Ranger Stop 2015: Ten Years of SPD!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now to continue with my videos from Ranger Stop!

This time it’s the Ten Years of SPD panel which this year marked the tenth year of SPD being here in the states and Ranger Stop had the cast of the team that the series followed, which was Team B that I got to meet! I also did meet the writer as well, which was pretty cool talking to him about writing and how he said that he wrote the show originally for him but due to how Disney licensed everything they changed stuff around, which you will get to see what was the original idea for the Dino Thunder crossover and that was supposed to be clones of the rangers. And of course, he did mentioned that some of the stuff in the original series, Dekaranger, that it was kind of weird like the Deak Pink’s communicator being a rubber duckie and how she loved taking baths. At least Sid didn’t have to do that!

Did I ask anything during the panel you may wonder? Yes I did! It was all thanks to a question before mine that inspired me and that was a woman asking Bridge to do the hand gesture that he does towards buttered toast. If you seen SPD or Operation Overdrive, you know what I am talking about. The woman asked him to do the hand gesture for her daughter in the crowd and he does it and then I asked “Do you do that same gesture out of habit?” That made them go “Good question!” Good thing I interview voice actors. Anyways, you get to hear his answer and when I met up with the cast in the dealer room, he did ask me if I love buttered toast and said, “Yes, even Nutilla!” What made me happier besides meeting the cast of SPD, meeting up with Dan again, and so on is that SPD Pink said she admired how I went through my visual impairment. She asked for the story with some of the other Power Ranger actors and told the story of how I was born with it but it was dormant for most of my life until I was diagnosed at 15 and lost my vision at 23. I do admit I almost cried but held it in because it was surprising to know that a Power Ranger would admire that I had the strength to get through it. Trust me, thanks to Alicia Purrot if you’re reading this! ::waves::

I did get something if I haven’t mentioned in the review and that is during the anniversary for SPD is that there were official badges made and there were only fifty of them, I did get one since of course as a pin collector why wouldn’t I? It is nice and safe with my container of pins! I will watch SPD again, the full season, after getting through the other seasons I will be watching.

What is next? The final video from Ranger Stop and that is the Resident Evil Reunion Panel with Reuben Langdon and Jason Fond! I will also be reviewing Eyeshine’s new album which I haven’t done anything much in the music corner. Still need to do the next Doesn’t Sound the Same. So, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter if you haven’t @ Nerdy Shique!

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