Convention Spotlight: Holiday Matsuri!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another Convention Spotlight and it’s a Christmas one! I know it’s October and Christmas is not until December but most places do get their holiday stuff up early, especially a craft store near me which they have their Christmas stuff out by August. Why do they do that? Beats me! Anyways, let’s get to it!

Today’s convention is known as Holiday Matsuri and it’s held here in Orlando like many of the other conventions like MegaCon and Omni Expo. This convention is going to be held December 18th through the 20th this year and man it will be fun!

Location: This convention has been to so many hotels and this year it will be held at Caribe Royale Orlando, interesting name for a hotel, it has very many room options to choose from while attending this convention and they are in the hundreds ranges such as a 2 Room Suite with two queen beds and a pull out for $124 a night as an example. Wait, there is a King Master room with a living room space, two extra rooms for $249. You get the idea since you are getting pretty good deals for different room options and in case of how far you’re traveling to this place, it’s on World Center Drive in Orlando.

Tickets: As always with every convention you do have to register for your pass and you can read the guidelines on that on their Information page, which is very handy! Plus you can contact them for additional questions if necessary. There are the usual 3-Day passes and they are $45 until December 1st and then you have the VIP passes, if you want to go that route, $100 until December 11th!

There are also at the door prices for one day passes the prices for those are $30 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, and $25 for Sunday and for 3-Day prices at the door will be $55.

For additional information for registration, you can visit which will tell you times for when registration runs each day, ehow to buy, etc.

Guests: Can’t forget the guests that will be attending this event!

Grey Delisle: We know her as Vicky from Fairly OddParents and Azula in Avatar the Last Airbender, she will be at this year’s Holiday Matsuri which is pretty awesome!

Sean Schemmel: The voice of Goku in DBZ Kai and Dr. Crowler in Yu-Gi-Oh GX will be returning to Holiday Matsuri this year. Never got to meet the guy myself, hoping to if any luck of getting there.

Todd Habercorn: This made me happy! Well, even though I got to meet him again at AFO, he is still entertaining and a nice guy on top of it! For anyone who doesn’t know his voice, he is Rowan in Tales of Xilia, Death the Kid in Soul Eater, and Natsu Drakneil in Fairy Tail! And for any Star Trek fans and haven’t checked it out yet, he plays Spock on Star Trek Continues, which Episode 5 is up now! I recommend it because it continues from where the original series left off and has a great cast and Todd is amazing as Spock. Highly recommend it.

AIf you want to see who else is going to be at Holiday Matsuri, you can visit this page:

Social Media: If you want more news and follow the most upcoming stuff for Holiday Matsuri, you can check their Facebook and Twitter pages!



As a nice little tip if you guys are planning to go, you can pick up Christmas gifts at Holiday Matsuri’s dealer room for that anime fan you know and love and haven’t gotten the chance to shop yet.

And Well that is it for this short spotlight by the looks of it! What is next? Since we are on the subject of conventions, I will be doing a post about the best and worst places to eat during a convention weekend. It makes sense since a lot of us do travel and our tummies need food during that weekend of buying swag and meeting voice actors. Stay tuned!

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