Fall Favorites Tag!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’ve been busy most of the week due to job interviews popping up, job development stuff, and even went to Spirit Halloween with Gondras to get stuff for my costume for Manime Man’s party this year. Man, never thought the last week of September and the first day of October would be busy for me! Well, busier than usual! Well, I will be doing my convention spotlight on Holiday Matsuri sometime this weekend into next week even though I haven’t heard anything about press, if I don’t get it, their loss. Anyways, I decided to do something fun!

What is it? It’s the Fall Favorites Tag from YouTube! I seen a lot of videos with this and Kathleen Lights was one of the ones I saw and she said that she tags anyone who sees it and decided why not do it on the Word Press side? Here are my faves! BTW, this tag was created by Jaqolin Hill!

Favorite Candle! I don’t have a favorite candle due to how dangerous for a blind person to light them and of course there are times I can’t pin point them until I feel the flames. Yeah, very dangerous! So, I am going to change it to “Favorite Fall Scent!” My fave fall scent is Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte from Bath and Body Works! This scent was love at first smell! If you know me as much as anyone, I LOVE PUMPKIN! When I saw the fall display while being at Bath and Body Works with Vivi and Curious Keeper last month, I sprayed the body mist and fell in love with it and was like “Mine!” I did go back for the body wash and was glad that the Milennia location didn’t sell out of the body wash, well yet anyway because the body mist sold out the day before I went back for it. I love this smell! I can’t wait for Christmas to stock up on the Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint shower gel and lotion.

Fave Lip Color! I don’t tend to follow seasons with colors in make up and nails, only Halloween for nails because they have nice colors and I can do some fun stuff with it, especially my Nuclear Nails with the glow in the dark polish and black crackle polish! If I were to choose one, I would say the Coffee Buzz lipstick from Wet N Wild’s Limited Edition Fall Collection. I saw Vivi do her video on the new fall collection and she said it was hard to find certain things such as one of the nail polishes and two of the lipsticks and Coffee Buzz was one of them. The good thing was I did drop by Walgreens on the way to Milennia Mall and found the lipstick at their location along with two of the polishes that got me interested. Coffee Buzz is a deep berry brown from how it’s described and it does glide on pretty well when you put down lip balm, which I always do since I hate the feeling of just plain lipstick on my mouth, and Wet N Wild lipsticks are great! If you haven’t gotten any of the fall collection, I would say hunt down all your Walgreens and CVS locations for this collection! I am glad that locations here in Florida are carrying this stuff now.

Favorite Drink! PUMPKIN SPICED COFFEES! I had to put that because I really love how fall comes around and places have their pumpkin coffees every year, I do like them from Jaffrey’s back in UCF but I go to Dunkin Donuts every year for them and I tried out the machiatto and got it iced since you guys know Florida, it is hot even in fall time. Hel, it was even 90 one October. The Pumpkin Spice iced machiatto tastes amazing, I suggest get it with extra pumpkin because there are times that you don’t taste the flavoring and they don’t put the amount they are supposed to and this is something that tastes better iced!

Fave Blush! As said before, I don’t follow season colors as much as most make up gurus do and if I were to pick one, I would say Avon’s mauve blush! Reason being is because it is a nice little pinky mauve blush and was recommended to me by a lady who sold Avon items in the flea market before they closed it down. I also like Warm Berry from LA Color since it gives a nice berry pink shade to my face.

Fave Clothing! Definitely my Captain America and Iron Man hoodies! Reason being is that there are times when Gondras loves borrowing these and I do like to use them to warm me up and plus if you don’t have a Halloween costume, best thing to use! The Iron Man one is more warmer than the Cap one because of how much better they made it after Iron Man 3 came out. I want to go back to Hot Topic for the Collosal Titan hoodie they have for Attack on Titan. These hoodies are fun to wear and love them so much!

Fave Movie! Definitely Hocus Pocus! The thing is I oved this movie since I was a kid and Halloween is a fave holiday and this movie is one of those you need to see around Halloween. Another one is Repo The Genetic Opera since I got introduced to it after a zombie walk all thanks to Tobi. I love musicals and this one is dark for one and it has Anthony Stuart Head who played Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which if you haven’t heard him sing before you will be amazed because he has amazing pipes! Even when you hear the song “Legal Assassin” which to me showcases his talent. It also has Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman, and Alexis Vega who played Carmen in the Spy Kids movies which she is also amazing, you will love her song with Sarah Brightman, “Chase the Morning.” What song is my fave of all and that is “Zydrate Anatomy!” And one more is the first three Halloweentown movies, especially the third one because I love the quote “Normal is Vastly Overrated” because it is true, being normal is overrated because there is no real meaning of it. The reason why I liked the third one most is the bringing creatures to school made it interesting. The fourth one sucked in my opinion because it didn’t have the same happiness as the first three and not dark enough either. So, those are my fave fall movies!

Fave TV Show! I would say Sleepy Hollow and Agents of Shield! Agents is a no-brainer since me and Gondras love Marvel and after the last season, we were waiting for it to return especially how it ended season 2. We did see the first episode of this season and now it’s starting to get good. With Sleepy Hollow, I love the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman since I was a kid and this one was a major twist due to how Crane was a part of the American Revolution and things went crazy and he gets sent to the modern times. Loved it! I am hoping it didn’t get cancelled, that is one major thing I don’t like about Fox is that they cancel some of the better shows and this was a nice change to see from the comedies and reality shows, especially Master Chef. Oh one more, forgot to mention, Castle! I love this show all thanks to Gondras getting me into it and did watch the previous seasons stuff on repeat on TNT and keeping up with the enwer stuff on ABC. Plus, Dameon Clarke was in an episode back in season 2! Those aren’t the only reasons, I do love the idea and the story lines and twists each season takes because it develops everyone, including Castle and Becket’s relationship, more and more with each new episode. I can’t wait to see how this season boes due to last episode being a major “Whoa!” I would like to get Nathan Fillian in the interview chair and see how he thinks about this season. A kitten can dream after all!

Fave Thanksgiving Food! My mom’s sweet potatoes! OMG! I love these every year because the thing is my mom doesn’t use regular sweet potatoes for this, even for Christmas time, she uses the white sweet potatoes from the Spanish grocery stores because they aren’t uber sweet like the regular ones even with the marshmallows and when they are made it is like oatmeal! As in, the consistency is very soft, the taste is like oatmeal, now my mouth is watering! I need to get the recipe since I am cooking a bit more at home, especially breakfast! Another item is Gondras’ biscuits! He makes these biscuits from Alten Brown’s recipe from Good Eats and they are really good! Very crispy and crumbly, I don’t like soft biscuits as much, that is why I want him to make these more often for holidays! And finally, Perkins’ Caramel Apple Pie! I got spoiled by this pie because ever since my senior picnic back in high school I didn’t eat apple pie as uch because of the pie eating contest and had an apple pie for it. When I tried this pie, I was like, “Give me more!” I can’t eat anybody else’s pies even Publix since this pie has the great amount of caramel, apples, and a nice crumble! Even tastes nice microwaved and having the Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean ice cream melting, definitely want to have it again for this year!

Fave Halloween Costume! I will always love witch costumes but the one I love most is Blair from Soul Eater! I done this costume back in 2013 when Halloween was a class day and decided to get a witch gown from Party City, the broach and wig from EBay since I had the hat from Metro. I love Blair since she turns into a cat and uses Halloween themed magic in the anime and manga and all thanks to this costume, I went a bit pumpkin crazy with all the foods! Heck, even tried ice cream with it! I will be doing the costume again this year for the Propeller Anime party and this time a bit better with more pumpkin themed items!

That is about it! I loved this tag and decided to have fun with it! If I were to tag anybody, would say Vivi! If you’re reading this, I am tagging you to do a video or a blog post with your fall faves! They can even be METAL!

That is it, stay tuned for my convention spotlight on Holiday Matsuri and will also be doing a post on the Best and Worst Places to Eat During a Convention! Because as con goers, we either have good food or food that is pretty much avoid like the plague! Stay tuned!

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