Avril Lavigne: Doesn’t Sound the Same!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for my newest segment with music and that is known as “Doesn’t Sound the Same!”

All thanks to branching into music back in April after interviewing Soul Switch and reviewing their album that came out, I have been noticing from then on, even before, that a lot of the famous artists have changed their music for the better just doesn’t sound like they used to be. I understand that they want to fit with the times but it seems out of their little box that they sound like they used to be. That is why I created this and will be looking at artists like Fall Out Boy, Skillet, Taylor Swift, and today’s artist, Avril Lavigne!

Who is he or she? Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer who was known for her single, “Complicated” back in the early 2000s. Born on September 27th in 1984 in Bellville, Ontario, Avril started her career by the age of fifteen when she appeared onstage with Shania Twain and then signed a two-album contract with Arista a year later. Her album, “Let G,” was a popular album by 2002 and ended up with the personas of “Pop Punk princess” and “skater punk.” Now I can see why most of the pop punk fans hated her, try being in chatrooms back in the early days of my AOL use and seeing so many people calling her a poser. But back on track, She has sold over 30 million albums since her debut on the and 50 million singles on top of that.


Let Go: 2001-2002
Under My Skin: 2004
Best Damn Thing: 2007
Goodbye Lullaby: 2011
Avril Lavigne: 2013

Where the Sound Changes: “Let Go” and “Under My Skin” were the albums that shown Avril’s rocker side. There were a few tracks that seemed a bit soft on her first album, “Let Go,” which did match the alternative sound that she claims to have. Some of my fave tracks on this album included “Complicated,” “Sk8r Boi” and one called “Tomorrow” which I tend to listen to when I was down back in my high school days since I looked up to her a lot. With “Under My Skin,” it did have the same sound from “Let Go” since it shown the same alternative sound she has over the punk sound that she claims to have. To me, her music was more of alternative in the end over the whole punk sound, especially when you hear in “Happy Ending,” “Together,” and even in “With You,” “Complicated,” and a few others on that album. At least those two albums kept it together while “Best Damn Thing,” it just…gave me a “Why!?” This album was where the song “Girlfriend” came off of and it went into the realm of pop-punk except more pop. I only listened to this album twice and now my third time writing this post and it was not my favorite because of how much Avril’s sound went down more of the pop route since pop music was starting to pop up more around 2007 and pushing rock back, which this album did make it to number one on the music charts. With “Goodbye Lullaby” which was released in 2011it explores more of her pop side and I do admit “What the Hell?” is a good song but I am missing her old sound as I listen to some of the songs from this album, especially on the ITunes radio station for her. Pretty much, with how I observe, from alternative to the small summit of pop and then hitting the peak of pop with “Goodbye Lullaby.” And I noticed how it does open with the first perfume’s name, Black Star, and it is a pretty soft beginning from some of the other stuff she has done. No wonder this album was popular in Australia and Japan as well as the United States and UK. What about the self-titled? It sounds like a mix of “Goodbye Lullaby” and “Best Damn Thing” from what I am hearing, especially with her song “Heres to Never Growing Up,” which does have the old sound of “Complicated” but it still has the pop edge. This album also features a song with her ex-husband, Chad Croger from Nickelback, and of course the notorious “Hello Kitty.” Which according to some people, “Hello Kitty” is a racist song towards Japan but she quoted that it’s not. I did listen to the entire song before doing this post to do my research and man my ears hurt!

What Do I Conclude? BRING THE OLD AVRIL BACK! Which I’m trying to say is that she completely doesn’t sound the same, especially with her self-titled one that was released in 2013. I admit I do like the song “What the Hell” from “Goodbye Lullaby”, which doesn’t hurt as badly as some of the other songs such as “Girlfriend,” but I do miss her alternative sound that she was best known for back in the early 2000s. I ddidn’t mention that she did try some acting and I did see her voice work in Over the Hedge as Heather, a opossum, and that was pretty well done for her first time. Still, I would just have the first two albums and just buy “What the Hell?” on its own or just listen to the ITunes radio station when it comes up. I may track down her perfumes because I do like celebrity perfumes, especially both of the Taylor Swift scents.

That is it for this first segment of “Doesn’t Sound the Same!” Who will I look at next? Definitely looking at Fall Out Boy since I got into them back when they started in 2002. And also, stay tuned for my Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since I just received my Boxy today and Ipsy yesterday!

And also, if you were sent here by my buddy Vivi lately, hello! Because I done a collab with her and my friend over on her YouTube Channel which we done a haul together! Find her as Paws & Play. (Don’t get confused with the pet subscription.)

Well, that is it!

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