BoxyCharm and Ipsy: October 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for not posting lately, been busy with things in my life outside of the blog and been working on getting ready for Halloween! Heck, I’m even wearing one of my many Halloween earring pairs. So, I recently got my BoxyCharm and Ipsy this past week, Ipsy on Wednesday and Boxy on Friday. I usually do a post right afterwards but Saturday had me stay off the computer due to a cold that came out of nowhere. I am getting better and starting to clear out. Anyways, what did I get this month?

Ipsy: This month’s theme is “Alter Ego” which fits due to it being Halloween and all the stylists did take on videos which had them do make up looks based on the Dark Moon Clan from Sailor Moon S. In my honest opinion on one video, the one with Rini’s Dark Lady version, the stylist used a nude lip when she has a dark red or magenta lip in the anime. I did like the other videos, especially the one that had to deal with Konan or Catsy in the American version due to how it dealt with a purple eye look. Anyways, the bag this month takes on a nice black and gold motif, which the black has a clear, leather feel while the gold is textured. This bag kind of reminds me of the bag from September last year since it is in the same shape as that one. I think September and October flipped in looks for bags because October’s bag last year was in the same style as September’s this year. Let’s see what I got!

Royal and Langnickel Moda Standard Eye Shader Brush: Whoa that was a mouth full since I never heard of this brand before, especially with the brushes that were given in the past were provided by Crown, Luxie, and Elizabeth Mott. I was happy to get this brush since I haven’t gotten any eye brushes for a while now from Ipsy. I like the lightweight feeling of it since I used it already and good to pack on lid and base colors when applying shadow. I am hoping there is an Ipsy offer for a brush set from these guys because I like the brush so far and more products by them because I want to explore more of their line. And also, they did recycle the Crown concealer brush into this month’s bag, hoping the person who asked for mine on the Ipsy Trades page got it this time.

MicaBeauty Ipsy Cream Shadow in Bronze: Another Ipsy exclusive item for this month and it deals with MicaBeauty this time around. I have received their eye shadow primer in this service and one of the gel liner pots in BoxyCharm and man they are expensive for a brand! The liner retails for $35 and the Mica shadow pallet they offered this week retails for $85 which is out there. At least I get to try a cream shadow from these guys and it’s in the color bronze. I don’t wear bronzey colors even though they do come in some of my shadow pallets but this was a good thing to try to step out of my comfort zone. I was surprised that it was lightweight even though I have to spread it a bit thick due to how the pot felt deep like the shadow primer I got earlier this year and not easy to put my finger in it. If only Mica gave easier pots for our fingers to get into the product. Glad that I got this! Hoping more brands pair up with Ipsy to create colors and pallets. Forgot to mention, this shadow was better than the Ipsy NYX trio because the lightest shade in that one didn’t come off as pigmented as the others, that is another aspect that brands should take in consideration when pairing up with Ipsy.

La Vanilla Laboratories Mini Roller Ball Perfume: Another product from LaVanilla and this time it’s a perfume! They were giving two perfumes this month which I noticed from videos, you either got this one or one called Spicy and Exotic and some of the Ipsters found that too spicy, which I was glad not to get it since I do like some spice but not too overwhelming. I was happy to get this one because the scent is not too sweet, it just smelled like pure vanilla ice cream! It is like Vanillary from Lush but minus the toffee notes in that one. I like how the bottle is the same size as my Harvey Prince samples I got in Ipsy and Boxy and this was put into my messenger bag in case I forget to put any of my perfumes on at home or just in the mood for a pure vanilla scent!

TheBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hues Liquid Lipstick: This month featured an item from TheBalm Cosmetics and you either got one of the highlighters in Maryluminizer or the liquid lipstick in Committed, a nice coral shade, which I got the liquid lipstick this month. Back around April, everyone got the Nude Dude Shadow and people on the Ipsy page didn’t like the idea of nude shadows, which are very work appropriate, and they didn’t like the luminizer which they thought it was a nude shadow. That is why there are discount codes people. I did like the liquid lipstick since it didn’t feel over tacky like most of them do from other brands. I always remembered Emily Noelle on YouTube mentioned these as well in a recent video and glad that Ipsy got on the bandwagon to have these as part of the bag. Since I didn’t get the highlighter, maybe it might be in Ipsy’s offers like the Nude Dude pallet? Maybe? Hoping more TheBalm products come in Ipsy because they are a good pbrand and thi is one way to try them out.

Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion: The last item I received is the hand and body lotion from Beauty Without Cruelty which is a brand that gets put into Ipsy bags a lot. I am not sure if I got anything by these guys but glad to try out something by them. I do tend to have dry hands, especially when I use a lot of soap, sanditizer, and do my braille lesson due to how much of my fingertips get used and this helps moisturize my hands. It does have a slight floral scent from the ingrediets but it does feel great on the hands after rubbing it in. Always good to try out new hand creams!

BoxyCharm: BoxyCharm, on the other hand, was great this month but at the same time should’ve fit with the Halloween theme like Ipsy did. Their theme is “Faces of the Moon” which is pretty much mostly face products. I did suggest colored mascaras as an item and that would be put in consideration for the future because around this time a lot of people like using them, I do use mine year round. Anyways, this month’s products include…

Palmetto Clarifying Face Mask: I gave this to my mom actually and it’s from Palmetto which is a face mask meant for anti-aging. I keep saying I don’t use anti-aging items since I have younger looking skin and if you read my post about it, then there is a factor I mentioned in that. I am glad to give this to my mom since her skin is older and she always looks for newer skin care items and all thanks to my subscriptions, well this one since I changed my Ipsy profile, she gets to try out newer things.

Doucce Volumizing Punk Mascara: To continue the face theme, this month Charmers received a mascara from the brand Doucce! I did receive a face mask from these guys and gave it to my mom in past boxes and then got a precision eye liner from Ipsy by these guys and glad to get another item from them! It’s been a few months since we got a mascara from someone, the last one was back in July from a new brand out of the UK coming to the states that was going to charge $35 for and a lot of people didn’t like that one because it didn’t anything it claims to do but soften lashes, which it did to mine. This one on the other hand, which I am wearing now,does make my lashes feel like I have something on them and they are separated and curled pretty well. This is one brand I wouldn’t mind buying a mascara from!

Bella Pierre Cheek and Lip Stain: Next is a lip and cheek stain by Bella Pierre. This is the second time I ever got a lip stain in this subscription since I got the Mullein and Sparrow one from this one or was it Ipsy, forgot! Anyways, Bella Pierre was also in past boxes with lip items and a kabuki brush. I started using this item and like how it’s lightweight on the lips after using a lip brush. You can also use it on the cheeks for a slight flush but prefer it on the lips. I think I got the coral color since I read on the Boxy Facebook that everyone got different colors. Good to get a lip item after a while since it’s been months since I got lip items in BoxyCharm!

Lord and Berry Line/Shade Eye Liner: The next item is the Lord and Berry Liner/Shade Eye Liner Pencil and the color I got is in Dark Black. Really Lord and Berry? Can’t just call it a black liner? Well, some companies do have greyish tones to their black eye liners. Anyways, I received a Lord and Berry pencil before and that was back in my very first Ipsy bag and it was a tiny sample of their Kohl liner pencil and man that lasted very long! This is a full-size pencil and glad to get another liner pencil to save some money at the store from getting more. This is also supposed to be a Kohl liner and also a waterproof one for anybody with watery, sensitive eyes. Not sure if anyone got different colors in this one, good to have more in the collection!

Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish in Graveyard Bones: The last item in the box is a nail polish. Okay, the theme deals with faces why a nail polish? Don’t know, but at least I get to try another new line of polishes and this is from a brand called Cult Cosmetics! This brand is a vegan friendly brand ethically made. The color I got is a dark grey and if I remembered Gondras reading it, it is in Graveyard Bones! It’s a dark grey perfect for fall and perfect to put a glitter coat if I wanted to. I like how the bottle is sturdy and easy to get the brush in and out. I may have to try this polish since I have my Blair the Witch nail look to pull off for Halloween, well two Halloween parties this weekend and the next!

That is it for both! I don’t know but to me Ipsy has been killing it with the items in the bags! Yeah, people do complain every single month, heck even got a major complaint about a pic that shows the “Alter Ego” idea and knowing me, I tend to see more complaints on the Ipsy Trades page. Anyways, I love the brush, the shadow, even the perfume the most since I can carry that with me and in case if I forgot to put on anything or at a convention it’s in my bag! While Boxy, the nail polish didn’t make sense since the theme does deal with the face but it’s good to try out a new polish even around Halloween! To me, some of the items should’ve had more Halloweenish colors like colored mascaras. I felt as though Boxy was a bit neutral. I am glad to try out a new mascara from Doucce and get another liner from Lord and Berry. Let’s see what November brings to these subscriptions!

Well, that is it! I will try and do the Best and Worst Places to Eat post and of course will be doing my September and October Favorites and of course, since Ranger Stop is next month, got a 3-Day Pass by pre-registering, will be doing a Convention Impossible on that one to see how it went and is it a good one to keep going to. Well, stay tuned!

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