Omni Expo 2015: Interview with Bryce Papenbrook!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for the last interview from this year’s Omni Expo!

I didn’t mean to save this for last but it feels like it’s also the best and usually the best gets saved for last! This interview was with Bryce Papenbrook who plays our hero, Eren Yaeger, and of course the sassy, pretty boy vampire Hanabusa on Vampire Knight. Which is funny, Hanabusa was the first character I heard him as and didn’t give my friends my first season of Vampire Knight when he was here back in 2013 at AFO. I did get that chance and made it better by having the one on one interview with him. I like his personality and also like how he is a nerd like us, which after the interview we were talking about the Final Fantasy Disidea arcade game that is in Japan right now. He did enjoy my story of how I found out that he was coming to Omni, yet again squeed in class at Dyatona and the computer teacher and my classmates looked at me.

Also, if you guys went on YouTube before coming to this post, I did mention that this interview will blow your mind, why is that? Well, if you were into Power Rangers like me and Gondras were as kids, you will see why and comment with your reactions down below. I want to see how you guys reacted like us because we did not know that until that Saturday.

Well, that is about it for everything from Omni Expo 2015! Will it return for another year? I sure hope so since this is a pretty cool convention and get great guests that rearely come here nor come here at all to Florida. We did hear how MegaCon is going to be during Memorial Day weekend as a four day convention next year, that is a fear I have with that because to me it should move to a different date, well Omni for that matter. Not sure if we will go to MegaCon but we are still waiting on press forms for AFO this year! Please put them up AFO, I would like to interview Todd and Veronica since we did interview Eric about Pokemon. Anyuway, what is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? If you remembered how Jessica Calvello inspired me with a post during Omni? Well, the post is my top list of sexiest voices in anime and video games! Well, it may be really aniome since a lot of these names were in both medias, but let’s see who I picked and why! Stay tuned and enjoy watching all the videos including the ones from MythiCon last year and of course all my written transcriptions of the interviews from Metro and Omni last year!

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