Ipsy Me Offer: Smashbox Try It Kit!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, got my paws on it finally! I got the Smashbox Cosmetics Try It Kit!

I know, what!? How!? Well, as you all know I am an Ipster and there is one thing I really like about Ipsy and that is three days ever week, as in Tuesday through Thursday, Ipsy does something called Ipsy Me! This is where Ipsters can get the higherend items they love or eye in stores like Ulta or Sephora, or even on the company websites for discounted prices. It also goes to drugstore items as well and beauty tools, for instance they had the new Kiss curling iron for sale last week. I was happy to find out that last Tuesday they offered the Smashbox Try It Kit for 14 plus free shipping, which is a bonus. A heads up though, they do offer Urban Decay but it’s not discounted from what I saw with the newer lip gloss they sold two months ago. Still, getting something like this a good bargain, the Smashbox Kit I mean. $

What Is In It?

Photo Finish Eye Primer: First is the Eye Shadow Primer! This is a deluxe size along with the other products that you get in this kit. It normally costs $20 for the full size and it is believed to keep your shadow on for 24 hours! I used eye primers before and they know how to stay on, such as the City Color one, the Urban Decay ones that came with two of my pallets, the Mica one, and can’t wait to try out the one from E. L. F. and with trying out the Smashbox one, it will give me an idea of how well it works!

Photo Finish Face Primer: If you read my June Ipsy post, I got this in my bag this June and was loving it while wearing it. It didn’t hurt my face and didn’t go everywhere while getting it out of the tube, it was just easy to slather on. According to the Smashbox website, it costs $38 for the full-size. I am not sure if I will get the full-size unless BoxyCharm offers it because this stuff is amazing and it’s good for sensitive skin. Knowing me, I will be loving this forever and glad to get another sample size in the kit!

Full Exposure Mascara: I hear good things about this mascara and never tried it out before. It normally costs $20. When I almost got the Try It Kit, when I read that it came with the mascara, this was around the time I didn’t wear it and thought how I would put it on and everything. Now that I know what to do, I can’t wait to start wearing this to try out how it feels. It does claim on Ulta that this is a fiber on, volumizing mascara and it supposed to curl, volumize, and lengthen my lashes a lot more than a regular mascara. This will be interesting since the Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay does the lengthening and curling, well slight curl, but let’s see how it goes!

Eye Shadow Trio in Filter: Why does this eye shadow have to be $28? When I found out that the kit came with an eye shadow trio, it got me really wanting to try out Smashbox since I hear good things about their shadows, especially the Full Exposure Pallet! I did see other trios in this line that I want to get my paws on but will have to wait! This one is a good way of trying out the line though and it is their best-selling nude shadow trio called Filter. This is one of those trios you can have for professional make up because it is not shimmery, it is just matte with brown, a lighter brown, and a beige! It reminds me of the brown shades in the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet. What I like about this one besides the coloring, it has very nice packaging, at first you see a photo lense and then you pop it out like a pocket knife and then you have your shadows in a little circle like a lense. Looking at a good portion of these products, I get the gimmick, this company is based around photography names and themes, especially these shadow trios that deal with photography color names and different camera shots. There is one trio I would like while looking at their choices is both Dark Room and Sky Box because the colors seem prettier than some of the others and they would go well with a smoky look, while Sky Box makes my greenish hazel eyes pop due to how they have blues in that trio. Also, a quick note, it’s the Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio! I will see on hsaving for thse because when you read about these babies, you want them as much as I do. I will be patient, at least I get to try out Filter in the mean time!

Is It Worth It? I would say yes because you get try out samples of a product line this way. It gives you an idea if you like it or not or at least if you’re a beginner and want to sample some stuff, this kit is your thing. Normally it will run you $30 and on Ulta, the last time I checked, it was $18 and I got mine from Ipsy for four bucks less than the retail asking price on Ulta. If you like the products, you can buy them if you have the cash to spend but you can try and find dupes for it as well because there are times when you can’t go highend all the time. It is a nice little trial kit and I am so glad Ipsy sent samples of the Photo Finish Face Primer to Ipsters last month because as said, was skeptical and now I like the face primer. If you want to try out Smashbox, get this kit or give it to a friend that may want to try it out.

That is it for this short post! Til next time!

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