Convention Spotlight: Ranger Stop 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for something I haven’t done in a while that is a Convention Spotlight! I have done the spotlight on Omni Expo and AFO this year, now it’s time for something that really got my cat ears perking up even with the guest list and that is Ranger Stop here in Orlando, FL! Oh yeah!

What is it? If you all guys have heard of PowerMorpheCon in California, Ranger Stop is pretty much that but smaller and like the name says, it is also a Power Rangers convention that Orlando has! I never heard of it until at Omni Expo last year and they did have a booth this year. Even though AFO does get Power Ranger guests but this one has a lot more to it since they not only have certain rangers from certain series show up but also villains on top of it. Essentually, you both have heroes and villains as your guests, which makes me happy due to how I have been a fan since I was seven years old which meant I was around when it first came to the US. I did start watching In Space recently due to one of the rangers is going to be a guest at this one and was a guest at AFO this year. Let’s take more of a look!

Where is it and when is it? This year it will be at the Holiday Inn Suites across the street from Universal Orlando. Nice to have a theme park in case you want to hang out after a few hours, especially CityWalk! In case you want to reserve a room, should do it now and if you use the code “RSC for a $99 a night for a group. Even though the convention is in November, I would say get on it because like all vacations and cons, rooms do go fast and with Thanksgiving and Christmas behind it, rooms will surely go faster! When is it exactly? This convention runs November 13th to the 15th and tickets are available for the three separate days which Friday and Saturday are $30 each and Sunday is $25 and a Three Day is $60 and that is until November 15th and should get tickets as soon as possible!

Who Will be at This Thing? There is going to be a lot of people at this thing and so glad I started watching one of the previous seasons to get who comes from where, but if you don’t want to sit down for an entire season I would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Linkara’s History of the Power Rangers series which he looks at the different seasons as a whole. He did recently done Samurai and will have Mega Force on Christmas! Stay tuned for that!

It’s Morphen Time! To kick off the guests, we have some from the original series, Mighty Morphen, which of course as kids we started off with and have grown up the most with! Austin St. john as the original red ranger will be attending this convention, who played Jason btw, and will be returning to acting this year for a movie called Survival’s End. He did play as Jason in Zeo as the Gold Ranger and appeared in the Turbo movie with Amy Jo Johnson.

David Fielding played the voice of Zordon in the first season and kept his face despite the change in actors. He also played the voice of Zoltar in the first episode, “Day of the Dumpster” which according to the website, was a lost episode. He is teaching actors-to-be to perfect their craft in Texas. Of course I will be getting Season 1 Part 1 if I go for a day or two.

Johnny Yong Bosh ::squees:: was the second black ranger, Adam and it was his first role he has ever done! You already know he has been in anime and games as the voice of Vash the Stampede in Trigun, Kun in the .hack// G. U. games, and and soooooo many more!

Karen Ashley played Aisha Campbell in season 2 and 3 of Mighty Morphen and was in the movie that was released by Fox in 1995. She has appeared in many Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and much more! She does have her own talk shown on YouTube known as Uncensored Talk, which I will be checking out!

Steve Cardenas, which you can’t forget Rocky the second red ranger and was the blue ranger in Zeo. He did leave to focus on his karate school and holds many awards for many martial arts contests. Can’t wait to meet this guy!

Katherine Sutherland played Kat from Mighty Morphen through Turbo. She came from Australia and now lives in the United States and has appeared at many conventions with former cast members of Power Rangers.

Nakia Burris played Tanya, the yellow ranger, and has recorded a pop album at the same time. She has appeared in many musicals such as Bye Bye Birdie and Cinderella and now in production of the film Between Kings and Queens.

Let’s Rocket! ::keys in 335 in morpher:: Now we’re heading to two actors from In Space! First is Christopher Kaman Lee, who was at AFO this year and would’ve been one of my interviews, anyways he is of course the red ranger Andros and also played Jack on Seventh Heaven. And you can’t forget Andros’ sister, Karone and arch enemy of the Space Rangers, Astronima, Melody Perkins! I have to admit here with watching this season currently on NetFlix, I love her as Astronima and she is one of my fave villains and she does it well! If you guys want me to review In Space to see what I think, just request and I will do! If not, you can watch Linkara’s review on it. And another thing about her…

Did You Know? Melody Perkins not only played both Karone and Astonima but she was the only one who played a villain in one season and a Power Ranger in the next one, which she replaced Valerie Vernon in Lost Galaxy, which I did watch a little of and will continue after Space, as the pink ranger because Valerie had to leave to battle leukemia. Melody did reprise the role as Karone in Super Mega Force.

Go Glactic! Speaking of Lost Galaxy, Danny Savin will be from this team and played Leo, Galaxy Red, in this one! An interesting fact was that Savin went through law school while working on Power Rangers. At least he still lives in Phoenix!

Light Speed Rescue! Next we have Sean C. W. Johnson, being from Sarasota, Fl, played Carter on Light Speed Rescue. Rhett Fisher, who plays the Titanium Ranger, since we are on the same subject, tried out for the role of Carter but lost it to Sean. Nice to hear that older fans of the Rangers did like Fisher as the Titanium Ranger, okay need to watch this season since it really got my ears interested! Sean did get to reprise his role as Carter in “Forever Red” and as one of the Legendary Rangers during Super Mega Force.

Time For! Time Force! Yay! The series that got me watching again and the two red rangers appearing from this season are Jason Fond, Wesley, and Dan Southworth, Eric the Quantum Ranger! Trying to keep my fan girl in! Anyuway, all thanks to meeting Dan back in 2010 at AFO and watching Linkara’s review, I do like Time Force after watching a good portion of it, didn’t want to go to an anime club meeting because it kept me glued to my seat. Back to about these guys! Interesting fact about Fond is that he graduated in the same high school class as Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio. Nice! While Dan, on the other hand, he is the voice of Virgil in Devil May Cry 3 game and also played Kenshi in the Mortal Kombat Legends series.

SPD! Emergency! Now onto the thing that really makes us fans going crazy over this year’s Ranger Stop and that is this year marks the 25th year anniversary for it and bringing the main five of the SPD Team B cast and that includes Brandon J. McClaron, Jack the Red Ranger, Chris Violette, Sky the Blue Ranger, Matt Austin, Bridge the Green Ranger, later Blue and then Red for “Once a Ranger.” Monica May, Z the Yellow Ranger, and Alicia Purott, Sid the Pink Ranger!

There are many other guests on this list including Walter Jones, who played Zack the original black ranger, Blake Foster from Turbo, and even Reuben Langdon! Man, this guest list is big! If you want to read more about who’s coming, here you go:

Well, that is it for this convention spotlight and somehow this convention is really making me want to go and check it out. I do have another convention spotlight up next and that is Orlando’s own holiday convention that is pretty close to Christmas and that is Holiday Matsuri! Stay tuned for that!

PS That link I posted, it also gives you information about tickets, hotel, the location, etc.!

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