Favorites: September and October 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for my favorites and this time it’s September and October! Damn time’s flying and it even got faster as I turned thirty back in August! It feels like I don’t have many this time around but let’s see how it goes!

Versanti Foundation Brush: Frist is a brush and it’s by the brand Versanti and that is their foundation brush. I got this brush in my September BoxyCharm and did remember getting a blush brush, not sure if I have been using that one but they do have good brushes and very good ones at that! The foundation brush is not a normal one since it’s a flat fan style while most foundation brushes are more poofy and rounded but this one works out since it helps spread and blend the foundation I use a tad bit better and it doesn’t clump as badly in the bristles either. Plus, it’s pretty easy to clean with my brush cleaner. It is pretty costly since it’s close to $40 according to the card that came in the box, I do have more like these from other brands and decided to use one of them while giving it a break. I am hoping to get more of Versanti’s brushes in either Ipsy, since they do have Versanti items month to month, and Boxycharm.

Crown Concealer Brush: I have been using my Crown concealer brush ever since I got it in Ipsy a month ago! It is amazing! Crown is a very good brush brand and I did get one of their double ended eye brushes months ago and glad to see that I got a pair of tweezers by them and I do use those on a regular basis and now this one. It is known as the oval concealer brush but it doesn’t look like a normal concealer brush, kind of like the one I got months ago from another brand, but it does blend in concealer very very well! I can see why someone wanted to trade for this one. I do admit I do have a brush set by Crown and haven’t used any of those yet but hoping this brand keeps ending up in my bags!

Dirty Styling Cream from Lush: I love this stuff and that is the Dirty Styling Cream from Lush! I was sad to find out that the Dirty perfume and shower gel were discontinued earlier this year which still makes me mad that they do this to faves of everyone that loves Lush, they’re even discontinuing Ice Blue which is Gondras’ fave soap! Anyways, when I found out that made a styling cream for hair I had to try it and got a sample of it and now I got an actual container of it! It is the same Dirty scent and it holds very well! I can just wear it without putting any hairspray on and good to go! Heck, it even feels nice on wet hair! It is one of those hair creams that you can use a dobblet without damaging your hair since it is all natural stuff in it and it smells so clean on top of it. I am hoping this product NEVER discontinues because it is a popular scent and it holds very well, it even goes well with the R&B on top of it! Lush, you better not get rid of this because it is awesome!

Oatte Fix Mask from Lush: Speaking of Lush, I started getting back into their fae masks due to how well I’ve been keeping up with my skin care routine and all thanks to gathering five containers I traded in for a past fave and that was their Oatte Fix Face Mask! I stopped using the masks because my face wasn’t used to using face products and it did calm down after starting to use Stridex, the Clean and Clear sensitive line, and even Celestial after a regular purchase cycle and this mask even helped with the calming. This thing is made with oatmeal and bananas and it smells great! It is like banana bread but to me it smells like the waffle bowls at Coldstone being cooked! I know it sounds weird but it does since it has a hint of vanilla to it. I use this face mask while I shave before I head into the shower since it takes a few minutes to dry on the skin and that’s all it needs and it is easy to rinse once you hit the shower. Why the shower? Well, try having your dad tease you while wearing this in the past. Good thing is it does stay pretty well out of the fridge for a bit because according to the girl, when I picked it up, it is good for 12 hours out of the fridge which is good since I keep it in the bathroom with me and take it back to the fridge once I’m out after doing what I need to do, even after putting all my hair remedies after washing my hair. If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend this mask and once I do collect the five containers again, this will be my next pick up and then forever!

So White from Lush: Another item from Lush I don’t think I mention it on favorites ever and that is the So White Shower Gel! This was a Christmas item from last year and it used to be a bath bomb I believe and was turned into a shower gel a year ago for last year’s Christmas release alongside Rose Jam and Snow Fairy. This is a very nice and clean scent, which is an apple spice scent and it fits more with fall to me than winter! You feel like you’re having apple pie while taking a bath, I bet that went the same with the bath bomb. They should also make a Shower Jelly of this, I would so buy it. I hope they bring it again since they started bringing their Christmas stuff in and have newer stuff this time around, but if not will just stick to the Snow Fairy shower gel.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shower Gel from Bath and Body: Yes the smell that was love at first sniff is on here but its shower gel form! After using my shower cream samples from Lush I dove right into this one and that is the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte shower gel from Bath and Body! It smells amazing and very sweet! You hardly smell the coffee when you lather it, you just smell marshmallows! Now seeing how Marshmallow Fireside as one of the most popular candles along with Mahogany Teak Wood being popular!

MAC Blush in Gleeful: I think I have been reaching for this particular blush whenever I do my make up and that is Mac’s blus in Gleeful! I got this blush when I left Daytona back in February while stopping by the women’s Dillards (they have three different Dillards in their mall) and remembered seeing Gleeful when I got their last Cream in Your Coffee at that counter and came back for it the next day. It is a rosy looking blush, well a slightly darker rose almost the same coloras Romantic Rose from from Milani. I seem to reach for this whenever I go to my blush, mascara, and eyeliner compartment in my make up bag which I don’t know why I guess it’s magnetic and likes me to use it. I even tried it out with a MAC shadow I purchased from their pigment line it felt pretty good to wear it for a moment. Still, it’s one of those things I’ve been reaching for a lot!

Chella Clear Brow Gel: Next is a brow product! ::gasp:: I know I usually don’t use brow products, well except for the clear mascara and brow duo from ELF’s essential line but have been using a brow product in my usual make up routine and that is the sample of Chella’s clear brow gel that I got in BoxyCharm last month. Man, looks like I am mentioning subscription products a lot more in this post! Anyways, this gel holds my brows pretty well, not as strong as the ELF one but good enough that they don’t hold stiff! As in, you still have volume in your brows and they don’t feel like they’re being held down glue like how some make up artists do when they need to do no eyebrow effects. This is a bit pricey, I believe it was around $25 retail, but I can find cheaper gel products for my brows in drugstores and Ulta. I am glad BoxyCharm sent this last month as a trial so I can see what I like and what I don’t like and can let me see if they carry it in Ulta or Sephora or find the dupe version. I do still use the ELF one when I do job interviews.

City Color City Sleek Lipsticks: Next up is another item featured with Ipsy and that is the City Color City Sleek Lipsticks! I remembered in September they were giving these out in bags but I didn’t end up with one but was lucky to get a set in the Ipsy offers which featured reds and a pink I think. I forgot the description but it didn’t cost much! Somehow my hand gravitates towards these in my lip products drawer in my three drawer tier storage which I think it’s some kind of magnetism going on. The lipsticks go on pretty smoothly and was surprised how many days I used one of them which I tend to use my lip stuff for two or three days but this time it was four. I am going to be using another one in the next few days. Way to go City Color!

Song: “Blank Space” by I Prevail! I bet you’re wondering “Who!?” and also wondering why didn’t I say Taylor Swift? I did put her version on a previous favorites back around February and March if I remembered but this one is a cover by an alternative band called I Prevail. I never heard of them until I listened to ITunes radio a lot more, which I prefer this one over I Heart Radio since when they have their stations a lot of artists make more sense with each other than on I Heart Radio, for example I would be listening to New Found Glory and someone else that is not pop punk appears. Anyways, I heard this version and started laughing hysterically because I thought it was hilarious hearing a screaming metal/alternative band doing this song and they do switch up the lyrics to fit themselves such as the lyric that goes “I make bad guys good for the weekend” it becomes “I make bad girls good for a weekend” and so on. I did buy this song from ITunes so I can enjoy it on my own time, even on trips with my parents.

Fave Anime: Psycho-Pass! I finally got to see this anime and it was on Net Flix, which I have the app along with Hulu’s app on my IPad all thanks to Gondras, and the anime is known as Psycho-Pass. We saw advertisements of this on any of the Channel Awesome stuff and was a curious kitten and decided to see if it was on Net Flix and it was! I just finished it while I was sick for the past week, yeah I got a cold and it sucked, and glad to finish the 22 episode long anime which is about a society in Japan takes on a Michel Fulcoot idea of the watching all your prisoners which people who have these passes called a Psycho Pass that takes on different shades of colors and if it goes into a deep color and you have a crime co-efficient then you get labeled as a Latent Criminal and if if you there are ways of getting out of getting into the range by going to rehab or working for the government as an inspector or enforcer, which you meet Akane who starts working for the WPSB and her partner is an Enforcer who was a criminal himself by the name of Kogami and it is pretty interesting. It is even ironic how my research seminar talked about the prison and criminal philosophy that this anime talks about. There is a sequel but it’s not available right now and hoping it does get dubbed because they have a great cast, even Robert McCollum is amazing as Kogami! If you’re into philosophical or psychological type anime series check this one out if you can! I am hoping the second series does get brought over!

Fave Show: Power Rangers In Space! I know I wanted to do a review on Power Rangers In Space but I would say watch Linkara’s review because he goes into more depth than I can. Anyways, I recently finished watching In Space and oh man, I can see why Linkara called it the best space-opera he has seen. Basically at the end of Turbo the rangers end up on the Astro Mega Ship to find Zordon who gets captured by Divatox and kept away by Dark Specter. During a banquet that the villains had in the beginning, Andros the Red Space Ranger spies on them in disguise and they notice something wrong with he escapes as the bad guys try to attack him and then Astronima gets put in charge. I do agree with Linkara about this season is that is there good in all evil because you do see Astronima become good at certain points and one of the monsters hated being evil. I do like the casting of the rangers and of course you get to see the funny stuff with Bulk and Skull and they do become epic in the end! This season did end the Zordon years pretty well and I can’t wait to meet Andros and Astronima at Ranger Stop this year! I am working on watching all of Lost Galaxy since it would help me in knowing what happened next and see what other seasons that some of the guests came from.

Fave Season Come Backs: Agents of SHIELD and Doctor Who! Even though I am glad Castle did return but the fave season come backs this fall have to go to Doctor Who and Agents of SHIELD! The last seasons of these two shows kind of made me feel like I can’t wait for the new episodes to start, especially with what happened at the end of SHIELD because there was supposed to a spin-off for Bobbi and Hunter but that got scrapped, at least they have biggere parts this season this time around and glad to catch the episodes as they premiere! Goes the same with Doctor Who because having no BBC America in Daytona was hard and had to download episodes to ITunes which was a pretty good plus. This season did start off with a WTF? And a “OOOOHHHHH! Damn!” Plus, two two-parters in a row which was something that I wasn’t expecting but I rolled with it. I need to download this past Saturday’s episode since I missed it and will do it again with this one coming up. What makes me happy is that they got the girl who played Aria in Game of Thrones for this season. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season and the Christmas special rolls out, hoping it won’t be as depressing for the season finale as last season’s was. I am saying it in a good way because of how last season ended with the Brigadeer’s daughter or granddaughter appearing.

Well, that is it for these favorites! What is next? Stay tuned for my Convention Impossible on Ranger Stop, will it be a Convention Accomplished, Complete, or Aborted> Find out next month! In the meantime, have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

Best and Worst Places to Eat During a Convention Weekend

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today is the day I finally do my Best and Worst Places to Eat During Conventions post! Yay! Sorry for the wait since life and of course getting my subscriptions got in the way, now I pushed those aside to do this!

Well, as convention goers we tend to save money up for things like gas for traveling back and forth or going from one city to the next, hotel rates like for the La Quinta, Wyndham, or even the Residence Inn and many more, cosplays, dealer room items, and so on! One thing we definitely save up for is food! Whether if you get a suite with a kitchen like we did during Metro 2014 with our gang of friends or not, we tend to spend a lot on food during the weekend. Heck, I still remember spending close to $20 on a philly steak sandwich and fries at the World Center last year. So, I decided why not write about what is the best and worst possible places to go to for food because there are times when people go to a place and get good food and fel great or not so great! Food poisoning does happen and it’s not fun! So, will be mentioning some locations and some places in general!

Disclaimer: This Post is based on opinion from suggestions from posts I asked on convention boards!

Worst Possible Places

Convention Center Stands: To start off the list for worst places is convention center stands. I am not just talking about on quality alone, which there are times when it’s tasty but other times not as great but the food at these centers are pretty pricey for what you get. One good example, a burger and fries meal that I got in 2003 was $9.50 which is pretty close to the price you pay at Disney but hold on, add on the price of a drink that you have to pay separately and that will be around $5 and you bump it with tax to $14.75. The patty was pretty much what you find in a cafeteria at school and you get a bunch of fries. If I want to pay that much, I would go to Denny’s and create a huge burger with all the stuff I like! Another example, a hot dog, just plain, costs $6.50 when you can just go to a stand for half the price in Downtown Orlando in the club district. See where I’m getting at? If not, the thing is you are better off spending less outside the convention center because we tend to save a lot for these events and of course bring our own snacks or buy from the snack dealers. If there is a cheap snack area, like the Rosen Center has, I would suggest that as well!

Hotels that Offer Breakfast: I know we stay at hotels and get the free breakfast buffet option but there are times where it doesn’t taste as great as it’s advertised. When we stayed at the La Quinta for AFO, I decided to check it out and well it didn’t taste that great to me despite just having a waffle and a muffin and sucked that they didn’t have eggs, which kind of makes it worse because there are times when places don’t restock on certain foods. I got back to the room and said better having poptarts and other things we’ve brought to my buddies. Hey, at least we know for any other places we do stay at, just have your own stuff or just go to WaWa or Dunkin Donuts if there are any. Well, McDonald’s as well since they are doing breakfast all day now…speaking of which!

McDonald’s on International Drive Near the Wyndham: Why am I mentioning this location?? Well, it as a warning! Even though it is a convenient walk from the Wyndham but there are times when the place is not as clean as other locations and would warn about the tea since in the past a lot of people did get sick from it and some food items. I would say tread warily if you are in this location, if not, would say go to the one near the OCCC for safe experiences. Icy’s Pizza in Kissimmee: Knowing with how we travel between cities for different locations due to how some conventions move like Holiday Matsuri, Omni Expo, and a very old one to many people’s hearts, JACON! We went to this convention for its final two years which were 2008 and 2009 and not sure if this place is still open but wanted to mention it anyway! It’s known as Icy’s Pizza! No, I am not talking about CiCi’s which is on my best portion , Icy’s is almost like it with the buffet style but it almost looks like it was being runned out of someone’s billiard room because it has pool tables near the dining area. A year later, when watching videos, there were little fliers passed to convention attendees staying at the Ramada to watch out for any pizza places that are runned out of people’s garages and don’t have the specific food code cards which would be somewhere in the restaurant. We didn’t know about this during 2008 since the pizza was good but a bit cold, which kind of set off some bells and they didn’t make pizza after pizza like CiCi’s tends to do when restocking. I didn’t eat much same with Gondras and everyone else, heck I spilled my tea all over myself by accident. Hey, at least to watch out for my drink whenever eating anywhere. Still, hoping this place is still not open and after knowing about these fliers during 2009, definitely watch out for these kinds of places visiting the touristy area of Kissimmee as in near Oldtown or Celebration.

Waffle House as a Warning Place: Don’t get me wrong, this place does have good food but a warning to people, you might get sick if you’re not lucky! Why do I mean by this? Well, meeting someone during Omni who told about her story from Holiday Matsuri one year that she and her friends were staying at the hotel and they decided to eat at a Waffle House and they all had the same thing! Next morning, half of the party got sick! It’s kind of shocking and not as shocking because there are places that do make people sick if they aren’t careful. I did have a burger from Waffle House since they catered a Post Grad Career event at UCF and I felt fine but hearing this story made me tread lightly when I see a Waffle House, heck they opened one across the street from IHop. That is why I say be careful with what you order if you come to a place like this.

Best Places:

Pao Gustoso, or for most places, Sabroso: Now we are getting into the best places! First off is a Brazilian place that we were taken to all thanks to a former friend and that is Pao Gustoso or Sabroso depending on who you ask directions for it. This place is located near Wet N Wild on International. This place has an amazing selection of baked goods and savory items like empanadas, ham and cheese rolls, even little hot dog rolls! One thing you guys must must try…and it is our wedding cake selection…THE BRAZILIAN CHOCOLATE CAKE! This cake is the most amazing cake ever! You will pass out in enjoyment and rool from one bite! Heck, they used to have mini ones as mice decorated ones and they taste like brownies! Uber fudge brownies at that since they have the same chocolate frosting as the cake! Still, this is a must try if you are ever in Orlando for MegaCon, Omni Expo, AFO, Ranger Stop, or even Holiday Matsuri, heck even Florida Anime Experience, try go as early as possible since they do close around 9:30 by what I remember the last time I went, or even on the last day after closing ceremonies, GO TO THIS PLACE!

Del Taco: Since we are on the topic of Hispanic food, not sure if I should count this one as Hispanic food but Del Taco is one of these best places! With two in Orlando, one across the street from UCF and the other one on International, there used to be a third across from Oviedo Marketplace now Mall, but closed down, this place has better food than Taco Hell, excuse me Bell! Why is that? The burritos are big and appetizing, hell you can get breakfast all day if you’re not craving for lunch or dinner, they have a choice between fries and nachos, and burgers! Even can get taco salads from these guys! Not only that, they do Taco Tuesday and Thursday, so if you check in on a Thursday night and your party is craving something Mexican then you can get three tacos for $1.65 with chicken on Thursdays since Tuesday it’s beef. Not only that, I also recommend d the desserts they offer like the cookies and cheesecake bites! The great thing is that their lobby is open late until 3 AM by what I remember, they used to be 24 Hours, but if you get out at a convention around midnight and need something like a taco, there you go!

Renny’s Oki Doki Food Truck: : Since Tampa doesn’t have any Del Taco locations, which they should, but the next best thing are food trucks! Since a lot of people don’t like buying from convention center stands, this is one area they like to go to outside right as you get out the main entrance to the Tampa Convention Center and one truck in particular that I tend to miss during our two years there, which we are thinking of returning to Metro in the future, is Renny’s Oki Doki Food Truck. A Okinawa-born cook, Renny was always watching his grandmother cook and watched her carefully so he can re-create the flavors and the food she made for everyone and his wife read about how food trucks have become popular and decided it was the best venue for them. In 2012 their food truck was born and people have enjoyed their food, which I want to try! Heck, I want to try their soba noodles or even their teriyaki bowl since I looooove teriyaki chicken! If you run into this truck, try it!

CiCi’s Pizza: I did say it was on my best list because it kind of deserves to be it after going to it for a few times, especially during AFO. This place has been around since I was in elementary school and sad that the one near me got closed down but there are locations along International and near Disney. This place has pretty good pricing and you get to have all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, and desserts for that price! If you work for theme parks, you can get a group discount as well. Not only that, sometimes places do give coupons to conventions to pass out and CiCi’s is one of them if you’re lucky!

Red Robin: YUM! They deserve an entry because…well…they are amazing! Plus, you can walk to a location on International. They are a bit pricey though but with the extra cash if you got it or have any left over on a Sunday, you can get a nice burger for a good price! So glad they opened here in Orlando, one on International as said before, and the other in Sanford. You can switch the fries with sweet potato fries if you’re not craving regular ones and of course there is the bottomless option, which they give you more fries after you finish! After eating most of my Bonsai Burger, no bottomless fries for me! Still a good place, they also have wraps and a BLT if you’re not feeling for a burger.

Well, that is about it for this post! I know there are a lot of places to mention and if I haven’t mentioned those that weren’t in this post just comment down below!

What is next? Wil be doing my September and October favorites and with November coming around, I will be doing a Convention Impossible for Ranger Stop since I purchased a Three Day for it. I did try for press but I don’t have the amount of readers nor YouTube subscribers to qualify for this year but they did say I can try next year and that doesn’t mean I can’t bring you videos from panels and other events. I want to at least give some breathing from anime for a bit. So stay tuned for all that! Oh almost forgot! Nerdy Shique Universe now has a Twitter! Just go to Twitter.com and it’s at Nerdy Shique, couldn’t fit the entire title for anyone who wants to know, which is where I post updates about posts, press announcements if I get any since I didn’t get anything from Holiday Matsuri, knowing with other conventions it will be there as well, any video announcements from those conventions since we still have YouTube, and so many more! It does help that we expand the Social Media outlets with how some conventions do ask for it and so we listen and provide! So, go to our Twitter and follow! In the future, we will update business cards, trying to give out the ones for the Word Press page to get new ones. So, check out our Twitter! Stay tuned for new posts!

BoxyCharm and Ipsy: October 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for not posting lately, been busy with things in my life outside of the blog and been working on getting ready for Halloween! Heck, I’m even wearing one of my many Halloween earring pairs. So, I recently got my BoxyCharm and Ipsy this past week, Ipsy on Wednesday and Boxy on Friday. I usually do a post right afterwards but Saturday had me stay off the computer due to a cold that came out of nowhere. I am getting better and starting to clear out. Anyways, what did I get this month?

Ipsy: This month’s theme is “Alter Ego” which fits due to it being Halloween and all the stylists did take on videos which had them do make up looks based on the Dark Moon Clan from Sailor Moon S. In my honest opinion on one video, the one with Rini’s Dark Lady version, the stylist used a nude lip when she has a dark red or magenta lip in the anime. I did like the other videos, especially the one that had to deal with Konan or Catsy in the American version due to how it dealt with a purple eye look. Anyways, the bag this month takes on a nice black and gold motif, which the black has a clear, leather feel while the gold is textured. This bag kind of reminds me of the bag from September last year since it is in the same shape as that one. I think September and October flipped in looks for bags because October’s bag last year was in the same style as September’s this year. Let’s see what I got!

Royal and Langnickel Moda Standard Eye Shader Brush: Whoa that was a mouth full since I never heard of this brand before, especially with the brushes that were given in the past were provided by Crown, Luxie, and Elizabeth Mott. I was happy to get this brush since I haven’t gotten any eye brushes for a while now from Ipsy. I like the lightweight feeling of it since I used it already and good to pack on lid and base colors when applying shadow. I am hoping there is an Ipsy offer for a brush set from these guys because I like the brush so far and more products by them because I want to explore more of their line. And also, they did recycle the Crown concealer brush into this month’s bag, hoping the person who asked for mine on the Ipsy Trades page got it this time.

MicaBeauty Ipsy Cream Shadow in Bronze: Another Ipsy exclusive item for this month and it deals with MicaBeauty this time around. I have received their eye shadow primer in this service and one of the gel liner pots in BoxyCharm and man they are expensive for a brand! The liner retails for $35 and the Mica shadow pallet they offered this week retails for $85 which is out there. At least I get to try a cream shadow from these guys and it’s in the color bronze. I don’t wear bronzey colors even though they do come in some of my shadow pallets but this was a good thing to try to step out of my comfort zone. I was surprised that it was lightweight even though I have to spread it a bit thick due to how the pot felt deep like the shadow primer I got earlier this year and not easy to put my finger in it. If only Mica gave easier pots for our fingers to get into the product. Glad that I got this! Hoping more brands pair up with Ipsy to create colors and pallets. Forgot to mention, this shadow was better than the Ipsy NYX trio because the lightest shade in that one didn’t come off as pigmented as the others, that is another aspect that brands should take in consideration when pairing up with Ipsy.

La Vanilla Laboratories Mini Roller Ball Perfume: Another product from LaVanilla and this time it’s a perfume! They were giving two perfumes this month which I noticed from videos, you either got this one or one called Spicy and Exotic and some of the Ipsters found that too spicy, which I was glad not to get it since I do like some spice but not too overwhelming. I was happy to get this one because the scent is not too sweet, it just smelled like pure vanilla ice cream! It is like Vanillary from Lush but minus the toffee notes in that one. I like how the bottle is the same size as my Harvey Prince samples I got in Ipsy and Boxy and this was put into my messenger bag in case I forget to put any of my perfumes on at home or just in the mood for a pure vanilla scent!

TheBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hues Liquid Lipstick: This month featured an item from TheBalm Cosmetics and you either got one of the highlighters in Maryluminizer or the liquid lipstick in Committed, a nice coral shade, which I got the liquid lipstick this month. Back around April, everyone got the Nude Dude Shadow and people on the Ipsy page didn’t like the idea of nude shadows, which are very work appropriate, and they didn’t like the luminizer which they thought it was a nude shadow. That is why there are discount codes people. I did like the liquid lipstick since it didn’t feel over tacky like most of them do from other brands. I always remembered Emily Noelle on YouTube mentioned these as well in a recent video and glad that Ipsy got on the bandwagon to have these as part of the bag. Since I didn’t get the highlighter, maybe it might be in Ipsy’s offers like the Nude Dude pallet? Maybe? Hoping more TheBalm products come in Ipsy because they are a good pbrand and thi is one way to try them out.

Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion: The last item I received is the hand and body lotion from Beauty Without Cruelty which is a brand that gets put into Ipsy bags a lot. I am not sure if I got anything by these guys but glad to try out something by them. I do tend to have dry hands, especially when I use a lot of soap, sanditizer, and do my braille lesson due to how much of my fingertips get used and this helps moisturize my hands. It does have a slight floral scent from the ingrediets but it does feel great on the hands after rubbing it in. Always good to try out new hand creams!

BoxyCharm: BoxyCharm, on the other hand, was great this month but at the same time should’ve fit with the Halloween theme like Ipsy did. Their theme is “Faces of the Moon” which is pretty much mostly face products. I did suggest colored mascaras as an item and that would be put in consideration for the future because around this time a lot of people like using them, I do use mine year round. Anyways, this month’s products include…

Palmetto Clarifying Face Mask: I gave this to my mom actually and it’s from Palmetto which is a face mask meant for anti-aging. I keep saying I don’t use anti-aging items since I have younger looking skin and if you read my post about it, then there is a factor I mentioned in that. I am glad to give this to my mom since her skin is older and she always looks for newer skin care items and all thanks to my subscriptions, well this one since I changed my Ipsy profile, she gets to try out newer things.

Doucce Volumizing Punk Mascara: To continue the face theme, this month Charmers received a mascara from the brand Doucce! I did receive a face mask from these guys and gave it to my mom in past boxes and then got a precision eye liner from Ipsy by these guys and glad to get another item from them! It’s been a few months since we got a mascara from someone, the last one was back in July from a new brand out of the UK coming to the states that was going to charge $35 for and a lot of people didn’t like that one because it didn’t anything it claims to do but soften lashes, which it did to mine. This one on the other hand, which I am wearing now,does make my lashes feel like I have something on them and they are separated and curled pretty well. This is one brand I wouldn’t mind buying a mascara from!

Bella Pierre Cheek and Lip Stain: Next is a lip and cheek stain by Bella Pierre. This is the second time I ever got a lip stain in this subscription since I got the Mullein and Sparrow one from this one or was it Ipsy, forgot! Anyways, Bella Pierre was also in past boxes with lip items and a kabuki brush. I started using this item and like how it’s lightweight on the lips after using a lip brush. You can also use it on the cheeks for a slight flush but prefer it on the lips. I think I got the coral color since I read on the Boxy Facebook that everyone got different colors. Good to get a lip item after a while since it’s been months since I got lip items in BoxyCharm!

Lord and Berry Line/Shade Eye Liner: The next item is the Lord and Berry Liner/Shade Eye Liner Pencil and the color I got is in Dark Black. Really Lord and Berry? Can’t just call it a black liner? Well, some companies do have greyish tones to their black eye liners. Anyways, I received a Lord and Berry pencil before and that was back in my very first Ipsy bag and it was a tiny sample of their Kohl liner pencil and man that lasted very long! This is a full-size pencil and glad to get another liner pencil to save some money at the store from getting more. This is also supposed to be a Kohl liner and also a waterproof one for anybody with watery, sensitive eyes. Not sure if anyone got different colors in this one, good to have more in the collection!

Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish in Graveyard Bones: The last item in the box is a nail polish. Okay, the theme deals with faces why a nail polish? Don’t know, but at least I get to try another new line of polishes and this is from a brand called Cult Cosmetics! This brand is a vegan friendly brand ethically made. The color I got is a dark grey and if I remembered Gondras reading it, it is in Graveyard Bones! It’s a dark grey perfect for fall and perfect to put a glitter coat if I wanted to. I like how the bottle is sturdy and easy to get the brush in and out. I may have to try this polish since I have my Blair the Witch nail look to pull off for Halloween, well two Halloween parties this weekend and the next!

That is it for both! I don’t know but to me Ipsy has been killing it with the items in the bags! Yeah, people do complain every single month, heck even got a major complaint about a pic that shows the “Alter Ego” idea and knowing me, I tend to see more complaints on the Ipsy Trades page. Anyways, I love the brush, the shadow, even the perfume the most since I can carry that with me and in case if I forgot to put on anything or at a convention it’s in my bag! While Boxy, the nail polish didn’t make sense since the theme does deal with the face but it’s good to try out a new polish even around Halloween! To me, some of the items should’ve had more Halloweenish colors like colored mascaras. I felt as though Boxy was a bit neutral. I am glad to try out a new mascara from Doucce and get another liner from Lord and Berry. Let’s see what November brings to these subscriptions!

Well, that is it! I will try and do the Best and Worst Places to Eat post and of course will be doing my September and October Favorites and of course, since Ranger Stop is next month, got a 3-Day Pass by pre-registering, will be doing a Convention Impossible on that one to see how it went and is it a good one to keep going to. Well, stay tuned!

Major Collective Haul!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I decided to take a post break with convention stuff since I have a collective haul for you guys! It’s been a while since I had a haul on here and it deals with Lush, Ulta with a visit and an online order, Bath and Body Works, and of course Walgreens! This going to be a long one! Almost forgot, Spirit Halloween due to it being Halloween as well!

Lush: It’s been months since I been to Lush! I think the last time I was there was when I got a new container of R&B and Shine So Bright, since those two are my two all fave hair products, pretty much Holy Grail because they keep my hair smooth with the oils I use and my split ends out! Anyways, reason I had to go there was for a free face mask due to collecting five containers. If anyone’s wants to get into Lush, this is a great concept since the containers are made of recyclable materials, I mean the ones for the hair products like R&B, the lotions, now shower creams, and so many others and you collect five and get a free mask and great thing is that the container the mask comes in also counts, which if you get done with a mask you receive you save the little potted container. Anyways, I traded in for the OateFix face mask! You guys know my skin is very sensitive and need to be careful with what I use on it and decided it’s time to try the masks again due to how my skin is not too picky as it was in the past with Lush products. It is still buddy buddy with my Celestial and did mention how my skin was sensitive to the girl and she let me try out Oat Fix and one called BB Seaweed to see how it reacts. It did not like BB Seaweed since don’t know how it happens but my skin does not like seaweed on it, even when I tried the Aquamarine face wash from Lush, it hates seaweed but my stomach love it when I eat it. I was glad to get Oat Fix and the smell is still the same! What do I mean by that? The ingredients are oatmeal, banana, and other ingredients and it smells like banana bread but to me it takes on more of the smell of the waffle bowls that cook at Coldstone. I say try this mask out if you have sensitive skin!

Another item I got was finally something eyed and tried and that is the Dirty styling cream! I love the scent of Dirty and I was sad that they discontinued the perfume and the shower gel since I love mint and this scent is very clean, even as a shower gel! I don’t get why they had to discontinue those two items with how popular the Dirty line is and when I found out that the Styling Cream was made I decided to go into the Florida Mall location for a sample and loved it! It is not like a hair gel nor heavy like one, it is very light and it has a medium hold to it, which I don’t mind since years ago that is how I wore my hair gel, within the 6-7 range in the LA Looks line. They need to bring back the shower gel and perfume because I love this scent! I am glad that I can trade the container in when I’m done, which will probably take forever to do.

And finally, I got something I have loved forever and haven’t gotten in years and that is a piece of the Karma soap! I loved this scent for many years and will never let go! It is a citrusy pichulli scent with sandalwood and smells very mazing. I still have the perfume left and afraid to finish it since it was one of the first scents that got me into Lush and it’s my second all time fave next to Snow Fairy. Even when I picked up the chunk they had in the store while my dad was smelling all the other soaps, I was like “I miss this scent!” That was when he asked for the quarter of a pound because he knows I love it.

I am going back when they call me about this and that is since Halloween items come out every year at Lush they have gift sets now for it and they have a pumpkin and a bat and they didn’t start selling til recently and sold out of them. The pumpkin one contains bath items while the bat contains shower items and one newer shower jelly called Night Wing. I did call them to see if they have any in stock but sold out, I am hoping I get a call Monday when they get a new shipment! I notice how Halloween stuff sometimes sells slowly but this year it is selling out fast! I still have my Magic Pumpkin from last year since I haven’t done many baths but will have to use it! Crossing my fingers to see about the Bat Hibijibi and try out that new shower jelly.

Walgreens! Should’ve started off with this but going out of order! I have gone to Walgreens three times and two times for Wet N Wild and Cover Girl while the last one was to get Rimmel and Furgy. First, if you read my Fall Favorites I mentioned that I found the newer Fall Collection from Wet N Wild called Here’s to the Wild! I have to thank Vivi for making the video about this collection because I haven’t gotten anything WNW for many months because of getting stuff by NYX, Rimmel, especially the new Provocalips collection months ago, and other lines until now. I got two of the nail polishes, one of the lipsticks, and one of the shadow pallets! I got the lipstick in Coffee Buzz which is a berry brown color according to Vivi. I haven’t gotten a brown lipstick in forever, especially this one being so unique to me and had to get it. Vivi did mention that it is hard to find some of the colors but the location I went to had it and was glad to get it. It stays put like the Color Tattoos with the feel of it. I picked up two of the nail polishes and they are Pop Up Blue Teak and Thrift Shopaholic, which Pop-Up Blue Teak is a sapphire blue which I love blue polishes, if you see my collection of polishes it is pretty much the good portion even in Sinful Colors, and that got me wanting it after how Vivi described it. It is the hardest to find but I found it easily along with Thrift Shopaholic which is a purple shade and purple is the second most colors I own and glad that this one exists in the collection. I did almost thinka bout getting I Moss Have It but didn’t appeal to me much. I got one of the eye shadow pallets though and can’t get the name because I took off the sticker before knowing what it was. I am not sure if it’s Gallery Next Door or since I hear it has purple shades and blue ones and that is what I remembered from the one I got. I did get two items from the permanent vollrvyion dinvr iy was Biy One Get One Half Off on WNW and got a black glitter liner because my Hot Topic one was a bit old and getting dried iyt and glad that I found one by WNW. I also got another eye shadow pallet but it’s a trio and that is Walking On Egg Shells. I did forget to mention the newer pallets in the Here’s to the Wild Ones are five pan pallets and I heard good things about the Egg Shells trio and decided to finally get it. I did walk by the Sinful Halloween display and picked up a bottle of High Spirits, which is a dark polish I haven’t gotten before and I do love the Halloween display by Sinful due to how I can get my paws on polishes I can’t find on a regular basis.

Another trip to Walgreens got me due to how Vivi told me about Cover Girl releasing Star Wars Limited Edition items. The collection is supposed to have nail polishes but didn’t find them, I did find the mascaras and they are just tubes with quotes on them which I feel I can just buy the tube without the packaging. The lipsticks, on the other hand, really caught my interest and I got the ones in a shimmery pink and the other a shimmery plum. They don’t have names which is odd and kind of disappointing which they should’ve named them after several of the girl characters such as Lea and Asoka as examples. I did pick up two of the Fantasymakers stuff, which one I had to return because it turned out to be face paints and I tend not to use the Halloween paints but I did get a red lipstick from the line. And the last visit was to find the Rimmel Apocalips or Show Off Lip Lacquers here in the states in Star Gazer since it felt like the one I had was a bit low. I couldn’t find it but found one of the velvet ones in Atomic Rose and got it because I heard good things about the velvet line in this formula. I will see how that goes! I did find two highlighters from the Wet N Wild Furgy collection. I hseen how Kathleen Lights goes crazy for the one known as Hollywood Boulevard which is a very gold highlighter. She said it was limited edition but the girl who works at Walgreens told me they are permanent. I was also able to pick up Rose Gold Goodness from the same line to at least try out a rosy shade. I am glad to try these out since I have been into highlighters whenever I like to give myself a bit of shimmer.

Bath and Body Works! I did drop by Bath and Body Works for more of the fall hand sanitizers since I have been pumpkin crazy! I did get a few scents in my fave Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte scent, which when I smelled it it smelled stronger than I was used to from one of the ones I got back in September. Not sure if it’s the newer batch that got stocked at the Millennia location, I did pick one up anyways! I also picked up Pumpkin Cupcake and one in particular that made me curious to get and that is the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles because of how Young Wild and Polished talked about how this scent is her fave candle and in hand sanitizer form it smells amazing! It smells like what if you turned pumpkins into syrup! I did pick up another Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte item but it’s the shower gel this time! I almost thought about getting the body mist again and a guy that worked there said they sold out the day before but was happy they got the shower gel! It smells like lattes in the shower gel and I am going to be using it next to have a break from my Lush shower gels.

Ulta! Next is Ulta! I shopped in store and online because I was looking for the make up line known as Make Up Revolution. I heard about this brand from YouTube and decided to look on their website and found that there were a lot of things from this brand. This brand orginated from London and it feels like a lot of European companies are sending their stuff to our lands such as Make Up Academy being at CVS and Make Up Revolution being at Ulta. I decided to see if any of the locations near me has it in stores and well Altamonte didn’t have it, they even thought I said Make Up Forever, Winter Park had it, and then Milennia, which is where I got two of the items. I wanted to try out a highlighter and got the one in Golden Lights which is a golden toned glittery highlight. I tried it out and man gives you pretty good amounts with a brush stroke and does blend nicely into blush. That was not the only thing I got that visit, I also got the Iconic 2 pallet which is an eye shadow pallet that is very affordable when it looks like a higher end one. That is one thing about Make Up Revolution is that it’s drugstore prices for this brand and the highlighter was $6 and the Iconic 2 was $7. Not bad huh? This is a nice and smokey pallet that you can go smokey and dramatic and of course there are two other pallets in this range on top of it. The first has bronzey shades and the third one has a mix of rosey gold and neutrals. I think I will stick with the Iconic 2 pallet since smokey is what I like the most!

My second Ulta purchase was online and it was a last day thing for free shipping over $25 and other specials. I tried going for the buy 2 get one free for NYX and buy two and get two free on Ulta but realized I have too many eyeliners that I need to get through and the NYX sale kind of felt a little much. I think I prefer the buy one get one half off for NYX because when shopping with Ulta it does add up fast. I will say I did get one eyeliner and that is from Essence and it’s the automatic gel liner in Gunmetal. I normally don’t go for automatics but since I have gotten lipliners and eyeliners in the automatic pen, I got used to it! The reason why I went with this is not only helped with me getting to the free shipping and have been looking for another gunmetal color eyeliner because the Pacifica sample liner I got from Ipsy is getting shorter and it’s hard to find. I am not sure if Target sells it, I may have to check at some point but at least Essence makes one and I did start liking this brand due to buying the Bare to Be Nude set from Ipsy. Come to think of it, I do have the automatic liner in brown all thanks to that set! I did want some more of the gel liners from Ulta in colors that sound cool, I still have a Night Sky pencil which I almost got another of which I am going to finish first.The next item is another Make Up Revolution product and that is the Unicorns Unite pallet from the Salvation pallets. My dad did read out all the pallets due to how it is hard for me to know which one is which and he read the Unicorns one weirdly and that had me take a look at it and was happy about it because it has shimmer shimmer shades and matte ones and I did read great reviews about it. I tried to find out if Winter Park had it and they only had the Mermaid one and something else. This was $10 which is not bad and when I received it in the mail it looked amazing from what I could see in the light! What I like is that this has more jewel tones than the NYX Wicked Dreams pallet that I got a year ago while hunting the Dream Catcher pallets. I even like the layout which the first two rows are boxes and the final row is circular which makes crease brushes get in easily. There is a sponge tipped double ended brush which I don’t use since I prefer using my brushes. I also like how it’s bigger than the Wicked Dreams pallet and prettier. If you want to check this pallet out, I highly recommend it! I did try out the Iconic shadows and the feeling is buttery and knowing the Unicorns one will be too! Don’t know why I am on a unicorn craze, heck I got earrings from Claires. Anyways, the final item I got was the Real Techniques Core Collection! I have been brush crazy and what got me to the site besides the other two specials was the 25% off Real Techniques items such as the sets, the Metals collection, which no matter the discount was pretty expensive, and so much more. I decided to get the Core Collection since it was originally $17 and it was brought down by $4. I almost got the Dual Fiber Brush Set, which is a limited edition set, but didn’t appeal much since it has a contour brush and I don’t contour and I did watch a review and said the set was okay. The Core Collection on the other hand is a set of four of their brushes which comes with a detailer brush that is used for concealer and it says that it can be used for a lip brush for lipstick, which can’t get enough of! Then pointed foundation brush for liquid foundation which I tend to use and may use this at some point! Buffing brush is for powder and mineral foundation which of course I like the use of different brushes, I am using one of my kabuki brushes that I got from ELF and Bella Pierre. Finally, the contour brush which I can use for my powder highlights! I am not sure about the liquid ones I have from ELF and NYX, but will have to see!

Spirit Halloween! Since it’s Halloween month, I decided this year to do Blair again from Soul Eater because I liked doing it and last time I done it I just worn tights and an older pair of shoes since I was tight for time in college. This time I decided to go and get pumpkin socks which I was glad to find and they are knee ones as well. These are very comfy and not as bad as tights. I did find a pair of tights with pumpkins at the knees but then Gondras saw the ones I wanted. Then decided to go extra and look for pumpkin earrings. The guy that worked there is very sweet and helped by showing the different ones and a set he shown me was a three pair of witches on a broom, ghosts, and pumpkins with cats. I am a sucker for cats so that will be perfect due to Blair turning into a cat! I did have to go back for an exchange because I didn’t know until one of the witches were missing and was lucky to find out they still had the set. I did try and see if they had a set of the studs that included plain pumpkins but they sold out. I did ask about bats, I can’t help it they’re cute as well, and found a set with two dangling earrings with one pair of spider webs and bats with a moon, and then a pair of studs with spiders. I did wear the spider ones earlier to break them in and they feel comfy! I want to wear the bat ones next! I am kind of going earring crazy lately as well, I guess I like the idea of changing out and wear different pairs! I still love my Harley Quin ones of course! I did go to Claire’s earlier in the week and did find the unicorn ones I wanted that I couldn’t find at a different location and did get a mix and match of a star and moon and a pair jeweled star studs! Gotta love buy two get one free!

That is it for this haul! Man, it took all day to write! I will do the Best and Worst Places to Eat At During a Convention post next! Stay tuned!

Convention Spotlight: Holiday Matsuri!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another Convention Spotlight and it’s a Christmas one! I know it’s October and Christmas is not until December but most places do get their holiday stuff up early, especially a craft store near me which they have their Christmas stuff out by August. Why do they do that? Beats me! Anyways, let’s get to it!

Today’s convention is known as Holiday Matsuri and it’s held here in Orlando like many of the other conventions like MegaCon and Omni Expo. This convention is going to be held December 18th through the 20th this year and man it will be fun!

Location: This convention has been to so many hotels and this year it will be held at Caribe Royale Orlando, interesting name for a hotel, it has very many room options to choose from while attending this convention and they are in the hundreds ranges such as a 2 Room Suite with two queen beds and a pull out for $124 a night as an example. Wait, there is a King Master room with a living room space, two extra rooms for $249. You get the idea since you are getting pretty good deals for different room options and in case of how far you’re traveling to this place, it’s on World Center Drive in Orlando.

Tickets: As always with every convention you do have to register for your pass and you can read the guidelines on that on their Information page, which is very handy! Plus you can contact them for additional questions if necessary. There are the usual 3-Day passes and they are $45 until December 1st and then you have the VIP passes, if you want to go that route, $100 until December 11th!

There are also at the door prices for one day passes the prices for those are $30 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, and $25 for Sunday and for 3-Day prices at the door will be $55.

For additional information for registration, you can visit http://holidaymatsuri.com/registration/ which will tell you times for when registration runs each day, ehow to buy, etc.

Guests: Can’t forget the guests that will be attending this event!

Grey Delisle: We know her as Vicky from Fairly OddParents and Azula in Avatar the Last Airbender, she will be at this year’s Holiday Matsuri which is pretty awesome!

Sean Schemmel: The voice of Goku in DBZ Kai and Dr. Crowler in Yu-Gi-Oh GX will be returning to Holiday Matsuri this year. Never got to meet the guy myself, hoping to if any luck of getting there.

Todd Habercorn: This made me happy! Well, even though I got to meet him again at AFO, he is still entertaining and a nice guy on top of it! For anyone who doesn’t know his voice, he is Rowan in Tales of Xilia, Death the Kid in Soul Eater, and Natsu Drakneil in Fairy Tail! And for any Star Trek fans and haven’t checked it out yet, he plays Spock on Star Trek Continues, which Episode 5 is up now! I recommend it because it continues from where the original series left off and has a great cast and Todd is amazing as Spock. Highly recommend it.

AIf you want to see who else is going to be at Holiday Matsuri, you can visit this page: http://holidaymatsuri.com/guests/

Social Media: If you want more news and follow the most upcoming stuff for Holiday Matsuri, you can check their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolidayMatsuri/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/holidaymatsuri

As a nice little tip if you guys are planning to go, you can pick up Christmas gifts at Holiday Matsuri’s dealer room for that anime fan you know and love and haven’t gotten the chance to shop yet.

And Well that is it for this short spotlight by the looks of it! What is next? Since we are on the subject of conventions, I will be doing a post about the best and worst places to eat during a convention weekend. It makes sense since a lot of us do travel and our tummies need food during that weekend of buying swag and meeting voice actors. Stay tuned!

Fall Favorites Tag!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’ve been busy most of the week due to job interviews popping up, job development stuff, and even went to Spirit Halloween with Gondras to get stuff for my costume for Manime Man’s party this year. Man, never thought the last week of September and the first day of October would be busy for me! Well, busier than usual! Well, I will be doing my convention spotlight on Holiday Matsuri sometime this weekend into next week even though I haven’t heard anything about press, if I don’t get it, their loss. Anyways, I decided to do something fun!

What is it? It’s the Fall Favorites Tag from YouTube! I seen a lot of videos with this and Kathleen Lights was one of the ones I saw and she said that she tags anyone who sees it and decided why not do it on the Word Press side? Here are my faves! BTW, this tag was created by Jaqolin Hill!

Favorite Candle! I don’t have a favorite candle due to how dangerous for a blind person to light them and of course there are times I can’t pin point them until I feel the flames. Yeah, very dangerous! So, I am going to change it to “Favorite Fall Scent!” My fave fall scent is Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte from Bath and Body Works! This scent was love at first smell! If you know me as much as anyone, I LOVE PUMPKIN! When I saw the fall display while being at Bath and Body Works with Vivi and Curious Keeper last month, I sprayed the body mist and fell in love with it and was like “Mine!” I did go back for the body wash and was glad that the Milennia location didn’t sell out of the body wash, well yet anyway because the body mist sold out the day before I went back for it. I love this smell! I can’t wait for Christmas to stock up on the Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint shower gel and lotion.

Fave Lip Color! I don’t tend to follow seasons with colors in make up and nails, only Halloween for nails because they have nice colors and I can do some fun stuff with it, especially my Nuclear Nails with the glow in the dark polish and black crackle polish! If I were to choose one, I would say the Coffee Buzz lipstick from Wet N Wild’s Limited Edition Fall Collection. I saw Vivi do her video on the new fall collection and she said it was hard to find certain things such as one of the nail polishes and two of the lipsticks and Coffee Buzz was one of them. The good thing was I did drop by Walgreens on the way to Milennia Mall and found the lipstick at their location along with two of the polishes that got me interested. Coffee Buzz is a deep berry brown from how it’s described and it does glide on pretty well when you put down lip balm, which I always do since I hate the feeling of just plain lipstick on my mouth, and Wet N Wild lipsticks are great! If you haven’t gotten any of the fall collection, I would say hunt down all your Walgreens and CVS locations for this collection! I am glad that locations here in Florida are carrying this stuff now.

Favorite Drink! PUMPKIN SPICED COFFEES! I had to put that because I really love how fall comes around and places have their pumpkin coffees every year, I do like them from Jaffrey’s back in UCF but I go to Dunkin Donuts every year for them and I tried out the machiatto and got it iced since you guys know Florida, it is hot even in fall time. Hel, it was even 90 one October. The Pumpkin Spice iced machiatto tastes amazing, I suggest get it with extra pumpkin because there are times that you don’t taste the flavoring and they don’t put the amount they are supposed to and this is something that tastes better iced!

Fave Blush! As said before, I don’t follow season colors as much as most make up gurus do and if I were to pick one, I would say Avon’s mauve blush! Reason being is because it is a nice little pinky mauve blush and was recommended to me by a lady who sold Avon items in the flea market before they closed it down. I also like Warm Berry from LA Color since it gives a nice berry pink shade to my face.

Fave Clothing! Definitely my Captain America and Iron Man hoodies! Reason being is that there are times when Gondras loves borrowing these and I do like to use them to warm me up and plus if you don’t have a Halloween costume, best thing to use! The Iron Man one is more warmer than the Cap one because of how much better they made it after Iron Man 3 came out. I want to go back to Hot Topic for the Collosal Titan hoodie they have for Attack on Titan. These hoodies are fun to wear and love them so much!

Fave Movie! Definitely Hocus Pocus! The thing is I oved this movie since I was a kid and Halloween is a fave holiday and this movie is one of those you need to see around Halloween. Another one is Repo The Genetic Opera since I got introduced to it after a zombie walk all thanks to Tobi. I love musicals and this one is dark for one and it has Anthony Stuart Head who played Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which if you haven’t heard him sing before you will be amazed because he has amazing pipes! Even when you hear the song “Legal Assassin” which to me showcases his talent. It also has Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman, and Alexis Vega who played Carmen in the Spy Kids movies which she is also amazing, you will love her song with Sarah Brightman, “Chase the Morning.” What song is my fave of all and that is “Zydrate Anatomy!” And one more is the first three Halloweentown movies, especially the third one because I love the quote “Normal is Vastly Overrated” because it is true, being normal is overrated because there is no real meaning of it. The reason why I liked the third one most is the bringing creatures to school made it interesting. The fourth one sucked in my opinion because it didn’t have the same happiness as the first three and not dark enough either. So, those are my fave fall movies!

Fave TV Show! I would say Sleepy Hollow and Agents of Shield! Agents is a no-brainer since me and Gondras love Marvel and after the last season, we were waiting for it to return especially how it ended season 2. We did see the first episode of this season and now it’s starting to get good. With Sleepy Hollow, I love the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman since I was a kid and this one was a major twist due to how Crane was a part of the American Revolution and things went crazy and he gets sent to the modern times. Loved it! I am hoping it didn’t get cancelled, that is one major thing I don’t like about Fox is that they cancel some of the better shows and this was a nice change to see from the comedies and reality shows, especially Master Chef. Oh one more, forgot to mention, Castle! I love this show all thanks to Gondras getting me into it and did watch the previous seasons stuff on repeat on TNT and keeping up with the enwer stuff on ABC. Plus, Dameon Clarke was in an episode back in season 2! Those aren’t the only reasons, I do love the idea and the story lines and twists each season takes because it develops everyone, including Castle and Becket’s relationship, more and more with each new episode. I can’t wait to see how this season boes due to last episode being a major “Whoa!” I would like to get Nathan Fillian in the interview chair and see how he thinks about this season. A kitten can dream after all!

Fave Thanksgiving Food! My mom’s sweet potatoes! OMG! I love these every year because the thing is my mom doesn’t use regular sweet potatoes for this, even for Christmas time, she uses the white sweet potatoes from the Spanish grocery stores because they aren’t uber sweet like the regular ones even with the marshmallows and when they are made it is like oatmeal! As in, the consistency is very soft, the taste is like oatmeal, now my mouth is watering! I need to get the recipe since I am cooking a bit more at home, especially breakfast! Another item is Gondras’ biscuits! He makes these biscuits from Alten Brown’s recipe from Good Eats and they are really good! Very crispy and crumbly, I don’t like soft biscuits as much, that is why I want him to make these more often for holidays! And finally, Perkins’ Caramel Apple Pie! I got spoiled by this pie because ever since my senior picnic back in high school I didn’t eat apple pie as uch because of the pie eating contest and had an apple pie for it. When I tried this pie, I was like, “Give me more!” I can’t eat anybody else’s pies even Publix since this pie has the great amount of caramel, apples, and a nice crumble! Even tastes nice microwaved and having the Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean ice cream melting, definitely want to have it again for this year!

Fave Halloween Costume! I will always love witch costumes but the one I love most is Blair from Soul Eater! I done this costume back in 2013 when Halloween was a class day and decided to get a witch gown from Party City, the broach and wig from EBay since I had the hat from Metro. I love Blair since she turns into a cat and uses Halloween themed magic in the anime and manga and all thanks to this costume, I went a bit pumpkin crazy with all the foods! Heck, even tried ice cream with it! I will be doing the costume again this year for the Propeller Anime party and this time a bit better with more pumpkin themed items!

That is about it! I loved this tag and decided to have fun with it! If I were to tag anybody, would say Vivi! If you’re reading this, I am tagging you to do a video or a blog post with your fall faves! They can even be METAL!

That is it, stay tuned for my convention spotlight on Holiday Matsuri and will also be doing a post on the Best and Worst Places to Eat During a Convention! Because as con goers, we either have good food or food that is pretty much avoid like the plague! Stay tuned!