House of Blues: September 5th with Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Wake Up for My Funeral

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am taking a break from beauty to bring you a music review! Last night I went to see some bands at the House of Blues and they were Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Woke Up for My Funeral. I got free tickets like my riends Vivi and Tobi to this show but all thanks to Soul Switch! You remembered that I interviewed the guys of Soul Switch back in April and got to see them at Earth Day Birthday that same month and now they are back at the House of Blues where local music hits the stage here in Orlando! What do I think of each set? Keep reading! And one more thing before I start!

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on opinion and observation of the writer, please don’t get mad if you don’t like what I have to say!
I Woke Up For My Funeral! I know, interesting name for a band right? I heard many other names like Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band, Rise of Defiance, Not Tonight Josephine, and even Maybe If You Hit It. These guys opened the show last night and we kind of missed the first song since traffic was pretty bad getting in due to how Downtown Disney has a parking garage in the West Side parking lot now. We did catch the rest of their set and they sound pretty good for a weird name like this. They have a very unique sound and they know how to rock. I should’ve bought their album but there is always next time whenever they are performing with our fave bands.

Blaine the Mono! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We saw these guys and ggal back in April when they opened up Soul Switch’s album release party, which also had Traverser and Leaving Haven performing that same night. We aren’t too fond of them after seeing that set and we were hoping that they would improve but we thought wrong. Sorry, I am going to sound as professional as I can be with what I think, but we don’t like this band. Orlando and Tampa, since Mr. Bella is from there, does have a lot of talented bands but not all of them are faves of mine and this one is one of them. The lead singer has a bit of a pitch problem and her screaming is screechy! Don’t get me wrong, there are good women rockers and some of them include Bif Naked, A Brilliant Lie, hell, even Mechanism is one of them after seeing them once but to me Blaine the Mono needs to turn down the screams and just focus on being an alternative band and just have the singer hit the beat more since the rest of the band has. I didn’t even like how they covered “The Best of You” by Foo Fighters and even “The Beautiful People” back in April despite not being a Marylin Manson fan myself. I would say just skip this band if you want, but they do have a music video they recently shot according to the lead singer and it’s on YouTube.

Mr. Bella! One of the bands we really wanted to see is back and they rocked yet again! We got to catch them back in July with Leaving Haven and The Dead Deads and it felt great seeing them after over a year and half. This time around, still felt that goodness hearing them live yet again. Great thing is that they did make a few new songs and they are known as “Words,” “Crsh and Burn,” and “So Long to Sanity” if I remembered correctly! Still a great band and amazing performance and hoping they come back to Orlando over and over. I want to doget my paws on that “Words” song since that is my fave new one.

Soul Switch! And finally, the main act of the night, Soul Switch! Like with Traverser, these guys are always a pleasure to catch over and over and their set gets better and better! I did mention how they released Regnerate back in April and they did perform “Hang On,” “My Tragedy,” and “Demons” to close the show. Of course they done their hits “Change,” “Saving Me,” and “Transmissions Lost.” They even had the performance only “Walk Alone” and “Never Again,” which I wish they were released because they sound equally amazing live and could imagine how they sound recorded. But what can you do? And we can’t forget the signature broken mic for Tom in the first song though. I did pick up a new shirt since they released three newer shirts during the time since we saw them last and I got the one with the Regenerate cover on it. I did say it was the “Best EP” thus far this year so why not get a shirt with the cover? I did wear my zombie ravaged shirt for added support! As always, they rocked the stage and the good news for anyone who lives in the rest of the SouthEast, they are going to be touring, catch them if they head to your state Shiquers! Knowing that they will be posting on Facebook about it, is the page to be and for their official site!

Well, that is it for this post! I will be getting back to beauty with with the “Too Young for Make Up” post and then return to music for the first post of “Doesn’t Sound the Same.” Stay tuned!

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