Doesn’t Sound the Same: Fall Out Boy

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s time for more music stuff and it’s the second installment of Doesn’t Sound the Same! Today’s band is one that I heard during the early 2000s and they have changed ever since and they are known as Fall Out Boy! I know we have been listening to songs like “Uma Thurman,” :Century,” and a few others but they have changed their sound to fit today’s music. I am changing the post set up since the Avril Lavigne one didn’t go well due to being sick when I wrote it. Let’s get started.

Band History: We know the story behind their band name and that is tthey were new to the stage and didn’t know what to call their band until they asked their fans to give them a name and Fall Out Boy came around all thanks to the character Fall Out Boy from The Simpsons which stuck. I heard about these guys all thanks to a very old music streaming website. I am not talking about the very controversial and well-known Napster which was around at the same time but I am talking about

I was browsing on the top alternative and punk charts until I came across a song known as “Saturday” by them and decided why not download it and check them out. This was around 2001 when I started getting into New Found Glory more and other rockfish acts and when I listened to “Saturday,” they were a pop-punk band and sounded very good. I decided why not find more about these guys and found another song that was available for download and that was “Dead On Arrival.” I bet you’re wondering what this song that I just mentioned? Does anyone remember the very first Rock Band game? Reason why I ask this is because this song was on there on the disk for people to sing. It is a very easy song mind you!

After a few years, I haven’t heard anything new from them until the radio started playing “Sugar We’re Going Down” in 2005 from their second album, yes I am saying second because the first album that a lot of people didn’t know about had those two songs I mentioned above and you can find it through Best Buy and that was called “Take This to Your Grave,” the second album was “Underneath the Cork Tree.” They kept the rock theme going since this was more of an emo sound they had mixed with the pop punk sound. Trust me, “Sugar We’re Going Down” was a major ear worm and even had the album, heck I even have a special edition one that my dad found out of nowhere. The rock sound kept going with other songs like “Dance Dance,” “A Little Less A Little More Sixteen Candles,” even with the next album with “This Ain’t A Scene,” and then the last album before Ashlee Simpson went Yoko Ono, “I Don’t Care,” which was a failure of an album with that.

When the Sound Changed: Fall Out Boy did return and this time their sound changed with it. Even though rock still stuck around since we still have bands like Sevendust, Ten Years, even Slash came back with his own band, but Fall Out Boy turned completely pop to fit today’s popularity with pop and you hear it with their songs “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” “Immortals,” which was featured in the movie Big Hero 6, and the song that everyone knows and loves and used for football, “Centuries.”

My Thoughts: Even though they are still a bit of an ear worm but turning pop was a 50/50 thing with me. I miss their old punk sound but at the same time it shows how much they evolved over time from being pop punk to emo punk and now pop entirely. It is weird for me but looking at it now like most artists, they need to fit with what a lot of people listen to. It’s not bad, hearing “Uma Thurman” on the other hand, just one of those things that you may step back even with hearing the Munsters theme being sampled throughout it.

Do I Want Them to Go Back? Yes, in a sort of nostalgic way. It’s like me with New Found Glory’s “Coming Home” album which I thought they need to go back to their old sound and get rid of the piano. I still prefer the punkish version of Fall Out Boy because they sounded better to me than now. Who knows, maybe they will bring it back someday or even still perform “Saturday” or “Sugar We’re Going Down” at a show.

So, that is it, what is next for Doesn’t Sound the Same? Well, since I covered Fall Out Boy, why not go to a band that almost sounds like them and went through the same changes and they are known as Panic At the Disco. Stay tuned!

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