Ranger Stop 2015: Resident Evil Reunion Panel with Reuben and Jason Fond!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for the long wait but this past week really got me busy with Thanksgiving! Yes, I went into food coma mode due to how good the food was this year, hell even had the turkey smoked! Nya!

Anyways, now onto the final video clip I got during Ranger Stop and that is the Resident Evil Reunion panel that had Reuben Langdon and Jason Fond at first and then Dan Southworth appeared later. This panel was a bit more in depth with motion capture like how the DMC Reunion one was. It was interesting to learn that Jason Fond, Wesley from Time Force, was motion capturing for Leon. Earlier on Friday someone mentioned Jason voiced Leon and how Matt Mercer signed his copy of Resident Evil 6 the strategy guide. If you’re reading this, this will clear up the confusion: Jason motion capped and Matt did the voice. If you guys want to read my interview with Matt Mercer about his role in Resident Evil I will also link that below! Enjoy!

What is next? I will be reviewing Eyeshine’s new album and will be finally doing the next Doesn’t Sound the Same with Fall Out Boy! And of course with December coming on fast, there will be more Ipsy and BoxyCharm, Holiday Matsuri stuff since we got press for that this year! Oh yeah, major happy kitty! Of course my faves of November and December, and finally, finally, finally the Bests and Worsts of 2015! December is going to be busy and we’re ready for it!
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