Favorites: September and October 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for my favorites and this time it’s September and October! Damn time’s flying and it even got faster as I turned thirty back in August! It feels like I don’t have many this time around but let’s see how it goes!

Versanti Foundation Brush: Frist is a brush and it’s by the brand Versanti and that is their foundation brush. I got this brush in my September BoxyCharm and did remember getting a blush brush, not sure if I have been using that one but they do have good brushes and very good ones at that! The foundation brush is not a normal one since it’s a flat fan style while most foundation brushes are more poofy and rounded but this one works out since it helps spread and blend the foundation I use a tad bit better and it doesn’t clump as badly in the bristles either. Plus, it’s pretty easy to clean with my brush cleaner. It is pretty costly since it’s close to $40 according to the card that came in the box, I do have more like these from other brands and decided to use one of them while giving it a break. I am hoping to get more of Versanti’s brushes in either Ipsy, since they do have Versanti items month to month, and Boxycharm.

Crown Concealer Brush: I have been using my Crown concealer brush ever since I got it in Ipsy a month ago! It is amazing! Crown is a very good brush brand and I did get one of their double ended eye brushes months ago and glad to see that I got a pair of tweezers by them and I do use those on a regular basis and now this one. It is known as the oval concealer brush but it doesn’t look like a normal concealer brush, kind of like the one I got months ago from another brand, but it does blend in concealer very very well! I can see why someone wanted to trade for this one. I do admit I do have a brush set by Crown and haven’t used any of those yet but hoping this brand keeps ending up in my bags!

Dirty Styling Cream from Lush: I love this stuff and that is the Dirty Styling Cream from Lush! I was sad to find out that the Dirty perfume and shower gel were discontinued earlier this year which still makes me mad that they do this to faves of everyone that loves Lush, they’re even discontinuing Ice Blue which is Gondras’ fave soap! Anyways, when I found out that made a styling cream for hair I had to try it and got a sample of it and now I got an actual container of it! It is the same Dirty scent and it holds very well! I can just wear it without putting any hairspray on and good to go! Heck, it even feels nice on wet hair! It is one of those hair creams that you can use a dobblet without damaging your hair since it is all natural stuff in it and it smells so clean on top of it. I am hoping this product NEVER discontinues because it is a popular scent and it holds very well, it even goes well with the R&B on top of it! Lush, you better not get rid of this because it is awesome!

Oatte Fix Mask from Lush: Speaking of Lush, I started getting back into their fae masks due to how well I’ve been keeping up with my skin care routine and all thanks to gathering five containers I traded in for a past fave and that was their Oatte Fix Face Mask! I stopped using the masks because my face wasn’t used to using face products and it did calm down after starting to use Stridex, the Clean and Clear sensitive line, and even Celestial after a regular purchase cycle and this mask even helped with the calming. This thing is made with oatmeal and bananas and it smells great! It is like banana bread but to me it smells like the waffle bowls at Coldstone being cooked! I know it sounds weird but it does since it has a hint of vanilla to it. I use this face mask while I shave before I head into the shower since it takes a few minutes to dry on the skin and that’s all it needs and it is easy to rinse once you hit the shower. Why the shower? Well, try having your dad tease you while wearing this in the past. Good thing is it does stay pretty well out of the fridge for a bit because according to the girl, when I picked it up, it is good for 12 hours out of the fridge which is good since I keep it in the bathroom with me and take it back to the fridge once I’m out after doing what I need to do, even after putting all my hair remedies after washing my hair. If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend this mask and once I do collect the five containers again, this will be my next pick up and then forever!

So White from Lush: Another item from Lush I don’t think I mention it on favorites ever and that is the So White Shower Gel! This was a Christmas item from last year and it used to be a bath bomb I believe and was turned into a shower gel a year ago for last year’s Christmas release alongside Rose Jam and Snow Fairy. This is a very nice and clean scent, which is an apple spice scent and it fits more with fall to me than winter! You feel like you’re having apple pie while taking a bath, I bet that went the same with the bath bomb. They should also make a Shower Jelly of this, I would so buy it. I hope they bring it again since they started bringing their Christmas stuff in and have newer stuff this time around, but if not will just stick to the Snow Fairy shower gel.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shower Gel from Bath and Body: Yes the smell that was love at first sniff is on here but its shower gel form! After using my shower cream samples from Lush I dove right into this one and that is the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte shower gel from Bath and Body! It smells amazing and very sweet! You hardly smell the coffee when you lather it, you just smell marshmallows! Now seeing how Marshmallow Fireside as one of the most popular candles along with Mahogany Teak Wood being popular!

MAC Blush in Gleeful: I think I have been reaching for this particular blush whenever I do my make up and that is Mac’s blus in Gleeful! I got this blush when I left Daytona back in February while stopping by the women’s Dillards (they have three different Dillards in their mall) and remembered seeing Gleeful when I got their last Cream in Your Coffee at that counter and came back for it the next day. It is a rosy looking blush, well a slightly darker rose almost the same coloras Romantic Rose from from Milani. I seem to reach for this whenever I go to my blush, mascara, and eyeliner compartment in my make up bag which I don’t know why I guess it’s magnetic and likes me to use it. I even tried it out with a MAC shadow I purchased from their pigment line it felt pretty good to wear it for a moment. Still, it’s one of those things I’ve been reaching for a lot!

Chella Clear Brow Gel: Next is a brow product! ::gasp:: I know I usually don’t use brow products, well except for the clear mascara and brow duo from ELF’s essential line but have been using a brow product in my usual make up routine and that is the sample of Chella’s clear brow gel that I got in BoxyCharm last month. Man, looks like I am mentioning subscription products a lot more in this post! Anyways, this gel holds my brows pretty well, not as strong as the ELF one but good enough that they don’t hold stiff! As in, you still have volume in your brows and they don’t feel like they’re being held down glue like how some make up artists do when they need to do no eyebrow effects. This is a bit pricey, I believe it was around $25 retail, but I can find cheaper gel products for my brows in drugstores and Ulta. I am glad BoxyCharm sent this last month as a trial so I can see what I like and what I don’t like and can let me see if they carry it in Ulta or Sephora or find the dupe version. I do still use the ELF one when I do job interviews.

City Color City Sleek Lipsticks: Next up is another item featured with Ipsy and that is the City Color City Sleek Lipsticks! I remembered in September they were giving these out in bags but I didn’t end up with one but was lucky to get a set in the Ipsy offers which featured reds and a pink I think. I forgot the description but it didn’t cost much! Somehow my hand gravitates towards these in my lip products drawer in my three drawer tier storage which I think it’s some kind of magnetism going on. The lipsticks go on pretty smoothly and was surprised how many days I used one of them which I tend to use my lip stuff for two or three days but this time it was four. I am going to be using another one in the next few days. Way to go City Color!

Song: “Blank Space” by I Prevail! I bet you’re wondering “Who!?” and also wondering why didn’t I say Taylor Swift? I did put her version on a previous favorites back around February and March if I remembered but this one is a cover by an alternative band called I Prevail. I never heard of them until I listened to ITunes radio a lot more, which I prefer this one over I Heart Radio since when they have their stations a lot of artists make more sense with each other than on I Heart Radio, for example I would be listening to New Found Glory and someone else that is not pop punk appears. Anyways, I heard this version and started laughing hysterically because I thought it was hilarious hearing a screaming metal/alternative band doing this song and they do switch up the lyrics to fit themselves such as the lyric that goes “I make bad guys good for the weekend” it becomes “I make bad girls good for a weekend” and so on. I did buy this song from ITunes so I can enjoy it on my own time, even on trips with my parents.

Fave Anime: Psycho-Pass! I finally got to see this anime and it was on Net Flix, which I have the app along with Hulu’s app on my IPad all thanks to Gondras, and the anime is known as Psycho-Pass. We saw advertisements of this on any of the Channel Awesome stuff and was a curious kitten and decided to see if it was on Net Flix and it was! I just finished it while I was sick for the past week, yeah I got a cold and it sucked, and glad to finish the 22 episode long anime which is about a society in Japan takes on a Michel Fulcoot idea of the watching all your prisoners which people who have these passes called a Psycho Pass that takes on different shades of colors and if it goes into a deep color and you have a crime co-efficient then you get labeled as a Latent Criminal and if if you there are ways of getting out of getting into the range by going to rehab or working for the government as an inspector or enforcer, which you meet Akane who starts working for the WPSB and her partner is an Enforcer who was a criminal himself by the name of Kogami and it is pretty interesting. It is even ironic how my research seminar talked about the prison and criminal philosophy that this anime talks about. There is a sequel but it’s not available right now and hoping it does get dubbed because they have a great cast, even Robert McCollum is amazing as Kogami! If you’re into philosophical or psychological type anime series check this one out if you can! I am hoping the second series does get brought over!

Fave Show: Power Rangers In Space! I know I wanted to do a review on Power Rangers In Space but I would say watch Linkara’s review because he goes into more depth than I can. Anyways, I recently finished watching In Space and oh man, I can see why Linkara called it the best space-opera he has seen. Basically at the end of Turbo the rangers end up on the Astro Mega Ship to find Zordon who gets captured by Divatox and kept away by Dark Specter. During a banquet that the villains had in the beginning, Andros the Red Space Ranger spies on them in disguise and they notice something wrong with he escapes as the bad guys try to attack him and then Astronima gets put in charge. I do agree with Linkara about this season is that is there good in all evil because you do see Astronima become good at certain points and one of the monsters hated being evil. I do like the casting of the rangers and of course you get to see the funny stuff with Bulk and Skull and they do become epic in the end! This season did end the Zordon years pretty well and I can’t wait to meet Andros and Astronima at Ranger Stop this year! I am working on watching all of Lost Galaxy since it would help me in knowing what happened next and see what other seasons that some of the guests came from.

Fave Season Come Backs: Agents of SHIELD and Doctor Who! Even though I am glad Castle did return but the fave season come backs this fall have to go to Doctor Who and Agents of SHIELD! The last seasons of these two shows kind of made me feel like I can’t wait for the new episodes to start, especially with what happened at the end of SHIELD because there was supposed to a spin-off for Bobbi and Hunter but that got scrapped, at least they have biggere parts this season this time around and glad to catch the episodes as they premiere! Goes the same with Doctor Who because having no BBC America in Daytona was hard and had to download episodes to ITunes which was a pretty good plus. This season did start off with a WTF? And a “OOOOHHHHH! Damn!” Plus, two two-parters in a row which was something that I wasn’t expecting but I rolled with it. I need to download this past Saturday’s episode since I missed it and will do it again with this one coming up. What makes me happy is that they got the girl who played Aria in Game of Thrones for this season. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season and the Christmas special rolls out, hoping it won’t be as depressing for the season finale as last season’s was. I am saying it in a good way because of how last season ended with the Brigadeer’s daughter or granddaughter appearing.

Well, that is it for these favorites! What is next? Stay tuned for my Convention Impossible on Ranger Stop, will it be a Convention Accomplished, Complete, or Aborted> Find out next month! In the meantime, have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

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