Top 15 Sexiest Voices in Anime and Video Games!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s that time! Time for the post all thanks to Jessica Calvello and that is my Top 15 Sexiest Voices in Anime and Video Games, since most of these people I will be mentioning also played video game characters on top of it! I decided on fifteen because it’s hard to just pick ten and of course my top faves will be different from others. What do I mean by that? Not only I would have American actors, I will also have one Japanese one and you will see who that will be. Plus, I don’t just stick to males, I also have a few females on this list! Let’s see who I picked and thank you Jessica for this because you are an awesome person in real life!

15. Takehito Koyasu! To start the list is my Japanese pick and that is Takehito Koyasu! I love love love his voice because it not only goes high but it sounds sooooo good low! If you don’t know who he plays, the first voice I heard him as was Sakano in Gravitation. He also was the Japanese voice of Juubei in Get Backers, which surprised me because when I saw the entire series in the Japanese version I was wondering who it was until I looked it up and made me happy. For any Arakawa Under the Bridge fans, he played Sister which made it funnier! He was also the creator of the Weiss Kreuz series which was translated to Sorcerer Hunters here in the states. All in all, he has a very nice voice and I love it from any role he plays!
14. Laura Bailey! You know her as Tohru Honda and Maka Albarn, but did you know that she has a very nice voice when she has to do her sultry side? She has done Lust in FMA, Black Widow in Avengers Assemble, and of course the female voice selection in Saints Row. Her voice sounds so velvety when she goes deeper and of course she can sing in that voice, if you played Saints Row 4, there’s a point where the Boss sings “Opposites Attract” as a duet for one mission. It’s pretty funny since I did hear it going on through the walls over at Gondras’ apartment while reading in his room. I was surprised that she can sing. I can’t forget that she is always Lust.
13. Liam O’Brien! Oh jeez! I had to include him because man his voice is sexy, especially as Gaara from Naruto! What really hits me the most when it comes to his roles is Endrance from .hack/ G. U. which he does more of a poetic version of the Gaara voice in my ears. Would you believe me that I wanted to cosplay as Endrance? Except it would be painful with the tape! Anyuway, can’t help how Liam has an awesome voice range and do like his talking voice too since he was a guest at MythiCon 2013. Congrats Liam, you get a spot on this list!
12. Dan Southworth! ::kitten sounding Nyu:: I had to mention him since I not only met him in the flesh but….omg his voice! Dan Southworth was not only a power ranger but he did the voice of Virgil in Devil May Cry 3. And of course Ultimate MVC 3. If you haven’t heard this guy’s voice as Virgil, I would go and hear it! Didn’t help when a girl asked him, Reuben, and Johnny Yong Bosh to do their best pick up lines as their character and Dan’s was the best during that panel! I am blushing from thinking about it! Speaking of which!
11. Reuben Langdon! Sorry DMC reboot, whoever you got for Dante was not the same, why? Reuben Langdon is the better version. When he played Dante for the remaining games, as in 2-4, he got the personality down, the snarkiness, and of course carried it onto the anime series, yeah anime adaptations are not as good but can’t help how Reuben still got it in him. Hoping he gets to continue doing Dante in what supposed to be the fifth installment of the game coming later.
10. Monica Rial! You may know her as the voice of Towa in D. N. Angel, but she also can do a sexy, low voice when she has to for demon version of Mira Jane in Fairy Tail! Monica has a voice that can sound very sultry when she has these kinds of characters. What really surprises people, even though I knew it was her, is her voice as Jo from Burst Angel! I am hoping she does return to Orlando because she’s missing on my box set since I already got Jamie Markie’s signature on there!
9. Jamie Markie! Speaking of her, Jamie Markie also makes this list! Why? Because she has fun doing what she does and I can hear it in her voice. Not only she’s Panty in Panty and Stocking, but she also is Meg in Burst Angel and she makes the damsel –in-distress sound good in that one!
8. Yuri Lowenthal! I can’t have a list without Yuri! I know I put him a little higher on my top fave voice actors but here he gets this slot and it’s not bad. Reason being I love his voice and think it’s sexy is because he has such an amazing range for it! From being cowardly, Simon in Gurren Lagan, to the snarky bastard, Joe in Devil Survivor 2, all the way to just badass, Haseo in .hack//G. U. Yuri can do it all! This is why he should be the voice of my character Rusty McLane, the Pokemon Ranger cosplay I do!
7. Travis Willingham! Oh man! I have his wife and now it’s time for Travis! I loved his voice since I heard him as Roy Mustang back in the early days of FMA. I still love his voice today. He may do the evil Zetsu in Naruto Shippuden, but he is the very sexy Norse god, Thor in Avengers Assemble. ::record screech:: What? You didn’t know that? Le gasp! It is him, just listen closely and you can hear a hint of Mustang. What voice really got me was how he played Cleo in Glass Fleet because he had to act very dramatic, more dramatic from his Mustang voice and he did it very well! Plus, he can do the commanding officer in that series very well even if he was a space pirate.
6. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! My next female choice is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! I was happy to meet her and interview her at last year’s MetroCon. She is an amazing voice actress and she deserves a spot since she has that velvet sound to it. Whether it’s being the Major in Stand Alone Complex or Bardeax in G. U. she is one of those voices you can’t miss. And also, did you know she is also a singer? That is another reason, she sounds amazing when she sings, even with Troy Baker. Speaking of which!
5. Troy Baker! At the top of the top five and hard to know who should take what part of the list, Troy Baker takes it. Not only he can sing and voice act, he is also a nice guy! My first role I heard him as was Archer in FMA. Yes, he did sign the FullMetal Autograph with everyone else! What role that caught me off guard is that he was Excalibur in Soul Eater, which he sounded exactly like Koyasu even when he had to do the theme song. I even asked, “Is that Takehito or Troy singing?” Whenever you hear him play anything like Hawkeye, the male voice of the Boss, even Joker now, he is one of those guys you won’t expect it’s him doing the voice and wonder how he can do it with the range he has to play with. Hell, we even got him mixed up for one of the many other voices on this list!
4. Chris Sabat! I know, it sounds weird to put him on this list as well. In my honesty, he has a very good voice, especially when he has to do serious characters. One good example, anyone seen the latest Death Battle? If you haven’t, he played Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid for that and man he sounded almost like the original except what if Snake kind of got a bit older from the last game and was about to do the retirement thing. I love Chris’ voice in a sense because he, like Yuri and Troy, can do many ranges! He even had the excited and flamboyant voice when he done Ayame from Fruits Basket! He does that very well if you heard it.
3. Crispin Freeman! Man, it was hard trying to find a way of placing him and the number 2 guy on this list because Numero Uno will surprise you! So, Crispin Freeman is in this slot because his voice is exquisite and just one of those you can’t replace! Hell, ADV couldn’t replace him for Zelgadus when they did Slayers Premium. As said, hard to replace him! When I first heard him in Slayers back in 2004, I was like in exact words: “I. WANT. MEET. HIM!” And I did back in 2013 at KnightroKon and my smile said it all! I had a big Joker grin in my pic as Itachi. Which of course, he did the voice of Itachi Uchiha and glad that I got one of my plushies signed by him. ::hugs it:: Back to why his voice is sexy, he has one of those genuine voices that, like I said before, cannot be replaced in what he’s done. Hell, it would be hard finding someone to be Balmung of the Azure Sky in anything .hack now. He has that voice you will love and that is why he is on this list!
2. Steven J….::sorry for language:: MOTHERFUCKIN’ BLUM! Yes, he gets numero dos on this list. I know he should be number one but I do have my reasons for who is at number one. We can’t help loving his voice that has been in in 7-Eleven commercials and of course has an extensive list of voice work in video games and anime! I knew him as Tom from Toonami and Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop but the voice that really made me enjoy him the most besides all the bad ass stuff is Leeron from Gurren Lagan. Why is that? I already knew he could extend the voice range, hell he can do a Spanish accent, this voice was one of those out there things. It was even like his Jamie voice from Megas XLR. No matter how you look at it, Steve has a major range when it comes to his voice, I am not even mentioning ONE VOICE that has been in my nightmares and most of my friends and Gondras know what IT is.

Runner=Ups: Can’t be a complete list without a few runner-ups.

Todd Habercorn: I do like his voice, especially as Death the Kid and now in Tokyo Ghoul, but he was close to be on the list.
Wendee Lee: I know she was Faye Valentine, but it was hard to choose some of the females since there are so many talented female voice actors.
Junko Takeuchi: I almost put her on this because she has a really good singing voice and she has been the character of Naruto for years! A very long time!

1. Matthew Mercer! Yes, I have my reasons! It doesn’t help that he has one of those nice voices and he does sound like Troy Baker on top of it. Yeah, we thought Troy was Alvin in Tales of Xilia. There is one thing that really got me and well…he is not only Levi and Leon Kennedy….he….also….not only sings…he also can…HAS A VERY SEXY BRITISH ACCENT! If you guys play or played Devil Survivor 2, he is the male voice for Teako and he’s British! ::passes out:: Knowing if Jessica Calvello read this part, she would probably glomp Matt.
Well, that is it for this list! Still waiting on Press for AFO which they added the actor who played Andros on Power Rangers in Space, Christopher Kayman Lee. Would be cool to interview a ranger but first need the press pass first! And next time on Nerdy Shique Universe, another beauty controversy and now waiting to receive my June BoxyCharm and Ipsy! Stay tuned And one more thing, thanks again Jessica Calvello for inspring me with this post!

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