Anti-Aging Cosmetics Rant: Do We Need It At Such a Young Age?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since I am still waiting on word if we are doing press for AFO, they should really get on that since August starts tomorrow and on the edge of my seat for it, in the meantime it’s time for something that I have been a bit miffed about and it’s due to how I have been getting a lot of anti-aging products in my Ipsy bag and BoxyCharm when I don’t use them!

This is mostly a rant about it because since I am turning thirty on August 9th this year, I don’t have any wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines nor frowny ones, crow’s feet, etc. due to how young I look. If you seen all my pics and videos from aall the interviews I done with every voice actor so far you would wonder, “Is she really turning thirty?” Trust me, when I was having the actors put “Happy Birthday” on my stuff back in 2010 when AFO ended a day before it, they didn’t believe me I was turning 25. Anyways, I don’t use anti-aging make up at this stage in time because I don’t need it and it’s scary or odd to hear a lot of girls are using it especially the younger ones around their teens.

What Do I Think? Use Age Appropriate Stuff and Save It for Later! What do I mean by that? Yes, we see the Maybelline Age Rewind items and the IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging primers but best to save it when you hit forty or older and if you are subscribed to Ipsy or BoxyCharm or any other subscription, which a lot of times they give it out, just give it to a mom or aunt that would make good use of it. I did that with my Chloraine eye patches, the face mask from last month’s BoxyCharm, and the Pur~Lis brightening serum which I gave to my mom who put better use to these products since her skin is older than mine despite sharing the same traits as her. I even put that in my review in the Pur~Lis serum that I want more age appropriate products because I rather stick to the skin care regiment I already use that has ingredients meant for my skin.

I bet you’re wondering, then why rant about it in the first place? Well, while researching this after getting that serum I mentioned above, I found that website from the UK that I got a good portion of my points for my permanent make up post (if you haven’t read that post, should do so) and found out teens as young as sixteen are using their mom’s products that are meant for their mothers’ skin not theirs and it’s all due to these kind of products being advertised on a teen network on tv. It goes the same for the United States when we base our shopping on commercials and magazine advertisements for companies like :’Oreal, Lancome, Maybelline, and many other companies.

What are the effects? Like most products, there are many effects that can not only cause the good things but can be harmful to the body. One major thing about using these products very early on is that the ingredients are heavier since women in their forties to sixties have different skin types at that age than we do in our teens to thirties and you all know my number one rule of all skin care, “Not everyone has the same skin type!” This goes true for using these products because as we age we know that we have to use heavier stuff and a teen doesn’t need the heaviest of all. And why are these things heavier? Ingredients in anti-aging creams and cosmetics tend to use Vitamin C, retanoids, and retinol and even coligen which is what our skin is made of. Heck, even in Japan they make marshamallows with jelly made of coligen, which is true that we do lose coligen at a later age. Keyword is at a later age, which these products are meant for that. The main effects that these types of products would cause is that the skin would break down and lose its outer layer that would cause sensitivity to the sun according to the article, “Fresh-Faced and Sixteen: So Why are Girls Like Her Buying Anti-Wrinkle Cream.” Even Web MD did mention the whole these products are too heavy for younger skin and best thing is to stick to sunscreen, which we need to protect our skin the most from due to how we expose ourselves to the great, firey star in the sky and tanning at the beaches, especially here in Florida. And of course, my fave to hear my screen reader read all over my research is that not to smoke! Smoking cuases wrinkles after doing it so long, so stay away from the cancer sticks if you can if you want your skin to stay glowing. Plus, like I said above, better off using the age appropriate skin care products such as Proactiv and AcZone for the teens and salisilic acid based skin care for twenty year olds and save the heavier stuff when you hit later ages.

Well, that is it for this post! I know I ranted a lot since this kind of ticks me off to find something that doesn’t fit my age and yeah, we can prevent wrinkles early but using a heavy cream that is not for our skin can be harmful. Just hand it to your moms or aunts or an older neighbor that would get a good use of it.

What is next? Well, I thought with the age thing…maybe I should mention when it would be right to start using make up since that is an easier topic and there is a lot of things to look at. Also, still still STILL waiting on press news from AFO, because I really want to do interviews with Veronica Taylor, Todd Habercorn, Christopher Kaman Lee, and have Gondras interview Reuben Langdon, which yes you get to see him in the flesh for that. Still crossing my fingers for all that! Stay tuned for everything, including my next August subscriptions and of course my July and August Favorites on top of that. A lot to look for here! Til next time!

2015Ipsy and BoxyCharm: July

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally got my Ipsy and BoxyCharm in the mail and it’s time to reveal what I got in this month’s bag and box! I was happy about Ipsy the most because not only I gave my buddy Vivi my link to join, since she was interested in joining Ipsy to expand her make up usage and that we do travel with conventions and it’s easy with samples that way, I was happy all in general with the items this month! Boxy, on the other hand, I was surprised by some things but it could’ve been a bit better in my opinion, I do like the service but there are times when you get good items through the sneak peeks and then two of the items that don’t get shown as a random item, is kind of meh or surprised by it. I will start with Ipsy!

Ipsy: This month’s theme was “Summer Lovin’” and it does fit with July due to how it’s the 4th of July and we’re still having a nice summer before school starts for anyone still in school and knowing with next month’s bag, it would probably deal with a schooltime theme again, can’t wait for what that brings since I didn’t start getting my bags until last August! Back to this month’s bag, this month I did give one item to my mom due to what it is used for, let’s see what I got!

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Shadow Pencil: This was a product that I was surprised to get and was pretty intrigued on getting. At first in the first sneak peek, a bronzer was involved along with this, a lipstick I believe and a blush and then this and glad that I didn’t get the bronzer! Whew! Dodged a bullet right there! This is also an item that Vivi wished she got as well because it’s not only a liner pencil but a shadow one as well. When I saw this, I tried seeing what color choices that Ipsters were getting and it didn’t say anywhere until I got it and was told that I got a golden brown/bronze shade. I wouldn’t use this is a shadow since the tip is pretty much a sharp one and I rather use it as a liner anyways. I think this will go good with the Balm Nude Dude shadow I got two months ago. To Jelly Pong Pong, should put shade names on your products, that is the only thing I don’t like is not knowing what name it is to the product.

Teeez Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick: Yay! Another lip product in my Ipsy and that is the Read My Lips Lipstick by Teeez Cosmetics! I think I heard of these guys through Ipsy since they appear in this subscription a lot it seems and glad to try them out. The color that everyone got in this product is called “Killing Me Softly” which is a matte coral color. It claims on the page that this lipstick is supposed to hydrate with the coconut oil in it and stay on for eight hours. I am going to wear this for the next few days and see how it feels, I did try it on and man it feels like I am not wearing anything at all due to how light it is. I can’t wait to see he well it goes the next few days!

Crown Brush Professional Tweezers: Yay! Another Crown item! I thought it was a brush at first but when I got to the heading with my screen reader, it was tweezers! I was actually glad that I got tweezers in this month’s bag because I do get brushes and do love them but getting tweezers is another bonus in my book. There are times when you do have that hair that is stubborn to pull out and these will help with that because I tried them out. They are square tipped and man they are sharp! Good to do your brows, get your mustache, and a few chin hairs if any like I do! I think some people on Ipsy Trades were bummed about getting these but I am the only one to say, I am loving these and I hope to get more in the future since they will help when I go off to conventions and I have a unibrow and need to tweez!

Jor’el Parker Clasico Perfume: I was afraid of this product at first until clicked on it and found it was a perfume! Gotta love suspense! Still, good to get another perfume in Ipsy since the last one I got was the No. 1 Perfume Oil a few months back but it was so tiny that it ran out so fast! This on the other hand, it is the same size as my Harvey Prince ones that I got from Ipsy and BoxyCharm in the past. This is a very exoticly sweet smelling perfume that includes Indian Tuber Rose, Turkish Syclamen, and Spanish Mandarin. I smelled this and man it has all three! It has a nice citrus with a hint of the floral and a little spice! You wouldn’t believe that this wouldn’t be found at a Dillard’s perfume counter when you smell this! I did see an Ipster get this on YouTube and they thought it smelled like old lady’s smell but this, to me, kind of feels like you went somewhere in the Caribbean but didn’t leave your room at the same time! I give props to Ipsy including this because I want to get a full-size of this like my Harvey Prince perfume, the Hello one btw!

Pur~Lis Brightening Serum: Alas, my final item and that is the brightening serum by none other Pur~Lis! I gave this to my mom because this is something that is not for my young skin, why is that? It’s for people with age spots and I don’t have them due to my age! I am sorry, but I am not getting into the anti-aging makeup because I don’t need it at this point in time. I may sound like I am ranting a little, need to say it now that this is not a need and I shouldn’t be getting it in my bags. I am glad that it will be used by my mom because she needs it more than I do. When I hit her age, that will be when I will use this stuff but not right now!

That is it for Ipsy! Really good bag this month! Let’s see what Boxy brought me!

BoxyCharm: I am not sure if I can call it another Month of Meh since the products are good but some of them could’ve been a bit better in my opinion.

Flow Mascara: Oh man, when I found out that the first sneak peek was this, I really jumped for joy! I love using mascara and getting some that are higherend in boxes like these make it better because not everyone can afford an Urban Decay one or a Too Faced one! Hell, next month with my birthday, glad will be getting another CK One freebie coupon from Ulta. I was surprised with this one the most! Flow is a company from the UK and they are starting to bring their line to the United States starting the end of this month. This mascara is normally 19 Pounds in UK currency while here…when it is brought over…will be…$35. I know right? This mascara will be costing the same as the price of both of my Meg and Amy statues from Burst Angel, which the each of them were $35 when I found them both at AFO back in 2010 and 2011. This really paid the entire box already because this is something I won’t be purchasing on a regular basis due to how much it costs and hoping it is a good mascara for the price! I am so glad I got this in my box this month and hoping to get more mascaras in the future instead of paying for what they cost, especially this one! I will test it out to see how it goes!

Gorge Cosmetics Conditioning Spray: Yay, hair product! I love receiving these more than getting a bronzer I don’t use or brow powederd so on. Reason being is that my hair has been drying a bit due to how I have been getting dandruff scabs on my scalp and have to use Selsun Blue for it. I do use the R&B and Shine So Bright by Lush, which I got more of recently, then the Cool Way Oil from April or May’s box, and then the Garnier Sleek and Shine Frizzy Hair oil, this one is a nice add on! Since Selsun Blue doesn’t have conditioners, which I wish they did, this is a nice way of replacing that missing element. I did try it out and my hair feels better, but what I didn’t know, I need to use my hands to spread it out through my hair. Whoops! Always next time! I find it funny that this was also available in the Fab Fit Fun Summer box for this year and glad to find it in BoxyCharm!

Versanti Blush Brush: Another brush! Oooohh! I know I got off my brush kick from last month and glad to see that this time it’s one for blush! This is a nylon brush that helps blends bblush in for that natural look. I never heard of Versanti but glad to get their product in my box. Wish they didn’t say apples of your cheeks for blush application.This one is $29 and glad to get it in the box.

Your Minerals Setting Powder: This is something I was surprised to get and wished that it could’ve come in a previous month’s box. I know around this time pores tend to be very annoying due to how much oil we produce. I do have pores I admit, I use a strip for it, not sure if I will use this product since it is transparent and it’s not my color. Don’t know if I should give it away or not since I already use the Almay Clear Complexion Powder and with mineral powders, don’t know how well it will react to my skin since I did use a setting powder by Furgy in Wet N Wild and that broke me out. As said, not my color since it’s medium and I have a lighter to medium skin tone.

Ofra Universal Brow Pencil: Another item by Ofra Cosmetics and not sure I will use either since I use my ELF Essentials Brow and Lash gel. It is the Universal Brow Pencil! I understand that a lot of people love to use brow pencils and I just prefer the gel I use on a regular basis for job interviews. This would’ve been great in a past box as well like in January since that would’ve fit better. I like Ofra’s stuff and wished it was something else rather than this. I wonder if other Charmers got a different item since BoxyCharm does switch items fordifferent boxes.

Wellthat is it for this month! I had mixed tthoughts about Boxy but did like the mascara and the conditioning spray the most! I did like my Ipsy a lot except for the serum, which kjnowing my mom will be trying out. All in all, Boxy should’ve been better with items and hoping August is better since there are hit and misses with this one due to not having that handy quiz to select products. Ipsy, on the other hand, had really good items this month! Knowing that Ipsters will be groaning towards August since last August brought items that were a bit meh and was happy to try, I was sad that my Lord and Berry pencil is gone along with my Perversion Mascara, I wonder what this year’s August bag will bring me! Plus, it is my birth month yet again!

What is next? Waiting on news if Nerdy Shique Universe will be doing AFO 16! They only had the form for one day, which I wish they didn’t, but the guest list is pulling me towards it due to Todd Habercorn, Eric Stuart, even Dante Basco is returning to Orlando for this convention, and of course, Reuben Langdon! And hoping that we do get press that we will bring you an interview with a former power ranger! Just cross your fingers! I really want to do press this year!

So, that is it, til next time!

Ipsy Me Offer: Smashbox Try It Kit!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, got my paws on it finally! I got the Smashbox Cosmetics Try It Kit!

I know, what!? How!? Well, as you all know I am an Ipster and there is one thing I really like about Ipsy and that is three days ever week, as in Tuesday through Thursday, Ipsy does something called Ipsy Me! This is where Ipsters can get the higherend items they love or eye in stores like Ulta or Sephora, or even on the company websites for discounted prices. It also goes to drugstore items as well and beauty tools, for instance they had the new Kiss curling iron for sale last week. I was happy to find out that last Tuesday they offered the Smashbox Try It Kit for 14 plus free shipping, which is a bonus. A heads up though, they do offer Urban Decay but it’s not discounted from what I saw with the newer lip gloss they sold two months ago. Still, getting something like this a good bargain, the Smashbox Kit I mean. $

What Is In It?

Photo Finish Eye Primer: First is the Eye Shadow Primer! This is a deluxe size along with the other products that you get in this kit. It normally costs $20 for the full size and it is believed to keep your shadow on for 24 hours! I used eye primers before and they know how to stay on, such as the City Color one, the Urban Decay ones that came with two of my pallets, the Mica one, and can’t wait to try out the one from E. L. F. and with trying out the Smashbox one, it will give me an idea of how well it works!

Photo Finish Face Primer: If you read my June Ipsy post, I got this in my bag this June and was loving it while wearing it. It didn’t hurt my face and didn’t go everywhere while getting it out of the tube, it was just easy to slather on. According to the Smashbox website, it costs $38 for the full-size. I am not sure if I will get the full-size unless BoxyCharm offers it because this stuff is amazing and it’s good for sensitive skin. Knowing me, I will be loving this forever and glad to get another sample size in the kit!

Full Exposure Mascara: I hear good things about this mascara and never tried it out before. It normally costs $20. When I almost got the Try It Kit, when I read that it came with the mascara, this was around the time I didn’t wear it and thought how I would put it on and everything. Now that I know what to do, I can’t wait to start wearing this to try out how it feels. It does claim on Ulta that this is a fiber on, volumizing mascara and it supposed to curl, volumize, and lengthen my lashes a lot more than a regular mascara. This will be interesting since the Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay does the lengthening and curling, well slight curl, but let’s see how it goes!

Eye Shadow Trio in Filter: Why does this eye shadow have to be $28? When I found out that the kit came with an eye shadow trio, it got me really wanting to try out Smashbox since I hear good things about their shadows, especially the Full Exposure Pallet! I did see other trios in this line that I want to get my paws on but will have to wait! This one is a good way of trying out the line though and it is their best-selling nude shadow trio called Filter. This is one of those trios you can have for professional make up because it is not shimmery, it is just matte with brown, a lighter brown, and a beige! It reminds me of the brown shades in the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet. What I like about this one besides the coloring, it has very nice packaging, at first you see a photo lense and then you pop it out like a pocket knife and then you have your shadows in a little circle like a lense. Looking at a good portion of these products, I get the gimmick, this company is based around photography names and themes, especially these shadow trios that deal with photography color names and different camera shots. There is one trio I would like while looking at their choices is both Dark Room and Sky Box because the colors seem prettier than some of the others and they would go well with a smoky look, while Sky Box makes my greenish hazel eyes pop due to how they have blues in that trio. Also, a quick note, it’s the Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio! I will see on hsaving for thse because when you read about these babies, you want them as much as I do. I will be patient, at least I get to try out Filter in the mean time!

Is It Worth It? I would say yes because you get try out samples of a product line this way. It gives you an idea if you like it or not or at least if you’re a beginner and want to sample some stuff, this kit is your thing. Normally it will run you $30 and on Ulta, the last time I checked, it was $18 and I got mine from Ipsy for four bucks less than the retail asking price on Ulta. If you like the products, you can buy them if you have the cash to spend but you can try and find dupes for it as well because there are times when you can’t go highend all the time. It is a nice little trial kit and I am so glad Ipsy sent samples of the Photo Finish Face Primer to Ipsters last month because as said, was skeptical and now I like the face primer. If you want to try out Smashbox, get this kit or give it to a friend that may want to try it out.

That is it for this short post! Til next time!

Tattooed Make Up: Is It Worth the Risk?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! As promised, bringing you another a beauty controversy, well to me it’s somewhat a controversy because it is one of those things you don’t seem to see but it’s kind of there for a reason. First I brought you LimeCrime’s little controversy with how everything wen on since last winter and now it’s time for something that did catch my ears and kind of make me cringe a little despite it being there and that is tattooing make up!

As a make up user and blogger for you guys, especially for cosplay reasons, make up is one of those things that can be a hassle due to blending, penciling, contouring, and even applying lip color almost every few hours or even minutes a day. On top of that, looking for the right shade, what colors are in season, what fits me the most, and so on also can be a hassle my fave part, cleaning it off with whatever make up remover or baby wipes every day can be annoying. I put up with it actually because I don’t want it permanent on my face because yeah, it may be easier for some people but at the same time I can see how it can be popular with some and just weird to others and I find it weird since I do have family members who had it done to themselves, even a cousin had her entire face done with it. Let’s see why I think this can be controversial.

Main Idea: Like most things, there is a main idea to everything and the real reason for this procedure is for anyone who had scars from different surgeries or have lost their eyebrows due to diseases and chemotherapy. Plus, even body surgeries with scarring or lines get hidden with this procedure by matching the skin pigments. I like the necessity behind this since a lot of people tend to go through surgery or lost their hair and it’s hard to get rid of that scar or grow back that hair. I even, when researching this topic, read that a woman who had her eyebrows re-done with this procedure had a weird side-effect of the medicine she was taking that made her lose both hair and eyebrows and the brows didn’t grow back. But turning into a trend that is where the danger tends to come in.

The Dangers of this Fashion: Since the trend has been growing, not only women get their eyebrows tattooed to make them bolder but they also get eyeliner tattooed and even lipstick or lipliner depending on the person. Like most tattooing, doing the make up thing also has its dangers to it! For instance, people can be allergic to the inks! Of course we have the minor allergic reaction to certain ingredients in make up among other things, but there are times when the inks in tattoo inks have certain minerals that people can be allergic to and our face can have more adverse effects due to how sensitive the skin can be. There are hypoallergenic inks being used by a lot of artists these days, but it doesn’t mean that we can avoid having infections due to a needle whether the artist practiced well or not. Which brings me to another point!

There are times when the artist hasn’t trained in the art of permanent make up either. Have you ever heard of Back Alley Surgery? Well, this can fall under that with this and it seems to be common the most in Britain, which I read accounts of women who paid less than an actual artist had trained had their faces messed us such as one account had her eyebrows tattooed darker than they should be and the lipliner done wrong that made the cupid’s bow invisible. Another account was how one woman had an artist come to her home and did her eyeliner right but then the pigment bled downward due to how the moisture pockets of her eye was punctured and the cat eye didn’t look like how it supposed to. They did get the work removed and redone by a professional artist, still having untrained artists do the jobs can be a dangerous risk since they haven’t trained more than the amount of time tattoo training should take. I did read in all the articles I took a look at and they do make a point of “You get what you pay for.” And another danger is getting it removed, especially when it’s a really bad botched job! The laser removal job is the most common to use when removing the make up and there are times when it leaves some marks, for instance when the lady who had her eyeliner done by a home “specialist” (the quotes is to say that they weren’t that specialized) had to get it removed and had red markings like chicken pox.

It’s Not That Permanent: I had to include this since it is also important. The thing is that the permanent make up does fade due to how much sun exposure we get. If anyone who has got ink done, do know that you can’t have your ink wet nor have any sun exposure because it will run and also bleach out. After time, it does fade away and it is another cost to add when it starts fading for a reapplication. Plus, with these types of jobs, with MRIs, you need to warn them about your make up being tattooed due to how the inks can screw the scan up. Perfect example is wrist tattooes causing the I-Watch to act funky.

What is the Verdict? It’s hard to say! I would probably do my eyebrows if I need to at a certain point in time like my mom did (which I found out she got her eyebrows tattooed on) but getting something like liner for my eyes or lips and lipstick done…definitely not! Why? Because I like the idea of changing my eyeliner to match my eye shadows such as my blue one with my blue eye look, my purple with my purple shadows, and so on. Heck, it would not be easy doing my .hack character if I had my eyeliner tattooed since I would have to use my silver liners. Still, without having this done, I would have the freedom of using my make up products because with tattoos, can’t really change it once it’s done. Plus, this kind of thing does run around thousands of dollars and that would be used for my convention adventures. My advice to any of my readers who may want this done, think about what you’re doing and think if you want it done to save money on looking for make up products but also research in who you want it done by because you don’t know who is actually trained until you look deeper. In the meantime, I will be enjoying using my fave eyeliners by NYX, Hot Topic, and Maybelline!

Well, that is about it! If anyone wants to see any of these kinds of posts, leave a comment, because knowing there are some things beauty that may cause a bit of thinking before using it. What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? I will be waiting on Ipsy and BoxyCharm for July and also did fill out the press forms for AFO. Yay! Finally! I am waiting on news about that. Til next time!