AFO 2015: Todd Habercorn Q&A Panel!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since AFO had ended, I did post a few videos, well two panel videos on the YouTube side and the first I’m posting here is the Todd Habercorn panel from Saturday. I know that we tend to do interviews but due to not having press badges at this event we couldn’t do it and Todd was one of the people we wanted to interview alongside Veronica Taylor, Reuben Langdon, and Christopher Kaman Lee. There will be other conventions these guys will show up if we do get press. Despite not getting it at AFO, I did work around it and that is asking a question from the interview list I came up with while I was waiting for the form. What was the question I asked?

I could’ve asked any of the ones I did have, I even was tempted to ask how did the “Let It Go” thing where he sang as Italy came to be but decided on this one:

You done younger and older voices, which one do you prefer to record most?

How’d he answered it, you will hear him as Rowan from Tales of Xilia in his words! Enjoy! Stay tuned for parts one and two of the Pokemon actors panel from Sunday!

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