Anti-Aging Cosmetics Rant: Do We Need It At Such a Young Age?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since I am still waiting on word if we are doing press for AFO, they should really get on that since August starts tomorrow and on the edge of my seat for it, in the meantime it’s time for something that I have been a bit miffed about and it’s due to how I have been getting a lot of anti-aging products in my Ipsy bag and BoxyCharm when I don’t use them!

This is mostly a rant about it because since I am turning thirty on August 9th this year, I don’t have any wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines nor frowny ones, crow’s feet, etc. due to how young I look. If you seen all my pics and videos from aall the interviews I done with every voice actor so far you would wonder, “Is she really turning thirty?” Trust me, when I was having the actors put “Happy Birthday” on my stuff back in 2010 when AFO ended a day before it, they didn’t believe me I was turning 25. Anyways, I don’t use anti-aging make up at this stage in time because I don’t need it and it’s scary or odd to hear a lot of girls are using it especially the younger ones around their teens.

What Do I Think? Use Age Appropriate Stuff and Save It for Later! What do I mean by that? Yes, we see the Maybelline Age Rewind items and the IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging primers but best to save it when you hit forty or older and if you are subscribed to Ipsy or BoxyCharm or any other subscription, which a lot of times they give it out, just give it to a mom or aunt that would make good use of it. I did that with my Chloraine eye patches, the face mask from last month’s BoxyCharm, and the Pur~Lis brightening serum which I gave to my mom who put better use to these products since her skin is older than mine despite sharing the same traits as her. I even put that in my review in the Pur~Lis serum that I want more age appropriate products because I rather stick to the skin care regiment I already use that has ingredients meant for my skin.

I bet you’re wondering, then why rant about it in the first place? Well, while researching this after getting that serum I mentioned above, I found that website from the UK that I got a good portion of my points for my permanent make up post (if you haven’t read that post, should do so) and found out teens as young as sixteen are using their mom’s products that are meant for their mothers’ skin not theirs and it’s all due to these kind of products being advertised on a teen network on tv. It goes the same for the United States when we base our shopping on commercials and magazine advertisements for companies like :’Oreal, Lancome, Maybelline, and many other companies.

What are the effects? Like most products, there are many effects that can not only cause the good things but can be harmful to the body. One major thing about using these products very early on is that the ingredients are heavier since women in their forties to sixties have different skin types at that age than we do in our teens to thirties and you all know my number one rule of all skin care, “Not everyone has the same skin type!” This goes true for using these products because as we age we know that we have to use heavier stuff and a teen doesn’t need the heaviest of all. And why are these things heavier? Ingredients in anti-aging creams and cosmetics tend to use Vitamin C, retanoids, and retinol and even coligen which is what our skin is made of. Heck, even in Japan they make marshamallows with jelly made of coligen, which is true that we do lose coligen at a later age. Keyword is at a later age, which these products are meant for that. The main effects that these types of products would cause is that the skin would break down and lose its outer layer that would cause sensitivity to the sun according to the article, “Fresh-Faced and Sixteen: So Why are Girls Like Her Buying Anti-Wrinkle Cream.” Even Web MD did mention the whole these products are too heavy for younger skin and best thing is to stick to sunscreen, which we need to protect our skin the most from due to how we expose ourselves to the great, firey star in the sky and tanning at the beaches, especially here in Florida. And of course, my fave to hear my screen reader read all over my research is that not to smoke! Smoking cuases wrinkles after doing it so long, so stay away from the cancer sticks if you can if you want your skin to stay glowing. Plus, like I said above, better off using the age appropriate skin care products such as Proactiv and AcZone for the teens and salisilic acid based skin care for twenty year olds and save the heavier stuff when you hit later ages.

Well, that is it for this post! I know I ranted a lot since this kind of ticks me off to find something that doesn’t fit my age and yeah, we can prevent wrinkles early but using a heavy cream that is not for our skin can be harmful. Just hand it to your moms or aunts or an older neighbor that would get a good use of it.

What is next? Well, I thought with the age thing…maybe I should mention when it would be right to start using make up since that is an easier topic and there is a lot of things to look at. Also, still still STILL waiting on press news from AFO, because I really want to do interviews with Veronica Taylor, Todd Habercorn, Christopher Kaman Lee, and have Gondras interview Reuben Langdon, which yes you get to see him in the flesh for that. Still crossing my fingers for all that! Stay tuned for everything, including my next August subscriptions and of course my July and August Favorites on top of that. A lot to look for here! Til next time!

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  1. I believe you make very good points here. There are several factors to just keep in mind. Like you said, people have different skin types and conditions. In part this determines when might be the best time to use these products. Knowing you in person I can back up the fact that you look younger, but in the same way, there are plenty of women around your age that look a lot older. It’s all dependent on how you take care of your skin as well as your DNA and many other factors. Do I think teens need to be using anti aging products? Not really. But I do think individuals have a different time they will have a “need” for these. I think some confuse certain products and treatments and that potentially contributes to this issue if you so wish to call it as such. There are products for protecting, hydrating, brightening, and so on that are not necessarily “anti aging”. At the end of the day, people are free to do as they please and everyone has their own beauty routine that they find works for them. The most important thing is to find what works for you presently, adjust as needed, and always stay well informed about the pros and cons of each product you use.

  2. That is tThat is true as well. Didn’t realize that since of course I have to use a different skin regiment from most people and will there is one factor that usually does cause some early signs and that is usually around the time make up starts being worn. I should’ve done that first but seeing how I got the serum in Ipsy this time, I think it was a good point to bring up. Thanks for the comment though.u


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