ELF Haul: Ship For Free Special!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally I got my ELF order and an extra order due to the problem. What happened exactly?

Well, last month, ELF sent everyone who was surbscribed to their e-mail list a code to have anything shipped for free, it was also advertised on their site and decided to take advantage of it. This was the right time since they released new moisturizing lipsticks and decided to get some more and did have to get a re-purchase of an item and when things were shipped, I waited and then got someone else’s items. I had to contact ELF and they said that I can keep them and they will ship the person another order to them. I did get my order the next day but two items were missing and called them last Tuesday about it and then shipped me another order of my items and I did make a joke that they should send me a gift card. I checked my e-mail and earlier that morning they sent me an e-gift card for $5 and was glad to use it that same day. What did I get exactly?

Order Number 1:

Moisturizing Lipsticks in Bardeaux Beauty, Pink Minx, and Marsala Blush! This time around I decided to get two of the newer lipsticks and one of the older ones! I do have the one in Rosie-Go-Round and liked how it felt and decided why not get a few more with this deal. The two newer ones I picked up were Marsala Blush and Bardeaux Beauty. I was curious about these two and a few others and they seem to be complicated with how I was going to choose them and I decided on these two. Marsala Blush is a mauve color which I have been curious about trying out mauve colored lips. I think I have a mauve colored lip glosss somewhere in my major collection of lip colors and this is a nice one to try out as a little stepping stone. Next is Bardeaux Beauty which is a crimson-like red and since I am getting more into red lipsticks and glosses, I think it was time to try out a wine-ish color for a change. I did hear that some of these didn’t come out as pigmented as they hoped in videos but they did up their formula in some of them. I kind of see what they are talking about since Rosie is pretty moisturizing and one YouTuber said that when they first tried the color Cheeky, which is a bit of a rose gold, it was very drying. I do admit I use a lot of lip balm because my lips do dry out without applying it but the application goes on better with lip balm, that is just me. And the theird color, which is an oldie, is Pink Minx! I went back to my pink comfort zone when it comes to lips and it let me explore some of the older shades with the new. I do want to get Red Carpet, which I believe I got or not, there is always next time! The berry shades do catch my kitty ears and not sure if I will get those when they arrive at Target, I will try these out first before getting any more. If anyone loves black lipstick, you are in luck because the darkest shade in these new ones is a black one iknown as Black Out. Any cosplayers looking for a cheap lipstick, there you go!

Brush Cleanser! Yep, I got my daily brush cleanser spray and this was missing from my order when I got it in the mail. I am so glad to get it this time around because it is the best cleanser you can get for cheap! If you read my favorites post for July and August, this is the easiest cleaner you will ever buy! You just spray it on your bristles and rub all the residue off with a towel or rag and then let it air dry and you are good to go. Plus, it makes the bristles smell nice! If you can’t get your paws on the brush cleaning solid, which I hear so many people rave about, or the professional one from Michael’s, which people do clean their make up brushes with, or Sally Beauty Supply, I would suggest getting this one because it works as well!

Lip Liner in Mauve Lux! After getting the lipsticks and the brush cleanser, I decided to venture in the lip liner section. All thanks to my beauty subscriptions I have way too many eye liners and trying not to buy anymore and decided to get a few more lip liners because I wanted to get more into those. I found the Long Lasting Liners and they had three to choose from and went with Mauve Lux. I thought this would be a nice one to start with due to it being in the pinkish-purple range and it would give a darker edge to my lips. Great thing is that this liner does come with a sharpener, which I will carry in my make up bag for my lip liners I travel with. Not a bad thing to include, plus I do have my universal lead sharpener from Revlon. I do have an extra all thanks to the order mix up, since my package did come with this last Tuesday.

Shimmer Face Whip in Pink Lemonade! Oh man, how can I talk about this without laughing a little. When I got the other person’s order by mistake, I ended up with three of these Face Shimmering Whips, which I was curious in trying other illuminators. I picked out Pink Lemonade because it said in the description that it is the highest rated item by Allure and decided why not choose it? On top of that, did get two of the other ones and they are in Lilac Petal and Spotlight Fuschia I believe and when my actual envelope arrived I did receive my tube of Pink Lemonade. And then another in the order that was sent Thursday. I have three Pink Lemonades now and glad to try these out! Yeah, I do have two other of the colors that they made and it gives me a better idea of what they are like. I do like the smell though, they remind me of shervert and they do blend despite how sticky they are but they do stick well and I like that in a liquid type highlighter because I tend to have ones that were runny like crazy when you squeeze a small bit! I am so glad my NYX one is in control when I use it. Plus, you get a generous size, the tube is small because you only need one or two droplets for each cheek, which I wore one and it only need one droplet for both my cheeks and then blended into my skin. If you are in a need of a highlighter that is not runny and will give you too much in one squeeze, these are it and they are rated pretty high on the ELF site and plus you get it for $2 which is cheaper than a lot of highend stuff.

Shipment #2!

Essentials Brush Set! As you guys know I did get a gift card as an apology for my troubles and it was $5 and it was good to use since of course ELF is inexpensive! I did get two more items, I didn’t go back to the lipsticks since I have so many lip products as is! I did wanted to get a brush set and decided to go with the Essentials 12 Brush Set. I have been brush crazy and this kind of shows it. I love ELF’s brushes because of how soft they are and they aren’t expensive at all! In that order mix up, I did get the contour brush but gave it to my mom since she doesn’t have any and I don’t contour. I did tell her that these brushes are good and best to get these since she went to the department stores and were going to charge her $80 a brush, which is ridiculous mind you! The set includes your essentials in eyes, even a lip brush, and face, gotta love the signature name! It costs $12 and it gives me the nice range and of course can switch out whenever I need to. I would suggest getting this set for a loved one or yourself if you are looking for an inexpensive set, plus the kabuki brush is a must have since they are nice and soft!

Smudge Pot in Ocean Bound! I decided to go curious kitten on the eye shadow page and ran into the smudge pot section! I do love my Maybelline Color Tattoos, especially with cosplay looks, I decided why not check these out since they do have good reviews. It was hard to choose which color because I didn’t have an idea of which is which, even tried watching a few YouTube videos on them, but did decide on Ocean Bound which speaks for itself as a ocean colored shadow. These are pigmented according to people and willing to see if they are and they aren’t as expensive as MAC Paint Pots, which makes it better. I will see how this goes.

Amzaon: I did go on an Amazon shopping trip because of something I was looking for and that is the Z Pallet! Everyone on YouTube talk about these and since my Ulta Blockbuster set that is in the canvas casing kept on falling and it is a little warped, I decided why not deport it and get a Z Pallet for it. I did get a large one and a small one because the blushes wouldn’t fit in the bigger one due to how many shadows were in it but the problem is due to how powdery and chalky the shadows are they kept on breaking and spreading powder all over the place. That didn’t work out well, plus some of the pans do bend easily at times. I did get the blushes out pretty well and put them in the small one and it’s in my make up travel case since they are compact and willing to finish them with my other blushes. While the other pallet, I decided why not put the small Ulta quads that came in the set and the little make up bags since those contain shadows similar to the set I tried depotting the shadow pallet. It works since I can remove the plastic covering and also did notice one of them keeps on losing the covering. I am getting more metal plates to keep them down in the pallet since my failed attempts at getting the depotting to work caused me to use up a good majority of the metal stick ons that came with the pallets that I ordered. I am glad to do the quads and it will help me use up some of the shadows more. I will update you guys on how it goes!

Before I finish this post, I want to thank the ELF Team because they were amazing throughout my order situation and very patient. I appreciated that they did give me a gift card and was glad to put it to use on their lovely brushes! They are one of the nicest staff teams I ever met and very understanding too!I am still going to order from ELF and of course buy items from Target and WalMart from their sections, even Walgreens during Christmas. If you haven’t checked them out, eyeslipsface.com is their website! Thank you ELF Team for everything!

That is it for this post! Stay tuned for my many other posts!

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