AFO 2015: Pokémon Actors Panel

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Another post with panel videos for you all to enjoy! So, Sunday was pretty much my panel day and shopping day during AFO since I didn’t get to go to many panels during this one. I went to the last of Dante Basco’s panel before the Pokemon actors panel and did check out some of Reuben’s fighting panel afterwards. I forgot that he did have a Q&A panel at 10:30 while I was in the dealer’s room for last minute stuff.

The videos you’re about to see are in two parts because the IPad cut out right as Veronica Taylor was answering my question from the list I created for her. If you guys remembered from my Eric Stuart interview, I asked him how did it feel to be Gourry again in the last two seasons of Slayers since Funimation picked them up a few years back. I asked Veronica the same question but with her character Amelia! I did catch some of the answer in a tiny segment but will put it here, which you get to hear a bit of the answer at the end of part one but mostly she was happy to be called back since she wasn’t sure that she would be called back along with everyone else. Even Todd mentioned how Crispin mentioned it to him about the two seasons being brought over and Eric did chime in about how happy he got called in as well.

If you guys want to see my interview with Eric, you can still catch it here on Word Press with my MythiCon 2014 posts and on our YouTube channel! And sorry about the camera work, I was pulling a Saiga from the end of Speed Grapher during the panel with my IPad and phone to get it recorded, which I pointed both cameras to the stage. Nice work for a blind person…sort of…

Anyuway! That is it for my stuff from AFO this year. I did sign up for press at Holiday Matsuri since it has been two years since we gone back after hosting the Blind Experience back in 2013 and we liked it, even the staff was nice on top of it. I will also be checking out Ranger Stop since I have been a fan of Power Rangers since I was seven and since they announced many guests like Johnny Yong Bosh, Jason David Frank, and the SPD cast! I gotta check it out for a day or more, depending on what I think. And get to ask Dan Southworth about his blind experience on the Mortal Kombat Web Series.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? My faves for July and August! Stay tuned!

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