Tattooed Make Up: Is It Worth the Risk?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! As promised, bringing you another a beauty controversy, well to me it’s somewhat a controversy because it is one of those things you don’t seem to see but it’s kind of there for a reason. First I brought you LimeCrime’s little controversy with how everything wen on since last winter and now it’s time for something that did catch my ears and kind of make me cringe a little despite it being there and that is tattooing make up!

As a make up user and blogger for you guys, especially for cosplay reasons, make up is one of those things that can be a hassle due to blending, penciling, contouring, and even applying lip color almost every few hours or even minutes a day. On top of that, looking for the right shade, what colors are in season, what fits me the most, and so on also can be a hassle my fave part, cleaning it off with whatever make up remover or baby wipes every day can be annoying. I put up with it actually because I don’t want it permanent on my face because yeah, it may be easier for some people but at the same time I can see how it can be popular with some and just weird to others and I find it weird since I do have family members who had it done to themselves, even a cousin had her entire face done with it. Let’s see why I think this can be controversial.

Main Idea: Like most things, there is a main idea to everything and the real reason for this procedure is for anyone who had scars from different surgeries or have lost their eyebrows due to diseases and chemotherapy. Plus, even body surgeries with scarring or lines get hidden with this procedure by matching the skin pigments. I like the necessity behind this since a lot of people tend to go through surgery or lost their hair and it’s hard to get rid of that scar or grow back that hair. I even, when researching this topic, read that a woman who had her eyebrows re-done with this procedure had a weird side-effect of the medicine she was taking that made her lose both hair and eyebrows and the brows didn’t grow back. But turning into a trend that is where the danger tends to come in.

The Dangers of this Fashion: Since the trend has been growing, not only women get their eyebrows tattooed to make them bolder but they also get eyeliner tattooed and even lipstick or lipliner depending on the person. Like most tattooing, doing the make up thing also has its dangers to it! For instance, people can be allergic to the inks! Of course we have the minor allergic reaction to certain ingredients in make up among other things, but there are times when the inks in tattoo inks have certain minerals that people can be allergic to and our face can have more adverse effects due to how sensitive the skin can be. There are hypoallergenic inks being used by a lot of artists these days, but it doesn’t mean that we can avoid having infections due to a needle whether the artist practiced well or not. Which brings me to another point!

There are times when the artist hasn’t trained in the art of permanent make up either. Have you ever heard of Back Alley Surgery? Well, this can fall under that with this and it seems to be common the most in Britain, which I read accounts of women who paid less than an actual artist had trained had their faces messed us such as one account had her eyebrows tattooed darker than they should be and the lipliner done wrong that made the cupid’s bow invisible. Another account was how one woman had an artist come to her home and did her eyeliner right but then the pigment bled downward due to how the moisture pockets of her eye was punctured and the cat eye didn’t look like how it supposed to. They did get the work removed and redone by a professional artist, still having untrained artists do the jobs can be a dangerous risk since they haven’t trained more than the amount of time tattoo training should take. I did read in all the articles I took a look at and they do make a point of “You get what you pay for.” And another danger is getting it removed, especially when it’s a really bad botched job! The laser removal job is the most common to use when removing the make up and there are times when it leaves some marks, for instance when the lady who had her eyeliner done by a home “specialist” (the quotes is to say that they weren’t that specialized) had to get it removed and had red markings like chicken pox.

It’s Not That Permanent: I had to include this since it is also important. The thing is that the permanent make up does fade due to how much sun exposure we get. If anyone who has got ink done, do know that you can’t have your ink wet nor have any sun exposure because it will run and also bleach out. After time, it does fade away and it is another cost to add when it starts fading for a reapplication. Plus, with these types of jobs, with MRIs, you need to warn them about your make up being tattooed due to how the inks can screw the scan up. Perfect example is wrist tattooes causing the I-Watch to act funky.

What is the Verdict? It’s hard to say! I would probably do my eyebrows if I need to at a certain point in time like my mom did (which I found out she got her eyebrows tattooed on) but getting something like liner for my eyes or lips and lipstick done…definitely not! Why? Because I like the idea of changing my eyeliner to match my eye shadows such as my blue one with my blue eye look, my purple with my purple shadows, and so on. Heck, it would not be easy doing my .hack character if I had my eyeliner tattooed since I would have to use my silver liners. Still, without having this done, I would have the freedom of using my make up products because with tattoos, can’t really change it once it’s done. Plus, this kind of thing does run around thousands of dollars and that would be used for my convention adventures. My advice to any of my readers who may want this done, think about what you’re doing and think if you want it done to save money on looking for make up products but also research in who you want it done by because you don’t know who is actually trained until you look deeper. In the meantime, I will be enjoying using my fave eyeliners by NYX, Hot Topic, and Maybelline!

Well, that is about it! If anyone wants to see any of these kinds of posts, leave a comment, because knowing there are some things beauty that may cause a bit of thinking before using it. What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? I will be waiting on Ipsy and BoxyCharm for July and also did fill out the press forms for AFO. Yay! Finally! I am waiting on news about that. Til next time!

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