BoxyCharm and Ipsy: November 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, taking a break from Ranger Stop with a post that some of you beauty lovers will love and that is I got my BoxyCharm and Ipsy for November! They came together in the mail which is odd but at the same time my shipping with Ipsy went haywire like the Buki Brush Set from IT Cosmetics and the Pearl Brush Set from Coastal Sense! Seriously, they should switch to FedEx like Boxy did due to how more reliable it is than DHL. Anyways! Let’s see what I got!

Ipsy: First is Ipsy and the theme for the month is “Beauty Blast!” Kind of makes sense because this month being the month of doing early Christmas shopping, trust me try getting e-mail after e-mail from everyone about Black Friday deals and early ones at that, a lot of beauty gurus are having a blast of getting beauty gift sets to try out and recommend! The bag itself is a star and planets themed bag and I love space stuff a lot! Even with the blog’s name as you can tell and our logo, which you can see on our Twitter and business cards, yes we have a Twitter will get to that at the end!

I redeemed my points by the way! I wanted to save them but I was happy that they were giving out Jersey Shore Cosmetics lip balms in the points store for a hundred points each and what got me to do it is because one of them is a pumpkin flavor! If you read my Fall Faves Tag post you know I love pumpkin spice and couldn’t pass this up! It does smell like pumpkin! I also got the apple crisp one since I haven’t tried any apple flavored lip balms decided why not! They did have a mint one but that is pretty much a standard lip balm flavor, even Lip Smackers had a Thin Mints flavor and a Butter Mint flavor during Easter and when they did Girl Scout Cookie Flavors. I will be using these since I haven’t gotten anything else from Jersey Shore in a long time and did love the Ginger Orange Mongongo lip balm from my very first bag!

Dellium Tools Blending Brush: First is an item that was outside my bag and that is a blending brush by Dellium Tools! Let’s see, I got a brush from Luxie and a few from Crown, and I forgot one company that I also got a concealer brush from in Ipsy and this is by a brand I never heard about. I agree with a lot of YouTubers that a good thing about these subscriptions is that I get to try new brands I never heard of or try out other products by brands that get offered in these bags! I was happy to get this one because I never gotten a blending brush before for eye shadow at least. This is something I can use whenever I do looks with certain pallets that require more than one shadow and would blend when the eye is done! I like how soft it is and doesn’t feel like I have to try so hard in looking through my brushes for one that would blend my shadows. It also would give me a better idea in which one would be the blending brush among the sets I own. Good to get this and glad to get another brush!

Mai Couture Blush Papier: Whoa a fancy name! Next is something I am swapping actually because it does sound interesting but something that I won’t and knowing that I won’t be using and that is the Blush Papers by Mai Couture! I think this is a French brand and never heard of them before until I saw my Glam Room. I took a look into it actually and they are pretty much these papers that are in a book that you tear half of a sheet and rub it against your cheeks and blend it in. It is supposed to be better than carrying a blush compact everywhere. I am not that good of evenly tearing something and this would be a mess but it does have an interesting concept except I prefer my little compacts and pallets of blushes because I know I am getting product and feel comfortable with using a brush to apply and a small brush to blend. I’m sorry to anyone who likes these but hey at least I am swapping for something that I would like. And if anyone is wondering, I got the pink one called Montecito! Way to go Ipsy in knowing what color blushes I tend to wear since my skin is light.Figs and Rouge attifying Imulsion and Pore Refiner: Next is something I never thought I would be getting from a company I never received from before and that is Figs and Rouge. I heard so many good things about these guys from so many Ipsters and they mostly get hand creams. The thing I got is a pore refiner and that is something I would definitely use because my pores don’t want to be cleared up! It claims that the cream controls shine and helps with blemishes and clears up pores! This is something I would use and hoping it won’t irritate my skin and if it does…trashing it!

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara: This next item was an item that everyone got in their bag and that is the Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure mascara! I was happy about this item since I did get a sampler of this in my Try It Kit and liked it. What is great is that the one that came in the bag is bigger than the one in the kit which means more to the tube and good to have an extra!

Inspr Beauty Eye Shadow: Final product for this month is an eye shadow by Inspr Beuaty, which is pronounced “Inspire” and was happy about this. I never heard of this brand and glad to get them in this month’s bag. It is in the shade Carnival which another Ipster says it is a bronzey nude shade! Good to have this since nudes are pretty good to wear on a daily basis and in case of professionalism as a good nude to use. It claims to be crease proof but I would use a base or shadow primer just in case! Hey, why not my Mica Beauty shadow from last month as a base? Not a bad idea! Thanks Ipsy!

BoxyCharm: This month’s theme is “Beauty ParTea!” No, that’s not a typo, it is how they spelled it. Apparently BoxyCharm went with an Alice in Wonderland theme and love it except for one product!

Purlisse Blue Lotus Eye Serum: And it is this thing! I have gotten Purlisse in the past through both subscriptions and they were make up removers and those metallic tattoo things that became popular and now an eye serum. I will be giving this to my mom since it fights anti-aging and you know me, I look good for thirty! I know I should start the skin care thing for anti-aging but I will wait when I turn fifty or sixty if my skin keeps at the rate it’s going and still loving what I use on my skin already.

Studio Make Up Soft Blend Blush in Wild Flower: Next up is something I am happy to receive and that is a blush, an actual compact blush. On BoxyCharm’s Facebook they featured riddles for the sneak peeks for people to guess and I didn’t get the eye serum right but I did get this one right and it was blush as the right answer. I was hoping they did another sneak peek riddle because it was fun! Anyways, I never heard of Studio Make Up, it sounds pretty new to me since new companies have been starting especially the craze for Make Up Geek and Colour Pop. This one happens to be a soft blending blush and it’s in a nice corally or fushia color called Wild Flower. On the card, on the other hand, it says Sahara and some people think that there are other colors out there but it seems that everyone has gotten this one it does fit with the month pretty well. Nice little typo!

Luxie Eye Concealer Brush: Yay! Another brush in this subscription and that is by Luxie Beauty! I I remembered getting a blush brush by this company in Ipsy and now glad to get a concealer brush for under eye concealer! It looks like an eye brush but knowing me I do like blending my Cover Girl Invisible Lift with a brush so it would look more natural and flesh with my skin. I loved the blush brush and will be looking forward to using this!

Maja Kadar Primer Lip Stain in Lucky: How long have we been without a lip product in the box? I think since July that we got the Lip Bar lipsticks. Anyways, I am glad to get a lip product after a long time in Boxy and it is by Maja Kadar, which is a brand that Ipsy normally gives out but glad to get in Boxy as well and full size! I know they tend to do cream highlighters, which is what I got once, and was glad to know they also do lip products! This is the Primer Lip Stain which sounded interesting at first because a Charmer thought it was an actual lip primer due to it being in the name but it’s an actual lip gloss and it’s in the color Lucky! I did try it out and what is great is that it is not sticky and it glides on pretty well. I will be using this the next few days and hoping to get a lot of charms if they don’t sell out too quickly since items in past boxes have done that in the shop.

Cool Way Hair Serum: Final item of the box is by Cool Way! I remembered getting something similar to this little serum that was included and it was more oily. I have tons of hair products , including the Sunshield Conditioner which I’ve been using lately, I will be saving this until I run out of it. I am glad to get another hair product since my hair is curly and does get damaged time to time! Hoping I get another hair product in the next box!

That is it! I would say BoxyCharm is starting to step up a little because some of the items are new and glad to get a brand I never heard of and one I have tried in the past, well a few in the past like Cool Way, Luxie, and Maja Kadar! The eye serum, as said, gave it to my mom since she is older and her skin is way mature than mine and hoping to get a skin care item that is not anti-aging because I still look good for my age! Ipsy was pretty good up to the blush papers! I know it’s a new concept on a fave item I been getting a lot lately of but it is not something I would go for due to being used to the love of using brushes with a compact. I am glad I found people to swap with for these because they were really interested in them. Hopiung next month that there will be more blush involved and in the packaging I prefer. I do love the brush, the pore refiner, mascara, and shadow!

That is it for this month’s subscription items! Let’s see what December holds! Plus, I did mention above, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique which is where I post updates about what is going on, which conventions we’re doing press for or attending, and many more. So, stay tuned for the DMC Reunion video post!

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