BoxyCharm and Ipsy: September 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Second post in one day and this time in the beauty category because it’s time for Ipsy and BoxyCharm for September! This month it’s all about Fashion Week all over the globe and this month’s themes deal with those runways being walked on in New York, London, and Milan! What did I get? Keep reading!

Ipsy: This month’s theme is “Face Fashion” and man the bag is very amazing and bigger than last month’s. I saw videos where people said last month’s bag was ugly, even someone on Ipsy Trades thought it was tacky but it looked nice and fit the school theme. This month, it was golden and it has a pretty interesting feel to the bag on the front and then cloth on the back.

There were some complaints to the items because some of them were cycled into this month which included the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish which a lot of Ipsters didn’t get and got this month. I would’ve like to get that one since Vivi got it in her bag last month but got a different nail polish instead. Let’s see what I got.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub: First is the Brightening Facial Scrub from Acure. I heard about this brand from other Ipsters on YouTube that got stuff from these guys and they normally either got a scrub or mask from them and I got a scrub this month. I was afraid that I was going to break out from this if it wasn’t made for my skin but when I read the profile on my Glam Bag page it was made for my skin! This item claims that it will expoliate the skin without taking the natural moisture and it deeply cleanses pores and brightens the skin with cholera-growth factor and argon stem cells help with it. I got my bag yesterday and decided to try it out to see how it went and the good news is that no irritation so far and it left me tingling all over my pores which made it feel great. Plus, it did agree with my Stridex pads, my Clean & Clear toner, and Celestial moisturizer and this morning when I washed my face with my Clean & Clear face wash, still no irritation! This stuff is pretty good and will keep using it until I run out! You don’t need a lot by the way while washing your face because it spreads pretty well and you do feel a nice clean. I am going to keep using this until my tube runs out.

NYX Ipsy Eye Shadow Trio: Next is the Ipsy trio by NYX Cosmetics! Can’t get enough NYX and glad that they are still given out in Ipsy since I love this brand like crazy! Apparently, some Ipsters said on the board that this was a repeat as well since they have gotten eye shadow trios by NYX in the past but I didn’t mind due to how I didn’t join the service until last year and got my bags starting last August. I am glad I got this in my bag and it seems to be a neutral trio, which I do like my neutrals! What is also great about this is that an applicator comes with it, which makes a nice little bonus if you don’t have your brushes with you! I hope to see even more NYX items like this since we did get a Butter Lipstick months ago.

Tre’Stique Matte Lip Crayon: Another item from Tre’stique and and that is their matte lip crayon! I got the eye shadow crayon from this brand a few months back and it was the pinky gold one and liked how it felt. I was happy that Ipsy got more items from them for this month and this time for lips. I was kind of hoping on the City Color Cosmetics lipstick but they may give it away as prizes in the points shop or have it for Ipsy Me with a set, which is a great thing about Ipsy. I am glad to receive another Tre’stique item and good to expand on trying a new brand. I am not sure what color it’s supposed to be since the page didn’t say but it may be a nude color and I did try it out and it felt pretty light and easy to apply. It has Vitamin E and Manoi Tahiti Butter to add more moisture, which is an added bonus! Need more of this brand in future bags!

Crown Brush Oval Concealer Brush: Yay! Another Crown item and this time another brush by them! I have gotten their tweezers and the shadow and crease brush in past bags and now it’s time for a concealer brush! I am super happy for this because I get to try out other brushes by them, I know I do have their brush set that Ipsy sold in their little offer store, this is a good way to see what else they have. I was kind of sad that they didn’t give me another eye brush and I’m okay with it! Someone did want to swap for this when I said I wasn’t complaining about it on the Ipsy Trades page but told them I wasn’t trading the brush and mentioned that they can find another person who might swap it or just see about Ipsy selling a set of Crown brushes. I hope they do, you know I would be there getting it since I do like the tweezers and that one eye brush by them. I am hoping to get more brushes in my bags! I did put this brush in my brush rotation to blend my spot concealer in.

Formula X Nail Polish in Ignite: Finally I got another nail polish after going a few months without one. I think Ipsy listened to my quiz retake, because I decided to redo my profile since I was getting anti-aging products and missing polishes, so checked the polish box and kept the anti-aging box unchecked. I am glad to get this nail polish and it’s by Formula X and it’s in a nice red color called Ignite. I heard about Formula X through YouTubers and found out that they sell at Sephora and heard it’s a bit pricey. Good to get this in my Glam Bag without buying it, plus there is no discount code for it either which makes it kind of sad. I wish the bottle was bigger since it is a sample size but I can deal with it and hoping to get more of this brand in future bags after redoing the quiz.

Wow, that was a great bag this month! Let’s see what’s up with BoxyCharm!

BoxyCharm: This month’s theme is Runway Ready! Knowing a lot of YouTubers had a hard time saying this but typing was easier. I found this box being better and there was a bonus item this month for Charmers and I was happy to get this month’s box. I do admit I was afraid that my account got cancelled but that was a old account since I switched payments. Good to know that I am good for October because this is a good subscription but it does have its ups and downs in boxes and this one was an up to me!

Previse Hydro Milk Moisturizer: First is a product by a brand I am familiar with and that is Previse and it’s a full-size of their Hydro Milk moisturizer. I got their milk make up remover back in January in Ipsy and it was amazing and it’s good for sensitive skin. This product is also a good thing for sensitive skin and it’s meant for the face and neck, which I will try out and see how it works because I do like sampling new moisturizers for my skin type and this baby costs $48 for it. Ouch! $24 more than my Celestial.

Scratch Nails Nail Wraps: Next item is something I heard about from other YouTubers and that is nail wraps by I am not that big into nail wraps after trying Kiss’s wraps a while back, I know the Sally Hansen ones are really good, not into them much since I I have easier times putting nail polish on over nail wraps despite how a mess can happen when I do my nails. I will be giving these to Mommy Gondras since she loves using these and she was the one who introduced me to them. I thought she would have more use and try out a newer brand she probably hasn’t heard of before. I seen people’s videos and they got white with a golden design on them which may appeal to her. I will have to include a note saying that she needs to find the directions on their website to apply them. Another good thing about subscriptions, you can give away items you won’t use and give them to somebody that would use them.

Versanti Foundation Brush: This box really made me happy after seeing videos and that is the Versanti Foundation Brush! I got the blush brush back in June and haven’t used that one yet I believe, which I know I am using my Luxie brush for blush. A lot of people were surprised at how it looked, it is a flat brush and it makes it interesting since I do use a cream-like foundation from Alamay and that tends to get gunky in the bristles. So glad I got more of my brush cleanser! I will be trying this out and see how it goes. This baby is around $39 and man that’s expensive!

Tart Smouldering Eyes Liner Pencil: Yay! Another Tart product! This made my love for the box even more when they had a sneak peek of this and it’s the Smouldering Eyes Eye Liner with Amazonian Clay! Their Amazonian Clay products are popular, especially their blushes! There was another being given out and it was more of a gel but glad to get the pencil and I think everyone got the same color, which is a gold! I do need another gold pencil in my collection since I do wear gold liner time to time.

Chella Clear Brow Gel: Another Chella item and this time in Boxy! I rarely notice that Chella gets given out in this box since I subscribed at the end of last year and did get their highlighting crayon in Ipsy and have been using that. This is a clear bow gel by them and I do use clear gels, well a clear gel from ELF that does double into a clear mascara at one end of the tube. I may use this when I apply make up to see how it goes. I don’t think I will get the full-size though. The ELF one, if you guys are wondering despite not using brow products normally, I use that when I go to job interviews.

Cardatian Beauty Black Seed Oil: The final item and that is the bonus item and it is by Cardatian Beauty and it’s their Black Seed Oil. I never used anything from this brand, only use an item from their make up artist though, Rob Scheppy, this is a hair oil made from some kind of seed and it is a dry formula. When I got my box earlier, I decided why not take a try at it and see how it feels and it did smell weird to me but it did soften my hair. I do like using hair oils and this is a nice change from argon oil based products I’ve been using. This will be added to my hair routine.

This month’s subscriptions were awesome! I did like BoxyCharm this month a lot since it had products I would use more except for the nail wraps which are going to Mommy Gondras, which she will enjoy when she puts them on. The other items though, I know I will be using the brush, the brow gel as a nice thing to take a look at, then the moisturizer is from a brand that I did like and got before in Ipsy and that is Previse. I did like Ipsy a lot due to the brush, which I won’t be swapping, the nail color, and of course did enjoy my expoilating scrub so far. All and all, very good this month and can’t wait to see if they are as good as this month for October! Especially when it is supposed to be Halloween themed.

What is next? I am thinking of doing a convention spotlight on Ranger Stop, so stay tuned for that!

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