Ranger Stop 2015: Resident Evil Reunion Panel with Reuben and Jason Fond!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for the long wait but this past week really got me busy with Thanksgiving! Yes, I went into food coma mode due to how good the food was this year, hell even had the turkey smoked! Nya!

Anyways, now onto the final video clip I got during Ranger Stop and that is the Resident Evil Reunion panel that had Reuben Langdon and Jason Fond at first and then Dan Southworth appeared later. This panel was a bit more in depth with motion capture like how the DMC Reunion one was. It was interesting to learn that Jason Fond, Wesley from Time Force, was motion capturing for Leon. Earlier on Friday someone mentioned Jason voiced Leon and how Matt Mercer signed his copy of Resident Evil 6 the strategy guide. If you’re reading this, this will clear up the confusion: Jason motion capped and Matt did the voice. If you guys want to read my interview with Matt Mercer about his role in Resident Evil I will also link that below! Enjoy!

What is next? I will be reviewing Eyeshine’s new album and will be finally doing the next Doesn’t Sound the Same with Fall Out Boy! And of course with December coming on fast, there will be more Ipsy and BoxyCharm, Holiday Matsuri stuff since we got press for that this year! Oh yeah, major happy kitty! Of course my faves of November and December, and finally, finally, finally the Bests and Worsts of 2015! December is going to be busy and we’re ready for it!
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Ranger Stop 2015: Ten Years of SPD!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now to continue with my videos from Ranger Stop!

This time it’s the Ten Years of SPD panel which this year marked the tenth year of SPD being here in the states and Ranger Stop had the cast of the team that the series followed, which was Team B that I got to meet! I also did meet the writer as well, which was pretty cool talking to him about writing and how he said that he wrote the show originally for him but due to how Disney licensed everything they changed stuff around, which you will get to see what was the original idea for the Dino Thunder crossover and that was supposed to be clones of the rangers. And of course, he did mentioned that some of the stuff in the original series, Dekaranger, that it was kind of weird like the Deak Pink’s communicator being a rubber duckie and how she loved taking baths. At least Sid didn’t have to do that!

Did I ask anything during the panel you may wonder? Yes I did! It was all thanks to a question before mine that inspired me and that was a woman asking Bridge to do the hand gesture that he does towards buttered toast. If you seen SPD or Operation Overdrive, you know what I am talking about. The woman asked him to do the hand gesture for her daughter in the crowd and he does it and then I asked “Do you do that same gesture out of habit?” That made them go “Good question!” Good thing I interview voice actors. Anyways, you get to hear his answer and when I met up with the cast in the dealer room, he did ask me if I love buttered toast and said, “Yes, even Nutilla!” What made me happier besides meeting the cast of SPD, meeting up with Dan again, and so on is that SPD Pink said she admired how I went through my visual impairment. She asked for the story with some of the other Power Ranger actors and told the story of how I was born with it but it was dormant for most of my life until I was diagnosed at 15 and lost my vision at 23. I do admit I almost cried but held it in because it was surprising to know that a Power Ranger would admire that I had the strength to get through it. Trust me, thanks to Alicia Purrot if you’re reading this! ::waves::

I did get something if I haven’t mentioned in the review and that is during the anniversary for SPD is that there were official badges made and there were only fifty of them, I did get one since of course as a pin collector why wouldn’t I? It is nice and safe with my container of pins! I will watch SPD again, the full season, after getting through the other seasons I will be watching.

What is next? The final video from Ranger Stop and that is the Resident Evil Reunion Panel with Reuben Langdon and Jason Fond! I will also be reviewing Eyeshine’s new album which I haven’t done anything much in the music corner. Still need to do the next Doesn’t Sound the Same. So, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter if you haven’t @ Nerdy Shique!

Ranger Stop 2015: Lost Galaxy and Beyond Panel Clip

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now onto a video from Saturday’s recordings at Ranger Stop 2015!

With the recordings for Saturday I decided to record clips rather than the entire thing due to how much the IPad can hold and it is not much. This next clip came from the Lost Glaxy and Beyond panel which featured Blake Foster, Hillary Shippert, Melody Perkins, and a few others. I did ask Melody and Hillary a question and that was “Would they wear their villain costumes as cosplay?” Hillary was given a Divatox mask to borrow from a fan so why not ask the question?

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Ranger Stop 2015: Blue Ranger Panel!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now continuing the Ranger Stop videos and this one is from Friday night and that is the Blue Ranger panel!

I was sort of late to it and the room was packed! I can see why since it had the Blue Rangers from Turbo through the newest season, Dino Charge! I only caught 25 minutes of this panel because the IPad could only hold much but it was entertaining! What do I mean by that? This is the first convention and panel I’ve ever been to where a dance competition happened for a prize and also where I found out that one of the rangers was one of the Boys In Motion on That’s So Raven which is an interesting fact. He did sort of sing from that during Lost Glaxy and Beyond but lost his voice, anyways, this was very fun! What made me sad with the time it recorded, not sure if it caught it, but Austin St. John appeared and kind of had a moment where he helped me to step aside to let him in and didn’t know it was him at first until they announced him and when he left he helped me aside again and yes I had a bit of a squeaky “Nyu!” after realizing it! And as said in the review, they did point out my shirt from the front! I need to get on messaging Aardvark about the Lord Zedd version! If I go to Ranger Stop next year, definitely wearing this shirt and if they have the Zedd version, that one too, along with my Lost Galaxy shirt!

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Ranger Stop 2015: DMC Reunion Panel!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now continuing with the convention coverage, well unofficial coverage, by bringing you the videos I caught at Ranger Stop! First is one that came from Friday and that is the DMC Reunion Panel with Reuben Langdon, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Dan Southworth! I was happy to catch this panel since I did watch Gondras play through DMC 1, 3, and 4! He didn’t want to torture me with the second game since people said it was not the greatest, unlike the reboot which was not great either.

Anyways, I did ask a question and that was what is the hardest thing about motion capture? I thought it would fit since that is a main part when it comes to creating video game characters! You will hear more about that in the Resident Evil Reunion Panel with Reuben and Jason Fond (Time Force Red) since he motion capped for Leon Kennedy. That will be in a later post since I still need to get Saturday’s clips from my IPad! So, enjoy!

And would like to make an announcement since we are on convention stuff! Nerdy Shique Universe has been approved to do press at Holiday Matsuri 2015! Yay! More on that to come so enjoy this video and stay tuned for the Blue Ranger Panel video!

BoxyCharm and Ipsy: November 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, taking a break from Ranger Stop with a post that some of you beauty lovers will love and that is I got my BoxyCharm and Ipsy for November! They came together in the mail which is odd but at the same time my shipping with Ipsy went haywire like the Buki Brush Set from IT Cosmetics and the Pearl Brush Set from Coastal Sense! Seriously, they should switch to FedEx like Boxy did due to how more reliable it is than DHL. Anyways! Let’s see what I got!

Ipsy: First is Ipsy and the theme for the month is “Beauty Blast!” Kind of makes sense because this month being the month of doing early Christmas shopping, trust me try getting e-mail after e-mail from everyone about Black Friday deals and early ones at that, a lot of beauty gurus are having a blast of getting beauty gift sets to try out and recommend! The bag itself is a star and planets themed bag and I love space stuff a lot! Even with the blog’s name as you can tell and our logo, which you can see on our Twitter and business cards, yes we have a Twitter will get to that at the end!

I redeemed my points by the way! I wanted to save them but I was happy that they were giving out Jersey Shore Cosmetics lip balms in the points store for a hundred points each and what got me to do it is because one of them is a pumpkin flavor! If you read my Fall Faves Tag post you know I love pumpkin spice and couldn’t pass this up! It does smell like pumpkin! I also got the apple crisp one since I haven’t tried any apple flavored lip balms decided why not! They did have a mint one but that is pretty much a standard lip balm flavor, even Lip Smackers had a Thin Mints flavor and a Butter Mint flavor during Easter and when they did Girl Scout Cookie Flavors. I will be using these since I haven’t gotten anything else from Jersey Shore in a long time and did love the Ginger Orange Mongongo lip balm from my very first bag!

Dellium Tools Blending Brush: First is an item that was outside my bag and that is a blending brush by Dellium Tools! Let’s see, I got a brush from Luxie and a few from Crown, and I forgot one company that I also got a concealer brush from in Ipsy and this is by a brand I never heard about. I agree with a lot of YouTubers that a good thing about these subscriptions is that I get to try new brands I never heard of or try out other products by brands that get offered in these bags! I was happy to get this one because I never gotten a blending brush before for eye shadow at least. This is something I can use whenever I do looks with certain pallets that require more than one shadow and would blend when the eye is done! I like how soft it is and doesn’t feel like I have to try so hard in looking through my brushes for one that would blend my shadows. It also would give me a better idea in which one would be the blending brush among the sets I own. Good to get this and glad to get another brush!

Mai Couture Blush Papier: Whoa a fancy name! Next is something I am swapping actually because it does sound interesting but something that I won’t and knowing that I won’t be using and that is the Blush Papers by Mai Couture! I think this is a French brand and never heard of them before until I saw my Glam Room. I took a look into it actually and they are pretty much these papers that are in a book that you tear half of a sheet and rub it against your cheeks and blend it in. It is supposed to be better than carrying a blush compact everywhere. I am not that good of evenly tearing something and this would be a mess but it does have an interesting concept except I prefer my little compacts and pallets of blushes because I know I am getting product and feel comfortable with using a brush to apply and a small brush to blend. I’m sorry to anyone who likes these but hey at least I am swapping for something that I would like. And if anyone is wondering, I got the pink one called Montecito! Way to go Ipsy in knowing what color blushes I tend to wear since my skin is light.Figs and Rouge attifying Imulsion and Pore Refiner: Next is something I never thought I would be getting from a company I never received from before and that is Figs and Rouge. I heard so many good things about these guys from so many Ipsters and they mostly get hand creams. The thing I got is a pore refiner and that is something I would definitely use because my pores don’t want to be cleared up! It claims that the cream controls shine and helps with blemishes and clears up pores! This is something I would use and hoping it won’t irritate my skin and if it does…trashing it!

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara: This next item was an item that everyone got in their bag and that is the Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure mascara! I was happy about this item since I did get a sampler of this in my Try It Kit and liked it. What is great is that the one that came in the bag is bigger than the one in the kit which means more to the tube and good to have an extra!

Inspr Beauty Eye Shadow: Final product for this month is an eye shadow by Inspr Beuaty, which is pronounced “Inspire” and was happy about this. I never heard of this brand and glad to get them in this month’s bag. It is in the shade Carnival which another Ipster says it is a bronzey nude shade! Good to have this since nudes are pretty good to wear on a daily basis and in case of professionalism as a good nude to use. It claims to be crease proof but I would use a base or shadow primer just in case! Hey, why not my Mica Beauty shadow from last month as a base? Not a bad idea! Thanks Ipsy!

BoxyCharm: This month’s theme is “Beauty ParTea!” No, that’s not a typo, it is how they spelled it. Apparently BoxyCharm went with an Alice in Wonderland theme and love it except for one product!

Purlisse Blue Lotus Eye Serum: And it is this thing! I have gotten Purlisse in the past through both subscriptions and they were make up removers and those metallic tattoo things that became popular and now an eye serum. I will be giving this to my mom since it fights anti-aging and you know me, I look good for thirty! I know I should start the skin care thing for anti-aging but I will wait when I turn fifty or sixty if my skin keeps at the rate it’s going and still loving what I use on my skin already.

Studio Make Up Soft Blend Blush in Wild Flower: Next up is something I am happy to receive and that is a blush, an actual compact blush. On BoxyCharm’s Facebook they featured riddles for the sneak peeks for people to guess and I didn’t get the eye serum right but I did get this one right and it was blush as the right answer. I was hoping they did another sneak peek riddle because it was fun! Anyways, I never heard of Studio Make Up, it sounds pretty new to me since new companies have been starting especially the craze for Make Up Geek and Colour Pop. This one happens to be a soft blending blush and it’s in a nice corally or fushia color called Wild Flower. On the card, on the other hand, it says Sahara and some people think that there are other colors out there but it seems that everyone has gotten this one it does fit with the month pretty well. Nice little typo!

Luxie Eye Concealer Brush: Yay! Another brush in this subscription and that is by Luxie Beauty! I I remembered getting a blush brush by this company in Ipsy and now glad to get a concealer brush for under eye concealer! It looks like an eye brush but knowing me I do like blending my Cover Girl Invisible Lift with a brush so it would look more natural and flesh with my skin. I loved the blush brush and will be looking forward to using this!

Maja Kadar Primer Lip Stain in Lucky: How long have we been without a lip product in the box? I think since July that we got the Lip Bar lipsticks. Anyways, I am glad to get a lip product after a long time in Boxy and it is by Maja Kadar, which is a brand that Ipsy normally gives out but glad to get in Boxy as well and full size! I know they tend to do cream highlighters, which is what I got once, and was glad to know they also do lip products! This is the Primer Lip Stain which sounded interesting at first because a Charmer thought it was an actual lip primer due to it being in the name but it’s an actual lip gloss and it’s in the color Lucky! I did try it out and what is great is that it is not sticky and it glides on pretty well. I will be using this the next few days and hoping to get a lot of charms if they don’t sell out too quickly since items in past boxes have done that in the shop.

Cool Way Hair Serum: Final item of the box is by Cool Way! I remembered getting something similar to this little serum that was included and it was more oily. I have tons of hair products , including the Sunshield Conditioner which I’ve been using lately, I will be saving this until I run out of it. I am glad to get another hair product since my hair is curly and does get damaged time to time! Hoping I get another hair product in the next box!

That is it! I would say BoxyCharm is starting to step up a little because some of the items are new and glad to get a brand I never heard of and one I have tried in the past, well a few in the past like Cool Way, Luxie, and Maja Kadar! The eye serum, as said, gave it to my mom since she is older and her skin is way mature than mine and hoping to get a skin care item that is not anti-aging because I still look good for my age! Ipsy was pretty good up to the blush papers! I know it’s a new concept on a fave item I been getting a lot lately of but it is not something I would go for due to being used to the love of using brushes with a compact. I am glad I found people to swap with for these because they were really interested in them. Hopiung next month that there will be more blush involved and in the packaging I prefer. I do love the brush, the pore refiner, mascara, and shadow!

That is it for this month’s subscription items! Let’s see what December holds! Plus, I did mention above, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique which is where I post updates about what is going on, which conventions we’re doing press for or attending, and many more. So, stay tuned for the DMC Reunion video post!

Convention Impossible: Ranger Stop 2015

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally a convention has come and gone and now it’s time for another Convention Impossible! This one is Ranger Stop 2015 and well…it’s hard to say what I think… First I must do this!

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on opinion and observation from the writer herself since she has gone to this convention. Feelings and ideas are based on honesty! If you don’t like it, keep moving!

Location: First is location! This convention was held at the Holiday Inn and Suites across from Universal Studios here in Orlando, FL. All I have to say about the location is that it is very easy to navigate like the Rosen Center. You can find things very easily in the place including the convention! First you have the lobby then go straight and the convention would bbe in its little section near the information desks and then the elevators on the left side. Plus, T. G. I. Friday is connected to the hotel so if you don’t want to go off grounds for food and you can have that take out option with it. I did hear that there were food trucks outside but if I go next year then that would be something I may consider if my kitty belly rumbles. Good choice for a hotel!

Guests: Man the guest list was amazing! There was one cancellation though and that was the Red Light Speed Rescue Ranger cancelling but everyone else was there and glad to meet a good portion of them! Did I get any signatures? I was lucky to get one and the other two were free on my business cards. What am I talking about? Well…the pricing was a bit steep for signatures! I thought MegaCon was bad, especially for Amy Pond’s (which I was sad about that) but I was pretty surprised at how much it was for Austin St. John the most. I wanted to get my copy of Mighty Morphen Power Rangers signed by some of the cast, original and second rank, but nope! At least I had my hand chaken for free the past two days, which I only did two of them due to Sunday not having many panels I wanted to see. Which I am going to get to panels next! Everyone I met was really nice and I was even happy that I got to meet Johnny again and don’t worry, I wasn’t shy as Anri around him but felt like a major fan girl, especially when I got a hug from him. He did sign G. U. Vol. 1 for me since I got his newest C. D. as a nice bit of leeway, erll you can’t find these games again. I did feel bad that I didn’t get Nerdy Shirts’ copy of DMC 4 signed by him and texted him about it being $30 (while other rangers charged a lot) and got the response of “It’s Okay! There will be other chances!” I did meet the SPD cast during the weekend and it was awesome! I will be watching it once I finish watching Time Force, Wild Force, and Dino Thunder again which I am working on Lost Galaxy. Did I meet Melody Perkins if you’re wondering? Yes I did! She is the sweetest person you will ever meet! And in case if anyone who has heard my story about Dan, yes he recognized me from back then! I did ask him about his role as Kenshi in Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 and his he said that he was blindfolded for it. Well, gotta havea way of doing it! I did meet one of the Dino Charge rangers since that is getting a huge fan following lately. Oh yeah…if you guys read my AFO review and how sad I was for not being able to interview him but I did get to meet him and that was Christopher Kaman Lee and it felt good to meet the guy along with many others!

Panels and Events: Can’t have a convention without these! The panels were done by the guests and there was a Smash Brothers tournament in the gaming room but the guest panels on Friday and Saturday kept me busy along with the Dealer Room. I did get clips of some of the panels due to space limitations on my IPad, I did record a good chunk of the DMC Reunion Panel Friday. I also got the Blue Ranger panel, which had a dance off for a print of them all with their signatures if I remembered correctly. I did attend the SPD 10th Anniversary Panel, which sorry for the typo in the Convention Spotlight which I meant tenth not twentieth. And of course, can’t forget the Lost Galaxy and Beyond panel and Resident Evil ReUnion with Jason Fond and Reuben Langdon, which that one also had Dan in it. There was one panel, which they didn’t allow any recordings, that I finally got to go to and that was the Rangers After Dark panel. I have heard so many things about it while it was hosted at AFO when they got a lot of Power Ranger guests but never gone to it even when we stayed at the Wyndham and when I heard about it being at this convention, I had to go and I enjoyed it! I think I felt my ribs hurt a bit from the laughter I did because some of the stuff that went one was very entertaining! If you guys are over the age of 18 and at a convention with this panel, GO TO IT! I guarantee it’s worth checking out with a VIP or regular pass!

There is one fave moment I do have to mention in this section and that was during the Recap panel that started the convention Friday.Wait, I have two moments, anyuway! First, if you guys that are known as TokuTime were doing a Ranger Recap panel Friday afternoon as the convention was officially opening up. They only let VIP members in early and then halfway through regular passes were let in and it felt close to the end of the panel. They were talking about MegaForce as I walked in and I asked if they watched Linkara’s History of the Power Rangers , which Ranger Stop should have Linkara as a guest in my opinion (Hint Hint!) And they did say yes to it and can’t wait on his review on MegaForce as most of us Channel Awesome fans! The guy with the mike in their group did give me props on my shirt which I was wearing the newer Aardvark Tees shirt of Rita Repulsa throwing Rare Candy at Pokemon with “Make My Monsters Grow!” on it! They put the camera on me, so if you watch the video, you will see it! I did tell people about Aardvark as well, so Hello Aardvark Guys! And that was not the only panel point out, the Blue Rangers even pointed my shirt out during their panel, which surprised me while I was recording! Not sure if the IPad recorded that point since it only got twenty-five minutes of the panel that night. Was sad that it didn’t get the point where Austin St. John appeared and did have a bit of a squee since he helped me aside to let him. Still, amazing moments and knowing next year if people got it, they may wear the shirt I was wearing since it has an iconic Ranger villain.One of the guys I met in the dealer room thinks there should be a Lord Zedd version since he did it too when Rita was not in season two. Maybe I should contact Aardvark! Look out for my posts and videos from this year’s panels!

Dealer Room: Can’t have a con without some shopping? Even though I was on a mission to get stuff for Gondras for his birthday and Christmas this year but I felt I got more stuff for myself! I did get him some pretty cool decals for his car for his birthday and may have to go online for his Christmas gifts when Black Friday passes. The dealer room was pretty good sized since they had to fit the meet and greet area in there, I can see why they had to put vendors in the front and some artists in the hallway where panels were being held. Easy enough to get around because it felt like the Omni Dealer Room but with more Power Ranger related stuff. I did find Japanese Snacks Guy which was a major surprise to see him there! I did get a new flavor of Hi Chew from him since he only had Green Tea Kit Kats but hoping we do get press for Holiday Matsuri since he said he will be going back to Japan before then and winter is when they have more chocolate. Maybe I should ask about Melty Kiss! And there was one anime memorabilia stand and got my Vaporeon plushie from him since I didn’t want to go crazy with the cash I had left from AFO. I can still get plushies at other conventions! One item I did get that was being sold at Registration which caught my ears! As celebration of SPD’s anniversary, there were a limited number of SPD badges and got one! Made sense since I am a pin collector and knowing I do have some limited edition pins in my collection, this is one that I won’t let go due to how awesome it is, very well made, and a nice collector’s item!

Verdict: CONVENTION COMPLETE! I almost put Aborted but when you look at it the convention did redeem itself during the two days I was there. Yeah it was preicey during some things like passes for the convention, the photo ops, and autographs but the panels were nice and entertaining! The dealer room also was a reasonably sized room with how much they had to put in. Will I go again? That would be a maybe since I will be trying again for press next year and glad I got to experience it for the price I paid for a ticket. Any improvements?

Needs for Improvement: Yes there is because not all conventions are perfect!

First, posting opeining times! That is the frist need because while looking for convention hours and when it opens there was no definite opening time on their page. I was there before ten and was told that VIP got in at noon and regular holders at 2! That gives a lot of waiting and normally a lot of conventions open their registration at ten to at least set up and everything beforehand. At least I had time for lunch at TGI Friday. Still, it would help if people got notified before convention time instead of coming and then waiting for it to open. I mean everyone and not just the VIP people who got e-mails about it.

Second, opening the convention earlier! This is something that annoyed a lot of us and that the convention didn’t start until 4 in the afternoon on the first day. I understand a lot of people do check-in when they reserve rooms but mostly it’s done the day before or day of, sometimes early in the morning of the first day even happens if there are any rooms available. Still, opening the convention earlier would give some time to kill and enjoy some early panels done by some of the guests or a nice idea to have is do a panel as an open forum with attendees in talking about some of their favorite moments in Power Rangers or about their time meeting the rangers since I heard so many stories from attendees that have meant some of them. Still, it would give us some time to kill and enjoy the convention more that way.

Third, make autographs more affordable! Like MegaCon, it felt like the signatures were a bit steep and I did hear a lot of attendees talking about how they wanted to get someone to sign something but can’t afford all the ones they want a signature from. I even witnessed the ATM in the dealer room being out of order due to so many withdrawals. I did hear that last year, couldn’t attend due to Daytona, that they were in the $30 range but still a little there. It even made me sad that items being brought were being charged a bit more, such as $40 for my Mighty Morphen set being signed by Austin. I think it should be lowered or just do…can’t believe I am bringing this up…charge for the second item at least but at a lower price. I mean, one example, Steven Blum charged $5 for every item after two items were signed which would make pockets and wallets happy. If someone wants to buy a pic or shirt, they can. Also, that can work for the photo ops in not making them so steep in prices, because when I bought my wristband I was surprised at how much those were being charged and even remembered a Facebook comment towards the bottom of the page asking why things are so expensive this year. As said, shouldn’t be expensive nor charge for anything being brought because there is Christmas coming up and some people do budget for it, not a bad idea to think about, aye?

Well, that is it for this review! Ranger Stop is not a bad convention, I notice it’s in its third year and it needs a bit more growth and more stuff to help expand it. I did hear that rumors say Jason David Frank might come next year, which would be cool. I will try again for press and hoping that we do get it because it would be cool to have ranger interviews to add to the many voice actors we’ve interviewed with. Let’s see what 2016 gives us!

What is next? The DMC Reunion Post! Which I better start uploading videos! Stay tuned!