his final evolution being Gruninja. Gondras did choose Fennekin but restarted and traded it to me with his Charmander so I can hold onto them for breeding and he did start with Chespin. If they come out with Z Version, I might think of Fennekin since fire types don’t get muckh love.

Within the story, you get to meet the newest evil team, Flare, who think about spreading beauty and style across the world and destroy humanity to keep the beauty of the world in tact. In order to do that, they collect the Mega Stones, which this game, forgot to mention in the Pokemon section, Mega Evolutions of Pokemon that take on stronger forms and increase their strength except you can use one at a time. Sucks since I do have an Aerodactyl with a Mega Stone. Anyways, besides the mega stones, they build a machine and take the legendary Pokemon of whatever game you play to power it up with their immense power to destroy it. It did confuse me to hear that Lysander was immortal, which the machine that was created was a way to bring back a Pokemon he killed. Oh yeah, that still exists and of course there was a happy ending with another character but don’t want to spoil too much if you haven’t played the games or have someone who wants to play them, which I will get to that later.

With this game, well these games since Gondras has picked it back up not too long ago, has a better story plot than the last few games, well Black and White. Don’t worry, will get to White 2 soon and now about to work on Alpha Sapphire. Reason being is not only there was not too much plot like the last but it didn’t go all over the place. What do I mean by that? I felt it was more linear than waiting until post-game to finish the story with Flare and getting more interactions with the rival and other friends made it more worthwhile. I know with Black and White you got that with the rival and Bianca at certain points but this had more of it, especially when you got to go through some Flare stuff including the Pokeball factory. I did find it funny how when getting the fossil for your own dinosaur and the big nugget, your rival sees the big nugget and goes, “What will I do with this thing?” And still puts it in the bag, which of course like past games it gives you money and seeing that it was bigger it will give you more. Now with the destruction and creation portion of the story. Apparently, this story has folklore that deals with a god of destruction and a god of creation which is dealing with more Hindi folklore due to Xernius as the creation legendary while Yveltol being the destruction, there is a Z legendary but don’t know what he has to do with it, to me it makes it more interesting especially with how Flare gets whatever one you play in either version. As you know I did end up with Yveltol and that thing is a beast! If you played Y and caught this thing, you know when you hear its cry in the game you know you would run, especially with the move set it gains and new attacks along the way when it levels up! It is even awesome as Lugia but darker in a sense due to it being a Dark-Type. I wonder how the card would look if I were to get in a pack like Lugia. Still, back to the legends of these two Pokemon. It says on Bulbapedia that Xernius is known to create forests and to learn the move Geomancy and once it’s at the end of its life it will turn into a tree into a tree and sleep for a thousand years while Yveltol, on the other hand, is known for stealing life energy especially at its life’s end, which it takes the life energy from its surroundings and turns into a cocoon for its thousand year sleep. This big bird is the only one to learn Oblivion Wing and man that thing is powerful and not getting rid of it. Even with younger players, don’t get rid of it when you get this Pokemon. To me, when it comes to mythology, Yveltol reminds me of the Norse Serpent since it does get locked up for a long slumber, I bet it wasn’t happy when Lysander woke it up for his machine.

In the end, I liked the story of this game since it paced very well, the legendaries do have interesting tales with them. I hope there is another game to complete the three because of how everyone loved playing it. Try being surrounded by so many 3DS players with it while at school! Only thing that always got me is how a lot of the story revolved around Lumios City and you had to fly there a lot for certain things like doing jobs, even restoring power to the Northern half of the city with the Lumios Powerplant. Knowing with the third game if there is one, we may run into the same thing. I do like how the city is 3D, which makes it even nicer unlike Castelia City back in Black and White, which that was a navigation nightmare but for my eyes, Lumios is the same way since how you have to deal with it revolving when you go into doors and so on. This game did play nicely with the 3D and liked it. Another part of the battle story itself, is of course the Elite Four! Instead of battling them in order, you can go into whatever order you like and the types this time were different which made it better which were Dragon, Steel, Water, and Fire and then the Champion, like Kanto, had a variety with Flying, Ground, and Fairy! My order with this battle was Steel, Dragon, Fire, and water. I think the hardest was Drasna with the dragons since my Drudegon and Lapras kept on getting hit for so much damage. At least with the Champion battle didn’t have to have Flare interrupt!

Music: I rarely talk about the music in any of the Pokemon games since it was mostly chip tunes being played and sometimes some of the songs get used over and over like in Sinnoh with one or two of them and at least none of them are as creepy as Lavendar Town back in Blue and Red. The music in Y, on the other hand, way better! How so? I kind of feel like they got an actual orchestra to help put together these games, as in you hear trumpets blaring, guitars going, and drums banging in this music. I can see how much work was put into this because each town has its own song that doesn’t sound weird with the chip tunes and don’t want to put you to sleep. Plus, the music for trainers and Pokemon interchange very well, you hear one song for Pokemon which kind of takes me back to the Stadium days in how their battle music sounded and with gym leader battles, on the other hand, gives you an awesome techno song. This techno song kind of gives you a nice anticipation of how the battle will go. What was also awesome, the Elite Four members got metal themes for their battles! Okay Nintendo, you better have put this for the Elite Four for the newer Sapphire and Ruby games because this transition with the music made it better! I think I remembered Roxanne getting the techno treatment when I went up against her months ago on Alpha Sapphire, I will see how that goes. All in all, the music has improved and wishing they keep this up for future remakes!

Overall Thought: These two games are worth playing for the kid in us and any new younger players because not only introduces new generation Pokemon but it looks back at the previous generations as well. With having the previous generation, new players that are young can see what Pokemon we knew and love from the past. I still remembered how my older nephew didn’t know about the past generation Pokemon until he picked up Diamond and Platinum himself like I did when I first got into the Nintendo DS. Plus, this game did play with the 3D a lot better than Black and White ever did, don’t know how well it played in White 2 yet, but Lumios City looked beautiful, the battles were Stadium quality, which you see the Pokemon actually using their attacks in this rendering versus the old version, and of course there were cut scenes that used it too. If you remembered the mansion for the Pokeflute quest, the fireworks scene played it well. I am hoping that a Z Version is made because this story played with Pokemon better than Black and White in my opinion and of course the training was not as hard than the others because of the newer version of the EXP Share. I also liked how I got to use different Pokemon for the many gyms and the Elite Four and able to level up while traveling than waiting to head back to whatever route to train again with another Pokemon that might not faint as easily and no level caps for that area.

My Rating: 5 Paw Prints out of 5!

That is it for this game review! I am going to be working on Alpha Sapphire and might go and work on White 2 since I do have the strategy guide for that. What is next? The beauty controversy over permanent make up in my book at least!

Ipsy and BoxyCharm Time: June 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! What time is it!? It’s Ipsy and Boxy Time! Today I finally got my paws on my Ipsy bag and BOxyCharm for June. What was weird though is that they were supposed to be in my mail box yesterday but the mail service person didn’t put it in my box, well the BoxyCharm since it did say “Out for Delivery” and the Ipsy stuff didn’t show up witht that either until today. Okay, when the ETA says something, it should be delivered on the date because I tend to get the stuff on the date that it’s expected to show up or earlier. Anyuway! Let’s see what I got!


This month’s Ipsy had a pretty interesting bag due to the theme “Swim Into Ipsy.” Some people in videos didn’t like it due to how plain it looked and how the material was like a swimsuit. I like the feeling of it and it reminds me of the same material of Gondras’ swim trunks with the black material and the letters are bubbly! I like it and it is very nice. Plus, it is the color of most swimsuits, which is black, heck even a good portion of my swimsuit now is black and not complaining. Not only liking the bag, the items this month were better and after seeing some videos I feel like I got the better bag yet again! How so?

Aurora Gel Polish in Four Alarm Fire! Finally a nail polish in my bag after months of not getting one! This month Ipsters get one out of a few different companies like Formula X, this company, Aurora, and a few others. I got the Aurora one and I got the color Five Alarm Fire! This is a gel polish and glad that they give these out since gel polishes and manicures are popular in the summer time and this would look nice on my nails. I bet it’s red or orange or redish orange. Glad to get this! I heard Formula X is a good company since Sephora does sell it and it’ expensive! Wouldn’t mind getting that one but this one seems to be good. Also there was an eyeliner by this brand but didn’t get it. I do have tons of eyeliners anyways!

SmashBox Cosmetics Foundation Primer! When I first saw my Glam Room I was skeptical when I found out that I was getting the SmashBox foundation primer and I was trying out the Rimmel Stay Matte one since so many people like that one a lot. I took a look to see if this was good for my skin type and made me happy to find out that it is! This primer is a hot item and I heard good things about this brand too and know that Ulta carries it as well. I almost got the starter kit when it was the 21 Days of Beauty but backed out because was afraid that some of the items would break me out. I am going to try this product out to see how it handles because I have been going for cheaper primers than my fave Ulta one and this one isn’t cheap full-size I know but it gives me something to try out from SmashBox! As you all know, loving to try new brands I don’t try out before.
Glamier Concelaer Brush! Yay! Got another brush in Ipsy! I have been a bit brush crazy lately, heck even got three sets this month, two from Amazon and one from Ipsy and that was the Crown Pro 504 set. I was so happy to find out that I was getting a concealer brush by a company called Glamier. I never heard of this brand like Luxi and Crown before I joined Ipsy and glad I did know about them since I did get a Crown brush a few months ago, a Luxi one so far, and now this brand. It feels soft and lightweight! I know this is pretty highend for a brand and hoping that Ipsy Me does have a deal with these guys cuz I am curious as a kitten when it comes to brushes now!
LaVanilla Labs Pure Vanilla Body Butter! Making me happier and happier with each product and glad to get another body butter in my bag! I got one by a company this time around called LaVanilla Laboratories and they are known for using vanilla in their products. I remembered how one of my fave subscriptions use their deodorant time-to-time it’s pretty up there, knowing that this may be too. To me this doesn’t smell like vanilla, it kind of reminds me of flowers with vanilla mixed. I will be using this on my knees and elbows since those dry out like crazy on me. Ipsy, you need to send me more samples of Body Butters, I love them!
Trestique Mini Shadow Pencil in Pink Pearl! My final item of June is the mini shadow pencil by Trestique! I think everyone has gotten this in their bags since I have watched videos where they all got it! There were many different colors that were sent because of how a lot of people got this thing, I did see a lot of people got the gold one the most since it is so neutral. The one I got is the pink one called Pink Pearl! Ipsy described it as a pink with a pearl finish and someone who got this in a video described it as a champagne pink. I will see how it goes because I never tried a shadow stick from anybody before, I know Rimmel has some good ones but I am glad I get to try something in a subscription bag to see how I feel.


Okay, this month’s box was pretty much good and better than last month’s box. I called last month for both the Month of Meh! This one seemed to be better despite one item which I gave to my mom. Let’s see what I got!

Esslr Chlorpyll Mask! I gave this to my mom because I read how it was described which this is a mask made with plant extracts, seaweed extracts, and other minerals to help firm the skin and reduce fine lines. If you seen my interview videos and the pictures from last year’s interviews with the voice actors, you know or seen that I don’t look my age, which I am turning 30 in August! I hear from so many YouTubers that they started the anti-aging thing around their mid-twenties but I didn’t because I slowly evolved in make up until I only stopped at highlighting, which I don’t wear brozers nor lashes! As said, I don’t have lines, just dark circles that I cover with my CoverGirl invisible lift concealer and the usual acne spots and scars, rest of everything is just my usual clear complexion items, other than that I don’t rely on anti-aging make up at this stage in life so I gave it to my mom since she does have some lines due to her age. I did ask if she wanted it and she took it up. I know it will help her skin in the end.
Bella Pierre Kabuki Brush! Another item that all Charmers got was the kabuki brush by Bella Pierre. This is the third Item I believe that I got from these guys since I subscribed and it is a brush. I do like the feeling but it seems not as fluffy as the E. L. F. one I use to help get my foundation on but it does feel soft in the end. This is not helping the brush cravings because when I heard this I was uber happy to get another brush from Boxy. I am using the Mistura retretractable one from December for my powder and I am using the dual fiber crease brush time to time from February. I hope I get more brushes like this because I don’t have to pay for the highend prices like this by only receiving them this way!
Doucce Click Click Lipstick in Peach! This is the most interesting lipstick I ever received. It looks like a tube but you click the lipstick in and out like a pen, once clicked out you remove it naturally. There was no color name on this but it is a peach color. This was one of the three items that Charmers received among Sneak Peek 3, if you were lucky to get all three then good for you, but the other two items that would also be a possible receiving was a Cargo shadow single and an Oscar Blandi hair serum. I was glad not to get the Oscar Blandi serum because the hairspray I received in March or was it April, it smelled AWFUL! I wouldn’t want to imagine how the serum smells because I wouldn’t want it in my hair if it does smell bad. The Cargo shadow I would’ve love to try out since I did like the lip gloss I got in Ipsy from that company, escept it ran out too fast for a sample. At least I got the lipstick because I do tend to like trying out new lip products, especially higher end ones. Plus, perfect color for the summer since I kind of branched into peachy nudes due to the NYX Butter Glosses.
The Beauty’Crop Highlighter! Yay! Another highlighter in a beauty box! I was sad not to get the last highlighter that came in Ipsy but was happy to get the Blush stripes from Ofra in this box and now another highlighting cream! There are times when I don’t like using the creams but it is sometimes good to have an easy control when applying and easy blending. I have to be careful how I squeeze this like my NYX Gleam and the one I got in Ipsy from a company I forgot on the top of my head. I can’t wait to try this out since I never heard of the company before. Plus, the card says it’s oil-free which makes it better and has vitamins and antioxidants to help nourish the skin while adding a nice, healthy glow to it. Hae to see how it goes!
NCLA Nail Lacquer in Nectar! Anotherr NCLA item in my box! I guess I don’t feel bad for not getting the Cargo shadow since I do love getting nail polishes and this is a highend brand that comes in BoxyCharm and I do still have my Heart Attack polish from February and this time it is a summery color. It is called Nectar and it’s a peachy color! I don’t normally wear peach colors on my nails but it’s good to branch out a little. I still have the polish from last month waiting to be worn and can’t wait to see how this will look! Hey, maybe I could put Heart Attack on top of it, maybe it would look nice!

Well, that is it for this month’s items! I think this was better than last month’s items because they were Meh! This month on the other hand was better because I got two brushes, get to try out another new lipstick, a highlighter, and two nail polishes! Plus the bag for Ipsy was really cute! Oh forgot to mention, I did get to trade in my points again from Ipsy for a Star Looks lip gloss and that made me happy as well to get it in my bag! I hope next month would be better like this month! Let’s see what happens next!

What is next up? Well, if I get around to it, will be doing a post about that permanent make up tattoos have been showing up more and how it can be dangerous! Stay tuned!

Top 15 Sexiest Voices in Anime and Video Games!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s that time! Time for the post all thanks to Jessica Calvello and that is my Top 15 Sexiest Voices in Anime and Video Games, since most of these people I will be mentioning also played video game characters on top of it! I decided on fifteen because it’s hard to just pick ten and of course my top faves will be different from others. What do I mean by that? Not only I would have American actors, I will also have one Japanese one and you will see who that will be. Plus, I don’t just stick to males, I also have a few females on this list! Let’s see who I picked and thank you Jessica for this because you are an awesome person in real life!

15. Takehito Koyasu! To start the list is my Japanese pick and that is Takehito Koyasu! I love love love his voice because it not only goes high but it sounds sooooo good low! If you don’t know who he plays, the first voice I heard him as was Sakano in Gravitation. He also was the Japanese voice of Juubei in Get Backers, which surprised me because when I saw the entire series in the Japanese version I was wondering who it was until I looked it up and made me happy. For any Arakawa Under the Bridge fans, he played Sister which made it funnier! He was also the creator of the Weiss Kreuz series which was translated to Sorcerer Hunters here in the states. All in all, he has a very nice voice and I love it from any role he plays!
14. Laura Bailey! You know her as Tohru Honda and Maka Albarn, but did you know that she has a very nice voice when she has to do her sultry side? She has done Lust in FMA, Black Widow in Avengers Assemble, and of course the female voice selection in Saints Row. Her voice sounds so velvety when she goes deeper and of course she can sing in that voice, if you played Saints Row 4, there’s a point where the Boss sings “Opposites Attract” as a duet for one mission. It’s pretty funny since I did hear it going on through the walls over at Gondras’ apartment while reading in his room. I was surprised that she can sing. I can’t forget that she is always Lust.
13. Liam O’Brien! Oh jeez! I had to include him because man his voice is sexy, especially as Gaara from Naruto! What really hits me the most when it comes to his roles is Endrance from .hack/ G. U. which he does more of a poetic version of the Gaara voice in my ears. Would you believe me that I wanted to cosplay as Endrance? Except it would be painful with the tape! Anyuway, can’t help how Liam has an awesome voice range and do like his talking voice too since he was a guest at MythiCon 2013. Congrats Liam, you get a spot on this list!
12. Dan Southworth! ::kitten sounding Nyu:: I had to mention him since I not only met him in the flesh but….omg his voice! Dan Southworth was not only a power ranger but he did the voice of Virgil in Devil May Cry 3. And of course Ultimate MVC 3. If you haven’t heard this guy’s voice as Virgil, I would go and hear it! Didn’t help when a girl asked him, Reuben, and Johnny Yong Bosh to do their best pick up lines as their character and Dan’s was the best during that panel! I am blushing from thinking about it! Speaking of which!
11. Reuben Langdon! Sorry DMC reboot, whoever you got for Dante was not the same, why? Reuben Langdon is the better version. When he played Dante for the remaining games, as in 2-4, he got the personality down, the snarkiness, and of course carried it onto the anime series, yeah anime adaptations are not as good but can’t help how Reuben still got it in him. Hoping he gets to continue doing Dante in what supposed to be the fifth installment of the game coming later.
10. Monica Rial! You may know her as the voice of Towa in D. N. Angel, but she also can do a sexy, low voice when she has to for demon version of Mira Jane in Fairy Tail! Monica has a voice that can sound very sultry when she has these kinds of characters. What really surprises people, even though I knew it was her, is her voice as Jo from Burst Angel! I am hoping she does return to Orlando because she’s missing on my box set since I already got Jamie Markie’s signature on there!
9. Jamie Markie! Speaking of her, Jamie Markie also makes this list! Why? Because she has fun doing what she does and I can hear it in her voice. Not only she’s Panty in Panty and Stocking, but she also is Meg in Burst Angel and she makes the damsel –in-distress sound good in that one!
8. Yuri Lowenthal! I can’t have a list without Yuri! I know I put him a little higher on my top fave voice actors but here he gets this slot and it’s not bad. Reason being I love his voice and think it’s sexy is because he has such an amazing range for it! From being cowardly, Simon in Gurren Lagan, to the snarky bastard, Joe in Devil Survivor 2, all the way to just badass, Haseo in .hack//G. U. Yuri can do it all! This is why he should be the voice of my character Rusty McLane, the Pokemon Ranger cosplay I do!
7. Travis Willingham! Oh man! I have his wife and now it’s time for Travis! I loved his voice since I heard him as Roy Mustang back in the early days of FMA. I still love his voice today. He may do the evil Zetsu in Naruto Shippuden, but he is the very sexy Norse god, Thor in Avengers Assemble. ::record screech:: What? You didn’t know that? Le gasp! It is him, just listen closely and you can hear a hint of Mustang. What voice really got me was how he played Cleo in Glass Fleet because he had to act very dramatic, more dramatic from his Mustang voice and he did it very well! Plus, he can do the commanding officer in that series very well even if he was a space pirate.
6. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! My next female choice is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! I was happy to meet her and interview her at last year’s MetroCon. She is an amazing voice actress and she deserves a spot since she has that velvet sound to it. Whether it’s being the Major in Stand Alone Complex or Bardeax in G. U. she is one of those voices you can’t miss. And also, did you know she is also a singer? That is another reason, she sounds amazing when she sings, even with Troy Baker. Speaking of which!
5. Troy Baker! At the top of the top five and hard to know who should take what part of the list, Troy Baker takes it. Not only he can sing and voice act, he is also a nice guy! My first role I heard him as was Archer in FMA. Yes, he did sign the FullMetal Autograph with everyone else! What role that caught me off guard is that he was Excalibur in Soul Eater, which he sounded exactly like Koyasu even when he had to do the theme song. I even asked, “Is that Takehito or Troy singing?” Whenever you hear him play anything like Hawkeye, the male voice of the Boss, even Joker now, he is one of those guys you won’t expect it’s him doing the voice and wonder how he can do it with the range he has to play with. Hell, we even got him mixed up for one of the many other voices on this list!
4. Chris Sabat! I know, it sounds weird to put him on this list as well. In my honesty, he has a very good voice, especially when he has to do serious characters. One good example, anyone seen the latest Death Battle? If you haven’t, he played Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid for that and man he sounded almost like the original except what if Snake kind of got a bit older from the last game and was about to do the retirement thing. I love Chris’ voice in a sense because he, like Yuri and Troy, can do many ranges! He even had the excited and flamboyant voice when he done Ayame from Fruits Basket! He does that very well if you heard it.
3. Crispin Freeman! Man, it was hard trying to find a way of placing him and the number 2 guy on this list because Numero Uno will surprise you! So, Crispin Freeman is in this slot because his voice is exquisite and just one of those you can’t replace! Hell, ADV couldn’t replace him for Zelgadus when they did Slayers Premium. As said, hard to replace him! When I first heard him in Slayers back in 2004, I was like in exact words: “I. WANT. MEET. HIM!” And I did back in 2013 at KnightroKon and my smile said it all! I had a big Joker grin in my pic as Itachi. Which of course, he did the voice of Itachi Uchiha and glad that I got one of my plushies signed by him. ::hugs it:: Back to why his voice is sexy, he has one of those genuine voices that, like I said before, cannot be replaced in what he’s done. Hell, it would be hard finding someone to be Balmung of the Azure Sky in anything .hack now. He has that voice you will love and that is why he is on this list!
2. Steven J….::sorry for language:: MOTHERFUCKIN’ BLUM! Yes, he gets numero dos on this list. I know he should be number one but I do have my reasons for who is at number one. We can’t help loving his voice that has been in in 7-Eleven commercials and of course has an extensive list of voice work in video games and anime! I knew him as Tom from Toonami and Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop but the voice that really made me enjoy him the most besides all the bad ass stuff is Leeron from Gurren Lagan. Why is that? I already knew he could extend the voice range, hell he can do a Spanish accent, this voice was one of those out there things. It was even like his Jamie voice from Megas XLR. No matter how you look at it, Steve has a major range when it comes to his voice, I am not even mentioning ONE VOICE that has been in my nightmares and most of my friends and Gondras know what IT is.

Runner=Ups: Can’t be a complete list without a few runner-ups.

Todd Habercorn: I do like his voice, especially as Death the Kid and now in Tokyo Ghoul, but he was close to be on the list.
Wendee Lee: I know she was Faye Valentine, but it was hard to choose some of the females since there are so many talented female voice actors.
Junko Takeuchi: I almost put her on this because she has a really good singing voice and she has been the character of Naruto for years! A very long time!

1. Matthew Mercer! Yes, I have my reasons! It doesn’t help that he has one of those nice voices and he does sound like Troy Baker on top of it. Yeah, we thought Troy was Alvin in Tales of Xilia. There is one thing that really got me and well…he is not only Levi and Leon Kennedy….he….also….not only sings…he also can…HAS A VERY SEXY BRITISH ACCENT! If you guys play or played Devil Survivor 2, he is the male voice for Teako and he’s British! ::passes out:: Knowing if Jessica Calvello read this part, she would probably glomp Matt.
Well, that is it for this list! Still waiting on Press for AFO which they added the actor who played Andros on Power Rangers in Space, Christopher Kayman Lee. Would be cool to interview a ranger but first need the press pass first! And next time on Nerdy Shique Universe, another beauty controversy and now waiting to receive my June BoxyCharm and Ipsy! Stay tuned And one more thing, thanks again Jessica Calvello for inspring me with this post!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Bryce Papenbrook!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for the last interview from this year’s Omni Expo!

I didn’t mean to save this for last but it feels like it’s also the best and usually the best gets saved for last! This interview was with Bryce Papenbrook who plays our hero, Eren Yaeger, and of course the sassy, pretty boy vampire Hanabusa on Vampire Knight. Which is funny, Hanabusa was the first character I heard him as and didn’t give my friends my first season of Vampire Knight when he was here back in 2013 at AFO. I did get that chance and made it better by having the one on one interview with him. I like his personality and also like how he is a nerd like us, which after the interview we were talking about the Final Fantasy Disidea arcade game that is in Japan right now. He did enjoy my story of how I found out that he was coming to Omni, yet again squeed in class at Dyatona and the computer teacher and my classmates looked at me.

Also, if you guys went on YouTube before coming to this post, I did mention that this interview will blow your mind, why is that? Well, if you were into Power Rangers like me and Gondras were as kids, you will see why and comment with your reactions down below. I want to see how you guys reacted like us because we did not know that until that Saturday.

Well, that is about it for everything from Omni Expo 2015! Will it return for another year? I sure hope so since this is a pretty cool convention and get great guests that rearely come here nor come here at all to Florida. We did hear how MegaCon is going to be during Memorial Day weekend as a four day convention next year, that is a fear I have with that because to me it should move to a different date, well Omni for that matter. Not sure if we will go to MegaCon but we are still waiting on press forms for AFO this year! Please put them up AFO, I would like to interview Todd and Veronica since we did interview Eric about Pokemon. Anyuway, what is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? If you remembered how Jessica Calvello inspired me with a post during Omni? Well, the post is my top list of sexiest voices in anime and video games! Well, it may be really aniome since a lot of these names were in both medias, but let’s see who I picked and why! Stay tuned and enjoy watching all the videos including the ones from MythiCon last year and of course all my written transcriptions of the interviews from Metro and Omni last year!

Omni Expo 2015: Interview With Lauren Landa

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally got the last two interviews up and running!

Well, you saw me interview Mike McFarland about his work on Attack on Titan, Riddle when it came to cosplay, then Trina Nishimura about being Mikasa and Mari, and Josh when it comes to his work at ADV and Funimation along with being Armen, and now it’s time for a new name, well somewhat new in the anime world, Lauren Landa! She is no stranger to the recording booth since she is Litchi in Blaz Blue and the works that go with it. She also does the voice of Lea in Tales of Xilia 1 and 2. We also recently heard her in Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2. Who does she play in AOT you may ask? She is Annie Lockheart and had the pleasure of talking to her, especially when we went off on tangents until the camera cut us off that day. It was fun meeting her actually and she did love Jelly Babies since Gondras had them and made me happy that she did play the original Pokemon games when she saw my little Glaceon.

And a side note before watching, well….I mentioned Todd Habercorn and Gondras said we interviewed him. We didn’t do that yet since AFO is not until a few days after I turn 30 this year. I think he went forward in time in his Tardus during Omni. Don’t worry, we will try and interview him when AFO does post the press badge forms and hoping, hoping, HOPING soon because I have been looking.

Next up will be Bryce Papenbrook’s interview, which I decided to save for last because he did break our heads with something and don’t want to reveal it until you see that interview! I did put in the video description that it will do that! Stay tuned! Also, will be announcing the post that Jessica Calvello inspired me with, stay tuned for that as well.

Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Josh Grell!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for a bit of a wait and another out of order interview, trying to get the external to work after putting two videos on that, thought I should put my interview with Josh Grell up!

This video is in two parts due to the camera cutting off, what can I say technology loves us. I got to have the honor of interview Mr. Josh Grell along with Bryce and Trina due to their roles on Attack on Titan. What also made it great was Josh used to work at ADV Films like David Walde, who was also a guest this year at Omni, and has been in other anime such as Comic Party Revolution, Kiba, and one I did bring to him to sign, Air Gear, which was a nice surprise since he and Dave haven’t seen it in so long. Well, I did see it in Japanese first and got the dub version for Christmas one year and Chris Patton signed it last year. What did I ask Josh? You will find out in this video!

Now to cross my fingers and seeing if Harry Dresden didn’t destroy my power cord, if it did, then gotta go to Amazon! In the meantime, stay tuned!