Convention Spotlight: Ranger Stop 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for something I haven’t done in a while that is a Convention Spotlight! I have done the spotlight on Omni Expo and AFO this year, now it’s time for something that really got my cat ears perking up even with the guest list and that is Ranger Stop here in Orlando, FL! Oh yeah!

What is it? If you all guys have heard of PowerMorpheCon in California, Ranger Stop is pretty much that but smaller and like the name says, it is also a Power Rangers convention that Orlando has! I never heard of it until at Omni Expo last year and they did have a booth this year. Even though AFO does get Power Ranger guests but this one has a lot more to it since they not only have certain rangers from certain series show up but also villains on top of it. Essentually, you both have heroes and villains as your guests, which makes me happy due to how I have been a fan since I was seven years old which meant I was around when it first came to the US. I did start watching In Space recently due to one of the rangers is going to be a guest at this one and was a guest at AFO this year. Let’s take more of a look!

Where is it and when is it? This year it will be at the Holiday Inn Suites across the street from Universal Orlando. Nice to have a theme park in case you want to hang out after a few hours, especially CityWalk! In case you want to reserve a room, should do it now and if you use the code “RSC for a $99 a night for a group. Even though the convention is in November, I would say get on it because like all vacations and cons, rooms do go fast and with Thanksgiving and Christmas behind it, rooms will surely go faster! When is it exactly? This convention runs November 13th to the 15th and tickets are available for the three separate days which Friday and Saturday are $30 each and Sunday is $25 and a Three Day is $60 and that is until November 15th and should get tickets as soon as possible!

Who Will be at This Thing? There is going to be a lot of people at this thing and so glad I started watching one of the previous seasons to get who comes from where, but if you don’t want to sit down for an entire season I would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Linkara’s History of the Power Rangers series which he looks at the different seasons as a whole. He did recently done Samurai and will have Mega Force on Christmas! Stay tuned for that!

It’s Morphen Time! To kick off the guests, we have some from the original series, Mighty Morphen, which of course as kids we started off with and have grown up the most with! Austin St. john as the original red ranger will be attending this convention, who played Jason btw, and will be returning to acting this year for a movie called Survival’s End. He did play as Jason in Zeo as the Gold Ranger and appeared in the Turbo movie with Amy Jo Johnson.

David Fielding played the voice of Zordon in the first season and kept his face despite the change in actors. He also played the voice of Zoltar in the first episode, “Day of the Dumpster” which according to the website, was a lost episode. He is teaching actors-to-be to perfect their craft in Texas. Of course I will be getting Season 1 Part 1 if I go for a day or two.

Johnny Yong Bosh ::squees:: was the second black ranger, Adam and it was his first role he has ever done! You already know he has been in anime and games as the voice of Vash the Stampede in Trigun, Kun in the .hack// G. U. games, and and soooooo many more!

Karen Ashley played Aisha Campbell in season 2 and 3 of Mighty Morphen and was in the movie that was released by Fox in 1995. She has appeared in many Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and much more! She does have her own talk shown on YouTube known as Uncensored Talk, which I will be checking out!

Steve Cardenas, which you can’t forget Rocky the second red ranger and was the blue ranger in Zeo. He did leave to focus on his karate school and holds many awards for many martial arts contests. Can’t wait to meet this guy!

Katherine Sutherland played Kat from Mighty Morphen through Turbo. She came from Australia and now lives in the United States and has appeared at many conventions with former cast members of Power Rangers.

Nakia Burris played Tanya, the yellow ranger, and has recorded a pop album at the same time. She has appeared in many musicals such as Bye Bye Birdie and Cinderella and now in production of the film Between Kings and Queens.

Let’s Rocket! ::keys in 335 in morpher:: Now we’re heading to two actors from In Space! First is Christopher Kaman Lee, who was at AFO this year and would’ve been one of my interviews, anyways he is of course the red ranger Andros and also played Jack on Seventh Heaven. And you can’t forget Andros’ sister, Karone and arch enemy of the Space Rangers, Astronima, Melody Perkins! I have to admit here with watching this season currently on NetFlix, I love her as Astronima and she is one of my fave villains and she does it well! If you guys want me to review In Space to see what I think, just request and I will do! If not, you can watch Linkara’s review on it. And another thing about her…

Did You Know? Melody Perkins not only played both Karone and Astonima but she was the only one who played a villain in one season and a Power Ranger in the next one, which she replaced Valerie Vernon in Lost Galaxy, which I did watch a little of and will continue after Space, as the pink ranger because Valerie had to leave to battle leukemia. Melody did reprise the role as Karone in Super Mega Force.

Go Glactic! Speaking of Lost Galaxy, Danny Savin will be from this team and played Leo, Galaxy Red, in this one! An interesting fact was that Savin went through law school while working on Power Rangers. At least he still lives in Phoenix!

Light Speed Rescue! Next we have Sean C. W. Johnson, being from Sarasota, Fl, played Carter on Light Speed Rescue. Rhett Fisher, who plays the Titanium Ranger, since we are on the same subject, tried out for the role of Carter but lost it to Sean. Nice to hear that older fans of the Rangers did like Fisher as the Titanium Ranger, okay need to watch this season since it really got my ears interested! Sean did get to reprise his role as Carter in “Forever Red” and as one of the Legendary Rangers during Super Mega Force.

Time For! Time Force! Yay! The series that got me watching again and the two red rangers appearing from this season are Jason Fond, Wesley, and Dan Southworth, Eric the Quantum Ranger! Trying to keep my fan girl in! Anyuway, all thanks to meeting Dan back in 2010 at AFO and watching Linkara’s review, I do like Time Force after watching a good portion of it, didn’t want to go to an anime club meeting because it kept me glued to my seat. Back to about these guys! Interesting fact about Fond is that he graduated in the same high school class as Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio. Nice! While Dan, on the other hand, he is the voice of Virgil in Devil May Cry 3 game and also played Kenshi in the Mortal Kombat Legends series.

SPD! Emergency! Now onto the thing that really makes us fans going crazy over this year’s Ranger Stop and that is this year marks the 25th year anniversary for it and bringing the main five of the SPD Team B cast and that includes Brandon J. McClaron, Jack the Red Ranger, Chris Violette, Sky the Blue Ranger, Matt Austin, Bridge the Green Ranger, later Blue and then Red for “Once a Ranger.” Monica May, Z the Yellow Ranger, and Alicia Purott, Sid the Pink Ranger!

There are many other guests on this list including Walter Jones, who played Zack the original black ranger, Blake Foster from Turbo, and even Reuben Langdon! Man, this guest list is big! If you want to read more about who’s coming, here you go:

Well, that is it for this convention spotlight and somehow this convention is really making me want to go and check it out. I do have another convention spotlight up next and that is Orlando’s own holiday convention that is pretty close to Christmas and that is Holiday Matsuri! Stay tuned for that!

PS That link I posted, it also gives you information about tickets, hotel, the location, etc.!

BoxyCharm and Ipsy: September 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Second post in one day and this time in the beauty category because it’s time for Ipsy and BoxyCharm for September! This month it’s all about Fashion Week all over the globe and this month’s themes deal with those runways being walked on in New York, London, and Milan! What did I get? Keep reading!

Ipsy: This month’s theme is “Face Fashion” and man the bag is very amazing and bigger than last month’s. I saw videos where people said last month’s bag was ugly, even someone on Ipsy Trades thought it was tacky but it looked nice and fit the school theme. This month, it was golden and it has a pretty interesting feel to the bag on the front and then cloth on the back.

There were some complaints to the items because some of them were cycled into this month which included the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish which a lot of Ipsters didn’t get and got this month. I would’ve like to get that one since Vivi got it in her bag last month but got a different nail polish instead. Let’s see what I got.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub: First is the Brightening Facial Scrub from Acure. I heard about this brand from other Ipsters on YouTube that got stuff from these guys and they normally either got a scrub or mask from them and I got a scrub this month. I was afraid that I was going to break out from this if it wasn’t made for my skin but when I read the profile on my Glam Bag page it was made for my skin! This item claims that it will expoliate the skin without taking the natural moisture and it deeply cleanses pores and brightens the skin with cholera-growth factor and argon stem cells help with it. I got my bag yesterday and decided to try it out to see how it went and the good news is that no irritation so far and it left me tingling all over my pores which made it feel great. Plus, it did agree with my Stridex pads, my Clean & Clear toner, and Celestial moisturizer and this morning when I washed my face with my Clean & Clear face wash, still no irritation! This stuff is pretty good and will keep using it until I run out! You don’t need a lot by the way while washing your face because it spreads pretty well and you do feel a nice clean. I am going to keep using this until my tube runs out.

NYX Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio: Next is the Ipsy trio by NYX Cosmetics! Can’t get enough NYX and glad that they are still given out in Ipsy since I love this brand like crazy! Apparently, some Ipsters said on the board that this was a repeat as well since they have gotten eye shadow trios by NYX in the past but I didn’t mind due to how I didn’t join the service until last year and got my bags starting last August. I am glad I got this in my bag and it seems to be a neutral trio, which I do like my neutrals! What is also great about this is that an applicator comes with it, which makes a nice little bonus if you don’t have your brushes with you! I hope to see even more NYX items like this since we did get a Butter Lipstick months ago.

Tre’Stique Matte Lip Crayon: Another item from Tre’stique and and that is their matte lip crayon! I got the eye shadow crayon from this brand a few months back and it was the pinky gold one and liked how it felt. I was happy that Ipsy got more items from them for this month and this time for lips. I was kind of hoping on the City Color Cosmetics lipstick but they may give it away as prizes in the points shop or have it for Ipsy Me with a set, which is a great thing about Ipsy. I am glad to receive another Tre’stique item and good to expand on trying a new brand. I am not sure what color it’s supposed to be since the page didn’t say but it may be a nude color and I did try it out and it felt pretty light and easy to apply. It has Vitamin E and Manoi Tahiti Butter to add more moisture, which is an added bonus! Need more of this brand in future bags!

Crown Brush Oval Concealer Brush: Yay! Another Crown item and this time another brush by them! I have gotten their tweezers and the shadow and crease brush in past bags and now it’s time for a concealer brush! I am super happy for this because I get to try out other brushes by them, I know I do have their brush set that Ipsy sold in their little offer store, this is a good way to see what else they have. I was kind of sad that they didn’t give me another eye brush and I’m okay with it! Someone did want to swap for this when I said I wasn’t complaining about it on the Ipsy Trades page but told them I wasn’t trading the brush and mentioned that they can find another person who might swap it or just see about Ipsy selling a set of Crown brushes. I hope they do, you know I would be there getting it since I do like the tweezers and that one eye brush by them. I am hoping to get more brushes in my bags! I did put this brush in my brush rotation to blend my spot concealer in.

Formula X Nail Polish in Ignite: Finally I got another nail polish after going a few months without one. I think Ipsy listened to my quiz retake, because I decided to redo my profile since I was getting anti-aging products and missing polishes, so checked the polish box and kept the anti-aging box unchecked. I am glad to get this nail polish and it’s by Formula X and it’s in a nice red color called Ignite. I heard about Formula X through YouTubers and found out that they sell at Sephora and heard it’s a bit pricey. Good to get this in my Glam Bag without buying it, plus there is no discount code for it either which makes it kind of sad. I wish the bottle was bigger since it is a sample size but I can deal with it and hoping to get more of this brand in future bags after redoing the quiz.

Wow, that was a great bag this month! Let’s see what’s up with BoxyCharm!

BoxyCharm: This month’s theme is Runway Ready! Knowing a lot of YouTubers had a hard time saying this but typing was easier. I found this box being better and there was a bonus item this month for Charmers and I was happy to get this month’s box. I do admit I was afraid that my account got cancelled but that was a old account since I switched payments. Good to know that I am good for October because this is a good subscription but it does have its ups and downs in boxes and this one was an up to me!

Previse Hydro Milk Moisturizer: First is a product by a brand I am familiar with and that is Previse and it’s a full-size of their Hydro Milk moisturizer. I got their milk make up remover back in January in Ipsy and it was amazing and it’s good for sensitive skin. This product is also a good thing for sensitive skin and it’s meant for the face and neck, which I will try out and see how it works because I do like sampling new moisturizers for my skin type and this baby costs $48 for it. Ouch! $24 more than my Celestial.

Scratch Nails Nail Wraps: Next item is something I heard about from other YouTubers and that is nail wraps by I am not that big into nail wraps after trying Kiss’s wraps a while back, I know the Sally Hansen ones are really good, not into them much since I I have easier times putting nail polish on over nail wraps despite how a mess can happen when I do my nails. I will be giving these to Mommy Gondras since she loves using these and she was the one who introduced me to them. I thought she would have more use and try out a newer brand she probably hasn’t heard of before. I seen people’s videos and they got white with a golden design on them which may appeal to her. I will have to include a note saying that she needs to find the directions on their website to apply them. Another good thing about subscriptions, you can give away items you won’t use and give them to somebody that would use them.

Versanti Foundation Brush: This box really made me happy after seeing videos and that is the Versanti Foundation Brush! I got the blush brush back in June and haven’t used that one yet I believe, which I know I am using my Luxie brush for blush. A lot of people were surprised at how it looked, it is a flat brush and it makes it interesting since I do use a cream-like foundation from Alamay and that tends to get gunky in the bristles. So glad I got more of my brush cleanser! I will be trying this out and see how it goes. This baby is around $39 and man that’s expensive!

Tart Smouldering Eyes Liner Pencil: Yay! Another Tart product! This made my love for the box even more when they had a sneak peek of this and it’s the Smouldering Eyes Eye Liner with Amazonian Clay! Their Amazonian Clay products are popular, especially their blushes! There was another being given out and it was more of a gel but glad to get the pencil and I think everyone got the same color, which is a gold! I do need another gold pencil in my collection since I do wear gold liner time to time.

Chella Clear Brow Gel: Another Chella item and this time in Boxy! I rarely notice that Chella gets given out in this box since I subscribed at the end of last year and did get their highlighting crayon in Ipsy and have been using that. This is a clear bow gel by them and I do use clear gels, well a clear gel from ELF that does double into a clear mascara at one end of the tube. I may use this when I apply make up to see how it goes. I don’t think I will get the full-size though. The ELF one, if you guys are wondering despite not using brow products normally, I use that when I go to job interviews.

Cardatian Beauty Black Seed Oil: The final item and that is the bonus item and it is by Cardatian Beauty and it’s their Black Seed Oil. I never used anything from this brand, only use an item from their make up artist though, Rob Scheppy, this is a hair oil made from some kind of seed and it is a dry formula. When I got my box earlier, I decided why not take a try at it and see how it feels and it did smell weird to me but it did soften my hair. I do like using hair oils and this is a nice change from argon oil based products I’ve been using. This will be added to my hair routine.

This month’s subscriptions were awesome! I did like BoxyCharm this month a lot since it had products I would use more except for the nail wraps which are going to Mommy Gondras, which she will enjoy when she puts them on. The other items though, I know I will be using the brush, the brow gel as a nice thing to take a look at, then the moisturizer is from a brand that I did like and got before in Ipsy and that is Previse. I did like Ipsy a lot due to the brush, which I won’t be swapping, the nail color, and of course did enjoy my expoilating scrub so far. All and all, very good this month and can’t wait to see if they are as good as this month for October! Especially when it is supposed to be Halloween themed.

What is next? I am thinking of doing a convention spotlight on Ranger Stop, so stay tuned for that!

Avril Lavigne: Doesn’t Sound the Same!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for my newest segment with music and that is known as “Doesn’t Sound the Same!”

All thanks to branching into music back in April after interviewing Soul Switch and reviewing their album that came out, I have been noticing from then on, even before, that a lot of the famous artists have changed their music for the better just doesn’t sound like they used to be. I understand that they want to fit with the times but it seems out of their little box that they sound like they used to be. That is why I created this and will be looking at artists like Fall Out Boy, Skillet, Taylor Swift, and today’s artist, Avril Lavigne!

Who is he or she? Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer who was known for her single, “Complicated” back in the early 2000s. Born on September 27th in 1984 in Bellville, Ontario, Avril started her career by the age of fifteen when she appeared onstage with Shania Twain and then signed a two-album contract with Arista a year later. Her album, “Let G,” was a popular album by 2002 and ended up with the personas of “Pop Punk princess” and “skater punk.” Now I can see why most of the pop punk fans hated her, try being in chatrooms back in the early days of my AOL use and seeing so many people calling her a poser. But back on track, She has sold over 30 million albums since her debut on the and 50 million singles on top of that.


Let Go: 2001-2002
Under My Skin: 2004
Best Damn Thing: 2007
Goodbye Lullaby: 2011
Avril Lavigne: 2013

Where the Sound Changes: “Let Go” and “Under My Skin” were the albums that shown Avril’s rocker side. There were a few tracks that seemed a bit soft on her first album, “Let Go,” which did match the alternative sound that she claims to have. Some of my fave tracks on this album included “Complicated,” “Sk8r Boi” and one called “Tomorrow” which I tend to listen to when I was down back in my high school days since I looked up to her a lot. With “Under My Skin,” it did have the same sound from “Let Go” since it shown the same alternative sound she has over the punk sound that she claims to have. To me, her music was more of alternative in the end over the whole punk sound, especially when you hear in “Happy Ending,” “Together,” and even in “With You,” “Complicated,” and a few others on that album. At least those two albums kept it together while “Best Damn Thing,” it just…gave me a “Why!?” This album was where the song “Girlfriend” came off of and it went into the realm of pop-punk except more pop. I only listened to this album twice and now my third time writing this post and it was not my favorite because of how much Avril’s sound went down more of the pop route since pop music was starting to pop up more around 2007 and pushing rock back, which this album did make it to number one on the music charts. With “Goodbye Lullaby” which was released in 2011it explores more of her pop side and I do admit “What the Hell?” is a good song but I am missing her old sound as I listen to some of the songs from this album, especially on the ITunes radio station for her. Pretty much, with how I observe, from alternative to the small summit of pop and then hitting the peak of pop with “Goodbye Lullaby.” And I noticed how it does open with the first perfume’s name, Black Star, and it is a pretty soft beginning from some of the other stuff she has done. No wonder this album was popular in Australia and Japan as well as the United States and UK. What about the self-titled? It sounds like a mix of “Goodbye Lullaby” and “Best Damn Thing” from what I am hearing, especially with her song “Heres to Never Growing Up,” which does have the old sound of “Complicated” but it still has the pop edge. This album also features a song with her ex-husband, Chad Croger from Nickelback, and of course the notorious “Hello Kitty.” Which according to some people, “Hello Kitty” is a racist song towards Japan but she quoted that it’s not. I did listen to the entire song before doing this post to do my research and man my ears hurt!

What Do I Conclude? BRING THE OLD AVRIL BACK! Which I’m trying to say is that she completely doesn’t sound the same, especially with her self-titled one that was released in 2013. I admit I do like the song “What the Hell” from “Goodbye Lullaby”, which doesn’t hurt as badly as some of the other songs such as “Girlfriend,” but I do miss her alternative sound that she was best known for back in the early 2000s. I ddidn’t mention that she did try some acting and I did see her voice work in Over the Hedge as Heather, a opossum, and that was pretty well done for her first time. Still, I would just have the first two albums and just buy “What the Hell?” on its own or just listen to the ITunes radio station when it comes up. I may track down her perfumes because I do like celebrity perfumes, especially both of the Taylor Swift scents.

That is it for this first segment of “Doesn’t Sound the Same!” Who will I look at next? Definitely looking at Fall Out Boy since I got into them back when they started in 2002. And also, stay tuned for my Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since I just received my Boxy today and Ipsy yesterday!

And also, if you were sent here by my buddy Vivi lately, hello! Because I done a collab with her and my friend over on her YouTube Channel which we done a haul together! Find her as Paws & Play. (Don’t get confused with the pet subscription.)

Well, that is it!

Make Up: What is the Right Age to Wear It?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s time to do this post and that is…let me ask this question first! How old should someone start wearing make up? There are many different answers to this question because it seems that the age to start wearing it keeps getting younger and younger, especially when there are brands starting to come out that will cater to the tween crowd. There are parents and other people on the fence about this and I am also on the fence because of how there are beauty pageants for the young ones and of course studies out there about this. Let’s take a look shall we?

I admit that I did have the play make up sets when I was a kid, even got those pretend heels one Christmas with one set, but I didn’t really start doing the make up thing around my early twenties. I did try it out when I was in sixth grade with my mom’s stuff but wasn’t into it despite the want to fit in and it wasn’t working. It baffled me in high school the most that I stood in line five seconds before the bell waiting on the next sink to be free and seeing make up bags with so many items and the girls putting on make up when some of them don’t have boyfriends like I did. Normally, make up gets put on around high school age but there has been a study about girls putting make up on at a younger age and here are the statistics!

Who Did the Study? Renfrew, Center Foundation, a foundation that studies and advocates treatments for eating disorders


• Among 572 girls who taken this survey revealed that 1 in 5 girls have negative feelings when they don’t wear make up.
• 20% are feeling self-conscious since they feel that they need it.
• 17% think they’re not attractive with not wearing it.
• 15% feel as though they’re naked without it, like it’s missing!
• 5% just feel more confident without it!
Wow! A little shocking isn’t it? Especially when these statistics came up in how many started at what age!

Ages 8 and 13 statrted wearing make up: 65%
Between 14 and 16: 29%
Between 11 and 13: 50%
Ages of 8 and 10: 15%

That seems a bit scarier in my book!

Why the Feelings? It seems that in every mindset that every girl wants to be accepted when they put on that mask of make up and when they don’t wear it then they don’t get accepted at all. We do have a lot of pressures in every avenue, such as having the hottest toy, the awesome bicycle, and now it seems you have to have the latest Maybelline mascara or Wet N Wild eye shadow to be accepted or just wearing make up in general will have the most acceptance, especially in school which is the most accepted. It is already hard enough that girls are trying to pass classes but the added pressure of trying to be beautiful is hard enough.

What is the best solution? The best solution is a hard one because there are going to be the times where a girl is going to be curious and want to explore and it’s not wrong for them to do that. I would say try having that talk about make up when they decide to look into it. I was twenty-three when I asked my mom about lip gloss for my first time, yeah it was pretty late of me but I didn’t really start getting into make up around that age and slowly evolved into other things like foundation, powder, eye shadow, and so on. In other words, best to do it slowly by starting off small and see how it goes from there because it shows what one likes and what doesn’t like in products and how far it should take someone. For instance, I don’t like the idea of doing bronzer after a makeover at Lancome and of course, one last thing, not into lashes because of my eye lashes being long as is and don’t want the extra weight of feeling them there and I hear a lot of YouTubers do have trouble getting them off. I just stopped with highlighter. As said, best to do it slow and see how it goes.

Also talking to the young ones about where and when it’s appropriate to wear make up is also important because knowing this would help the idea of it not being necessary all the time can break the acceptance issues a bit. For instance, wearing a little mascara to the arcade for a hang out is okay. Even saving it for after the gym for a girls’ night is also okay for another example. It can also help someone with how much they want to wear or not to wear on days that are just going to the store for a carton of milk or to the mall for a simple shopping trip. I even admit I went to AFO on the last day just having lip gloss.

All-in-all, the talk will come up and guiding girls slowly from little to a little more can help because we can’t say “no” to them once they reach a certain age for that rite of passage.

Well, that is it for this post! It is difficult to answer the age question ins tarting with make up. It doesn’t hurt to buy a girl around twelve a tube of lip gloss rather than getting a set of lashes, getting to that full face later on does take steps.

Next up for Nerdy Shique Universe, I will be doing the first poter Boi” to “What the Hell?” and “Hello Kitty.” No lie, that is one of her songs! And also waiting on my September Ipsy and Boxy, which don’t know what is going on with my tracking for Boxy! Working on that! Stay tuned!st in “Doesn’t Sound the Same” by starting with Avril Lavigne in how she got from “Complicated” and “Sk

House of Blues: September 5th with Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Wake Up for My Funeral

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am taking a break from beauty to bring you a music review! Last night I went to see some bands at the House of Blues and they were Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Woke Up for My Funeral. I got free tickets like my riends Vivi and Tobi to this show but all thanks to Soul Switch! You remembered that I interviewed the guys of Soul Switch back in April and got to see them at Earth Day Birthday that same month and now they are back at the House of Blues where local music hits the stage here in Orlando! What do I think of each set? Keep reading! And one more thing before I start!

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on opinion and observation of the writer, please don’t get mad if you don’t like what I have to say!
I Woke Up For My Funeral! I know, interesting name for a band right? I heard many other names like Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band, Rise of Defiance, Not Tonight Josephine, and even Maybe If You Hit It. These guys opened the show last night and we kind of missed the first song since traffic was pretty bad getting in due to how Downtown Disney has a parking garage in the West Side parking lot now. We did catch the rest of their set and they sound pretty good for a weird name like this. They have a very unique sound and they know how to rock. I should’ve bought their album but there is always next time whenever they are performing with our fave bands.

Blaine the Mono! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We saw these guys and ggal back in April when they opened up Soul Switch’s album release party, which also had Traverser and Leaving Haven performing that same night. We aren’t too fond of them after seeing that set and we were hoping that they would improve but we thought wrong. Sorry, I am going to sound as professional as I can be with what I think, but we don’t like this band. Orlando and Tampa, since Mr. Bella is from there, does have a lot of talented bands but not all of them are faves of mine and this one is one of them. The lead singer has a bit of a pitch problem and her screaming is screechy! Don’t get me wrong, there are good women rockers and some of them include Bif Naked, A Brilliant Lie, hell, even Mechanism is one of them after seeing them once but to me Blaine the Mono needs to turn down the screams and just focus on being an alternative band and just have the singer hit the beat more since the rest of the band has. I didn’t even like how they covered “The Best of You” by Foo Fighters and even “The Beautiful People” back in April despite not being a Marylin Manson fan myself. I would say just skip this band if you want, but they do have a music video they recently shot according to the lead singer and it’s on YouTube.

Mr. Bella! One of the bands we really wanted to see is back and they rocked yet again! We got to catch them back in July with Leaving Haven and The Dead Deads and it felt great seeing them after over a year and half. This time around, still felt that goodness hearing them live yet again. Great thing is that they did make a few new songs and they are known as “Words,” “Crsh and Burn,” and “So Long to Sanity” if I remembered correctly! Still a great band and amazing performance and hoping they come back to Orlando over and over. I want to doget my paws on that “Words” song since that is my fave new one.

Soul Switch! And finally, the main act of the night, Soul Switch! Like with Traverser, these guys are always a pleasure to catch over and over and their set gets better and better! I did mention how they released Regnerate back in April and they did perform “Hang On,” “My Tragedy,” and “Demons” to close the show. Of course they done their hits “Change,” “Saving Me,” and “Transmissions Lost.” They even had the performance only “Walk Alone” and “Never Again,” which I wish they were released because they sound equally amazing live and could imagine how they sound recorded. But what can you do? And we can’t forget the signature broken mic for Tom in the first song though. I did pick up a new shirt since they released three newer shirts during the time since we saw them last and I got the one with the Regenerate cover on it. I did say it was the “Best EP” thus far this year so why not get a shirt with the cover? I did wear my zombie ravaged shirt for added support! As always, they rocked the stage and the good news for anyone who lives in the rest of the SouthEast, they are going to be touring, catch them if they head to your state Shiquers! Knowing that they will be posting on Facebook about it, is the page to be and for their official site!

Well, that is it for this post! I will be getting back to beauty with with the “Too Young for Make Up” post and then return to music for the first post of “Doesn’t Sound the Same.” Stay tuned!

ELF Haul: Ship For Free Special!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally I got my ELF order and an extra order due to the problem. What happened exactly?

Well, last month, ELF sent everyone who was surbscribed to their e-mail list a code to have anything shipped for free, it was also advertised on their site and decided to take advantage of it. This was the right time since they released new moisturizing lipsticks and decided to get some more and did have to get a re-purchase of an item and when things were shipped, I waited and then got someone else’s items. I had to contact ELF and they said that I can keep them and they will ship the person another order to them. I did get my order the next day but two items were missing and called them last Tuesday about it and then shipped me another order of my items and I did make a joke that they should send me a gift card. I checked my e-mail and earlier that morning they sent me an e-gift card for $5 and was glad to use it that same day. What did I get exactly?

Order Number 1:

Moisturizing Lipsticks in Bardeaux Beauty, Pink Minx, and Marsala Blush! This time around I decided to get two of the newer lipsticks and one of the older ones! I do have the one in Rosie-Go-Round and liked how it felt and decided why not get a few more with this deal. The two newer ones I picked up were Marsala Blush and Bardeaux Beauty. I was curious about these two and a few others and they seem to be complicated with how I was going to choose them and I decided on these two. Marsala Blush is a mauve color which I have been curious about trying out mauve colored lips. I think I have a mauve colored lip glosss somewhere in my major collection of lip colors and this is a nice one to try out as a little stepping stone. Next is Bardeaux Beauty which is a crimson-like red and since I am getting more into red lipsticks and glosses, I think it was time to try out a wine-ish color for a change. I did hear that some of these didn’t come out as pigmented as they hoped in videos but they did up their formula in some of them. I kind of see what they are talking about since Rosie is pretty moisturizing and one YouTuber said that when they first tried the color Cheeky, which is a bit of a rose gold, it was very drying. I do admit I use a lot of lip balm because my lips do dry out without applying it but the application goes on better with lip balm, that is just me. And the theird color, which is an oldie, is Pink Minx! I went back to my pink comfort zone when it comes to lips and it let me explore some of the older shades with the new. I do want to get Red Carpet, which I believe I got or not, there is always next time! The berry shades do catch my kitty ears and not sure if I will get those when they arrive at Target, I will try these out first before getting any more. If anyone loves black lipstick, you are in luck because the darkest shade in these new ones is a black one iknown as Black Out. Any cosplayers looking for a cheap lipstick, there you go!

Brush Cleanser! Yep, I got my daily brush cleanser spray and this was missing from my order when I got it in the mail. I am so glad to get it this time around because it is the best cleanser you can get for cheap! If you read my favorites post for July and August, this is the easiest cleaner you will ever buy! You just spray it on your bristles and rub all the residue off with a towel or rag and then let it air dry and you are good to go. Plus, it makes the bristles smell nice! If you can’t get your paws on the brush cleaning solid, which I hear so many people rave about, or the professional one from Michael’s, which people do clean their make up brushes with, or Sally Beauty Supply, I would suggest getting this one because it works as well!

Lip Liner in Mauve Lux! After getting the lipsticks and the brush cleanser, I decided to venture in the lip liner section. All thanks to my beauty subscriptions I have way too many eye liners and trying not to buy anymore and decided to get a few more lip liners because I wanted to get more into those. I found the Long Lasting Liners and they had three to choose from and went with Mauve Lux. I thought this would be a nice one to start with due to it being in the pinkish-purple range and it would give a darker edge to my lips. Great thing is that this liner does come with a sharpener, which I will carry in my make up bag for my lip liners I travel with. Not a bad thing to include, plus I do have my universal lead sharpener from Revlon. I do have an extra all thanks to the order mix up, since my package did come with this last Tuesday.

Shimmer Face Whip in Pink Lemonade! Oh man, how can I talk about this without laughing a little. When I got the other person’s order by mistake, I ended up with three of these Face Shimmering Whips, which I was curious in trying other illuminators. I picked out Pink Lemonade because it said in the description that it is the highest rated item by Allure and decided why not choose it? On top of that, did get two of the other ones and they are in Lilac Petal and Spotlight Fuschia I believe and when my actual envelope arrived I did receive my tube of Pink Lemonade. And then another in the order that was sent Thursday. I have three Pink Lemonades now and glad to try these out! Yeah, I do have two other of the colors that they made and it gives me a better idea of what they are like. I do like the smell though, they remind me of shervert and they do blend despite how sticky they are but they do stick well and I like that in a liquid type highlighter because I tend to have ones that were runny like crazy when you squeeze a small bit! I am so glad my NYX one is in control when I use it. Plus, you get a generous size, the tube is small because you only need one or two droplets for each cheek, which I wore one and it only need one droplet for both my cheeks and then blended into my skin. If you are in a need of a highlighter that is not runny and will give you too much in one squeeze, these are it and they are rated pretty high on the ELF site and plus you get it for $2 which is cheaper than a lot of highend stuff.

Shipment #2!

Essentials Brush Set! As you guys know I did get a gift card as an apology for my troubles and it was $5 and it was good to use since of course ELF is inexpensive! I did get two more items, I didn’t go back to the lipsticks since I have so many lip products as is! I did wanted to get a brush set and decided to go with the Essentials 12 Brush Set. I have been brush crazy and this kind of shows it. I love ELF’s brushes because of how soft they are and they aren’t expensive at all! In that order mix up, I did get the contour brush but gave it to my mom since she doesn’t have any and I don’t contour. I did tell her that these brushes are good and best to get these since she went to the department stores and were going to charge her $80 a brush, which is ridiculous mind you! The set includes your essentials in eyes, even a lip brush, and face, gotta love the signature name! It costs $12 and it gives me the nice range and of course can switch out whenever I need to. I would suggest getting this set for a loved one or yourself if you are looking for an inexpensive set, plus the kabuki brush is a must have since they are nice and soft!

Smudge Pot in Ocean Bound! I decided to go curious kitten on the eye shadow page and ran into the smudge pot section! I do love my Maybelline Color Tattoos, especially with cosplay looks, I decided why not check these out since they do have good reviews. It was hard to choose which color because I didn’t have an idea of which is which, even tried watching a few YouTube videos on them, but did decide on Ocean Bound which speaks for itself as a ocean colored shadow. These are pigmented according to people and willing to see if they are and they aren’t as expensive as MAC Paint Pots, which makes it better. I will see how this goes.

Amzaon: I did go on an Amazon shopping trip because of something I was looking for and that is the Z Pallet! Everyone on YouTube talk about these and since my Ulta Blockbuster set that is in the canvas casing kept on falling and it is a little warped, I decided why not deport it and get a Z Pallet for it. I did get a large one and a small one because the blushes wouldn’t fit in the bigger one due to how many shadows were in it but the problem is due to how powdery and chalky the shadows are they kept on breaking and spreading powder all over the place. That didn’t work out well, plus some of the pans do bend easily at times. I did get the blushes out pretty well and put them in the small one and it’s in my make up travel case since they are compact and willing to finish them with my other blushes. While the other pallet, I decided why not put the small Ulta quads that came in the set and the little make up bags since those contain shadows similar to the set I tried depotting the shadow pallet. It works since I can remove the plastic covering and also did notice one of them keeps on losing the covering. I am getting more metal plates to keep them down in the pallet since my failed attempts at getting the depotting to work caused me to use up a good majority of the metal stick ons that came with the pallets that I ordered. I am glad to do the quads and it will help me use up some of the shadows more. I will update you guys on how it goes!

Before I finish this post, I want to thank the ELF Team because they were amazing throughout my order situation and very patient. I appreciated that they did give me a gift card and was glad to put it to use on their lovely brushes! They are one of the nicest staff teams I ever met and very understanding too!I am still going to order from ELF and of course buy items from Target and WalMart from their sections, even Walgreens during Christmas. If you haven’t checked them out, is their website! Thank you ELF Team for everything!

That is it for this post! Stay tuned for my many other posts!

Target Haul: September 1st!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know this was supposed to be an ELF haul but due to shipping problems I have to wait for my stuff. Be glad I went to Target today when I thought I had an appointment this morning. I needed a few things and did pick up a few make up items while I was at it and a few things I wanted to try while another was something that a fave YouTuber tends to rave about!

The Essentials: First I needed more of my Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin Toner because I tend to go through it pretty quickly and now at a half a bottle or less since I use this item twice a day as directed, well there are times when I do it once a day. I love this stuff since a lot of companies do make sensitive skin items when it comes to skin care. Next is the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine for Frizzy Hair! I started using this when I had highlights at the beginning of the year and it kept my hair from going crispy like when they blow dry it and put hairspray in it, which was a big no-no and wished it didn’t happen due to my hair being a frizz ball. So glad I use the Marc Anthony Argon Oil Hairspray. Anyways, this Frizzy Hair oil was suggested by dorm staff in Daytona and it works wonders and it’s my third purchase of it! I use it when I wash my hair and on days where I use my dry shampoo and need to give it my hair treatment pick me up!

Make Up Items: Well, went down the make up area because I was looking to try newer items and one of them was a stop at ELF and since I wanted to try their face primer and glad to know that Target carries it. There were four different ones in this range which were the hydrating one, the porerless one, and two different versions for tone correcting. I went with poreless because I tend to have that run in with pores around my nose and I feel the gunk from my make up go into my nose ridges and have to use the strip time-to-time but they are stubborn like crazy! I am thinking to the radio commercial on ITunes for the Biore Charcoal Strips, which I am thinking of trying those next, talking about how gross they are and with me they are a pain! Hoping this doesn’t break me out since the Smashbox one did kind of do that and it may have been the batch I got in the Try It kit and ELF items for face tend to have salisilic acid, let’s see how this works!

Next, since it was the next section over, stopped by Maybelline to pick up the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara! Since I have so many shadows, liners, and wanted to try out newer mascaras as a break, which I had a shadow purchase and that’s next, decided to check out another Colossal counterpart. I almost got the regular one since Vivi liked that one and I already like the Chaotic, but what caught my ears the most is the Cat Eyes one! Of course, mention “cat” you got my ears! It claims that the formula in this mascara spikes out lashes to give more of a cat eye look, especially at the corners. I have to try this out and see how it goes since it will be my first time trying it out and if it goes well like the Chaotic, which I did get my second tube of not too long ago, then I will wear it with my cat ears, collar, and now tail.

Next, I tried dropping by Rimmel to see if they had the East End Snob lip liner and they didn’t at the location I went to. I ended up going through it due to all the points breaking off and will have to remember that not to touch it too much and it will break everytime. I still love the liner and will probably look at Ulta on another girls’ day thing or at Walgreens or WalMart. I did pop by L’Oreal since I kept on hearing Kathleen Lights talking about the Telescopic mascara and was glad to find it. I like the packaging on this a lot because it is pretty much a telescope for what it says on the packaging! It also claims that it defines lashes to make them longer. I will give this a try since I do like the Miss Manga, the newer Miss Manga Rock Edition, and the Butterfly mascara, which I like to try out newer ones and get the ones I like over and over. Let’s see how this one works out and end up on re-purchase lists!

Finally, the Infoluble eye shadow in Eternal Black! I have been on a eye shadow no-buy or try to since I did get the Hikari Ready for Fall set from Ipsy and that contained three shadows and it’s hard not to get any more shadows since they are a staple to wear and new ones keep coming out and I do like the drugstore ones I own, especially the Infolluble Shadows by L’Oreal! The ones I have in case you’re wondering are Soltry Smokes, since I use that for my L cosplay to accent his sleeping eye look and it looks nice for everyday wear, Iced Latte, a golden nude, Amber Rush, which is a copper nude Bronzed Taupe, which is taupe with a bit of a bronzey edge, , Midnight Blue, which looks amazing with my hazel eyes or green when it’s the right transformation (my eyes tend to do that), and Golden Sage, which is a golden green color. The one I got this time is Eternal Black because I have been a curious kitty in trying out black shadows and not just as a smoky eye thing. I have to thank Vivi for it since she is kind of having me step outside of the box due to showing me the Primal shadows by NYX that she recently picked up and one of them was black. I decided why not go for broke and get Eternal Black since Jen from Head to Toe talked about this color in a haul a while back, she did get me into these shadows all thanks to that haul, and knew I would probably pick it up someday since it’s a nice, shimmery black shadow! I may have to wear this for Soul Switch because I am thinking of wearing my zombie ravaged shirt. Still, glad to step out of the box for a bit and this will go nice with my black liners on top of it since I wear my Smoky liner from Hot Topic with Soltry Smokes!

Well, that is it for this haul! I will have the ELF haul up once I have this shipping situation fixed. I did call them a few minutes ago and they will be re-shipping my items, which I am thinking due to the “Ship for Free” special it caused a major mix up. I will tell the entire story once I get the entire order in and hoping that I get all six items I purchased originally. Stay tuned for that! Once that is done, will try and do the whole too young for make up post and then start my new segment, “Doesn’t Sound the Same.”