Make Up: What is the Right Age to Wear It?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s time to do this post and that is…let me ask this question first! How old should someone start wearing make up? There are many different answers to this question because it seems that the age to start wearing it keeps getting younger and younger, especially when there are brands starting to come out that will cater to the tween crowd. There are parents and other people on the fence about this and I am also on the fence because of how there are beauty pageants for the young ones and of course studies out there about this. Let’s take a look shall we?

I admit that I did have the play make up sets when I was a kid, even got those pretend heels one Christmas with one set, but I didn’t really start doing the make up thing around my early twenties. I did try it out when I was in sixth grade with my mom’s stuff but wasn’t into it despite the want to fit in and it wasn’t working. It baffled me in high school the most that I stood in line five seconds before the bell waiting on the next sink to be free and seeing make up bags with so many items and the girls putting on make up when some of them don’t have boyfriends like I did. Normally, make up gets put on around high school age but there has been a study about girls putting make up on at a younger age and here are the statistics!

Who Did the Study? Renfrew, Center Foundation, a foundation that studies and advocates treatments for eating disorders


• Among 572 girls who taken this survey revealed that 1 in 5 girls have negative feelings when they don’t wear make up.
• 20% are feeling self-conscious since they feel that they need it.
• 17% think they’re not attractive with not wearing it.
• 15% feel as though they’re naked without it, like it’s missing!
• 5% just feel more confident without it!
Wow! A little shocking isn’t it? Especially when these statistics came up in how many started at what age!

Ages 8 and 13 statrted wearing make up: 65%
Between 14 and 16: 29%
Between 11 and 13: 50%
Ages of 8 and 10: 15%

That seems a bit scarier in my book!

Why the Feelings? It seems that in every mindset that every girl wants to be accepted when they put on that mask of make up and when they don’t wear it then they don’t get accepted at all. We do have a lot of pressures in every avenue, such as having the hottest toy, the awesome bicycle, and now it seems you have to have the latest Maybelline mascara or Wet N Wild eye shadow to be accepted or just wearing make up in general will have the most acceptance, especially in school which is the most accepted. It is already hard enough that girls are trying to pass classes but the added pressure of trying to be beautiful is hard enough.

What is the best solution? The best solution is a hard one because there are going to be the times where a girl is going to be curious and want to explore and it’s not wrong for them to do that. I would say try having that talk about make up when they decide to look into it. I was twenty-three when I asked my mom about lip gloss for my first time, yeah it was pretty late of me but I didn’t really start getting into make up around that age and slowly evolved into other things like foundation, powder, eye shadow, and so on. In other words, best to do it slowly by starting off small and see how it goes from there because it shows what one likes and what doesn’t like in products and how far it should take someone. For instance, I don’t like the idea of doing bronzer after a makeover at Lancome and of course, one last thing, not into lashes because of my eye lashes being long as is and don’t want the extra weight of feeling them there and I hear a lot of YouTubers do have trouble getting them off. I just stopped with highlighter. As said, best to do it slow and see how it goes.

Also talking to the young ones about where and when it’s appropriate to wear make up is also important because knowing this would help the idea of it not being necessary all the time can break the acceptance issues a bit. For instance, wearing a little mascara to the arcade for a hang out is okay. Even saving it for after the gym for a girls’ night is also okay for another example. It can also help someone with how much they want to wear or not to wear on days that are just going to the store for a carton of milk or to the mall for a simple shopping trip. I even admit I went to AFO on the last day just having lip gloss.

All-in-all, the talk will come up and guiding girls slowly from little to a little more can help because we can’t say “no” to them once they reach a certain age for that rite of passage.

Well, that is it for this post! It is difficult to answer the age question ins tarting with make up. It doesn’t hurt to buy a girl around twelve a tube of lip gloss rather than getting a set of lashes, getting to that full face later on does take steps.

Next up for Nerdy Shique Universe, I will be doing the first poter Boi” to “What the Hell?” and “Hello Kitty.” No lie, that is one of her songs! And also waiting on my September Ipsy and Boxy, which don’t know what is going on with my tracking for Boxy! Working on that! Stay tuned!st in “Doesn’t Sound the Same” by starting with Avril Lavigne in how she got from “Complicated” and “Sk

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